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E3 Thoughts So Far

Posted by The Present Automaton , Jun 10 2013 · 291 views

Microsoft: Egh...Looked okay. Some kind of cool games on display. £429 is way too pricey for something I didn't want anyway.
Ubisoft: It was okay.
Sony: £349 console, so many exclusives, you can buy pre-owned games. It's all over. Sony wins E3. Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV, inFAMOUS: Second Son. So much worth having. 
You don't even need to bother showing up tomorrow, Nintendo. (But do anyway, I want to see more 3DS games.)

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Blessed Blade
Jun 10 2013 10:14 PM
Technically they aren't; they're doing their own thing away from the conferences(Holding a Nintendo Direct instead). They'll have demos and such at the venue, of course, but it's not a conference like the last few years. =P

And another IV? How many remakes of that is that now? I'm honestly surprised there's not more of VI or VII. =P
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The Present Automaton
Jun 10 2013 10:17 PM

And another IV? How many remakes of that is that now? I'm honestly surprised there's not more of VI or VII. =P


...Shut uuuup...I can't into Roman Numerals tonight...


That's the second time I've managed to get the wrong one. 

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Blessed Blade
Jun 10 2013 10:23 PM
Wait; they announced a new FF game that isn't 14? =O Hmm. This could be just what the series needs. Or, alternatively, it could be even MORE linear, if that's at all possible. =P
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The Present Automaton
Jun 10 2013 10:25 PM

Uhh, it's kind of a game that's already been announced. It's Versus XIII, but now they've made it a full blown FF game instead of an add-on to the Fabula Nova Crystallis series. 

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The Lord Of Wednesday
Jun 13 2013 07:55 AM

I rather enjoyed E3, though I agree with most of what you said. I was hoping to watch it to figure out what next gen console I would save up for but now I am in between a rock and a hard place it seems.


With the PS4, I love Sony's policies compared to the Xbox One, there is so much more freedom there, I actually get a sense that I own what I pay for and it's cheaper. The only game I really got a "must have" reaction to was The Order 1886.


But with the Xbox One, while I hated the policies that come with it, I fell in love with it's library and got the "must have" reaction numerous times (Ryse was one I thought a lot about). KH3 and FFXV going multiplat only made me lean towards Xbox One even more in this sense.


In multiplat news, was I the only one excited when they announced Battlefront 3? Granted I wanted to hear what Visceral and Bioware were doing in terms of Star Wars but this is a good start, fingers crossed they have a revived 1313 and KOTOR 3.

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