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Gettin' mad at video games

Posted by The Present Automaton , Jul 01 2013 · 869 views

It was around about the time that after having assembled two of the three fragments of the God Mask and traversed through the land of Death, I found myself clinging onto the side of the humongous skeleton of a dragon. As the wind whistled through my air, clawing at my armour and practically begging for me to release my hold on the bones my gauntlet was grappling onto, I was struck with a sudden realisation. After all, this was the sixth or seventh time I was holding onto this particular bone because there was a really annoying system where I had to hold down R2 at random points and if I didn't I'd get flung off and have to climb the dragon from the very beginning all over again. And I realised for all the cinematic atmosphere, the pumping soundtrack, the dust spilling by on the screen, I wasn't having fun. I was actually getting quite frustrated.
And Castlevania: Lords of Shadow isn't the only video game to receive my colourful language-filled rants directed at my tv. Dishonoured, Ico and Catherine have all been victim to my bursts of outrage. Whatever the game, it appears that my enjoyment of them is, uh, limited at best. Maybe I'm still just quick to anger, maybe I'm just not playing good video games or maybe I am just not in a gaming mood. Either way, I suppose I just need to chill. I'm sure games are meant to be more cathartic than this.

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Dude, its pretty natural to get annoyed and video games. Especially in heated situations because the adrenaline starts pumping in your body. It sounds kind of sad and pathetic buts its true. I get angry at video games all the time.

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...How did Dishonored tick you off?

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The Present Automaton
Jul 03 2013 03:17 PM

I am not good at stealth. 

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Have you tried being Corvo Attano, the Loudest Man in Dunwall yet?

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The Present Automaton
Jul 03 2013 03:46 PM

I haven't but Corvo sure has. It seems a little cheap to play a game about an assassin and yet play it like any other game with shooting mechanics.

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