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Twitch Streaming!

Posted by Kohaku , in Video Games, BZPower, Real Life, Lego Dec 17 2015 · 125 views
bionicle, video games, twitch
I know that I haven't visited here too much lately, but I would like to change that. I can't make too many promises but hopefully more than a few times a year.

One of my plans will help with that, as you will see I've updated and fixed a bunch of broken images. While doing that a few were added, like my Tumblr and my Twitch links.

I'm still new to the whole streaming thing, and I'm still working on getting things set up and optimized. However... I have had a plan for a very long time. And that is to stream the Bionicle games.

I have a few of them:
Lego Bionicle: Tales of the Tohunga - GBA - 2001 - (This game is considered canon with the G1 storyline)
Bionicle: Matoran Adventures - GBA - 2002
Bionicle: The Game - GCN - 2003
Bionicle: The Game - GBA - 2003
Bionicle Heroes - Wii - 2007

I also have Bionicle: Maze of Shadows which is currently either in Wisconsin or in storage with stuff that survived Hurricane Sandy. In addition, I do have Bionicle Heroes for the DS, but as I do not have a 3DS with a capture card I can't really play that one for all of you.

Basically, I want you to choose which game I start with. (If I locate Maze of Shadows it will be added into a future poll.)

You can vote right here.

The time and date for these streams hasn't been decided yet but I will make a post and let everyone know at least a week in advance.


Makin' Marios

Posted by Kohaku , in Video Games Sep 16 2015 · 233 views

So Super Mario Maker just came out a few days ago, and I've got to say it is a lot of fun so far. Both playing creative levels and making them.

I've really only gone through about half of my ideas regarding levels... and I am constantly adding more.

I thought I would share some of the ideas I've already shared on my tumblr here.

Posted Image

This stage is the battleship Halberd from the Kirby series. You adventure over it, past the Combo Canon and even fight a few bosses.This is currently my most popular stage, and I'm pretty dang proud of it.

Course ID: 1071-0000-002C-2041

If you do not have Super Mario Maker and are curious you can see the stage here:

Next up we have Ashley's Spooky Mansion:

Posted Image

Who's the girl next door living in the haunted mansion?

This stage takes you through Ashley's Song. The course ID is: 0023-0000-0035-50D5

For those of you who have the game you can see these stages and more. I have 13 stages up so far, so I will share a few more very soon. I do post them under my Super Mario Maker tag on tumblr first. I just posted one a short while ago too.


My Problem with Lego Dimensions

Posted by Kohaku , in Lego, Video Games Sep 16 2015 · 577 views
Lego Dimensions
Now... before I start off let me just say that Lego Dimensions looks absolutely fantastic and I really want to like this game. I honestly do. It looks witty and funny. But... they aren't selling you a complete game. Why? Because the model works. Look at Activision's Skylanders series and Disney's Infinity series.

But with Skylanders you don't need every figure to be able to play and enjoy the games. The figures add do the series and you do need some level packs for additional content but you are still getting a full game.

Disney infinity however... uses the same model as Lego Dimensions does. If you want to play all the levels... you need the figures. Or at the very least the playsets that unlock the content.

The problem I have is Lego Dimensions is really trying to get that cash from everyone. If you add up the cost of the starter pack, the level packs, the team packs, and the character packs it comes to an incredible $784.62. (If you are curious about my calculations you can see them all here in a google doc. All prices are USD and before tax.)

But Kohaku, they aren't releasing all of this at the same time and the game has stuff with the $99.99 starter pack. Ahhh but the starter pack only has three worlds. If you want to experience the entire story that the game has to offer you need the level packs. Those will run you a total of $179.94. It adds up very fast.

Now let's say you want different characters and teams, then you you have to pay $24.99 for those team packs. The level packs themselves cost $29.99! Team packs are $5 cheaper but offer a lot less content for your money.

Now add in the fun packs at $14.99 each which have one character and one gadget/vehicle and the price really shoots up. Those fun packs add up to a whopping $404.73. Let's face it the fun packs are basically just character packs. Now I know not every one is going to get every single one. But this is just glorified DLC... except the content is already on the disc. You just can't access it without buying these expensive character packs.

My point is to be able to make the most out of Lego Dimensions you need to throw down a lot of money. (As we all know I have little money to throw down.) And the way that they do it I really don't like. I don't like this as a Lego fan or as a gamer.

Lego may be a very profitable company right now, but some of their decisions... I really don't care for lately. This being the largest of them.

Remember that price of $784.62. It is currently cheaper to buy every character in the Smash Bros. line up at MSRP (now I am including unreleased ones, but Nintendo has said every character including DLC like Lucas and Ryu is getting an amiibo.)

That cost is $714.45. And those amiibo all work in multiple games across the Wii U and New 3DS platforms. Also for the most part they look really good and are even suitable to be put on display.

The Minifigs from Lego Dimensions... I can see that stuff all getting lost very easily. Especially as they are aimed at kids. Sorry little Timmy, but we can't afford to get you that character pack again. It's just too expensive.

Now I should note that they have said they plan to update it yearly. But to get that content even after they update the game... guess what you are going to need to buy? More level packs, team packs and you guessed it some more character packs.

I really wanted to like Lego Dimensions... but right now I hate the model they went with. And honestly... with Skylanders, Disney Infinity, Amiibo, and now Lego Dimensions... the Toys to Life market is becoming crowded. I do think someone is going to crash and burn much like things did years ago with Guitar Hero and Rockband. Too much of the same idea will lead to lower profits for all of these companies. It is very hard for a newcomer into the market. Lego Dimensions does have a great marketing team, but Skylanders, Disney Infinity and Nintendo's Amiibo have all proven themselves. They all print money. But if I had to predict a company having issues with profitability it would be Lego followed by Disney Infinity. These two companies seem to be the ones that are milking their fans the most.

But Kohaku, what about Amiibo and Skylanders? Amiibo are from Nintendo. They've been a massive success and Nintendo can't keep up with demand. Skylanders you also get a full game. They also have Nintendo's support with the Bowser and Donkey Kong figures that will be compatible with both Skylanders(only on Nintendo systems though, sorry, Microsoft and Sony) and Amiibo.

Sorry Lego, but as good as Lego Dimensions looks... I'm going to be giving it a pass.

(I do also plan to have another entry up later about Super Mario Maker. It might happen tonight or tomorrow.)


Still kickin'

Posted by Kohaku , in Video Games, Real Life Aug 26 2015 · 242 views

Hey everyone! I figured I would give you all a little update on how I've been doing since whenever the heck my last entry was. I still pop in every once in awhile and look around/read the news. (Please update the front page. It gets older by the day and is well past it's prime.)

Anyway, I'll start with the good news. I'm still alive. Sometimes I do wonder how, there have still been so many ups and downs since Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

I did manage to pick up all of the new Toa. i only paid full price for Kopaka and that was near the start of the year. The others... I got lucky with at Sears. They kept giving me points so I managed to get them all for very cheap. As in around $20 cheap. I haven't picked up any other Lego besides Bionicle... and to be honest Lego just doesn't seem like a good value to me anymore... although I don't really have disposable income anymore.

Splatoon is a lot of fun. Have some decepticon propaganda.

So, now for the bad news.

We still are not back home. We are still dealing with New York Rising and suing the insurance company. Things are going good with the litigation as the insurance company is one of the ones that sent unlicensed engineers, such as the one they sent to us. One of the thing we are trying to get them to pay for is attorney fees, otherwise we loose a huge amount of money to our lawyers. Money that we need to build the house. In the meantime we are continuing to pay for a place we can't live and for the rent here. The rent prices are crazy and we have a cheaper place.

As for this past week, we've been there mowing and weed wacking for 4 days. It isn't as easy as you would think as we have to maneuver around a condemned house that is off of its foundation. The town gave us a notice about them and has been super picky. honestly though it feels kinda shady with how picky he is being, but we have to do it. It was also my first time ever using a lawnmower... it was terrifying. And it sucks doing it to make it so freaking perfect. Not only did we have to rent a lawnmower (keep in mind our original one is still under a house) we had to buy a new weed wacker plus the plastic string they use to cut and that all set us back over $100 so far. ;_;

Hopefully things will look up soon though... I don't think I can take much more of this... especially as we are coming up on the three year anniversary of the storm and we still aren't home. :/

Anyway... I'll try to pop in a little bit more... I've wanted to make a post for ages here but I just haven't really had the time.


Kohaku Contemplates: Gender Identity

Posted by Kohaku , in FABULOUS, Real Life Dec 31 2014 · 396 views
gender, kohaku
So, I've been thinking about things regarding my own gender for awhile. As pretty much anyone here knows my boyfriend is transgender and he has helped me understand a lot of things about myself.

Basically, I don't really fit into girl or boy. I'm nonbinary. I identify with parts from both genders and want to be androgynous. I've posted about this on my tumblr before, but I haven't said anything here.

I used to think I had a bit of a thing for crossdressing, but now to me, it's not about that. Clothes are just clothes. Clothes don't have a gender. Sometimes I wanna wear a skirt and sometimes I wanna wear pants. Fabric doesn't have a gender at all. I want to wear what makes me comfortable, and that can change every day. Who cares what clothes someone wears? They should be allowed to be themselves and be comfortable.

I don't fit into male and I don't fit into female. Overall I am more feminine but I don't want a female body, I am comfortable with the parts I have. That being said I am considering a slight T blocker which could actually help some of my body issues. I don't fit into the general masculine male category either. All my life I've been the boy who can get emotional and cry at everything. I'm not physically strong and I don't want to be. I don't want muscles at all and I HATE facial hair and all forms of body hair on my body. It does not fit my ideal body type for me personally or how I personally want to be. I don't want to be masculine, I want to be cute and adorable.

I'm more like a cute adorable boy. I like being called a boy, but I hate being called a man. I don't really care for being called female or a girl. I'm not either of those. But being seen as a sort of in-between or getting both ma'am-ed and sir-ed in one sentence makes me happy. I would love to present as totally androgynous.

Male pronouns are for the most part alright; you can refer to me as he/him. But I'm not a fan of things like being called sir. That to me is too masculine and has never really fit me. i don't really have a set of pronouns that I like as I personally don't like the sounds of any of them because, let's face it, I'm picky as all heck. I do however like -kun and -chan. (Kohaku-kun or Kohaku-chan). Those are both Japanese honorifics and honestly I'm a heck of a lot more comfortable with them than western pronouns... I'm not Asian at all (even though I would love to be) but as gendered constructs they fit me a lot better.

Gonna quote Wikipedia here:

Kun (君【くん】 [kuɴ]) is used by persons of senior status in addressing or referring to those of junior status, or by anyone when addressing or referring to male children or male teenagers, or among male friends. It can also be used by females when addressing a male that they are emotionally attached to or have known for a long period of time. Although kun is generally used for boys, it is not a hard rule. For example, kun can be used to name a close personal friend or family member of any gender. Also, in business settings, young female employees may also be addressed as kun by older males of senior status. It can also be used by male teachers addressing their female students.
In the Diet of Japan (Legislature), chairmen use kun when addressing diet members and ministers. An exception was when Takako Doi was the chairwoman of the lower house: she used the san title.
Chan (ちゃん [t͡ɕaɴ]?) is a diminutive suffix; it expresses that the speaker finds a person endearing. In general, chan is used for babies, young children, grandparents and teenagers. It may also be used towards cute animals, lovers, close friends, any youthful woman, or between friends. Using chan with a superior's name is considered to be condescending and rude.
Although, traditionally, honorifics are not applied to oneself, some people adopt the childish affectation of referring to themselves in the third person using chan (childish because it suggests that one has not learned to distinguish between names used for self and names used by others). For example, a young woman named Kanako might call herself Kanako-chan rather than using a first person pronoun. However, it only applies to people who have known each other for a long time and between people of the same gender. Otherwise, using this for someone, especially adults, only known for a short period of time, can be seen as offensive. Chan can also be used to refer to a peer that is female. Example: Naomi calls her friend Kari-chan

(Page Link)

Both of these fit me PERFECTLY and I have yet to find something in terms of western pronouns that do fit me and that I like the sound of. I'm complicated. :P

But, Kohaku-chan! Didn't you say you were gay before? What are you now?

Well, I'm glad you asked! I'm going to give you two words. Androsexual which means an attraction to males and Skoliosexual which means an attraction to people who are gender variant (nonbinary/genderqueer etc.). Combining them we get Andro-Skoliosexual which is the sexual attraction towards male-identified people as well as gender variant individuals. I'm also Andro-Skolioromantic.

Basically I'm still gay as heck and am attracted to people who identify as male or masculine-of-center.

But you can still all call me your adorable gay friend because those words are a mouthful.

Now, I've also been thinking about my name, many of you know me as Joseph or Joe. As I've gotten older I have especially shied away from the use of Joe... I kinda used that when I was younger because I was lazy about it all. Joseph is an alright name... and I might keep it as a part of my middle name. I have become more comfortable however with a new name.

Lucas or Luca. I like both variations... and years ago i didn't care for the name but it has grown on me a lot.

(It isn't the fault of Mother 3.)

(It might be a little.)

I do want to note, for those that have me on Facebook, please continue to use Joseph or Kohaku there for now. I haven't come out to many people on there and don't intend to just yet. If you are unsure what to call me on any website, just send me a message.

This is something I've been thinking about posting for a few days as my last entry of 2014 on BZPower.

I do want to say something important though.

If you ever need to talk, I am here and I will listen. You can send me a message at any time and I will try to respond as fast as I can. (Sadly I am out a lot as we are still trying to fix our house.) I read every PM or message I get on BZPower and off of it. I worry about all of you, even if we've never met or talked before.

I care for everyone, and I am always here to talk. Please reach out if you are depressed or contemplating suicide or even self harm. Please rant at me about any troubles you have. I am here for you and will do what I can to help. I can offer the help of both myself and my boyfriend.

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