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Posted by Kohaku , in Real Life, Video Games Jul 26 2013 · 342 views
Have some links. You can see them in my bio block. (My 3DS content block has finally been updated too.)
I have more links to add in the future too...  a link to the project I've been working on for ages.
Enjoy my Miiverse and Twitter. Expect a lot of Nintendo based things on both.


Animal Crossing Item Trade

Posted by Kohaku , in Animal Crossing, Video Games Jul 24 2013 · 534 views
Animal Crossing, Tom Nook
We all have things we need and want in Animal Crossing. We all have extras of the billion Nintendo items so here I'm going to list some of the things that I am looking for and things I have to trade.
Bullet Bill Cannon
Toad Hat
Blue Pikmin Hat
Fire Bars
Golden items/gold nuggets
Samus Mask x2
Big Bro's Hat
Big Bro's mustache
Majora's Mask
1-up Mushroom x2
Yoshi's Egg x2
Super Star
Silver Slingshot
Yellow Pikmin Hat
Super Mushroom
Aleks has:
Goal Pole x3
Bad Bro's Stache x2
Peach's Parasol
Super Star x3
1Up Mushroom
Fire Flower
Arwing x4
Yellow Pikmin Cap
Red Pikmin Cap
Samus Mask x2
Fi Mask
Balloon Dresser
Balloon Sofa
Balloon Chair
Balloon Clock

This list will be updated if anyone is interested and it is by no means complete. Feel free to ask me about anything!


What a week!

Posted by Kohaku , in Other, Lego, Real Life, Video Games Jul 21 2013 · 418 views
Hurricane Sandy, Progress, Lego
So this past week has been insane.
Let's start with saying it was HOT HOT HOT!
Good news first!
I managed to pick up my first Lego set in ages as it was 50% off at Walmart, the box was opened and the stickers and one instruction book was missing, but overall worth it. It was set #76003 Superman: Battle of Smallville. It is hard to pass up a Lego set that is discounted so much! I also picked up one of the Series 10 Minifigs for $1 on clearance. It was the last one they had and I got a nice baseball player. I almost forgot the satisfying feel of Lego as they snapped together.
Atlus just released a game that we also decided to pick up using some Amazon credit that we have, Shin Megami Tensei IV. I played a little bit of it and the second tutorial/lesson killed me. They said it would be hard and they were NOT kidding. Of course this got Aleks and myself a $30 eShop credit and we can't figure out what game to put that towards! If anyone has opinions I would love to hear them.
Earthbound. Just Earthbound.
We also had two lovely volunteer groups at our house this past week tearing things out and helping to remove parts of the condemned house. It was hard to watch, and I didn't know there was still so much stuff left. The house no longer has floors and a lot of the insulation is gone. The good news is that it was built before they started using asbestos. If it had that removing the house would cost so much more. We have made progress with getting the permits for it (and for our house). The process is more complicated because the lots are technically too small for the houses by modern codes.
You can see all of the new images right here.
That is where the good news ends. Just when we started to get progress... our car broke down. The thermostat and its housing and cables pretty much exploded. This delay has cost us more money (that we don't have) and more time. The irony here is that we had just purchased an air conditioner for Aleks' grandfather and we were taking it home. To get ourselves and the air conditioner the three miles back home it cost us about $40. Not to mention the cost of fixing the car. Here is a picture of our car on the flatbed!


So, I heard you wanna party!

Posted by Kohaku , in Animal Crossing, FABULOUS, Video Games Jun 23 2013 · 1,645 views
Mario Party, Link, Zelda
Here are some Animal Crossing QR Codes.
From Mario Party and there is one from the Legend of Zelda. All of these were designed by me~
Posted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
I've also designed Link's shirt from the beginning of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.
Posted Image


Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Posted by Kohaku , in Video Games Jun 19 2013 · 1,765 views

So, who here has it and hasn't added me?
If so add me!
As for fruit, I have oranges, and well pretty much all of the fruit growing now. So I can supply fruit if you need it.
I can also give my Dream Address:

Have an awesome little banner instead!
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