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Posted by Kohaku , in FABULOUS, Real Life Jun 18 2012 · 310 views
Kayaking, What a funny word
So, we went kayaking today.

On my boyfriends birthday. You should wish him a happy birthday.

Kayaking is a silly word.

Just say it.




Posted by Kohaku , in FABULOUS, Manga/Anime, Real Life May 26 2012 · 418 views
Go watch it.


That is a direct order.

Just saying.


Agent Coulson

Posted by Kohaku , in Real Life May 13 2012 · 1,118 views
The Avengers
Agent Coulson is awesome. This picture proves it.

Posted Image

In other news, I am off to see The Avengers again.



Posted by Kohaku , in FABULOUS, Real Life May 05 2012 · 870 views
Avengers, Birthday, Awesome
So today I am going to go see The Avengers.

On my birthday.

With cake and ice cream.

It is going to be AWESOME and FABULOUS.


Kid Icarus A R Cards

Posted by Kohaku , in Video Games, Real Life Apr 18 2012 · 523 views
Kid Icarus, Kid Icarus Uprising and 2 more...
Since the release of Kid Icarus Uprising I've been trying to collect all of the Kid Icarus AR Idol cards. GOTTA CATCH'EM ALL!

My searches have made me travel far and wide (not really), and thanks to the help of a few very awesome people I have a collection of 51 of the 400-something cards. Below I have listed my collection of AR Cards as well as the sources for most of them. Anything that was gained via a magazine or special event is considered rare. Thanks to our AWESOME leader Black Six and the awesome WaWa, I managed to get 30 cards from the packs that were handed out at PAX East. I currently believe that these are the general packs Nintendo will be handing out at events across the country, while they are rare at the moment, they will become more common as time goes on. Either way I only have one of each of those cards so they are staying in my collection.

I also have two sets of the Club Nintendo packs, how I attained a second pack of these is a secret. Much thanks to my boyfriend for that one. :3 Either way, don't ask to trade for those three, as they are being held onto for my Nintendo representative who missed the promotion, thus he will be hopefully be trading me a ton of cards for them.

I do need some of the cards that came packaged with the game, I am willing to trade for those. I am also willing to trade for anything not listed here. I should note that the cards from the Gamestop event, are event only cards. Thus, it means they are rare.

I will not trade away cards I only have one of. Those are staying in my collection. If anyone is interested, send me a PM. I'm giving you guys the first chance before I start trading extras at events.

Anyway, enough rambling... onto the list:

~Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Idol Cards~

AKDE 001 Pit (x2 - Two copies of the game.)
AKDE 002 Palutena (x2 - Two copies of the game.)
AKDE 003 Fiend's Cauldron (x4 Gamestop Promotion - RARE - One copy is reserved for Alku)
AKDE 004 Power of Flight (Game Informer Magazine - RARE)
AKDE 007 Magnus (x2 - Two copies of the game. One copy is reserved for Alku)
AKDE 008 Dark Lord Gaol (x2 - Two copies of the game.)
AKDE 013 Great Reaper (x2 Club Nintendo Promotion - RARE - Copy is reserved for my Nintendo representative.)
AKDE 014 Goddess of Calamity, Pandora (Best Buy's @Gamer Magazine - RARE)
AKDE 017 Poseidon (Nintendo Power Magazine - RARE)
AKDE 018 God of Death, Thanatos (Nintendo Power Magazine - RARE)
AKDE 027 Medusa (Battle) (Nintendo Power Magazine - RARE)
AKDE 081 Burst Blade
AKDE 083 Crusader Blade
AKDE 085 Optical Blade
AKDE 086 Samurai Blade (Best Buy's @Gamer Magazine - RARE)
AKDE 097 Lancer Staff
AKDE 109 Hedgehog Claws
AKDE 121 Crystal Bow
AKDE 128 Violet Palm (x2 - Two copies of the game.)
AKDE 133 Cutter Palm
AKDE 142 Skyscraper Club (x4 Gamestop Promotion - RARE)
AKDE 144 Earthmaul Club
AKDE 154 Predator Cannon
AKDE 156 Fireworks Cannon (x4 Gamestop Promotion - RARE)
AKDE 169 Paw Pad Orbitars
AKDE 180 Drill Arm (x2 Club Nintendo Promotion - RARE - Copy is reserved for my Nintendo representative.)
AKDE 193 Shemum
AKDE 194 Nettler
AKDE 195 Skuttler
AKDE 199 Mik (x2 - Two copies of the game.)
AKDE 204 Porcuspine
AKDE 206 Handora
AKDE 212 Commyloose
AKDE 214 Fire Wyrm
AKDE 216 Zurret
AKDE 219 Daphne
AKDE 221 Minos (x4 Gamestop Promotion - RARE)
AKDE 225 Reaper
AKDE 230 Eggplant Wizard (x4 Gamestop Promotion - RARE - One copy is reserved for Alku)
AKDE 232 Magmoo
AKDE 237 Petribomber
AKDE 241 Brawny Claws
AKDE 249 Trailtail
AKDE 253 Erinus
AKDE 254 Guttler
AKDE 267 Space Pirate
AKDE 323 Centurion Knight
AKDE 324 Centurion Strongarm
AKDE 329 Souflee
AKDE 403 Pit (Rally Cry) (Best Buy's @Gamer Magazine - RARE)
AKDE 404 Palutena (Rare) (x2 Club Nintendo Promotion - RARE - Copy is reserved for my Nintendo representative.)

Last notes:

A huge thanks must go out to Andrew, thanks for snagging those packs at PAX, I am very grateful for that. And for the other little goodie that was with it. I owe you one. ;)
(I'll try to be on more. :P)

Also a thanks must go out to Watashi Wa for enduring multiplayer at PAX to get some cards too. :P

Also, many thanks go out to my boyfriend for helping me gain cards. ALEKS I LOVE YOU!

And last but not least, thanks must go out to my Nintendo representative for helping me gain more, and for giving me some extra packs of cards. :P


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