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Dr. Robotnik

Posted by Kohaku , in Real Life, Video Games Dec 18 2012 · 1,063 views
Posted Image
This explains a lot.


Trainer Kohaku Appeared!

Posted by Kohaku , in Pokemon, Video Games Dec 17 2012 · 1,210 views
Okay so I've been making Pokemon trainers and I think I made one that I am happy with. Although it is likely to change because I'm indecisive.
Posted Image
Bonus crossdressing version:
Posted Image
I've made a few more that are on my majhost. Any more that I make will also be uploaded there.
If you want to make your own(and share it) you can do so here and here. The second link is the newer version.


10 Dreamiest Male Video Game Characters #1

Posted by Kohaku , in Video Games Dec 16 2012 · 1,929 views

Alright, time for #1 on our dreamy list of fabulous male video game characters. This one shouldn't surprise anyone who knows me as it is....
#1 - Link - Legend of Zelda Series
Posted Image
Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Link. Link is amazing, strong, handsome, fabulous, cute, sweet. I think the reason he has had such a profound affect on me is that he literally was my first video game crush. Link is just simply amazing. I need to go kidnap Link and have my own entourage of every single Link ever. I'm not gonna write anything super long because I have to go daydream about my hero now.
Seriously though, how can you not love him? BACK OFF HE IS MINEEEE, MY PRECIOUSSSSSS!


10 Dreamiest Male Video Game Characters 5-2

Posted by Kohaku , in Video Games Dec 16 2012 · 1,611 views
pretty boys, video games
Okay, this was supposed to be up much sooner... but I was at a birthday party for a friend. Then I was messing around on twitter... so I got distracted. And because it is 3:30 AM I'm not typing huge things for all of them. XD
Anyway to continue the list.
#5 - Neku Sakuraba - The World Ends With You
Posted Image
Okay so clearly I have a thing for animated guys too... but I don't care! Neku may be a bit mean at first, but he does warm up and learn a lot, as a character I really like him. As I'm sure you've all noticed. Unless you've been hiding under a rock.
#4 - N (Natural Harmonia Gropius) - Pokemon
Posted Image
I love N, he is such an awesome character. Plus the Ferris Wheel ride in Black had some lovely subtext and he and my main character in Pokemon Black... well that is one of my Pokemon OTPs. I love that flowing hair...
#3 - Zack Fair - Final Fantasy VII Series
Posted Image
Zack is possibly my favorite Final Fantasy character ever. I loved him so much in Crisis Core, and I both loved how they did the ending and hated it. I hated seeing from his point of view his last moments.
#2 - Pit - Kid Icarus Series
Posted Image
Hey there Angel face! Angels are awesome and Pit is quite the cutie. I've loved his design ever since it knocked me on the floor in the first Super Smash Bros. Brawl trailer.
#1......... will be posted tomorrow(well later today). During the day.
I honestly could have had this list be larger but it would have consisted mainly of Final Fantasy characters and Kingdom Hearts characters.


10 Dreamiest Male Video Game Characters 10-6

Posted by Kohaku , in Video Games Dec 14 2012 · 1,574 views
pretty boys, video games
I had to differentiate the title from my crack series.
This time... they will be broken down in three articles. This is a more serious list of the dreamiest and hottest male video game characters. You get pretty boys because I'm gay and I like pretty boys. I will say that I hate the general strong beefy type of guys most modern games have. I don't like that at all, also... I hate all the facial hair. So... this list is my personal list and most of the guys on it are pretty bishonen. Verrrry pretty.
#10 - Dante - Devil May Cry Series
Posted Image
Dante is pretty much on the fringe of this list. I like the way he dresses though.
#9 - Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney
Posted Image
You can't deny a man who wears a suit as well as he does. I do not object at all.
#8 - Genesis Rhapsodos - Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core
Posted Image
Genesis is one of my favorite characters from FFVII, I loved his style and he is very pretty.
#7 - Roy - Fire Emblem
Posted Image
Super Smash Bros. Melee brought us some glorious things, among them it introduced us to Fire Emblem and to one of my favorite characters from the series, Roy. Although... Marth is awesome too... I enjoyed Roy's fighting style more.
#6 - Isaac - Golden Sun Series
Posted Image
Pretty boys with what amounts to psychic powers... sign me up! I love the designs of the characters in Golden Sun, including of Isaac's son Matthew. 
These characters are all awesome and quite pretty... but I think the top five are even better and more amazingly dreamy. Stay tuned for more... tomorrow.  I'll be a lot more wordy with those.

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