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Brickmaster Rant

Posted by Kohaku , Oct 08 2006 · 42 views
Let's see, I'm a Brickmaster again. However that's the only good thing.

Last year when we resubscribed the lady who resubscribed us, started us at October! I lost one Magazine and one set! I'm still furious over this cause Customer Service at Lego has gone downhill. They don't know whats going on. Then apparently today, the person resubscribing us doesn't know what is going on and HANGS UP! We had to call them again, and talk to a manager. Plus, I won't even be able to get the magazine that I missed now, the September/October issue.

This truly is a sad day in Lego History... I used to think they had some of the best customer service EVER. Not anymore though. sad.gif

Also, please excuse my anger, I bet anyone would feel how I do after this.



A Preview

Posted by Kohaku , Oct 07 2006 · 63 views
I've mentioned my epic before... now I'll be doing something which will be connected to it... only because of the fact they are on the same island... and 1000 years apart. This Short Story though, is unrelated to Metroid.

Island of Death, Island of Sorrow

On and island far south of Metru Nui, there is an island. (I don't have a good name for it yet.) An island with six Toa, the leader being a Toa of Gravity, the have gained the duty of protecting the Temple and the Matoran of the Island.

Many foes have challenged them, only to fail. Until one fateful day the Brotherhood of Makuta sent three of its agents to take over the island.

If the Temple falls the Protodermic Water around the island will turn do an ocean of sand.. with the properties of water.

Coming Soon to a Short Stories forum near you.



The Departed... Um Not...

Posted by Kohaku , Oct 07 2006 · 47 views
Real Life
After seeing the movie... I decided its best to not say anything about it. tongue.gif

I was supposed to get my Senior Pictures taken today, but that didn't work out. Oh well... I should probably go work on my British Lit. homework... but I'll do it later. tongue.gif

Oh, and this Blog entry is not dedicated to Slota. (It's an inside joke. tongue.gif ) Oh, it actually is dedicated to Slota.




Posted by Kohaku , Oct 06 2006 · 57 views
Real Life
Yeah, I'm going go see it tonight with some friends. It'll be fun. I'll post about it tomorrow. Of, course , I'll keep it appropriate and keep it spoiler free.



Good News And Good News

Posted by Kohaku , Oct 05 2006 · 56 views
My really old website, Here, is finally going to be updated!More than that though, it will be redone, completely. From every image to every line of text. It will take a while but It'll be up in the future. (Most likely at a new web address.)

The other good news is my epic which has a cursed chapter three... will actually be updated with chapter three. It wil probably happen this weekend. Plus, I have most of chapter four written, not typed. Plus, I'm writting a short story which won't affect the epic in any way, that will be posted around the time chapter four is posted.

Just thought, I'd actually give you an update on what I'm doing. smile.gif


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