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300th Win On Hunters...

Posted by Kohaku , Aug 28 2006 · 72 views

I have reached my 300th win on Metroid Prime Hunters. Which means, it's time to party! smile.gif

Party's are fun!

Yes they are. Get's out long range Sniper Rifle and shoots the ultimate party crasher, Evil Lord Survurlode. Well, I'm too nice to take over his power now. So he can live on in the refresh button OF YOUR DOOM a little longer.

Oh, and the red text is Fawful. He's evil and insane. tongue.gif



Interview With Vezon, I Mean Insanity Part 3

Posted by Kohaku , Aug 27 2006 · 70 views
After recovering from my wounds (who knew Vahki had frying pans,) I met with Vezon again...

Kohaku: Hello, Vezon.
Vezon: How the heck are you knowing that? Who sent you?! Are you with the CIA?
Kohaku: I read the story. My blog on BZPower sent me. No I’m not.
Vezon: How did you get past my guardians?
Kohaku: A special ID Card.
Vezon: Oh, ok…
Kohaku: People claim you’ll do their work for them. Is this true?
Vezon: No. *Hand’s Kohaku future news stories for BZPower*
Kohaku: What do you do instead of stand and wait?
Vezon: Fenrakk and I play Uno.
Kohaku: Are you going to kill the Piraka?
Vezon: I can’t answer that. Remember the Lego guy. The one who tried to kill you.
Kohaku: I have heard that Lego is working with some evil guy. Is this true?
Vezon: I can’t answer that, um I have to go destroy the intruders. *Runs away*

He is hiding something but I was forced to leave... not before Fawful came with me though.

Fawful: Hi, this blog is now my new home.
Kohaku: Why.
Fawful: Because. AlL yOuR bLoG aRe BeLoNg To Me.
Kohaku: ...



Master Kohaku, I Now Be!

Posted by Kohaku , Aug 27 2006 · 67 views

I be tellin' the truth.


I now rule all, cept the legends of Hunters. I be happy now. Oh and Link:Hero of Time was my newest victim

(Sorry for the blurry picture it was the best one that my camera took.)



Interview With Insanity Part 2

Posted by Kohaku , Aug 26 2006 · 62 views

I am Kohaku. But you knew that, right. tongue.gif I have met up with Vezon and talked with him. Here it is...

Lego Guy: Kohaku, please come with me.
Kohaku: Um, why?
Lego Guy: You interview has spoilers.
Kohaku: So...
Lego Guy: For the next 20 years! *Pulls out Vahki*
Kohaku: This can't end well...

So, my interview has been cut short... I'll have to talk with him again tomorrow... My head hurts now... evil Lego guys...



Interview With Insanity Part 1

Posted by Kohaku , Aug 25 2006 · 74 views

So, I was on my way to do an interview with Vezon. You see, at the bottom of the 777 stairs to the chamber of the mask of life, there was a shop. But not an ordinary shop, thus my interview was changed forever… It became a two for one deal!

Interview with Insanity Part 1

Kohaku: Why is there a shop here?
???: Because it is for the selling. The selling of Zamor.
Kohaku: …
???: I have boredom… Now that I have a guest… I have… FURY! I say to you WELCOME!
Kohaku: Um… ok, do I even want to know to what am I welcomed?
???: Sure. Welcome to Fawful’s Bean ‘n’ Zamor!
Kohaku: So… you are Fawful?

Fawful: Yes. In this place beans are like precious treasure milked from a famous cow made of jewels! All who come with beans leave with Zamor Spheres so rare they make mustaches droop with disbelief!
Kohaku: What about you, what made you become crazy?
Fawful: What? The story of Fawful? Your words are not beans. I am not wanting them.
Kohaku: That’s mean…
Fawful: You are like a brainless cat that is too dumb to know they are stupid! You have curiosity…
Kohaku: Never insult cats. They are awesome.
Fawful: …My tale is long, so long it makes babies old and hairy lips grow gray with aging. Do you dare hear?
Kohaku: Um, ok…

Fawful: Then now you listen!
I am here, merchant of Zamor, only sometimes with fury, but I once had fury at all times. I drizzled rage dressing on the island next door, Rage dressing on a salad of evil! And then the bad Toa came. Red and green bad Toa. I had the punishment with hammers and flying jumps on my head and the overheat of my ship. I have a little fury even with my remembering… Red! And green!


Those heroes of badness! My brain aches at their armor! I have fury AND headache now! Fawful would be here, reigning over all and laughing at you! …But no.


They had evil mustaches! Hairs like the tail of a horse in a barn built by a farmer who is crazy!

I have calm.

I am waiting like an elevator.

I run Fawful’s Bean ‘n’ Zamor, but… the day comes soon when Fawful rises again, and then no baby’s candy has safety! I am counting chickens before they are even eggs, before the chickens are even chickens!



D-Did I… have insanity?
Did I… have evil?
I suppress the fury, but sometimes… the fury has me. Red and green puts the fog of rage in my eyes, and my mind goes crazy.

Kohaku: Are you ok? And the Toa had mustaches?
Fawful: P-please… I will be fine. No worring for Fawful. Yes they did. We talk of beans. Beans and Zamor… we begin trading!

Kohaku: What are beans, and where are they?
Fawful: The beans hide in the dirts of this world like dirt-fish who like to eat dirt for dinner.

Bean symbols like this are marking all bean spots.

You are digging in dirt, right? You are digging under symbols. And you are finding much bean! Bean symbols have sneakiness! When the beans are gone, the symbols flee like babies! You are wanting much beans? Then you are hunting symbols. And digging and popping.

If you get many beans, you get many, Zamor at this place, Fawful’s Bean ‘n’ Zamor.

Kohaku: Ok…

Fawful: We have currently in stock….

10 Beans - Grammar Zamor – Destroys bad grammar.
20 Beans – Spammer Zamor - Destroys evil spam.
50 Beans – Rumor Zamor – I have no idea what this one does…

Kohaku: I don’t have any beans though!
Fawful: I have anger and pity… If you want Zamor, you are capturing beans! BEANS!

This concludes today’s interview. For I am camped out in Voya Nui to go and talk to Vezon tomorrow.


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