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Shopping And Mocing

Posted by Kohaku , Jul 03 2006 · 321 views
Well, I did some shopping with my mom today. Still no Toa Inika by me yet... There is a reason I'm not a big fan of Wal-Mart. It takes them a month to two months to get new Bionicle sets. I never did get me a golden Piraka spine. It would be great for mocing.

Speaking of mocing, I'm thinking of entering the new BBC #37. I've all ready got an Idea. Think Space Pirate. If anyone can guess what game that Idea is from, they get a cookie.



Fireworks, Shooting Stars, And A Ufo?

Posted by Kohaku , Jul 02 2006 · 225 views
Real Life
Well, I just got home about an hour ago from a long and tiring weekend. A very interesting weekend too. I'll start with the fireworks.

Last night we got to watch some fireworks up at my sister's house. We had my nephew and niece (both of which love my Bionicle collection) my brother in-law and my sister were all there. So, my parents and I arrive and it starts to rain. Which wasn't fun at all, the good news is it didn't last long. So later in the night we headed outside and lit some fireworks. Most of the time my brother in-law lit them although my father and I lit a few too. Me not being experienced with lighters, I almost burned myself. My thumb still kinda hurts from that.

Later in the night we watched the bonfire a bit and we also watched the stars. We saw a lot of shooting stars out there. It was awesome thinking about just everything that goes on in the universe every day. We saw some satellites, you could tell what they were because they moved in a straight line. Of course then we all saw something else... It blinked red ans was way up there (near the stars and such.) It also zigzagged up there which is something our planes, satellites, and space stations cannot do. Just what that was, I have no idea. Although I do believe that it was a UFO.

Then, today my father and I went to my other sisters house. (After returning home.) They had a small gathering and such with more of my nephews. One of which is coming over this saturday. How fun!



Bonfire Tonight!

Posted by Kohaku , Jul 01 2006 · 237 views
Real Life
Well, I may not be able to post an entry tonight so... I'm doing it now.

Anyway tonight I get to have a fun Bonfire... In the words of the firey Tahu, BURN STUFF! The bad news is I won't have access to wifi... Oh, I'll still play my DS and Metroid Hunters. With my luck I'll find another glitch. tongue.gif Well my DS will run out of power at sometime so, I'm bringing my charger.

Tommorrow, I'll be going to a cookout. Anyway more on that tomorrow because it is still the day of today.

Then, on Tuesday I'll be going to another Brewer game and getting a Hot Dog Bobble Dog. Just what is that you may ask? Well you'll have to wait untill Tuesday to find out.



Another Metroid Hunters Glitch...

Posted by Kohaku , Jun 30 2006 · 252 views

Earlier today in a Wifi match with a friend of mine on Metroid Prime Hunters we stumbled on another glitch that works when you push yourself through a wall with missiles.

These pictures are better than the previous ones.

Combat Hall #1
Combat Hall #2

These glitch if not performed right so you can jump on the invisible floor will result in a self destruct. You fall into the darkness... down... down... down... down. If you do jump to the platform you can shoot through the wall. You can shoot them and they can't shoot or see you. Their shots hit the wall. It's a neat trick, but I won't do it on wifi because it is considered cheating be many. (I did a bit of reasearch.)

I also found that puting a "%" in your name followed by a lowercase letter results in a glitch that has been known to make the game crash on Wifi. Nintendo has made it so that you can't do that cause you won't be able to log on to the Nintendo Wifi Connection. It gives you a message telling you to change your name.

Interesting stuff... If any of you other Metroid fans have found glitches like this let me know. smile.gif



Metroid Glitch And Skin, Each With Pictures

Posted by Kohaku , Jun 29 2006 · 553 views

Before I give you the pictures I'll address a few comments.

lavaside rahi, Now I don't agree with your comment completely as I'm not a Tahu hater. (He was my second Toa.) I don't agree with the fact that he has demanded the amount of followers but, maybe that's because I know fans who like the other Toa more.

Kopaka's Ice Engineering, Turnbow get his hair cut? That would be a sign that Makuta's gonna take over Earth. tongue.gif Turnbow will never cut his hair.

Well, I was playing Metroid Hunters again today because I was bored yet again all didn't go as I had planned in the battle.

The mode was Bounty(Where you capture an Octolith and deliver it to the drop point.) For those of you wondering what the heck is an Octolith, it is a crystal thing that you must get in single player mode.

So on one of my carries in a level called the Council Chamber, I had just picked up the Octolith and was making my escape when I got trapped in a world of blackness. I went through the wall of a level. So here are a few pictures of the blackness, they are not the best so I put a yellow box around the screen.


After I died (somehow I got shot when I was in the wall) everything was back to normal.

This brings me to the skin which was barely visible in the last pictures.
DS Closed
DS Open

I know, I kinda a Metroid freak, but its fun. tongue.gif


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