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The Video Games Of New York Comic-Con

Posted by Kohaku , in NYCC, Video Games Oct 19 2011 · 397 views

NYCC Video Games Mario Zelda Heroes of Ruin Pokemon Kirby
On Friday, James and I started off and went to one booth. Seeing as I am a huge Nintendo fan we headed there first. I shall list off the games as we played them. Here you can see Fawful playing Skyward Sword.

Super Mario 3D Land
  • Felt like a classic Mario game
  • You hold a button to run
  • 3D effect makes it easier to judge distance
  • Tanooki suit worked well, flutter jumping felt like it does with Yoshi
  • Fire Flower works like it does in New Super Mario Bros. series, there is no timer
  • Boom Boom was actually pretty easy
Mario Kart 7
  • Played three courses, two laps each.
  • Track 1, was a mountainous course with pipes and incoming boulders, it also had a cave and a forest.
  • Got to try out the hang glider, with which you can control in the air to change where you land.
  • Track 2, was an underwater course with Clampies and Cheep-Cheeps. You drive underwater in this one with the propeller; underwater driving is slow, yet still natural.
  • Track 3, is the Donkey Kong Country Return’s course filled with the baddies of that game.
  • The 3D effect really brought it to life, it made it easier to dodge bananas in the road.
  • Blooper is more annoying as the ink comes right at you because of the 3D.
Pokemon Rumble Blast
  • Pretty much like the WiiWare version
  • Cute in an action RPG type way, not turn based
  • Didn’t spend as much time with this one as I would have liked too, it does seem interesting.
Heroes of Ruin
  • Played as the Gunslinger and Vindicator
  • Prefered the short range melee of Mr. Vind.
  • The Gunslinger didn’t seem as accurate, and is a bit harder to use
  • Action RPG works well
  • It has potions for health and magic which can be used with L and R buttons
  • Game overall seemed like a really good action RPG
  • The gameplay was fun and I look forward to seeing more from the game
Kirby’s Return to Dreamland
  • Played with a full team
  • I was Kirby and James was Metaknight
  • King Dedede and Waddle Dee were drop in and drop out, which works instantly.
  • Kirby has many attacks per move.
  • Super attacks should be used when in certain areas with blocks they will destroy.
  • These usually lead to miniboss areas which help you get gears
  • Metaknight controlled pretty good, really powerful.
  • Characters get dragged after Kirby if they fall behind.
  • Whispy Woods was really easy with four players.
Last but not least....

Posted Image

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  • I am left handed, used the Wiimote in my right hand and nunchuk in my left
  • It actually felt very natural and I did a pretty good job.
  • Played the demo twice, unlike the others
  • First time playing the game I took on Lord Ghirahim
  • Lord Ghirahim moves fast and can catch your sword, he catches it based on the angle of it
  • You need to trick him, swing in a direction he isn’t expecting
  • After a few hits he uses his sword
  • He moves very fast and if you shield by shaking the nunchuk you can throw him off balance
  • Shielding is important, other people were losing heart after heart when they did not shield
  • Swordplay feels very realistic
  • Second demo was the dungeon
  • You need you use the beetle to hit a crystal, which will open a door
  • Beetle is controlled by tilting the Wiimote, feels really natural.
  • You battle a Stalfos
  • Stalfos wield two swords, which are used both offensively and defensively.
  • When a Stalfos holds both swords upright, Link must strike vertically in between them; when it holds its swords sideways, Link must strike horizontally. Stalfos can also hold their two swords perpendicularly, so that Link must strike from a certain angle.
  • Once you beat it you get the upgraded beetle, which Fi explains to you.
  • It can pick items up now.
  • You need to send it through a hole in the wall to hit that same switch
  • When outside the beetle has to be sent into a nook in the wall where you must avoid Deku Babas to hit another red switch
  • Next room has a Skulltula attack, upward slash puts it on its back legs, stabbing motions can finish it
  • Continuing on you find another room where the beetle must be used to hit another switch which raises water
  • Swimming is fluid from the few seconds I did it
  • Battle another Skulltula which was on a web
  • Next room you must climb an ivy wall, shoot down a block and push it to the lower level
  • You must position it perfectly so that when you stand on it three eyes open up, so that you may make them dizzy with your sword
  • The prize is a small key!
  • Got back to the main room and the demo timed out
  • James played the Bird chasing ceremony
  • Must capture the bird with the statue
  • First time you almost capture it, cutscene plays and you start having eggs thrown at you by the other riders
  • Must capture bird while dodging eggs
  • Eggs slow you and cause a loss in altitude
  • Shaking downwards allows you to gain altitude
  • You can make the bird fly slightly faster, this is similar to the carrots in Ocarina of Time
  • You can use it three times and then it recharges, alternatively it will recharge on its own
Tomorrow I shall add the details about the special guest we saw as well as a Nintendo employee's reaction to Fawful.

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Lefthanders unite!

I hope I don't run into trouble when I play Skyward Sword because I haven't played any games with the wiimote in my right hand and nunchuck in my left hand.

Also, I am very jealous that you played that game. Yes, very jelly. >=(

What are your thoughts on SS?
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Oct 19 2011 09:44 PM

Honestly, until I read your blog, I had no interest in Comic-Con.

Now I wish I could have gone. D=
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It worked well with the Wiimote in my right hand, I did BETTER than the right handed players even with the handicap.

The game still feels very Zelda... but for the first time it gives you a sense of how Link feels, I kinda actually felt like I was there. The game is really fun and enjoyable from the bit I played. It is different and requires more strategy than most as the enemies are very intelligent and mix up their blocking methods.

Overall it was very fun, and I believe it will be well worth the wait.
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Did you preorder SS yet? I preordered the edition which has golden Wiimote Plus. Can't forget about that awesome orchestrated Zelda music CD. :D
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I was already planning on getting Mario Kart 7 no matter what, but I've been unsure on Super Mario 3D Land because I've had mixed experiences with Super Mario 64 DS. However, what you've said there seems good, so I'll at least consider it more. Sounds like it could be easier with the 3D.

Also, I'm left-handed too. I don't have a Wii, though.
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I had it preordered a while back, I need that golden Wiimote! It will be well worth the wait.

Super Mario 3D Land was much better than I was expecting, I am looking forward to it more than I was. I should note that all of the games I played with 3D didn't strain my eyes at all. It was implemented really well into all of them.
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