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The Abode of a OTC RPG Judge


And Yet Another Reason Why Aim Is So Awesome.

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Nov 11 2009 · 83 views
[Wed Nov 11 2009 08:38:45 PM] dralexhumva: I really should at least try rewriting the Human to Bionicle process.
[Wed Nov 11 2009 08:38:57 PM] dralexhumva: My old self did not do a good job of writing it.
[Wed Nov 11 2009 08:39:52 PM] ExoFat: Old selves rarely do
[Wed Nov 11 2009 08:39:52 PM] dralexhumva: For now, I'll just work on my R/K SS.
[Wed Nov 11 2009 08:41:07 PM] ExoFat: lol
[Wed Nov 11 2009 08:41:47 PM] dralexhumva: Though, by the way, in a way, I am attracted to Ruby.
[Wed Nov 11 2009 08:41:53 PM] dralexhumva: After all, Kent was my creation.
[Wed Nov 11 2009 08:42:34 PM] ExoFat: Oo
[Wed Nov 11 2009 08:42:07 PM] dralexhumva: Betcha you weren't expecting that.
[Wed Nov 11 2009 08:42:54 PM] ExoFat: No

The horror.



Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Nov 11 2009 · 56 views
However invented AIM needs to recieve a medal.

It is the most awesome thing ever. Period.


Area 51

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Nov 11 2009 · 60 views
Yes, that's right folks; I now clean Area 51 for all those top people.

So go have a life while I sit here and mop.


I Must Wonder...

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Nov 10 2009 · 71 views
Why is it that people, myself included, choose willingly to go on some kid's toy line website and post, instead of going outside and actually having a life?


Outbreak Explained

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Nov 08 2009 · 113 views
Outbreak Talk
[21:54] necrosis1193: Like I said, that's why I don't like getting involved
[21:54] necrosis1193: That's something about me I put in Alina
[21:54] necrosis1193: When you make me curious I pick and pry it apart
[21:55] dralexhumva: Heh, I'm open to picking and prying.
[21:55] necrosis1193: Well, I need to know the plot then
[21:55] necrosis1193: Explanation?
[21:55] dralexhumva: Outbreak's plot?
[21:55] dralexhumva: Weeeeell....
[21:57] dralexhumva: In 1996, a man named Dr. Grey was looking at a child's DNA who was born in 1990. He found an anomally, though. He found Ps in the genetic code. However, the Ps were always tied to the Gs, so he duped it 'PG' gene. He searched for several years after, finding that fifty percent of children born between 1990 and 1997 contained this gene.
[21:58] dralexhumva: So he ran to the government, and found a CIA operative interested in this. Together, with a NSA agent, they confronted Bill Cliton and pressured him to make Sector fifty-one, of which the CIA operative lead.
[21:59] dralexhumva: Fast forward to 2007. The PG gene activates in the children, changing their bodies and granting them powers. A boy named Alex Hackett, a pyro, discovered his and ran, thinking himself to be a freak. He met up with a half-insane boy called Steven, and together, they did stuff.
[22:00] dralexhumva: But one day, Steven announced to Alex he wished to put humanity into it's place. So, Alex, being the guy he was, said 'no way' and ran. However, he ran into his sister along the way, and in his anger, Alex killed her in cold blood. After that, the kid went insane, eventually maturing due to the rapid growth of the PG gene in him but never fully regaining sanity.
[22:01] dralexhumva: So Alex forms a group called the Declaration, to stop Steven. He collects Outbreakers, but Steven had the same idea, so Steven makes the Institute. The techno then collected his own Outbreakers, and fighting ensured.
[22:02] dralexhumva: Then, during the plot of Outbreak I, Alex and Steven face off several times, along with the help of other Outbreakers. Finally, Alex reveals to everyone that the world as we know it is only a mere speck in a vast multiverse, and that we were created by a race that sought after the Answer.\
[22:04] dralexhumva: Now, Alex finds the Answer, but refuses to tell anyone. Sooo, the Beings, the creators, arrive, causing mass destruction and chaos in New York. The Master, ruler of the Beings, finds Alex's dead body and yells his anger out, pretty much crushing most of New York. Then the Beings leave, realizing they must start anew.
[22:05] dralexhumva: So then US Military sieges New York, intent on killing the combined forces of the Declaration and Institute holed up in there. In a nova blast, Alex destroys them all, whereas an Outbreaker named Matt shortly after stops a volcano. After this, the Earth goes off of its orbit, plunging into space and becoming freezing cold. Everyone then runs to Cuba, where a city called Haven is founded.
[22:07] dralexhumva: Go to 2025 or something. Steven, thought to be dead, takes over an Outbreaker named Luke's body and kills Alex. A bunch of fighting insures, blah blah, then Alex comes back to life in time to save everyone from Earth crashing into Jupiter.
[22:07] dralexhumva: Then we have the New Reality. Everyone saved from the Earth-Jupiter thing goes here, where humanity never discovered the PG gene. These veterans of the Old Reality help out humanity here and there, but Steven once again comes back and reforms the Institute.
[22:09] dralexhumva: Now, Outbreak II. The Declaration, Institute, United Nations, and Confedcry Against Outbreakers fight. A bunch of battles happen, the world is pretty much wrecked, then all the Outbreakers join together to fight humanity, and all the humans join together to fight Outbreakerity.
[22:09] dralexhumva: ...Ok, there's more, but I have to rest my fingers.

Part one of Outbreak. That gives a sorta recap of Outbreak I and II. III will come here in an hour or so. It'll be edited in.


For Some Reason...

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Nov 08 2009 · 40 views
People, when I meet them, always think I'm some tough meathead that is the type of guy the mob hires to hit people.

It's depressing. sad.gif


You Must Admit...

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Nov 08 2009 · 52 views

...That this banner is cool.

Before anyone accuses me of simply using GIMP's built in logo maker; well, I did. I took over six logos and pain-stakingly spliced them together to create this effect. It wasn't something made in a few seconds, in fact, it took well over ten minutes. It isn't perfect, but it still works for it's banner-needs.


Necro Is Awesome.

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Nov 07 2009 · 53 views
Necro, you win.


At Long Last

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Nov 06 2009 · 43 views
I have finally destroyed the computer in Rise of Nations. Now, this was no ordinary victory; it was played on the difficultly setting named 'Toughest', was a Deathmatch with infinite resources, had an population limit of 100, and there was eight computer opponents, all attacking me at once on the Austrian map. But, the computer, foolish as it was, placed it's capital too close to the shoreline. Even as my troops held the line at my one and only city, my capital, a small team of US Marines , a few warships, and ten Stealth Bombers traveled the coastline. I ordered them forth whenever I got close to the capitals, instantly taking the cities one by one. Even as my enemies hammered at my borders, I held on, and their capitals fell. Victory, after four long hours, was mine.

...Ya, I take these thing's waaaay too seriously.

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He's also an aspiring engineer who hopes to get a scholarship at his local big engineering college and one day help humanity. More likely he'll be a pencil pusher in a basement somewhere, but he's a bloody minded optimist.
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