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The Abode of a OTC RPG Judge



Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Nov 05 2009 · 77 views
I had some chicken for dinner, and when I cut into it, it was dripping with blood. Seriously, I think my parents need to improve their cooking skills, even though they assured me it was properly cooked and that the blood was safe. I don't recall blood ever being safe to it.


A Few Tips From A Writer

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Nov 03 2009 · 87 views
Disclaimer: The follow tips may or may not help you. I merely am showing a few things I've noted as I've wrote. If you feel the need to point out an error in a tip, go ahead.

~Length does not matter. You can have a huge chapter and yet have very little plot-change. You can have an extremely short chapter and have great plot-change. So don't get discouraged if you don't write all that long of chapters; as you get better, your chapter will slowly grow as they need.
~Music can be both helpful and harmful. Music is a tool many writers use, including myself. If you can find the right songs for your story, it can help your story hugely. But listening to the wrong songs can give you the wrong feelings needed, thus screwing with their story. It's kinda like this: if you listen to a scary song for a scary story, you get matching feelings and thus have a somewhat improved story. If you listen to a good-natured rock'n'roll song, your creepy story will find some elements of 'fun' in it.
~Friends. Give your story to your friends: they will find faults in it and let you fix it. So before you release it to the public, let a few take a glance over your story. It does wonders.



Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Nov 02 2009 · 72 views
Had a basketball game earlier this day; lost due to some dummy. It was a tie, and the heat was almost like your classic tie in any book/movie. There was a minute left, and the ball was constantly being fought over. Finally, as the final seconds neared, one of the guys on my team got the ball and began running for the goal. There was a guy blocking him, though, but I was there, not five feet away. The dude couldn't of shot a goal at that distance, but I'm better at longer throws, so I could of at least had a fifty-fifty chance. But did the guy act like a team-member should? Nooo. He wanted to be the hero that won the game at the finally seconds, so his shot. It was intercepted in midair by the guy blocking him, and then that guy shot a goal, thus breaking the tie and making my team lose.

...Why is it people insist on being heros?



Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Nov 01 2009 · 56 views
If I had a penny for everytime my friend said something that defied the laws of science, I'd be the richest man on the planet. ><


Free Candy!

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Oct 31 2009 · 55 views
Today is the day I get to test of my Captain Kirk costume, laugh my face off as one of my friends scares every little kid in the neighborhood, and go prowling the streets for Trekkies as me and my three Trekkie friends give everyone a blast from the past.

It'll be awesome. biggrin.gif


You Know...

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Oct 29 2009 · 85 views
People seem to think that, for some reason, BZPower will be here forever.

This isn't the case. While we pool our money in with PMships and donations, we only delay the day that will come. It's a sad thing, but BZPower wouldn't be here until we die. One day, the Admins aren't going be able to pay the bill and feed their families at the same time, so they're going have to hit the kill switch on BZP.

Not say'n that day is anytime soon, but it's coming. Even I've accepted that.


The Dark Knight

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Oct 28 2009 · 81 views
Just got done watching it; noth'n special, but it's cool. The true moment of the movie, IMO, was at the end. The message got through quite clear: sometimes, good is not always the angel. Sometimes, in order to truly be good, you must be bad.



Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Oct 27 2009 · 89 views
RPG talk
Oh, how I envy the old days.

With the discovery of how to go faster than light, mankind began expanding beyond belief. Sol was quickly colonized, the population growing past a hundred billion by 2075. Ships slowly got faster and faster; in 2040, ten times the speed of light. 2047, twenty. 2053, fifty. By the time the twenty-second history came along, man was going at a hundred times the speed of light. The whole galaxy was beginning to open up. Mining factories sprung up in Alpha Centauri, Beta Phoenix, Gamma Tera. At an almost impossible rate, the universe was being inhabited. Oddly, as man pushed against the darkness and settled new worlds, he never found alien life. Scientists finally said that the Milky Way possessed no intelligence or life beyond humanity.

Man, they say tourists went crazy back then. Humanity had reached nearly one hundred and fifty billion around the twenty-second century; that was a lot of people to please, and to feed. There was a constant struggle to terraform planets, to create new food resources. Then there was politics; back on Earth, the capital planet for all of humanity, the smaller nations were constantly being absorbed by the Soviet Union and the United States. The two were ruthless, destroying nations and absorbing their colonies. With the break through of the Photon Station, nicknamed the Death Star by some of us who actually had a sense of humor, the world suddenly became a very dark and unhappy place. In 2197, the two superpowers had absorbed all other nations. It was just them.

Peace was signed, obviously. The Soviets joined with the Americans to form Somerica. Humanity actually lived in peace for a while; soon, space cruisers were going ten thousand times the speed of light. There were over ten trillion humans by 2210. Space had become something even the poorest of men used, constantly traveling from planet to planet. Space pirates became a problem, but Somerica was quick to crush any pirates. It seemed as though humanity had reached the ultimate state of technology; with ships going faster and faster overnight and peace throughout the entire galaxy, it seemed as though nothing could go wrong.

Guess what? Something did go wrong. You remember that Death Star? Well, it didn’t just vanish when Somerica was formed. For years, the G-men had been creating a whole fleet of them. They took away the old pyramid shape and made them sleek cruisers. It was impossible at first, but soon enough, every solar system known to made kind had one of these cruisers floating around. Rebellions had begun to become a problem; but it looked like me and the guys had made a pretty good prediction when we dubbed those floating horrors Death Stars. The sole purpose of those terrors were to keep down rebellion. Whole cities were destroyed if rebellion got too bad; in the worse case scenario, the entire planet.

Now, people tried to resist, sure. They made their planets a big player in food production; they made their planets into food factories. Somerica wouldn’t dare destroy a major food resource. Sometimes, entire solar systems would rebel at one time; it never worked. Somerica’s army was over five hundred billion and growing every day. Even spread out across the galaxy as it was, those men and women enforced the law with no mercy. They kept the peace; at a horrible cost.

Everything changed, though, when the guys on Mars in Sol made a ship that could travel two hundred thousand times the speed of light. They didn’t release this engine to anyone else; instead, they began supplying ships with it to we rebels in Alpha Centauri. We secretly began building up a fleet; we contacted with the rebels across the entire galaxy and made a plan. Soon, we had entire fleets. And on June Sixteenth, 2278, all the rebels spread across the galaxy, regardless of our hopes, fears, or wants, rose up at the same time.

Now, the day is September Twentieth, 2278. The various rebellions are going off smoothly; Somerica has been caught off guard and with a fleet of the fastest ships in the galaxy, we’re sure to bring the galactic superpower to its knees. Well, you heard the story. So get out there and fight, soldier. Don’t just stand around.


Ya for my RPG ideas.



Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Oct 26 2009 · 81 views
You know, we humans rely on words to show our intelligence. When you take a test, it says, 'is *insert science-y word here* like *insert science-y word here*?' When someone asks you how to fix a bike, they explain what's causing the problem in words. We learn purely by words. Now, this is veeeeery crude and ineffective. What about things that words can't describe?

Take myself for instance. I will read a book, about, say, bikes. Now, by the end of the day, I'll be fixing a bike like an expert. However, if someone asked me the difference between a lugnut and a tire rim, I'd go 'uuuuuh.' Why? Because the way I learn is by thought alone. It's one of the major downfalls in me: when I learn things, I don't associate words with the things I learn. Thus, when someone quizes me about it, I go 'uuuuh' and people think I'm an cool dude. But trust me, I can fix a bike up just about as good as any person who's been working on bikes for years.

So my point? We rely, as a race, on a ineffective and highly overrated form of communication to show intelligence. Which is why I'm so fond of telepathy: telepaths have no need for words. They use purely brain signals. It is one of the best forms of communication; you can describe anything that your mind can think about. But you don't even need telepathy to be able to communicate better than human speech; look at fish. Ok, ok, maybe they 'talk', to a point, but hey. They sure do communicate well. Or jellyfish! They communicate great, or so says the scientists.

Ok, ok, my point: we humans cannot show intelligence without speech. Due to this, some people, such as myself, struggle throughout life because our minds do not associate words with our knowledge. I think there's even a term for it. So everyone deems us dumb because we flunk the test, because, guess what? The test uses words.

The true test, ladies and gentlemen, should be an interactive simulation. In a science class, one could do an experient or a project. In other classes, one could do the same.


Oh, I'll be gone for the rest of the day too.


Lucid Dreaming

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Oct 25 2009 · 88 views
I find it quite interesting, seeing you can do pretty much anything in lucid dreams.

This blog

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The following blog contains excessive rambling on the world and extremely poor paragraphing. If you are easily offended or turned off by these two things, leaving now would be a good idea.
This blog is written by Alex Humva, penname of some random teenager named Alex Censored. He writes stories, writes rants, writes screenplays, plays games, makes games, has a terrible work ethic, and is generally sarcastic. He believes in a Judao-Christian god, but most other people who do too give him a glare because of his weird beliefs, possibly because he's somehow bi at the same time. He's an utter equalist who feels that any discrimination amongst humans for things they were born with is wrong. He doesn't care about xenos though, let them all burn.
He's also an aspiring engineer who hopes to get a scholarship at his local big engineering college and one day help humanity. More likely he'll be a pencil pusher in a basement somewhere, but he's a bloody minded optimist.
Because of his peculiar personality and beliefs, he gets into fights often, though they usually end when he wakes up the next morning and doesn't feel motivated anymore.

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