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Win Streaks and Video Game Obsession

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Jul 29 2012 · 176 views

So I've been playing a lot of League of Legends recently. School's going be here fast, so I gotta stock up on that playtime, you know? I just turned level fifteen, and will hopefully be twenty before school starts up. I've been doing ok, now that I'm finally getting the hang of the game, and my new favorite champ, Garen. I went as so far as to violate one of my principles and purchase a skin for him with real money. TBH it wasn't doing much anyways, so only time will tell if I regret doing so.

Something I've noted is that LoL's match making system bases your score off of victories and defeats, not kill/deaths ratios, which I don't get. It is very much a team game, so it makes sense to do it, but too many games I've had people who were just plain noobs and killed the team. I personally think their match making should be more reflective of both aspects, the player's abilities, and how well his/her team did, so that you can still keep people who aren't team players lower while keeping people who just get noobs higher up.

Now, to the controversial part of the entry, probably what you were looking for when you saw the title. As I've played LoL, I've met many good chaps who are fun to play with, good spirited, real treat to murder and maim alongside them. And then I've met people that, after I get ganked by four players (ganked means ganged up on) and die, yell at me through the chat about how noobish I am and to stop feeding the team (feeding is giving gold; you get gold to purchase power boosting items, 'feeding' makes them stronger). Now, if I'm having a bad day and die eight times with no kills, I deserve at least some wrist slapping, it ruins everyone's games. But too many times I've seen people overreact over some simple mistakes, both when I do them and when others do so.

So that brings me to wonder, why do people get so obsessed and angry over this stuff? It is a game after all. Admittedly, one match on the Summoner's Rift, a five on five map, takes about 45 minutes to complete. That's a lot of time out of your life, and losing is never fun. Some matches are fun slugfests that, even after losing, you walk away with some sense of appreciation, a respect for the enemy team. But some people don't have that respect, they just go and flame about how OP (overpowered) the enemy champs are and how noobish their team is.

From my understanding, this attitude goes through the vast majority of the online gaming community. No one likes losing, sure, but can't we be a bit more sportsmanlike about it? Video games, while not requiring the physical discipline of, say, basketball (something I'm ashamed to say I'm no longer in shape for), can be very intense mentally. Take LoL for instance, it requires fast reflexes and a mind for strategy and planning. The pro games can be really intense.

Sorry, got carried away. As I was saying, sportsmanship is generally a requirement throughout many physical sports; people look down upon football players who scream about their defeats or coaches who yell about how the refs rigged the game. At least then they're professional and have an excuse to be somewhat miffed, with LoL, or any other massively multiplayer game, why be so mad? Because, ultimately, it's just a game. I'd argue that even if you were to play ranked in LoL, unless it's a blatantly bad game, one should maintain a level of sportsmanship. Even if it isn't, be the better wo/man, say good game and move on.

Something I will agree on though is getting mad when people for AFK or quit the game. That seriously wounds the team. But one has to keep an open mind; ISPs are weird and emergencies do happen.

Well, I seem to of ranted. Hope someone finds this interesting.

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While I don't quite know the answer, I'd like to suggest perhaps a way of making peace with them. I've been recently trying to congratulate people in games whenever they get a good snipe, or when they get a domination. (TF2) I've found that if the flattery (as sincere as it may be) doesn't quiet them down, then they usually find it so strange that someone would be spreading kind feeling that they just shut up in puzzlement. It doesn't always work though.
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