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The Last Will and Testiment of Captain Oni

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Sep 15 2012 · 136 views

FTL is a game. You can buy it from Steam or Good Old Games. It's currently nine dollars. Buy it immediately. You will fail at it, this is a fact. But you'll have fun losing.

For instance, I had a guy, Captain Oni. A rebel ship went and killed my entire crew via boarding parties. As one last effort I opened all the airlocks to space and vented the atmosphere, but after the O2 generators were knocked offline. So Captain Oni sat, the air growing stale, but managed to punch coordinates into the nav computer and crawled to the sickbay, where modern technology kept him alive despite no oxygen.

This next jump happened to take him to a traveling band of space hippies, which he befriended and they gave him gifts and told him to go to another ship. The following battle was hilarious and Captain Oni was forced to retreat. Then he found an abandoned space station with a girl, guy, someone named Kadreal. Together, they managed to repair the O2 in time and the Kestrel survived another day.

They met a teleporting giant space slug merchant and then were blown up in an ion storm by a remote drone that had one bar of health left. And so ended the career of Captain Oni.

Really, the game is great for coming up with these things.

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This blog

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The following blog contains excessive rambling on the world and extremely poor paragraphing. If you are easily offended or turned off by these two things, leaving now would be a good idea.
This blog is written by Alex Humva, penname of some random teenager named Alex Censored. He writes stories, writes rants, writes screenplays, plays games, makes games, has a terrible work ethic, and is generally sarcastic. He believes in a Judao-Christian god, but most other people who do too give him a glare because of his weird beliefs, possibly because he's somehow bi at the same time. He's an utter equalist who feels that any discrimination amongst humans for things they were born with is wrong. He doesn't care about xenos though, let them all burn.
He's also an aspiring engineer who hopes to get a scholarship at his local big engineering college and one day help humanity. More likely he'll be a pencil pusher in a basement somewhere, but he's a bloody minded optimist.
Because of his peculiar personality and beliefs, he gets into fights often, though they usually end when he wakes up the next morning and doesn't feel motivated anymore.

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