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So, equality and personality

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Dec 11 2012 · 199 views

I don't particularly feel like rambling on a subject that far smarter and far better writers have wrote books about, so methinks I'll condense my thoughts of some arguments I've been reading into short, easy to digest snip-its.
  • Personality is a complex thing that even experts who devote their lives to studying it aren't entirely sure how it works and changes.
  • Personality is effected by literally everything. From society to culture to your parents to your friends, from your childhood to your adulthood, your personality is basically the sum of all your experiences in life.
  • This means personality is effected by literally millions if not billions or trillions of small or large variables. You can see how it might be hard to track down the exact cause of a personality fluke.
  • There are very smart people who know a lot about this, don't get any other impression. We may not understand it perfectly but we do have a grasp on the subject. We may not know how to unify quantum mechanics and special relativity, but it doesn't mean we can't track the orbit of a planet or understand the innerworkings of an atom.
  • Studies that test for certain personality traits in certain demographics are almost always inherently flawed, and the people who do them openly admit this. It is not an exact science; this isn't to say all personality tests should be thrown to the wind though. Going back to physics, in quantum mechanics you're never positive of a particle's position. You have percentages and chances that it's in one position or another. You can have a ninety percent chance of an electron in one region but a one percent chance that it's in another region.
  • Similarly, studies that attempt to track down the causes of personality traits are like this. If the test is conducted scientifically, and the testers do their best to have a large sample supply, it's results can be accurate to a large percentage.
  • However, these studies ultimately can't be certain because of a lack of a control sample or subject. We don't have any control humans because our personality is the sum of our experiences. One could say a feral child could work, but that feral child, while deprived of human contact, still has a personality. It's just a personality shaped by the environment and the beasts rather than society.
  • Because of a lack of a control and the astronomical amount of variables that can change a person's personality, conducting personality studies on demographics must be extremely large to compensate. It use to be and still is a common practice to twist the numbers; ever heard a political message saying how variable X is polluting society, and then find out that their study had a group of a hundred criminals in a bad part of town?
My ultimate point to these bite-size ramblings? When you read a study that says group X acts like such and such, or that one demographic has a default behavioral type, remember to use common sense. Research the study, see the methods used, and use your brain to formulate your own opinion, not that which is shoved onto you.
Don't take this as me decrying all studies into behavior and personality; there are many that are legitimately well handled and conducted with the greatest precision possible. Just remember that for every study that says X, there will be another that says Y, and that you shouldn't instantly jump to conclusions because someone in a lab coat said so. Consult ten guys in lab coats then jump to a conclusion.

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Havelock Vetinari
Dec 11 2012 01:57 PM

A well-thought out and logical post. You have clearly done research into the subject. 

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Engineer Alexandra Humva
Dec 11 2012 02:01 PM

Funny, since I wrote it in about fifteen minutes. :P


I've done research on it before, don't get me wrong, I just wrote this rather briskly. xD

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Havelock Vetinari
Dec 11 2012 02:03 PM

Once you are familiar with a subject, one finds they can write something of high quality quite quickly.

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Very logical, since behind each personality is an even more complex person.

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