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Outbreak: The Movie

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Aug 24 2009 · 188 views

Outbreak Talk
Outbreak: The Movie

Welcome to the entry in which the production of OTM will be discussed. Check back here for several updates and screenshots about the movie, and in the coming months, actual trailers. Let’s get to the FAQs first. Feel free to PM, comment, or contact me somehow a question and I’ll put it here.

Q: What the heck is Outbreak: The Movie?
A: It is an animated movie that’ll depict the events of the first in the Outbreak series.

Q: Who’s and what is making this movie?
A: Me and my friends are making this, along with any other volunteers. I am using Blender for the animation, GIMP for the various stills needed to help out with the animating, and I’m looking for an sound editing program.

Q: Can I help?
A: I’m happy for any help I can get. However, I would suggest that you have some experience in whatever you want to help with.

Q: What the heck is Outbreak?
A: It’s a story about kids who gain a gene that gives them powers, with a supernatural and spiritual touch.

Q: What do you think Outbreak: The Movie will be rated?
A: Since I have no rating company, I just have to guess. And my best guess is PG-13 for violence, profanity, and mild suggestive themes. Due to this, I won’t be able to post the full movie on Bzpower. If someone wants to get this movie, they have to use other means of contacting me, such as AIM or E-mail.

Q: How can we get Outbreak: The Movie when it comes out?
A: You could download it, but it is going near the 1 gig mark and possibly go past it, so unless you have Internet 2, DSL, Cable, or an connection speed faster than 5 megabit, I wouldn’t suggest downloading it. I may offer a DVD version that will still be for free, but it’d require mailing and you’d pay for shipping of your choice.

Q: I have a slow internet and can’t use the mail. What can I do?
A: Watch it online. I’ll be working with *censored site name* to get Outbreak up online, but I can’t say anything for certain at this point of time.

Q: Now for the big question; when is this movie coming out?
A: My rough estimate is within the next decade. Seriously, as of now, I have one extra animator and some voice actors that may or may not do something. If I don’t get much more, then it could be when I’m thirty. It all depends. But if I get what I want and I have a great team of sound artists, animators, and actors, hey, it could be out by winter of 2010.

Info, release information, screen shots, trailers, that junk

Updates: I’ll be posting updates about how the movie is going every week or so. Don’t expect these to be lengthy, but they’re contain important information, especially when production speeds up. Expect these a few days after I post this.

Sept 26, 2009: After a month of posting this, work on Outbreak: The Movie begins! The first scene should be done around Christmas time.

Screenshots: These will be stills taken of the animation process and maybe of the complete scenes. Expect these as soon me and my team starts working.

Trailers: These will be fully animated, fully voiced, fully everything, well, trailers. What else do you think would be here? Expect these in the summer of 2010.

Release Information: Don’t expect anything here until we reach the end of the tunnel and the light is in sight.

Scene Cuts: Somewhat like trailers, these will be cuts of actually scenes that have been completed. We’ll start releasing these after a few months of hard work, so expect some around Christmas time.

Directors Life: These are real shots of me, using my awesome video camera. In these, I’ll talk about various things of the animation process, what I’m doing with the movie, the writing, dang, just anything about the movie I feel like talking about. These may hold spoilers and perhaps even uncompleted scenes as my camera watches me make different scenes. Expect these coming out around March of 2010.

Other things: These will be any of my team’s vids, pictures, or things that relate to the movie but don’t fit into the above categories.


As with every movie, there are positions of skill, importance, and how hard you have to work. Look at these to see what is taken, what is open, or just to see who’s working on this project.

Notes: Since I have so much stuff, the secondary guys and leaders are pretty important. Don’t take on the job unless you’re at least willing to devote an hour a day struggling with the stupid things filmmakers have to struggle with.

Boss guys:

Director/Screenwriter/Producer/Animator/Sound editor/Voice Actor: Me. I have quite a large list of titles.
Secondary Producer/Lead Animator: Exo-Fat. This guy has a lot of work already in his life, so give him a hand for agreeing to work on this movie.
Secondary screenwriter: Currently void, though not open to anyone who didn’t play in the first RPG.
Lead Voice Actor: Currently void. You should at least of played one of the RPGs if you want this job.
Lead Sound Editor: Currently void, so all you need to be this guy is lots of experience in sound editing.

Animation People:

Animator #1: Just need experience in some form of animating.
Animator #2: Above.
Animator #3: Above.
Animator #4: Above.
Animator #5: Should have experience in Blender, not just any form of animation.
Animator #6: Above.
Animator #7: Above.
Animator #8: Above

Voice Actors:

I’m not even going care to list the requirement for voice actors for all the slots, so I’m going say it here; you need a microphone and the ability to host your sound file somewhere that the animators can view it.

MS: Optimistic Cynic/Satsuki
Inferna Firesword/Emily
Jaykanu/Captain Shov
Voice Actor #6:
Voice Actor #7:
Voice Actor #8:
Voice Actor #9:
Voice Actor #10:
Voice Actor #11:
Voice Actor #12:
Voice Actor #13:
Voice Actor #14:
Voice Actor #15:

Sound Editors:

Since sound editing is silently easier than other things, yet can be annoying, there’s only four slots. The main thing these guys will be doing is editing voices to get the right pitch/tone. They’ll also be in charge of making sound effects.

Sound Editor#1:
Sound Editor#2:
Sound Editor#3:
Sound Editor#4:

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