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That is unfortunate

Posted by Necro , Apr 12 2014 · 86 views

So it turns out the reason I haven't been seeing my best friend in the class we have together the last few weeks is because she dropped out for financial reasons back in late March.
I am sad now, and feel really bad that I wasn't able to help a friend with something like that.


It's on fire and I can't put it out!

Posted by Necro , Apr 11 2014 · 98 views
real life drama, long story dont and 1 more...
There is no better way to burn a bridge with someone than being a condescending, angry know-it-all when they express an innocuous opinion.


Update on that security thing

Posted by Necro , Apr 09 2014 · 111 views

So it turns out all the sources I read might have been a bit overzealous. Not every website is affected. To my great relief, google and paypal are not, so that's a huge chunk of my workload remedied, though I had already changed two of my emails. Still need to test all my forums and such, but right now it looks like the only account I need to worry about is my Steam account, and I've always used those prepaid Steam cards, so while I'd lose my library, it's not like they'd get anything really important if they hacked my account.
Here's a list of 1,000+ popular websites that either are or aren't effected. Save yourself some headache and don't change the ones you don't have to, and apologies about speaking before I knew the whole picture.


So that new Smash Bros. thing

Posted by Necro , Apr 08 2014 · 58 views

Does anyone have screenshots from the 3DS Smash Bros.? I was in class during the press thing, and unless there is something terrifying hidden in the 3DS’ GPU, every screen and video I can find are from the Wii U.


You should probably change your passwords

Posted by Necro , Apr 08 2014 · 161 views

Not just one, all of them. Every single one.
I am probably going to spend the better part of this evening after class changing mine on six email accounts, four forums, two social networking sites, my paypal, my bandcamp, both of my bank accounts, and on steam, as well as memorizing all of those.


Hooray college!

Posted by Necro , Apr 06 2014 · 77 views

So for those of you wondering why I fell off the face of the earth this past week, it's because I had a nightmare week-and-a-half these past few days. Four tests in the space of a week - including two on one day and one that I had no chance to prepare for because it was rescheduled due to snow delays so I didn't know about until I walked into class - two presentations, one being a group presentation where I had to split the work of four people with one other person who actually cared, and two papers.
I have slept more than four hours once this week, and four times the past two. I have not had three meals in one day in about the same time frame. I haven't had a shower in far too long. I skipped both my Monday and Wednesday workouts the past two weeks. I stayed up until 6 AM finishing this paper so I could have some peace tomorrow.
I am filthy, tired, hungry, and exhausted, but it's all worth it, because if I pass everything this semester, I have enough credits that I can ride the last two years out on 12-credit semesters - remember when I wanted to graduate a semester early? I did some math, and if I can get one of the scholarships I'm eying, I basically only get $2,000 of debt per semester, and an extra $2,000 is a price I'm willing to pay for my sanity - while still having enough to take some electives.
...So, yeah, that's why I disappeared. I'm still here, it's just been a tough few weeks. Now, if you'll excuse me, the sun is rising, which has been my cue as of late to go to sleep.


Strangely encouraging

Posted by Necro , Apr 02 2014 · 97 views

Next time you fail at something and think people will never forgive you for it, remember that the Chicago Cubs came within 2500 fans of the Boston Red Sox in terms of fans last year, who have won three of the last ten titles, including that year, and the last time they gave their fans something to cheer about was exactly 17 days after the Model T was first introduced.
People are surprisingly forgiving sometimes, even if you haven't been able to shake off what happened.


Beyond stupid

Posted by Necro , Mar 30 2014 · 141 views
I swear Im not, making this up and 3 more...
So, on another forum I'm on, one of the mods got into a huge fight with someone and stated to threaten to ban him. For reference, the subject they got so heated about was something opinion-based(Not saying beyond that because I don't want a chance of people figuring out where this was).
Here's the crazy part though; the guy that the moderator was threatening to ban and that he got into a fight with? He's one of the forum's admins.
How on earth could you possibly think that threatening to use your status as a moderator to ban an admin over an opinion is going to end anything but terribly for you?


Well this is awkward

Posted by Necro , Mar 28 2014 · 119 views

How do I tell someone I'm pretty sure thinks we're dating that I'm not looking for a relationship - nothing against her, I just don't feel I have the time to be a good boyfriend or enjoy having a girlfriend right now - but want to remain friends without, you know, ruining the friendship?


The Golden Rule

Posted by Necro , Mar 26 2014 · 173 views
this isnt talking and 3 more...
If you want me to take the time to hear your argument out, then I'm going to expect you to do the same for me.
If you want me to be respectful and reasonable in my response, then I'm going to expect you to do the same for me.
If you want me to take you seriously and give genuine consideration to what you're saying, then I'm going to expect you to do the same for me.
If you want me to refrain from insults and ad hominem and treat you with respect, then I'm going to expect you to do the same for me.
None of these are unreasonable, and I have no interest in a "civil" discussion with you if they can't be met by you, and you should have no interest in a "civil" discussion with me if they can't be met by me. Respect is a two-way street. Though I try to give the benefit of the doubt, you don't automatically have someone's respect, you earn it, and if you want mine, you better be willing to show me yours. Likewise, if you're showing me yours and I'm not giving mine, walk away, because I don't deserve it at that time.
Treat others the way you want to be treated. It's not hard.

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