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Double Standard Three; Back From The Dead!


Unpopular opinion time

Posted by Necro , Oct 10 2014 · 196 views

Having now actually looked at the reborted Bioniceties, I'll be perfectly honest: I am really disappointed.

The masks look less like magical artifacts and more like a cross between an industrial welder's mask and a goalie's facemask, the armor looks less like Lego and more like Megablocks, the hand pieces look even more ridiculous than they did a few years ago(Want some cool Bionicle hands? Look no further than Axonn's giant four-fingered maulers. Otherwise these did just fine without looking like painted Hulk Hands), and as far as I can tell there's no actual internal intricacy or interesting design, it's 90% molded plastic pieces made specifically for that set which simplify the design, and a bunch of ball joints for what basically amounts to a build-it-yourself action figure rather than a building set or something interesting. The only thing I'm really that pleased about is making Pohatu brown instead of making him grey or black or whatever they had started making the Po-sets.

I'm not trying to rain on the parade, but for me personally, this is a letdown. I was expecting a return to old form, and it looks like it's just dressing the new standard up in nostalgic clothes. Hoping someone that actually saw them can correct me(Some rear pics would be great since that might give more insight to how they're constructed).



Posted by Necro , Oct 09 2014 · 78 views

Posted Image

What? This is what everyone is talking about, right?


Why is everything a controversy now

Posted by Necro , Oct 08 2014 · 184 views

Grammar. Seriously? That's the new topic?

Look, I am a grammar snob. I look a word up to make sure I have its spelling right even if I can spell it phonetically close enough to get the meaning across, because I value proper spelling. I go back and edit posts if I forgot an apostrophe or a comma or something. I had perfect 100's in every single english course I took from 7th grade onward, including college. The lowest I've had a paper graded was 93%. I was cheering in my head for every single line of "Word Crimes". I am far more dedicated to this stuff than someone not majoring in english should be. I don't correct other people, and I don't look down on people for grammatical errors, but i do get very annoyed when people write like this without any capitalization and dont use apostrophes and all that and it just reads like an incoherent rambling run on sentence and i have less respect for people that use literal for emphasis or say other stupid things of similar fashion. I have my position in this debate, I am firm in it, and you will never catch me writing like that, even on twitter; I'd rather break it into multiple tweets than post something saying "had 2 rn 2 get fud" to fit it into one tweet. I am as firm about this as it can get for myself.

But here's the kicker:

Posted Image

This is not some great crusade or some vital topic. It's grammar. On an internet forum. Centered around a children's toy. It is not worth long diatribes that even an english professor would consider obsessively defending proper writing. For that matter, why are people defending "improper", for lack of a better term, writing, like they've been dealt a personal insult? Is it really so hard to just go "This person thinks X about Z. I think Y about Z. Ultimately, Z is a pretty insignificant thing." and just ignore it instead of turning around and defending your use of "your" instead of "you're"?

If people have an opinion on the subject that you disagree with, why do you care so much? Nobody's going to report you for saying 10,000 spoons is ironic, and they're certainly not going to report you for using an oxford comma. Are you all really wound so tight that this sets you off? Maybe I'm missing some context that happened in one of the forums or something similar, but it just reeks of a community where everyone is at each other's throats if people are so ready to get mad about something this insignificant.

Chill the heck out. This is not something worth fussing so much over.

All that said though, i dO MakE An ExCEptiON WiTh PeopLE ThAT tYPe lIKe tHiS. That sort of typing genuinely gives me a very unpleasant headache, and as such I disregard anything you have to say if you type like that, because if you're addressing me specifically yet are typing in a fashion that causes me physical pain - and one that has to be done intentionally - then I really don't think I should concern myself with what you have to say.


The good, the bad, and the ugly

Posted by Necro , Oct 03 2014 · 71 views

The good:

Posted Image

The bad:

Posted Image

The ugly: Tonight starts Yom Kippur, a Jewish holiday which involves, amongst other things, fasting, so not only will I be without Smash Bros. until Sunday, I will also be without food or drink until tomorrow evening.

But on the bright side, the Orioles stole a win from the Tigers and are a win from the ALCS.


Oh hey look a Destiny review

Posted by Necro , Sep 28 2014 · 158 views

So I've been kinda inactive the past few weeks, and to be perfectly honest a big part of that is that I really struggle to think of many compelling, enjoyable parts of BZP's community anymore, and plenty of things that rub me very much the wrong way, so I might just end up becoming less active in-general on here. But I digress, because I've seen a lot of people posting here about that new video game with Tyrion in it, and I was already planning to post my thoughts on another website's blog, so I figured why not here as well? So, without further ado, my thoughts on Destiny:


So, the first thing that most people notice are the visuals. How sexy is the game?

It's worth noting that A. I really don't play any of the high-demand "stress test" type games, so I probably don't have the best feel for the capabilities of modern graphics(Personally I don't think the whole graphical arms race is worth much anyway, but that's another post for another day), and B. I'm playing on a PS3, so what I think about it visually is probably not applicable to the Xbone and PS4.

Posted Image

With that said, Destiny looks good. It's certainly not photorealistic, and it's not the pinnacle of modern game visuals. The one real complaint I have with the visuals is the use of glares, lens flares, and other similar effects. It's not to JJ Abrams levels, but it can be excessive at times just how shiny things are. It's especially distracting if the arm armor you're wearing or the gun you're holding is white or or something else that reflects a lot of light. A patch to remove, or at least significantly decrease, what reflects off your gun and arms/hands would be very nice.

Posted Image

Again, it's certainly not the pinnacle of gorgeous graphics, but Destiny still looks very good. Which is important, because it's a game that relies on atmosphere heavily. More on that later.


Okay, now we know that this game looks sexy(Or, as the case might be, ugly). So now that we know how it looks, what are we doing?

This is really where Destiny shines. Bungie's pedigree is obvious with their work on the first few Halo games, and the action is just as fun and entertaining as you'd expect of them in a first person shooter. Unlike some console FPS games where the aiming is clunky and certain guns just don't work, everything about Destiny's shooter mechanics feels polished. The aim assist is enough to really help without throwing you off once you get used to it, and every single gun, from the shotguns to the hand cannons to the assault rifles and everything in between, feels natural and, with the right playstyle, effective, both with and without using sights(With the obvious exception of sniper rifles since they're designed around scoping in). There are certain imbalances, which Bungie has already addressed and started patching, but by and large, they all feel very pleasant to use, and I'm sure I'm far from alone in being torn between different weapons. The classes also feel very well-balanced; at no point does it feel like a skilled Warlock can't kill a skilled Hunter or a skilled Titan kill a skilled Warlock. The armor follows suit, with the passive benefits of certain armor items contending against the higher armor ratings of others.

The enemies are also better than a lot of FPS games. Sadly that's not saying much, but unless you're well overleveled, you're going to generally find that just running in headfirst is a good way to get killed, and that's a nice change of pace from the number of modern shooter games where you can just charge in with a BFG and mow down enemies who have the aim of stormtroopers and guns weaker than slingshots like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando. How it's still a step down from Republic Commando's AI almost ten years after its release, I don't know, but it's no different than any other modern FPS in that regard.

The quests are simple, but entertaining enough that they're fun, mainly because they almost all involve shooting things, which again, Destiny has down better than almost any other FPS I've played recently. They're also helped by daily challenge events, where out of the blue a much harder quest will fall from the sky, almost always literally.

Posted Image

Good as the gunfights are, what really makes Destiny more than another speesh mereene FPS is the interaction element with other players. Though it can be played solo, it's at its best when you're fighting other Guardians in the Crucible, or going on strike missions with a fireteam of friends, or running around the overworld looking for loot chests with random folks. The online aspect was heavily touted, and while it could be better - which I expect it will be soon since there's every indication Bungie and Activision want Destiny to last a long time - it certainly makes the game feel that much more expansive, and I imagine it'll get even better as Bungie adds content and learns what its community likes doing. I imagine it feels much bigger and much more alive on the Xbone and PS4's larger networks than it does on my PS3 universe, too.

The vehicles aren't as good as the shooting, sadly. The speeder bikes are fun enough, but nothing spectacular. The Interceptors are just clunky, and annoying to drive. Hopefully they add more variety to the vehicles too, because there's a ton of potential in there that's just sitting untapped. Speaking of untapped possibilities with vehicles, you know what'd be a cool addition? Speeder bike races. Add more stats than speed and durability to them, let players customize and race them against each other. I don't think I'm the only one who'd love something like that.

There's also exploring the environments, which I'll get to in story actually. Overall though, the gameplay is a blast, and the gunfights, more than the quests, the story, the graphics, anything else, really shine. Which is good, because we're about to get into the story.


So, we've talked about the looks and the gameplay. For those that play for the plot, how is it?

The plot in Destiny is...disappointing, to put it mildly. It could certainly be worse; there's actually an effort to make something interesting, and there are some nuggets of an interesting story here and there. Too much of it is cluttered though with unexplained information, and a lack of much coherent plot beyond "The Traveler is dying, these guys are killing it, go kill them to save it." "Oh wait it turns out these more evil things are trying to kill the Traveler. Forget about the other guys and worry about these guys now." "Wait no these are the real bad guys. Now you're on target." "Congrats you killed the real bad guys. Those other guys are somehow not important anymore." Nothing is really ever explained, the connections are loose at best. You're just tossed headfirst into the pool that is Destiny's universe, and you're expected to figure out how it works and everything that's there for you without any help.

Posted Image

Credit to Penny Arcade for the joke I completely and utterly stole. The ironic thing is that it's just as confounding, but for the exact opposite reason.

I was honestly very disappointed by this by the time I finished the story mode. Mass Effect is incredibly plot-heavy, and it's one of my favorite franchises. The Walking Dead is nothing but story in what's a glorified Choose Your Own Adventure story, and it's probably one of my top five. I consider myself a man that likes a good plot, and the lack of one with Destiny on first glance is disappointing. The more I play though, the more optimistic I get; as expounded on in-detail here, Destiny actually does do a lot of world-building, just not in the ways we're used to.

It builds its universe through the burned out academy on Venus, the decrepit moon colony overrun by Wizards that came from the moon. The big, open environments you can explore, from the post-apocalyptic Russian wasteland to the Cabal's militaristic bunkers on mars, are where you get the sense of Destiny's universe. The environment is what tells you what you're in for, not the language of the characters. The atmosphere comes from the light and shadows, the actual setting you're in, not from exposition and storytelling.

And the more I think about it, the more okay I am with that. Destiny is meant to be the first of a decade of titles published by Bungie, and I imagine it's far from the last entry into this IP. Something makes me think that Bungie intentionally left the backstory of Destiny's universe very loosely defined so it can be defined in future games. A game that details the collapse, a game that details the war that the Exo originated from, a game that goes into the Queen of the Reef's rise to prominence, and a lot of them I imagine are going to be additional content added onto Destiny itself. This is meant to be the groundwork, not the definitive statement; if they had defined everything in this initial burst, then they would've already set the limits of how far they can go.

All that said, this doesn't change how lax Destiny's story is. As great as the atmosphere is, and as much hope as I have for the future of the franchise, the initial venture still has a very anemic plot. I don't think it's as bad as a lot of people act like it is, but it's not good.


Music is a very underrated part of any game. How is it?

Let's put it this way to keep it nice and short: I'm looking forward to the soundtrack being released because I want to own a copy. It's great, and funnily enough the entire reason I got interested. When I heard Paul McCartney was getting involved, I wanted to see what the hubbub was about. The music is great, and another thing that really contributes to the atmosphere of the game.


Since you're still here, you clearly care what I think. For some reason. Anyway, what do I think? Do I like it? Do I think it's worth the time?

I like Destiny. A lot. I wouldn't call it perfect, but it's a blast to play. The story isn't anywhere near as good as I hoped, and as such I wouldn't call it a perfect, game-of-the-year type(It's a definite candidate, but also definitely not winning), but very definitely worth the price of admission, and considering the vision that Bungie and Activision seem to have for it, I can't see it going anywhere but up, and more likely than not it'll be worth jumping onto the train early instead of trying to catch up.

As always though, these are just my personal opinions. What you think is your call!


Ever get so mad...

Posted by Necro , Aug 24 2014 · 125 views

That you just suplex a train?

Posted Image


I wanted a new filter before it was cool

Posted by Necro , Aug 22 2014 · 106 views

And by god did I make myself look like an jerk and an idiot doing so all those years. I did look like a pretty cool dude though.

Kid me is less excited than he thought he'd be, but adult me is surprised how happy he is about the word filter on a website about a lego toyline being changed.


Hey Look I Made A Music: Remember The Laughs

Posted by Necro , Aug 19 2014 · 101 views
music, my music, original content and 2 more...

As some of you are aware, Robin Williams’ passing hit me really hard personally. I decided the next song I would put together would be done in memoriam to Robin, and here it is. Figured that if he were alive, he’d rather us remember the good feelings he brought rather than anything else, hence the title.

RIP Robin Williams, I only hope you know how much you meant to a lot of us.

Also, two sidenotes: 1. I am aware that I am about two songs behind schedule on my goal of one song for each month this year. Hoping to recoup ground sometime over the last few months.

2. It would be really awesome if, to go along with the youtube embedding that we can do now, BZP added a Soundcloud embedding option.


School's almost back

Posted by Necro , Aug 17 2014 · 148 views

And considering I am spending some of my free time writing a Dragonball-inspired story about Kanye West battling his way across a weastward travel to save the universe from his evil twin by reaching the temple of swagger, its return is probably a very good thing.



Posted by Necro , Aug 15 2014 · 127 views

Posted Image

When my brother plays Kerbal Space Program, he uses the knowledge he has gained from studying aerospace engineering and actually working for NASA to meticulously create properly-functioning, realistic spacecraft that apply real-world concepts of interplanetary flight.

I just toss a dude onto a bunch of fuel tanks, stick the biggest engine I have on the bottom, and hope it doesn't explode.

I made my first orbital satellite before he did.

Score one for doing science the Soviet way! Also Kerbal Space Program is an awesome game that you should totally get because it's awesome. Just be ready to learn about rocket staging, and god help you if you don't. Also, a bit about propulsion and the point of diminishing returns in spacecraft design.

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