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A message to everyone on here under 18

Posted by Necro , Nov 13 2013 · 202 views

Oh hey lookit a serious entry nah but really this is something that I think is important
Do what you love right now. Don't slack off of schoolwork, don't blow off friends, but make time right now to do the things that you love to do and the things that make you feel productive and make you feel happy when you do them. I've been playing guitar since I was ten, and in the ten years since, I've become very proficient. However I barely get to play anymore because of college, and while that will get better once I have a job, I still won't be able to dedicate myself to it.
Now it's never too late to learn almost anything, but it's much harder to learn as an adult because of time constraints, so I am constantly grateful for all the time I spent building up this skill when I was a teenager that has actually helped me a surprising amount over the past few years. So if you're reading this and you're under the age of 18, so in all likelihood are not a full-time student or worker, take advantage of this rare time in your life where you are not required to work a job, where your courseload is mostly manageable, where you have oodles of free time, and learn to do whatever it is you love proficiently and well. Whether it's playing an instrument, drawing pictures, writing a program, soldering circuits, whatever it is, learn it and love it, because now's an opportunity to do it you won't get again for a while, and even if it's not something you make any money off of, the self-satisfaction and peace of mind it will give you is well-worth the effort.

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And remember this when you do get to college.


Sleep is for the weak.

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Nov 14 2013 12:30 AM

I think I needed someone to tell me this 5 years ago. And then write it on a piece of wood and beat me over the head with it.


Good advice, often given but not taken.

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Kyn Ace (III)
Nov 14 2013 10:10 AM

24 hours a day

8 hours for Rest, 16 remaining.

8 hours for Work, 8 remaining

1-2 hours Before/Afterwork and Commute, 6-7 remaining

Add in meals ala Lunch and Dinner, figure half an hour each: 5-6 remaining


If you follow any TV shows or are watching through a series subtract an average of two episodes per series from each day as well (for sake of convenience, I'm watching through Lost and Cowboy Bebop right now, that's 45 45 22 22 or there abouts), 2 and 1/3 hours so...2.66-3.66 remaining


If you do any gaming, specifically MMO gaming subtract an average of two hours from your night again, leaving us with .66-1.66 hours remaining of time in the day.


And that still doesn't factor in things like if you're commuting to a buddy's to hang out or the possibility of needing a second job to live, any number of factors, such as girlfriends/boyfriends/etc could decrease this amount of time to no less than an hour average each day.


Yet even though that looks like a lot, there's never enough time. If you choose to dedicate yourself to something entirely you will lose so much time to that and that alone. We need to increase the day to like fourty some hours a day


*this is based off my average day as a 20 something "single" male in the Tacoma metro area, some others who have more rural routes to/from work or who don't watch TV/listen to music/etc may have more time to dedicate to other activities than I.

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