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Chorus in the Catwalk


A Novel Concept: The Lord of Misrule

Posted by TinkerTech , in A Novel Concept Jul 12 2015 · 477 views

So last November I participated in NaNoWriMo, and actually suceeded in writing a 50,000 word Novel. I'd really like to publish it, but there's a lot of work that's between now and then, if ever.

What was my book, you ask? Well:

The Lord of Misrule

There used to be magic in the world. REAL magic. But as time went on, the magic faded. Now no one believes that it ever existed.

Except for the Actors.

Hidden away in the world is a special school dedicated to teaching actors and their ilk the ways of magic in their craft, to keep it alive in a world of cynicsim and blurred lines. Like every school, it has its quirks, in-jokes, and traditional celebrations. The most famous is the Feast of Fools, their own version of Homecoming. And the King of it all is the Lord of Misrule. Thing is, no one ever knows who it is. The voting process is a secret, and the mask is never removed.

And This year, Elijah Goodblood plans to take the crown.

The Lord of Misrule is about a magic school for actors, performers, and those who work behind the scenes. It's not wave-a-wand magic like in Harry Potter-No, this is more subtle. The magic is born from light, movement, props; It is a product of many parts, rather than a reaction to an action.

It's also about the Green Room Gang, a collection of students who hang out in the New Globe's Green Room when not in class. A variety of students from numerous locales, backgrounds, and previous theatrical education. And the crazy shenanigans that they get up to.

It's also about Elijah Goodblood, a sophomore member of the Green Room Gang who wants to win the title and position of Lord of Misrule, essentially the Homecoming King. Winning this title is acknowledgement of his abilities as a prankster and humorist.

There may also be a cat hidden in the Girl's dorm. Just to let you know.


So I've written this book. Now comes the fun part: Re-writing the whole thing!

When I first wrote it, there were two main characters: Elijah, who drove the plot, and Avalon, who introduced the readers to the school. After some reflection, I decided that two characters with unrelated goals split the reader's focus too much, So I've narrowed it down to one. Elijah's still going to help little freshman Avalon adjust to her new school, but for the most part the story's focused on him.

I've also changed the focus, screentime, and overall helpfulness of the Green Room Gang. In the original Script, they made cameo appearances and didn't do much in the way of story. I'm giving them more focus and more impact into Elijah's choices; this group is almost like a family. (and is certainly made up of a few.) Also, there's way too many fun characters to not use.

Considering that, some of the other characters I've made (Namely Elijah and maybe Avalon's roommates) are going to be given less focus or cut altogether. They've been fun to write, so they may stay, but I really need to re-work their characters or meld them into existing ones. If I write more books, they may re-appear, but for now they don't have a lot of influence on my main character, so out they go.

I also need to put more focus on the school itself. One of the few things I didn't like about Harry Potter in its later years was how little school was focused on, despite it being a part of the students' everyday lives. I want to show my characters in class, workshops, shop hours outside of class, ect... I want to show them interacting with professors and directors in a positive way, not the you-got-caught kind of way. These kids are in school and I want them to act like it!

There's also a lot of little things that happen in the background, like hammering out the timeline and everyone's schedules. (Not that it matters for some students...) This whole post was mostly a personal lining-out of my next steps.

So since approximately half my book is going in the dustbin, There's a lot of writing to do.

I can't wait to get started.



Posted by TinkerTech , in BZP-Related May 16 2015 · 412 views
posters, I was bored
Or: Why TinkerTech should not be allowed near a sketch pad.


I'm really happy with how Toa Gali turned out.


7 Secrets to Being an Adult, Part 2

Posted by TinkerTech , in All the world's a Stage May 15 2015 · 472 views
Adult, real life, secrets
7 Secrets to being an adult Part 2

1. Dish soap and Dishwasher Detergent are not the same thing. Don’t put Dish Soap in the Dishwasher unless you want suds all over the floor.

2. When moving, know how to pack a box. Don’t stick all your books in one box or you will never be able to lift it. Instead, put a few heavy things in the bottom of the box, then fill the rest with lighter items or clothes. Sure, possessions get spread around a little more, but your sister will actually be able to carry the box without aid. (I’m looking at you, Railblazer.)

3. Have a Portfolio when you start working in the real world. A Portfolio is essentially a gallery or collection of previous works for review by employers. These don’t have everything you’ve ever done, just the best selections. Keep a few pictures, documents, or photos of each project to keep in your portfolio. In a creative world, this can be really helpful. Even if you are still in school, start building yours now. Just set a piece of work aside every now and then, and ask a teacher to review it for you.

4. Don’t undervalue a nap. Those things are gold once you hit college.

5. Coupons. Coupons are amazing. You will save so much money on groceries with these. On the other hand, you will buy more because you’re saving money, so it’s a dual-edged sword. (reusable bags are awesome because you can only carry so much-bring two and tell yourself to only buy what can fit in the bag.)

6. Eat healthy. Drink less soda and more water or tea or juice. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables and less frozen and processed foods. Sure, they may take a little longer to cook, but they taste better. Eat at regular times too-eating at the same time every day does wonders for your body.

7. Have a stupid joke or two on hand for when someone’s feeling down. Remember, it’s all in the delivery.



Posted by TinkerTech , in All the world's a Stage May 10 2015 · 400 views
Settled in, Unpacking, Life
So I got moved into my new place yesterday! Yay!

...Unfortunately, I still have a lot of boxes to unpack. Mostly random stuff that was in my bedroom before, so I'm sorting through it all to see what can go and what should stay. Found most of my clothes, though! And my food!

This doesn't mean I'm back, though. Still have a LOOOOOT of Homework to catch up on. Mainly a presentation that's due tomorrow morning.

And I just spent two hours playing a sport I haven't touched in three years. My feet hurt. :( But it was awesome and we were supporting a good friend of ours. So it was worth it.


I'm Moving!

Posted by TinkerTech , in All the world's a Stage May 03 2015 · 402 views
packing, sorting and 1 more...
Hey folks! So I'm going to be a little off the radar this next week. Why?

Well, at the start of the school year, I started renting a house rather than stay on campus. The understanding was that the house would go on the market in the spring. It is now spring, and the house is now for sale. On top of that, there's been an offer. So I need to move.

I've gotten really lucky and found a new place already, and a roommate- Now I just have to pack all my stuff! A lot of it's going to go into storage or back to my parent's house, since the new place is a LOT smaller, and my roommate already has most of the furniture we need. There's also the fun paperwork of shutting down accounts related to the old house and setting up the rental agreement with the new place.

I'm both looking forward to and dreading this move. On one hand, it's closer to campus and I'll have a roommate who won't rely on me to get everywhere. On the other hand, I really love this house and I'm not ready to leave just yet. But I don't want to try to find a new place to live with a week or two left on the lease here, which is what will happen if I wait until the end of the term, and the last few weeks of said term will be madness.

So I get to spend this next week packing up my stuff and getting ready to move. I moved my BZPRPG character in Ga-Wahi into a hidden workshop partially for this reason-I'm not going to have time to keep up on interactions. I just released a new chapter of Dispatches, so I'm good there for a while. I'll be on the low side of things until... Oh, next week I think.

So if you don't see me around a lot this next week, that's why! See you all in a week!


Playin' it Old School

Posted by TinkerTech , in BZP-Related Apr 27 2015 · 459 views
MNOG, MNOG II, Procrastinating
So I dug up The Old MNOG and MNOG II flash games last night, partially because I was curious if they still worked on my mac. (They do) I proceeded to waste an hour playing MNOG when I was supposed to be doing my Directing Homework.

I still think LEGO should make a game like these for the new generation. They were so much fun, and they don't have to be considered Canon!

And I will not mention the 15 minutes I wasted wandering around the Po-Wahi desert trying to remember my next step...


Radio Star

Posted by TinkerTech , in All the world's a Stage Apr 22 2015 · 347 views
Radio, DJ, College
So I agreed to Dj a morning show for our college radio station, 91.7 KEOL. Partially because I like doing it, partially because I enjoy early mornings when I actually get up, and partially because they desperately needed someone to fill a morning slot.

still haven't gotten the passcode I need to actually get into the building...Hm...

but hey! if you want to tune in, we've got an online stream at eou.edu/KEOL. my slot is 6-8 A.M Pacific Time on Thursdays. And bonus points (and cookies!) if you can name another BZP member who has DJed at KEOL. Yes, there is at least one...

I plan on playing a lot of christian/80s/musicals. Maybe not in that order. And a weather report. And some news, maybe.


7 Secrets to Being an Adult

Posted by TinkerTech , in All the world's a Stage Apr 20 2015 · 330 views
Life Hacks, Secrets
1. Know what is worth spending money on.

This works on two levels. The first is really simple. Do you really need that new video game when you also need to be able to buy groceries and pay the heating bill?

A little deeper is the quality debate. It is important to know, especially for a young adult on a zero budget, what is okay to spend a little more money on. Some items, like plastic cups, can be bought at the dollar store and hold up for a fair while. Other items, like light bulbs, are better to spend a little more money on because the cheap ones don't last very long. (As I sit here writing this in the dark.) Things like cookware and a knife set are also good investments.

Also consider how much you will use it and how long you plan on having it. You probably don't plan on keeping those plastic cups when you get married, but A good cookware set will last you forever-my mom still has the pots and pans she had when she was in college. (And except for a little wear and tear, you'd think she'd only have them five years instead of... a lot longer. She's only had to replace one!)

2. Learn to Use the Word No.

Yes, It's important to help your friends and co-workers. Yes, you know the PTA is understaffed, and the soccer team needs an assistant Coach. Yes, there needs to be someone to bring in doughnuts on Wednesday.

But there is a point where you need to stop.

It's really, really easy to take on one too many tasks and find yourself overloaded. And it's also easy to feel like you're going to let people down if you don't do it, because you've always done it. But your physical and mental health is just as important as anyone else's. Don't be afraid to say "No, I can't cover your shift for you, I've had this weekend planned for a month!" (Had to say that myself recently.) Don't be afraid to say "I'm sorry, but I can't take you out shopping this week." Because you're home sick. Don't use it as an excuse or a way to get out of work you SHOULD be doing, but use it to stop yourself from taking on more than you need.

3. Know Your Limits

This ties into #2 a bit. Know how much work you can do in a day, and strive to meet that, not exceed it. Okay, you can push yourself a bit, but don't try to write a 20 page thesis in one night. It's not healthy.

On a similar line of thought, know your limits outside work. How well do you tolerate others in a social setting? Do you reach a point where you want nothing more than to go home and curl up with a book? Don't push yourself into places where you obviously don't feel comfortable. Feel free to push the boundaries, but don't throw yourself into the deep end when you haven't learned to swim.

4. Don't be afraid to work.

A common misconception is that fast-food work, or grocery clerk work, or any other kind of minimum wage job is demeaning. You know what? It's not. It may feel like it, but will you feel demeaned when you're sitting in your nice warm apartment with hot food on the table and clean clothes? No.

Do NOT be afraid to work a minimum wage-job, or any job that may come up. I've met people who avoid such jobs at any cost, because "They don't like working in that area." And wanted to work a specific store or area. They were also the ones to come to me for a meal because they ran out of food money or cafeteria meals for the month. Those minimum-wage jobs can teach important skills, ones that can be applied in almost any area. Not the hamburger-flipping: The Teamwork and communication skills. Sure, it may not pay extremely well and not be very fun, but it's an important stepping stone to get to where you need to go. (And it keeps you from going further into debt while in college.)

5. Have a separate e-mail for personal and promotional

Yes, this one seems kind of stupid, but it can be a great help in the long run. Have a personal e-mail for friends and family, and a professional/promotional one that you give to employers and companies. Have a good address, one that reflects who you are and will still look professional for that boss you really want to impress. (It's also really handy for sorting out the junk mail.)

On a similar note, be aware that many companies these days will check out the social media pages of potential employees. If you're job-hunting, keep a clean profile. It could make a difference.

6. Try New Things.

This is a really great one for college students. It's the start of the rest of your life! Go ahead and try out for that theatre production! Sure, you'd love to try some sushi! Thinking about studying Abroad? Go for it! (Especially since going abroad will get a LOT harder once you're out of college and have to start paying back those student loans.) Even later in life, be open to new ideas and activities. Swing dancing? Well, it can't hurt! (Unless you're 70...)

7. Make Your Bed.

Not only does it make your room feel a little bit neater, but nothing beats coming home at the end of a long day and seeing that freshly made bed with your favorite toy, just waiting for you to fall on it with your shoes still on. It's that little accomplishment that, when done at the start of the day, can lead to a much better rest of the day.


Adventures on a Disc

Posted by TinkerTech , in All the world's a Stage Apr 14 2015 · 250 views
Discworld, Lego City PD
So I started reading this book series I've been hearing about for a while...

I can't believe I didn't start reading the Discworld series sooner. The humor and storytelling is perfectly my style. But I've run out of books that the local library owns, so I'm attacking a bookstore when I go out of town this weekend. I fully plan on learning from the great late Sir Pratchett's style. (and using him as an excuse when people asking about the style of my work; if he can get away with it, so can I!) I think my favorite story so far is Going Postal (also the first one I read.) I'm going to toss a copy of Raising Steam at my brother, Railblazer. I think he'll like it. (He may not like me for giving it to him with finals looming....)

I also started writing a new story. It's not BIONICLE related. In fact, it's the (Mis)adventures of the Lego City PD (based on the characters and events from Lego City Undercover) It's a lot of fun to write for these guys. LCU is one of the best LEGO games TT has made in a while. Some of the stories are more serious than others, which is going to make categorizing them a bit of a challenge... But for the most part it's a comedic work. Go Check it out in the Comedies forum if you want. (There should be another chapter up in the next day or so...)


There and Back again

Posted by TinkerTech , in All the world's a Stage Jan 29 2015 · 358 views

So obviously I got a little sidetracked during the month of November. And December. And January...

First off. I FINISHED MY BOOK. Or at least, I got 50k words. There's still 2 1/2 chapters that need to be written, that have not been done because of exhaustion/school/whatever. But It's almost there. One of my goals this year is to get it published. A Huge task, I know, but the reward would be worth it.


Will I be making a full return to BZPower? That remains to be seen. I'll be popping in every now and then when an article catches my eye, I may even write a new comedy some day. But for now my focus is in the real world and that pesky menace, essays. And this blasted concert that's driving me mad.

(Exposition: My Chamber choir is putting on their annual big concert, opening tomorrow. Not only am I performing, I am also running the lights, setting up a special effect or two, and coordinating with the Chemistry club for their demonstration. SIMULTANEOUSLY.)

Three more days, and I get my life back.

So I may be on BZP more often in the future. Or I may make this post then vanish back into obscurity. Who knows?

Posted Image

Fourthly: I've decided to change my display name. If I'm feeling egotistical enough, I'll have a post detailing the long and complicated history of my name here on BZP. For now though, I'll just say that Jalina T.T., the high schooler who thought she could write good comedy (oi!) and was antisocial has grown up. Now she is TInkerTech, the weird college student who is obsessed with Minecraft, Doctor Who, and is still rather antisocial (Oi!) What led to this name change? Well, like previous name changes, I was signing up for a new account, and decided that Jalina T.T. (Which when I first made it as Jalina Taekwondo Toa, I thought was rather original) was immature and just weird. Instead I wanted something that reflected me, sounded good, and was easy to remember. Over the last year I've been updating all my old stuff with my J.T.T. name to my TinkerTech one, just for ease of remembering what account is what. Unless you need a subscription to change your name, which is annoying.

BZP I saved for last. Don't know why. Maybe because this is where I started on the internet, before art sites and social media and image sharing and streaming. Maybe because I hadn't visited this site in ages.

So that's me and what I'm up to, sorta. Will I stick around? We'll see...

All About an NPC!

Name: TinkerTech
Previous Name: Jalina T.T.
Real name: Nope. Not telling. :P
Favorite food: Chinese, particularly sweet and sour chicken.
Theme song: Right Now? Awake and Alive by Skillet
Favorite subjects: Choir, Theatre, then Science. (Funny how this hasn't changed in six years)
Occupation: Theatre Technician
College Major: Theatre arts (With a concentration in Stage Management)
Where I live: In a duplex! (Which is awesome compared to living on campus.)
What's on my Mental Playlist: Lullabies. No idea why.
Pet Peeve: People who don't turn in paperwork on time.
Typical role in a production: Chorus.

Writey Things!

Hey! Check out my list of Works!

On the site:
Dispatches from the Lego City PD

And Current personal writing projects:
The Lord of Misrule-magic college for actors!
Chronicler's Tales-Fourth wall shenanigans!
Storyworld-A little bit like Discworld.

And Completely Random Stuff!
Previous works include:
-Road Trip!
-Road Trip 2!
-A bunch of other stuff I'm not going to mention
because it's too embarrassing to think about!


NaNoWriMo word count!

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