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What You Want is Now


So much stuff

Posted by DeeVee , in BZPower, Musings, MOCs, Life Jul 28 2013 · 408 views

So in the last month I've been pretty busy during my time off from work, but not really in a way that would stop me from updating this. I just kind of forgot to.
I had a friend visit Portland a few weeks back, and we took him to Saturday Market, a Farmer's Market that happens at Portland State University, ran into a random French Festival downtown, ate at food carts, saw the Rose Gardens, went to thrift stores, and ate at a restaurant decorated with pictures of drag queens.
Basically, the quintessential Portland experience.
We took him up to Seattle the next day, where we saw Pike Place Market, the first ever Starbucks (I <3 my employer), and Gasworks Park (which was AMAZING but my camera was dead by then).
The next weekend Maddison and I went to the beach, and that was a lot of fun. We definitely deserved a little mini-vacay. The next day I picked up an overtime shift (awwww yeah cashmoney get paid), and then we drove to Corvalis, where Oregon State University is located, and watched her brother race electrathon cars. It was cool! Then we went to the LEGO store in Tigard. Again. We've been there... seven times in the past three weeks? Something like that. It's a little ridiculous. But we need parts!
So far for MOCs I'll display the usual suspects:
- The Spider
- Lewa Nuva
- Pohatu Nuva
- Vezon
- The Robot
- Hahli
- Commander Stropes
- Transtech Shockwave
- MANDREW: The Black Six
- Smeagol4
- Nukaya
- Wereflo
- The Elephant
- Horizon Dragon
Plus newer additions like:
- Catwoman
- Sarge
- The new updated Lion
- Hero Recon Savage Planet Bulk
And the newest of them all*:
- Hopefully a Janus MOC I've almost finished
- The Vayland Dragon 3
*I also built a Tufi MOC this year, but I gave it to her last time we hung out in Vancouver together back in May, and I don't have the parts to recreate it yet. Soon!
The last week of free time has been spent either doing Staff Survivor 2 stuff, or working on the new MOCs I'm bringing. I've about finished the big one, I'm hoping to finish the Janus MOC that just needs legs, and I have a Spider-Man 2x4 generic sized-baseplates mosaic to start and finish too. Luckily I had the weekend off (gonna finish this big BIONICLE MOC today, and hopefully the mosaic too), and I finish work Monday and Tuesday at 12:30 in the afternoon, so lots of time there to build if need be.
At Brickfair you can spot me at the registration desk Thursday and Friday, as I'll be in charge of that. I'm doing the Combo Build D, and should be at the BZPower pizza thing. I'll also be at Andrew's concert on Sunday. I'll be at the BIONICLE table during 90% of the public hours showcasing my MOCs. Always feel free to talk to me, I'll have a long badge that shows off all the cons I've attended (which is a lot, this is number ten!) plus a LOVE WINS brick, a D.VIDDY brick, a DEEVEE brick, a BZPOWER STAFF brick, etc etc. I'm a talkative and chill guy, so come say "HI!"
To finish, in the proper Brickfair spirit, I'll leave you with this:

(Full disclosure: Scrubs is my favourite show of all time, and I teared up during the series finale as he walked down the hallway and watched the video of his future. God that show!)


A wild LION appears!

Posted by DeeVee , in Musings, MOCs Apr 10 2013 · 294 views
LION, MOC, POKEMON and 1 more...
Posted Image


Bricks Cascade 2013!

Posted by DeeVee , in BZPower, MOCs, Life Mar 26 2013 · 728 views
Cascade, Portland, Photography and 1 more...
(Image links to my Flickr gallery photos from the event!)
Posted Image
So first things first, Rob (Janus), Becca (Hahli Husky), Micah (Kakaru), Maddison (Nukaya), Myself (DeeVee), and Doug (Doug), won the speed build. By a lot. This is our victory image.
Greatest Hits: BEST BIONICLE trophy, BEST TOA "MODERATOR" trophy, BEST USE OF PARTS trophy, and BEST RAHI trophy.
Cascade was a lot of fun. I went to work at 4:30am that Thursday, clocked out at 9:45am, and then picked Micah up from the airport around 11:30am. We went to downtown Portland, saw some sights, picked up lunch at some food carts, and then went to Powell's City of Books where Rob and Becca met us when they got in. We got some Starbucks (multiple times, because I work there and because I love it), and then we went and picked Maddison up from work!
Then we ate dinner, and hit up the Convention Center. We unloaded some stuff, set it all up, and then came home and hung out.
Friday we did more set-up, hung out, bought stuff, and hung out with Kevin Hinkle. We won the speed build, and that was awesome. Maddison and I finished second in the blind couple speed build. That was also cool!
We got some Red Robin (yum!) with Kevin. That was fun.
Also, Tomaku sent me a Spider-Man comic from Sweden! His name is Spindelmannen over there! It is probably one of the coolest things ever. Oh man it makes me so happy. You guys don't even know.
Saturday was the first public day, and that was awesome. The closing ceremonies were a bit of a rough patch, as an extremely inappropriate and unfortunate placing of a "keynote speaker" ruined it for most of the attendees. Seriously, if you want to give a lecture on how you build MOCs, it needs to be a talk during the convention hours like all the other seminar speakers. I lost track of how many attendees came up to me to complain about it the next day.
Saturday night we grabbed some pizza with Kevin Hinkle, and then said adios as he had to fly back to Connecticut Sunday morning.
Sunday we finished it all up, got more free stuff, bought more random LEGO stuff, and watched one of the organizers rig the final prize giveaway so she'd win the $1000 LEGO jewelery prize. Seriously, Cascade has some wrinkles to iron out still.
We went to the LEGO store after that, where Maddie and I bought some Iron Man 3 sets. That was cool. Then Rob and Becca drove back to Canada.
The next day Micah and I hung around Portland, got some sandwiches from a place with a name I can't mention on BZP, met Maddison for lunch, and then I dropped him off at the airport and went back to my normal life.
Also, I got promoted at work that week too. The world is crazy.



Posted by DeeVee , in BZPower, MOCs Feb 22 2013 · 391 views
Also, some of the names had to get shortened (some by a lot) because with the URL and IMG tags in the field, the field exceeded the allowed number of characters, so I had to make cuts where I could, which, considering the others were links and tags, were solely in the names. Sorry!
Also, next contest? Everyone is required to submit a thumbnail too. Yeesh.


Contest 64

Posted by DeeVee , in BZPower, MOCs Feb 21 2013 · 392 views
Polls will be up tomorrow. Too much real life stuff to do today. Sorry!

The Ambassador of Love

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