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What You Want is Now


The Empress!

Posted by DeeVee , in BZPower, MOCs May 07 2015 · 334 views
moc, tufi, canadian royalty
Image links to topic!
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Star Wars

Posted by DeeVee , in Life Apr 17 2015 · 342 views
star wars
Yes please.


It's clear now

Posted by DeeVee , in BZPower Apr 08 2015 · 532 views
my contest, nycc mask, puns and 1 more...
Whoo! What a great little blog contest we had here. As I said, it ended sometime on a Saturday that happened recently, so let's cut to the chase and see our winners, shall we??

From ~Shockwave~:

So, what you're saying is, there will be four clear winners, right?

From Dina Saruyama:

Why do we use the term "adopted" when we can use the synonym "transparent"?

From tylericious definicious:

Man, there are some great puns here. I don't envy you the task of deeveeing out the prize.

And last but not least, from Sumiki:

Man, people are really getting these puns down Pat.

As you can see, the simpler, clever puns are the ones I gravitate towards. Remember this! Who says this is the only pun contest this lil' blog will have????


From Takuma Nuva:

I remember this time that Deevs was TRYNA learn martial arts. We RODE down to the local dojo in relative silence, until I questioned his motives.

"Why do you want to learn martial arts?" I asked. "Such a sport can be rather PAKARIous."

"IDEN know," he responded. "Maybe I was inspired by the village ELDA where I grew up. Sweet, old guy. His name was MacDonald and he had a lovely wife named Isabelle, but mostly we just called them OL' MAK and OL' ISI."

When we arrived at the local dojo, it was incredibly run-down. "GALI," I exclaimed and I let out a whistle.

"My thought's precisely," Deevs responded. "Let's move ONUA better place."

As we began heading for the next town over, I inquired further. "Do you have any particular applications of such skills and knowledge in mind? Self-defence? Vigilantism?"

Deevs shook his head. "Nah, I'll just try to DUME job, whatever that job may be."

"Well I must say I admire you," I responded. "ZYGLAK the motivation to try it myself."

Okay, okay, okay, I'm done. I'd better stop before I lose myself to "Faxon, Faxoff".

Besides, the puns are now diamonds.


*old-spice jingle*

I think it's fair to say he put too much work into this piece of clever mask art not to recognize it. So now we're giving out FIVE masks because it's my contest and I can change the number if I want to!

Anyway, if you are listed here, send me a PM with your address, and I will mail you a mask! Unless I'm going to see you at Brickfair VA, which I know is four months away, but I'm going to just bring you one (Sumiki).

Thanks for all the amazing puns you guys, I really enjoyed them all! And be on the lookout for other ways to get a clear NYCC mask from yours truly!


So who wants a clear Tahu mask?

Posted by DeeVee , Mar 24 2015 · 1,687 views
NYCC mask
While I do have eventual plans to use some of these on MOCs, and whatnot, let's face it. I have a bunch of this mask just sitting in a bag. I've never planned on hoarding them (contrary to the common refrain on my favourite image board ;) ), and though I plan on handing them out at cons (like I did at Cascade a few weekends ago and will at BrickfairVA in a few months), that still leaves me with a lot of them. I'm not interested in selling them (and I'm not sure I'd be technically allowed to considering the source?)

So now that the reboot has gotten a few months in fully, and most folks who want the sets have them (and if not, Targets seem to have Onua for like ten dollars now, so go buy him) let's do this.

Post puns in this entry. Best four get a clear mask (without the NYCC backing, because those ones I do plan on keeping) in the mail from me. All puns based on the "Hau/how" similarity are automatically disqualified because hau dare you.

EDIT: I forgot an arbitrary ending time. So, this Saturday at whenever I decide. Also, I apologize for those of you elsewhere, but I'm too poor to ship outside the US because of California.



Posted by DeeVee , in MOCs, Life Mar 09 2015 · 547 views
Portland, LEGO, I miss home
So I fly out for Portland (still weird to say that) Thursday pretty early, and I'm stoked. Let's do this.

I'm bringing more MOCs than I've ever brought to a convention before, which is crazy, because I felt like I had a ton of MOCs at BrickfairVA, but this is somehow even more (at least six more?)

I'm ready to be back home for a few days and to eat all the food I miss and see the sights and the people I miss. My old store is the one nearest the convention center too, so I'm excited to spend some time with my old co-workers too.

It won't be perfect, since not everyone who should go, can go, but we will make the best out of it!

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