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What You Want is Now


So who wants a clear Tahu mask?

Posted by DeeVee , Mar 24 2015 · 1,478 views
NYCC mask
While I do have eventual plans to use some of these on MOCs, and whatnot, let's face it. I have a bunch of this mask just sitting in a bag. I've never planned on hoarding them (contrary to the common refrain on my favourite image board ;) ), and though I plan on handing them out at cons (like I did at Cascade a few weekends ago and will at BrickfairVA in a few months), that still leaves me with a lot of them. I'm not interested in selling them (and I'm not sure I'd be technically allowed to considering the source?)

So now that the reboot has gotten a few months in fully, and most folks who want the sets have them (and if not, Targets seem to have Onua for like ten dollars now, so go buy him) let's do this.

Post puns in this entry. Best four get a clear mask (without the NYCC backing, because those ones I do plan on keeping) in the mail from me. All puns based on the "Hau/how" similarity are automatically disqualified because hau dare you.

EDIT: I forgot an arbitrary ending time. So, this Saturday at whenever I decide. Also, I apologize for those of you elsewhere, but I'm too poor to ship outside the US because of California.



Posted by DeeVee , in MOCs, Life Mar 09 2015 · 417 views
Portland, LEGO, I miss home
So I fly out for Portland (still weird to say that) Thursday pretty early, and I'm stoked. Let's do this.

I'm bringing more MOCs than I've ever brought to a convention before, which is crazy, because I felt like I had a ton of MOCs at BrickfairVA, but this is somehow even more (at least six more?)

I'm ready to be back home for a few days and to eat all the food I miss and see the sights and the people I miss. My old store is the one nearest the convention center too, so I'm excited to spend some time with my old co-workers too.

It won't be perfect, since not everyone who should go, can go, but we will make the best out of it!



Posted by DeeVee , in BZPower, Life Mar 03 2015 · 259 views
California, Portland
Changed my location on my profile on most of my sites to "Escondido, California" today. We have an apartment, wifi, jobs, accounts with the local power company, etc. And now it's all verified on social media and message boards too. I guess we really do live here now.


Hero Pack

Posted by DeeVee , in MOCs Mar 02 2015 · 382 views
This is so dumb but I desperately want to go down to the Fashion Valley LEGO store and buy a few cheap sets and get some Hero Packs even though I already have dozens of those orange masks. I just want the stickers and I want the map and I just like getting the polybag. Curse the weird collector impulse.


California Two

Posted by DeeVee , in Musings, Life Feb 27 2015 · 306 views
Homesick, California, Life
I don't know. I'm having a hard time adjusting to this new life, and it's taking a bit of a toll on my sense of... I don't even know?

In theory, everything here should have been a great move: better weather, better pay, a car for the two of us, a new career for Maddison, LEGOLAND trips, discounted LEGO purchases, a major metropolitan area to play around in, the beach, food, etc.

But it just doesn't feel right so far. My new store sucks, and as dumb of a job as "Starbucks management" is, it's where I'm at while I pay off my bills and then finish school for my real desire, and it's a job I'm incredibly good at, and one I actually enjoy immensely, which is more than I can say for the high-paying jobs several of my university friends have. But this new store is miserable. Anyone following me on Twitter (and if you don't like language you shouldn't) has probably seen the frustration bubble over, but the entire thing is just... It's a mess. It's a chore. I wake up and I hate going to work. But it pays well, and there is supposed to be a promotion spot for me in the coming months too. But I just don't know if I can make it that far? I'd try to jump ship to LEGOLAND with Maddison, but because she works there, I am unable to pursue a job at the model shop by default, and I don't think I'd want to anyway? System bricks are fun and all, but they're not my passion.

I don't know. Random late-night life update. Since we finally have an apartment and internet in it. I'm assuming things get better from here.

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