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What You Want is Now


Staff Star Wars

Posted by DeeVee , Feb 03 2007 · 36 views
Let the record show I was totally Darth Vader for four and a half years before BR decided to be DV.

Also, I am now KIE's dad. I wonder how that works, since he's older than I am?




Posted by DeeVee , Jan 30 2007 · 30 views
Dude, Heroes is like, the best show ever. I'm so sucked in.

Seriously. Give somebody super-powers, and make a show about it?

I'm so there.


Iowa State

Posted by DeeVee , Jan 28 2007 · 26 views
IPB Image
And down falls Iowa State. Who should've fallen by more, and sooner than they did. Sutton, get our guys focused! Curry and Boggan look sloppy lately. Fix that. The Kansas game shouldn't've happened, and the A&M game certainly shouldn't've happened, especially after a massive home-court win over Texas. C'mon guys, play to your potential like you did against Pitt back in December!

Oh, and Hatch? I love your hair. Totally.



Posted by DeeVee , Jan 23 2007 · 30 views
IPB Image


Dear Current Popular Mocers.

Posted by DeeVee , Jan 22 2007 · 44 views
To whom it may concern:

If I post in your BBC topic, and tell you, in an 'essay' basically, how I think your MOC should improve, take it as a compliment. Because that means I like your potential, and want to see you use it. And if I don't post in your topic, it's because either: A- I'm not impressed (I'm sorry), or B- I'm too lazy to even open your topic (again, I'm sorry). Also, there's C- I just don't have the time, and when I did, I forgot.

I do this on purpose. I don't waste an hour of my social life to tell you I think you suck. I waste an hour of my social life to tell you I think you can do it if you push yourself.

And if you don't want an honest review, if MOCing isn't that serious to you, and you just don't care, take the compliment of my post, and then swiftly and happily ignore the content. That's fine with me, just let me know, and I won't do it again in your topics. This is something I can do.

Now, because this entry bounces all over the place...

But here's the deal, guys (plural). Your little 'Change the voting system in the BBC!' crusade is ruining the BBC contest future. If there are changes the staff wishes to make, you can guarantee they've already been discussed, and put on some sort of a timetable. Because that's the staff's job, not yours. Leave it to them.

Reasons why changes emphasized in certain PMs and IM conversations I've had the privilege to read won't work (especially as they've ALREADY BEEN DISCUSSED TO DEATH BEFORE ANY OF YOU JOINED):

- Anonymous Brickshelf folder for the contest entries with a secret entry process.
This doesn't work because:
  • People recognize styles.
  • People recognize MOC backdrops
  • People recognize camera techniques
  • People can still mass-PM (as I'm sure those of you familiar with this PM realize) which one was theirs
  • IM anyone?
  • Etc.
-Piece count limit:
  • Some people don't have a whole lot of pieces to use. That's how it works. Life isn't fair.
  • Doesn't this still perpetuate the 'people with lots of pieces win contests!' myth?
  • How do we know how many pieces were used?
  • Simple MOCs aren't always bad!

Any more bright ideas? We've talked those to death. Sure, all you new members that think I'm stuck in 'five years ago' don't know that, but the staff does. They know what's been discussed, and what works, and what doesn't. And like I said, this is their job on here, and they've got it covered. Just sit back, relax, and let them take care of the things they'll take care of.

So dear now-popular BBC MOCers:
I don't hate you. Also, I don't say this to be antagonistic. Or to be mean. Etc. I say it from experience. I've touted the 'Revolution.' It didn't work. It made things worse. I don't want to see that happen to the future.

And if I come across as pretentious, or elitist, or what have you, I apologize, that's not what I meant at all. I am hard to please when it comes to MOCing, most likely considering the amazing things I've been around to see, having been around since the before-official-contest-times. I know it's not your fault I'm hard to please. That's mine. So if I come across that way, realize it was not my intent. It is not my goal to insult you or your intelligence that way. smile.gif

Now, if you'll excuse me all, I need to whine some more about how I'm 'fake,' and 'don't have a girlfriend or a life'. biggrin.gif

Haha, those last three get me every time I read them!



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