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What You Want is Now


The story of Brickcon

Posted by DeeVee , in BZPower, Life Sep 29 2016 · 316 views
Snapchat, Brickcon
Well hey there!

Brickcon is this weeked, and myself and a few other BZP folks will be there!

Brickfair was great, and I had a lot of fun taking pictures and snapchatting the event to the people who follow me, and as such, I'm going to be snapping a good chunk of Brickcon and adding it to my story. Follow me and watch my story, starting tomorrow!

Posted Image
(The look of "oh God why would I do this")

This is an unofficial me-only thing, not an official BZP endorsed thing, so be wary that there may be language and other assorted things some of you might not be comfortable with.


I did some stuff

Posted by DeeVee , in MOCs Jun 06 2016 · 407 views
I keep forgetting to post these here, but I did some MOCs this year!

First, the more serious and long-term MOC I've been tinkering with since December:

Posted Image

And then the one I built before that and just took photos of a week or so ago:

(Flickr page)
Posted Image

Anyway that's it for now. Enjoy!


What it is

Posted by DeeVee , in BZPower, Musings, Life May 23 2016 · 643 views

I'm alive! And with all my teeth still in my head! Folks will have to find game tokens elsewhere. Oh well!

There's been probably the biggest amount of personal stress and change in parts of my life ever the past few months, and I've been focusing so fully on that I had stepped away from BZPower for the last several months. The stress and changes all worked themselves out in the best possible ways recently, but I debated continuing to be stepped away as I've recently felt much less welcome by a group I counted as closest friends. For all you kids out there, the drama doesn't stop after school. I'm so very sorry to inform you of this. But you do the best you can, and you keep the people who prove themselves to be worth keeping for as long as they are worth keeping.

I've actually got several MOCs I've built the past few months that I'm getting ready to start photographing and posting soon too! So it's almost like a full return to form! Wow!


Happy Halloween

Posted by DeeVee , in BZPower, MOCs Oct 31 2015 · 287 views
Halloween, MOCs, Spooky, BBC71
Happy Halloween, here are some appropriately themed MOCs.

First, Chad, the big, RAD, wolf, my BBC contest 71 entry:

(Photo links to BZP topic)
Posted Image

And my own Spooky, Scary Skeleton, a tablescrap from before we moved from SoCal back to Portland:

Posted Image

Have a good time, and be safe!


Hitting the Trail

Posted by DeeVee , in Life Sep 25 2015 · 724 views
Moving, Portland, SoCal
So in January we took a chance and moved to the San Diego area.

Almost nine months later, we're moving back to Portland. I constantly hear people down here say "I'm so glad I can live in paradise" and I wonder what they're talking about. It's hot- it's always hot. There is no public transit. The sun is always there, always watching, always beaming, always hot. It's miserable. It's hot. People aren't friendy- they are a weird mix of suburban wealth, military base families, and beach-looks-obsessed jerks. Folks on the road all think they are the most important, and the number of times I've felt like I was about to die because a California driver didn't know what the heck they were doing behind the wheel has ballooned into the dozens. This area sucks, everything is too far away, nothing is attainable, and to top it all off, it's expensive. Hideously, ghastly, overbearingly expensive.

We can't afford it anymore, neither financially nor emotionally. We haven't been happy in nine months, which means it's time for a change. We're going home.

In two weeks.

Expect to see even less of me than recently, as we're going to be cutting the cords here and packing and driving and moving. Things will be sporadic until the latter part of October, I expect. Hopefully once that's done and we're back in place, the MOCs will start flowing again because nothing like "you don't have time to build for the next month" to inspire ideas.

Anyway, time to go to bed!

PS: In-N-Out is lame.

The Ambassador of Love

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