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Life in the Swert lane



Posted by Swert , Mar 31 2015 · 293 views

Twelve years after the legendary hunt for the Sterling Silver and White Metal Krana-Kal, I finally got my hands on at least one of the 5,000 WMKK. On top of that? I also got the card -and- the bag.

Posted ImagePosted Image

I am very pleased with this addition to my collection. It is probably the only "rare" collectible I plan to go after in my lifetime, as it was the most likely to obtain.)

Special thanks to Toa Lhikan Hordika for giving me the opportunity to use currency in a way to exchange goods to the benefit of both parties.


ECCC and Brick by Brick Event

Posted by Swert , Mar 25 2015 · 273 views

Man, chaos all around x_x

So, I'm planning to attend ECCC this Friday (Yay SEALUG free pass!) and enjoy the event. We're taking 12 of our Superhero Megafigs (the 12x minifig models we make), all Marvel, including a Stan Lee model. They will be on display along with the other SEALUG and ARCHLUG models. I'll see if I can get photos while I'm there, if anybody is interested. Who knows, I may run into other BZP people there, I hope? Like, can I not be lonely that day? : D

Second, I'm also in the final stages of planning for a huuuuge 16 day Lego Expo called Brick by Brick down at the building my studio is in. We're planning to display art plus have build areas for kids to come in during their spring break, plus running select events and artist-led workshops. It's going to be pretty awesome, but at the same time it's also eating up all my free time that I'd rather be elsewhere doing stuff with. I'll also see about getting photos for that, but no promises as we made that a Kickstarter backer reward.

Overall, I'm wiped and I should probably go sleep now. I still have two more megafigs to build, and they're not even for ECCC.


My Mask Collection Display Units

Posted by Swert , Feb 09 2015 · 538 views

So awhile back, I posted I had collected all original 100 2001 Bionicle masks (aka, the ones from any 2001 set that was commercially available, minus the red Ruru). Of course, that's without the misprints and other sharp rarities such as a 14 karat gold Hau, but those are sadly going to be out of my reach for a good long while.

Once I finished amassing this collection, I asked the million dollar question: How do I display it? Well, make a plaque like everyone else, of course! Wait, I ran out of wall space with my three large bookcases. Huh, okay let's just.. uhh... make a stand? Sure, let's do that. Okay, how? Well, I knew Technic would be a little pricey, so I tried out system plates and stuff.

Posted Image

... That didn't work out so well. What about brick?

Posted Image

... Nope. Okay, back to Technic! What about this?

Posted Image

... We're getting somewhere. But at that pace, I'd need to make about 18 of them just to display my masks. What can we do with that?

Posted Image

... I think we have a winner.

Posted Image

Oh yeah, found a winner. So basically, I prototyped out a single unit, used bulk masks we have in stock at the studio (we have a TON of these, so many that Xccj and I used some of them in the Mata Nui model we built a few years back) and tested the math a little. With some adjustment, and some PAB mayhem, I was able to solidify a design I'd be proud of.

Posted Image

The parts for this unit are already on their way from PAB, and I will able to build it and put the first set of Kanohi (Akamai's group I think, or Gold/Silver/Matoran, haven't decided yet) on it. I also plan to display the pair of Avohkii I own (Gold and Transparent Gold), my Kraahkan (MEK and standard), the Copper Masks, Rahi masks, and one Silver Avohkii to represent my old character Scohu.

So yeah, I hope this (extra long!) blog entry will help to inspire some members in displaying items. Each unit will only measure 7.5 inches wide, be less than 4 inches deep and only go up to about 5 inches in height. This will easily fit on my bookshelf units on top, though I will most likely have to retire a few units to a box from there (or just clean it up x_x). Oh, and if you feel you could use those system prototypes for anything, go for it. I washed my hands of them months ago :P


January Updates (Rambling)

Posted by Swert , Jan 24 2015 · 348 views
rambles, computer, bionicle and 1 more...
Huh, I haven't posted in like a month? Welp, time to lump all my updates into one entry, as I am wont to do.

So, where do I start? My new year's eve was immediately turned into a downer when my mom went to the hospital. She stayed there for a good 2 weeks (she's back home, and healthier than she's felt "since 1998"). From that day til pretty much last week I've been working my mask off in project after project. While this basically means it ate up all of my time I wanted to wisely spend on BS01, it does mean I am happily building up a budget that will help go towards (POSSIBLY) a better server, which means I can possibly bring HS01 back full-time. No promises there yet.

Christmas stuffs, not much happened. I took it upon myself to buy all my own decent gifts; This included all six Toa Masters (I'm keeping it going for ya, Jason), two Protectors (Earth and Water), LoSS, the Double Decker Couch and Bad Cop's new car set. Two of the Toa, LoSS, and the two Lego Movie sets are still in shipping as I type this, but I have four of the Toa already built (Lewa, Pohatu, Gali, Kopaka). I also treated myself to the EMP Museum up in Seattle on a slow day, which means I got to see the Vince Lombardi trophy the Seahawks won last year in person, plus a few other things that made my day. I absolutely love the EMP, it is a wonderful venue, and I look forward to the day when we return to it with even more Lego displays.

Currently debating whether or not to retire this laptop for a touchscreen to get ahead of Windows 10's release, or jus build a new desktop instead and let the laptop ride until summer. If I do the desktop method, I'd want a new monitor and peripherals too, so it'd probably cost the same as a touchscreen laptop. Halp?

Otherwise, not much else big is happening. It occurred to me while writing this that in 2 days I'll have been on BZPower for 12 years. That's an interesting thought; I'm only 27 years old, which means in three years I've have been on BZPower for half my lifetime exactly.

And with all that, I have only one more thing to say: Go Seahawks.


BS01's Facebook and Twitter

Posted by Swert , Nov 06 2014 · 307 views

BS01 has a Facebook page! It was high time we entered the social media age, especially since we're now a LUG for the upcoming year.

Assorted other pages will be coming soon as well.

Source: Facebook (and things)
He forgot to mention in this post we also now have a Twitter to go with it.


Stepping into the Future: Swert has a Next Gen console (finally)

Posted by Swert , Nov 05 2014 · 234 views

One guess.

So given Microsoft just lowered the price of the Xbox One back on Saturday, I decided to pick up an Assassin's Creed Unity Kinect-less bundle, $350. It didn't occur to me when I got it they also planned to give me AC4 as a bonus, which given I already had it on the 360 was a nice plus.

I then proceeded to buy Fibbage for $6 and Minecraft XBO edition for $5.

... So basically, I spent almost $400 (with tax) on a brand new console, 4 games, and basically a multipurpose controller (I found I could use my phone charging cable to connect it to my laptop, so YAY BORDERLANDS CONTROLLER <3) and I still have Lego Batman 3 coming in next week.

... Aaand an almost booked solid two months of work, of which I won't see much time in any of these games much before the weekends anyway. Sigh.


It is done; Kanohi 2001 Collection (and rarities)

Posted by Swert , Oct 15 2014 · 612 views

It is done.

Posted Image

1) Yes, I know I'm missing misprints and other rarities. Most notably missing is the European Copper Huna and more premium items (24k Gold Hau for example).

2) Also of note, I have some 02-03 masks in this list, including the gold Avohkii, Nuparu's orange Pakari, the gold Vahi, the MEK and Kraahkan, but they're in my collection so I count them.

3) I don't currently have plans to go get Kanohi Nuva, Krana or Kraata; I might consider the Kanoka, but those are super hard to get just right.

So yeah, that's 2 months' work. Just in time, too.


I have a Tahu Mask

Posted by Swert , Oct 13 2014 · 308 views

Though not one you guys might consider "real."

Posted Image

Basically, I'm getting questions about it on BS01; "Will there be vector logos of the new masks? What about the logo?"

So I figure to try my hand and see what I thought. I'm quite happy with it, I think. The watermark's to preserve it until I decide what else to do with it.

Thoughts are welcome, and I do plan to finish the other 5, the Protectors masks, and the two legendary masks.


BS01 Beta skin

Posted by Swert , Sep 21 2014 · 271 views

So, if you didn't already notice from the other day when we set it to the default skin, BS01 has a new skin in the works: http://biosector01.c...eskin=metrolook

I'm still tinkering with it, I have suggestions and I know of at least a mile long list of corrections to be made as we go. At least I fixed the search button (it originally went to a search page, similar to Wikia; it now goes to the page you typed in, with a search being the redundant fallback if no page exists).

Basically, it's a WIP which I will attempt to solve before Bionicle is announ-

"Bionicle 2015!"

... before 2015 :P



MakutaFest 2014 Grand Prize Vahi Instructions

Posted by Swert , Aug 16 2014 · 407 views

During MakutaFest 2014, we had a grand prize giveaway of a Lego sculpture modeled after the Legend of Metru-Nui Vahi. The winner was, of course, VoxuChro.

When I posted the topic for signup, I mentioned I could only ship to North America, due to cost and insurance. However, to make up for this limitation to our non-NA listeners, I agreed to release the instructions to the public so anybody, regardless of country of origin, could get one of they so chose to make one. Therefore, today I publically announce the download link for the Vahi, including a parts list.

Posted Image
Click for ZIP

I look forward to seeing photos of anybody's attempt at it, and if you can find improvements on the concept I welcome it :) (I get the feeling I'll be seeing a few dozen gold-recolored LDD models in the next few days, though. Bring it on, I say 8D)

Build on.

In fearful day...

Posted Image

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