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BS01 Beta skin

Posted by Swert , Sep 21 2014 · 385 views

So, if you didn't already notice from the other day when we set it to the default skin, BS01 has a new skin in the works: http://biosector01.c...eskin=metrolook

I'm still tinkering with it, I have suggestions and I know of at least a mile long list of corrections to be made as we go. At least I fixed the search button (it originally went to a search page, similar to Wikia; it now goes to the page you typed in, with a search being the redundant fallback if no page exists).

Basically, it's a WIP which I will attempt to solve before Bionicle is announ-

"Bionicle 2015!"

... before 2015 :P



MakutaFest 2014 Grand Prize Vahi Instructions

Posted by Swert , Aug 16 2014 · 575 views

During MakutaFest 2014, we had a grand prize giveaway of a Lego sculpture modeled after the Legend of Metru-Nui Vahi. The winner was, of course, VoxuChro.

When I posted the topic for signup, I mentioned I could only ship to North America, due to cost and insurance. However, to make up for this limitation to our non-NA listeners, I agreed to release the instructions to the public so anybody, regardless of country of origin, could get one of they so chose to make one. Therefore, today I publically announce the download link for the Vahi, including a parts list.

Posted Image
Click for ZIP

I look forward to seeing photos of anybody's attempt at it, and if you can find improvements on the concept I welcome it :) (I get the feeling I'll be seeing a few dozen gold-recolored LDD models in the next few days, though. Bring it on, I say 8D)

Build on.


The Collecting of Masks

Posted by Swert , Aug 13 2014 · 426 views

About 2 weeks ago, my boss' son came to the studio with about 3 bins in hand. Each one filled to the top with Bionicle.

"What's that," I asked.

"I'm selling my Bionicle to my dad," he replies. "I'll give you first dibs, though." He knows me too well.

So I sift through the first bin, and I notice a pattern. There's -plenty- of Kanohi in here. We're talking A LOT.

It was in this moment I elected to go ahead and buy all the Kanohi from him. Literally every one I could find. So I did.

And then I talked with Toa Lhikan Hordika, who sent me his spare Kanohi as well.

And then I got permission to check the other overstock Bionicle in the shop we had left over, to find more masks I needed. I was left needing only 25 more.

I then checked Bricklink. I found every single mask I needed.


A stupid Red Miru. Nobody on Bricklink is selling it. Figures.

So I'll probably track it down via friends first, then if that falls through I'll come here to BST. Once I secure that one, I'll probably move to buying whatever I need left off of Bricklink, though I bet I could buy more from my list of needs here more than I could there.

Anyway, rant over basically. Worth mentioning, I have no current desire to track down Krana, Kraata, Kanohi Nuva, or Kanoka. Likewise no misprints or prototypes. Strictly 01 Mata Great and Noble. That may eventually change, but I'm a simple man who is more than satisfied with the simplest collection known to Bionicle fandom.


Status on the MakutaFest Vahi Grand Prize

Posted by Swert , Jul 27 2014 · 364 views

Alright, so if you were part of the randomness that was MakutaFest 2014, you would recall I mentioned something about a grand prize. That grand prize was, of course, a Vahi that was practically life-sized, based on the movie-edition, and made of Lego.

It took me ~1 hour to build from scratch in the studio I work at, and took me all of 30 minutes in LDD to build and pose. I then took it into another program to make instructions of it, so others can build it at home. The only difference between the winner (Voxumo, if you didn't catch that at the show) and yourself is he gets it for free. Sadly you will have to locate parts yourself to build it, but at least I used common enough parts. I didn't price this out on BrickLink and/or PAB yet, so I don't know what the overall cost will be, so if it turns out to be too expensive I am sorry.

Once I mail the prize to Voxumo and receive confirmation that it arrived safely, I will be releasing the Vahi instructions and parts list for all to use. I had fun designing and building it, and I look forward to 2015 where I probably won't be building a Vahi again :P


In Brightest Da- LEGO GREEN LANTERN <3

Posted by Swert , Jul 23 2014 · 301 views

AAAAAAAA I'm looking forward to Jan. 2015 now.

Posted Image

Seriously, 20 bucks? That's the best win right there.


Let me be clear for a second...

Posted by Swert , Jul 14 2014 · 389 views

Until this sunday, the Vahi is -MINE.-

I shall cherish it for as long as it is in my household.

But I do hope someone wins it. MAYBE IT CAN BE YOU! YES YOU! Enter by clicking the Vahi image:

Posted Image


On the subject of targeted ads (and how it relates to me)

Posted by Swert , Jul 11 2014 · 433 views

So, I can safely say that despite my best efforts, Google AdSense still found a way to find SOMETHING relevant to me, either through Facebook or basic Amazon searches. Regardless, it found something to advertise that I may have been interested in: Buying tickets to go to the EMP Museum in Seattle to see the Block by Block exhibit they have there. Sounds interesting!

Now I will first start by saying by all means, if you're in the great Pacific Northwest, go see it. Like seriously, go. Why do I advise this? Well, that leads to the next part of the humor of this entry: I had my hand in all 10 buildings featured there. Basically, what I'm saying is I'm indirectly paying for myself by viewing these ads. Also of note, of every ad I've seen of it so far, every one features a building I was lead on. So not only did they pick the wrong audience to advertise to, but they use my own suggested buildings.

... Well, I thought it was funny, anyway :| And by the way, yes BZP also had one of these ads when I signed on today. I've uploaded all three kinds of banner ads I saw to BS01 to share what I see practically daily now. Square ad Tall ad Wide ad


Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP

Posted by Swert , Jun 01 2014 · 321 views

Just placed my order on shop@home, and I decided to apply some VIP points towards it. 1300 VIP points, to be exact. So yeah, I just bought the Spaceship for $38 after taxes.

... I cannot wait for this set. It will be glorious.



Posted by Swert , May 20 2014 · 435 views
The Lego Movie, Xbox Video
I just made my purchase of The Lego Movie off of Xbox Video, and it's downloading 7.3 GB to my 360 now.

Soooo I guess I'll be watching it tomorrow night? :P

Anybody else buying it digitally, or are you guys getting a physical copy?


Update on my collection and stuff

Posted by Swert , May 19 2014 · 275 views

So yeah, I've been busy. ... Very busy ._.

On the plus side, I've had a lot of stuff happen. I kicked Sprint to the curb and signed with AT&T. In hindsight, I needed much more money than I had at the time to do this, but I'm confident it won't break me. Because of this, I ended up having to purchase a new phone. It was high time to replace it anyway. I decided to get a Nokia Lumia 1020, a wonderful choice I don't think I'll regret until probably halfway through the contract when the 1030 launches or whenever. The only drawback is this particular phone had a mechanical issue with the camera, so I already called away for a replacement (it'll be here tomorrow).

The next major thing is I made some sporadic Lego purchases in the last two months, including the Eiffel Tower set (the new one, not the original; I'm not made of money XD), Wyldstyle's motorcycle, Martian Manhunter, a Green Lantern and White Lantern figure (sadly not the original GL NYCC figure, again NOT made of money), a custom Gambit designed by Brickstorms (they were a vendor in our shop during BrickCon Spring Exhibition), Nick Fury and Aquaman (I have a full set of Avengers and Justice League now, strictly because of those purchases), and Lego The Hobbit (which got me both Good Morning Bilbo Baggins -and- Western Emmet, the guy at GameStop recognized me as "that Lego guy" and had some Emmets left over from The Lego Movie VG. I did not complain once).

I need to make room for both the new Minecraft The End set and Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP set, but those are minor. I think I know where they'll end up, then I'll photograph the new bookshelf once I do.

Finally, I made two new poster purchases over the weekend, including the Hunters of Achievements poster and Achievement City. I'll need two new frames, and I'm thinking I'll take down my Pink Floyd tapestry for room. The tapestry served my wall well, but blank canvas is needed, especially for Achievement Hunter.

Otherwise, that's the collection thus far. I still need to make a mask out of the Lhikan's Hau from the playset, I just realized. Any suggestions there would be welcome, I think I know how it should be done but I'm still mulling ideas.

In fearful day...

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