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EMP Museum exhibit: Block by Block: Inventing Amazing Architecture

Posted by Swert , Jan 19 2014 · 114 views


The same exhibit I blogged about back in the summer that went to West Palm Beach, FL in the Norton Museum of Art is now in the EMP Museum in Seattle, WA. Build by Dan Parker and his crew at TbP Group in Tacoma, WA (of which I am the shop foreman of) it features 10 skyscrapers of various sizes and colors, from across the world.

The models include One World Trade Center, the Hearst Building and the Fuller Flatiron from New York City, the Space Needle from Seattle, Willis Tower from Chicago, and more. There is also a build area set up near the models for kids to play and build their own skyscrapers to add to the EMP's Mini Megalopolis.

I will personally say I was looking forward to this one being built up for months now. The 10 models are in the home state they were created in, on display in a beautiful building, and I was given the opportunity to set them up myself. I am particularly proud of my Taipei 101 model, which was designed by both Dan and me.

I hope to have a gallery of photos to share soon with everyone.


A Ga-Wahi Evening

Posted by Swert , Dec 20 2013 · 99 views
BZPc, Minecraft, Teaser

Teasing something wonderful.


Seattle Seahawks FC

Posted by Swert , Dec 15 2013 · 107 views

So, I was browsing the web the other day, and I saw a collection of logos based around the NFL teams with both German and Italian Football (Soccer) club logo concepts. I was impressed, but the two Seattle ones were kinda meh. So I made my own using a better shield.

Posted Image

(The watermark's kinda to keep someone from stealing it and calling it their own outside of BZP. That'd irk me to no end if someone had.}

It could use work, I'm not a fan of those stripes (I'd like to find a better solution) but I'm keeping those feathers. Man, that was hard to make into a pattern.

So yeah, comments? If I gain interest, -maybe- I'll consider the other 31 teams. No promises, this one took me an entire evening to conceive in my head.


I accidentally Gaming

Posted by Swert , Dec 02 2013 · 136 views

So back on Friday, during the huge flood of Steam sales, Bioshock Infinite was one of those games on sale. I didn't buy it.

But I was gifted it by a friend as an early Christmas present :)

So now I'm playing it off-and-on (CURSE YOU WORK! *shakes fist*) and enjoying it immensely.

... Granted, had I not read the spoilers like a month after it came out, I'd probably enjoy the twists more. But fortunately knowing the story is actually not enough to prepare me for some of the twists and turns it has.

I also have to continue playing Assassin's Creed 4, but I finished that main storyline already (Man that was a thing, wasn't it?) and I had a chance to play Forza 5 during Thanksgiving at my brother's (got an achievement, w00t! ... It was for completing a race, not so w00t.) I managed to smoke him in the last race, when he commented "This isn't going to fair, this is just for my amusement." He proceeded to spin out off the track twice, and I took the opportunity to catch up and blocked him from ever passing me. The satisfaction of seeing him go "Oh come on!" (in less BZP-friendly terms, I might add) is always satisfying.

So yeah, that was a thing. I'll probably go play more Bioshock after work tomorrow. I also helped a buddy in Minecraft with some things he was having trouble with, but turns out he just needed a kick in the rear end to get an idea going. Let this blatant foreshadowing sink in for a bit. Of course, by now nobody's reading this part except for maybe you (yes YOU John!) and has no idea what I'm talking about. Ho hum.

Man I should sleep.


What have I done?

Posted by Swert , Nov 27 2013 · 171 views

Posted Image

No seriously, what have I done? Well, I saw a photo of Turakii on Facebook earlier, and someone said it looked like she belonged on a movie poster.

So I put her on one. Along with Toa Lhikan Hordika. And myself as Loki.

Note, I didn't want it to be a perfect photoshop job. I just wanted it done for humor purposes. And yes, the tie is REQUIRED.


The latest victim of Lhikan's Hau...

Posted by Swert , Nov 19 2013 · 255 views

.... Me.

So yeah, picked up this gem at the studio, it was part of a glued TRU/Target/Walmart/WHERVER DAN PICKED IT UP display. Fortunately for me, they only use hot glue.

It only occurred to me when I was on the phone with Electric Turahk that I had picked up what is essentially Lhikan's Hau.

... Whoops.

Anyway, planning to make it a Lego-pure wearable mask. I have ideas in mind, including the rubber axle connector trick, or using the treads option (we have plenty in the studio). I've got at least 3 connecting points to work with, and I could always hang 'em off my glasses if worse came to it.

I do plan to fill in the hole with dark red material to make it more in line with a Hau, though. That and there's some glue residue and scuffing from when I had to remove the Rhotuka (I kept that as well, btw.)

Lastly, I also nabbed a near-mint condition Kahgarak gold head and a set of the pincers. I plan to buy material to build the body up, and have a fully restored Kahgarak for my collection. Or I could build a better one for myself, whichever becomes cheaper down the line.

So yeah.... I'm doomed :P


Submit your Nominations for BS01's Featured Chronicle, Featured Image and Featured Quote

Posted by Swert , Oct 31 2013 · 1,463 views

Hey everyone,
So, I finally looked around and realized, given how busy I've been, I haven't done anything on BS01 lately in terms of changing out the main page's feature content. Granted, a certain podcast interview miiiiight have been an influence on that front. Anywho.
So, because we've had Core War, The Coming of Botar and Gali's quote featured for what feels like months now, I'm open to suggestions. Please feel free to post your suggestions in a reply, and I'll get right on it... Friday. I'm working Thursdays :|



Posted by Swert , Oct 30 2013 · 93 views

Well at least not all was lost.
Just my blog entries since August : |
... Good thing I didn't blog much, huh? XD


Top ten... whatevers.

Posted by Swert , Aug 22 2013 · 125 views

#1) Lego
#2) Bionicle
#3) Internets
#4) Peace
#5) Land
#6) Bread
#8) There is no seven
#7) This is #8
#9) Confused yet?
#10) Me too.
#11) Wat?
Long day at work, fad on the blogs started, I jumped in on it, typical Swert behavior.


Staff Survivor Dance Party?

Posted by Swert , Aug 19 2013 · 115 views

No thanks, too busy stuck in this photo.

Posted Image

... Granted, neither of these gentlemen are there with me, being that they were both in said dance party.

In Brightest Day...

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