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Lady Kopaka's Gonna Kill Me

Posted by Swert , Apr 13 2011 · 71 views
No, seriously XD

Story behind it: We were talking, she commented she was waiting til she got tired enough to go to sleep (I've had to do that before XD) and I randomly said "I'd laugh if someone popped their head in on ya while you just got to sleep and said "HI LK!"

So she had me do it in comic form. Yaaay.

Now, if anybody would be willing to, my phone's on the floor. Please dial 911 and send the paramedics for me.


A Question About Business Card Designs

Posted by Swert , Apr 13 2011 · 55 views
BS01 / HS01
So, I'm toying with plenty of designs, what with HS01 now starting up and all.

One of these is a business card design. I think I have it.

Double-sided matte cards, printed off my printer, one side BS01, the other HS01. Two birds with one card. It'd be glorious.

And yes, I have prototypes.

They would be portait orientation style, not landscape. I'm still working out the details of the text.

So, thoughts?


The Unauthorized Biography Of Toa Pumaa

Posted by Swert , Apr 12 2011 · 77 views
Expanded Multiverse
It's been posted!

The Unauthorized Biography of Toa Pumaa

I hope it was worth the wait. [/Valve Time]



Posted by Swert , Apr 11 2011 · 36 views
I'll miss him in the ring.



Posted by Swert , Apr 11 2011 · 25 views
Is still not April 19th >_<



Atlas Or P-body?

Posted by Swert , Apr 08 2011 · 42 views
Which should I play as when I get my hands on Portal 2? (After I beat the SP, of course.)

Pros to ATLAS: Blue portal gun 8O

Cons to ATLAS: Rather short and stout.

Pros to P-body: Taller and looks more agile.

Cons to P-body: Orange portal gun dry.gif

Though both's rollcage skin is epic :3


A Battle Of Pride, Honor, And Nerf

Posted by Swert , Apr 08 2011 · 84 views
Alrighty then.

Picture this if you will.

So EmperorWhenua and I have a bit of a conflict coming up. To an outsider's POV, it's harmless fun. We'll be bringing NERF swords, NERF guns, maybe even custom stuff. But to us?

This is war.

I will walk in to BrickCon 2011, armed to the teeth with a foam sword, some hatchets, and even a sniper rifle. EW will enter with guns packed to his eyeballs.

Only one will survive this foam battle.

But I will be victorious, for two reasons!

ONE! I will have spent by far less money on this war. SWORDS COST 13 USD. GUNS COST 30. WHAT IS THIS?

TWO! I won't have to pick up 200 rounds of foam darts at the end. Six at most, and I'm borrowing Kakaru/Arkov's sniper rifle.

So I propose this to you: Who will win this battle? The armed-to-the-teeth, foam-spitting arsenal of EmperorWhenua, or the foam-bladed, hatchet-wielding, sniper cunning of Swert?



A Mysterious Man Appeared At My House Today...

Posted by Swert , Apr 07 2011 · 34 views
He appeared in a Prius. It was a very tense moment as this man drove up to my house.

Our eyes met. I knew this man was a force to be reckoned with. He motioned me to the car. I entered, cautious not to alert this man to any sudden weaknesses I may possess.

We took a journey across my homeland. It was a fierce battle. We went to my workplace. He was impressed with my many talents there. I took on a wild Subway sub sandwich. It was a 6 inch. Italian Herb & Cheese. Roast Beef and Cheddar. It was vanquished.

We then went to a holding cell for financial papers. They call it a bank. I left a piece of paper there. Written on it was my information and an undisclosed amount of money. I had earned my keep.

Along our journey of mystery and wonder, we stumbled upon a shoppe. It appeared to be owned by a man named Meyers. We did not catch the first name. Inside held foods, clothing, gadgets of a foreign nature, and weapons crafted from plastics and foam. There were little totem men for sale, hidden from sight in small orange bags. I purchased three. They were, in order: a painter, a wolf-like man, and a young man who wore a strange hat and rode on a stranged wheeled board. I am unsure what this does.

We pressed on to another shoppe, filled with many wonderous things. It was called Toys Are We, I think. It was rather strange. It would help if I could read. :| We did not buy much, if anything, but we did buy a red container, containing a great warrior, which comes with two tribal masks, one red and one gold. We are unsure what these mean, but they were pretty awesome.

Once we left this shoppe, we stopped to replenish our strength with food from the local shoppes again, and departed. They forgot my straw. sad.gif

The stranger then informed me his time was drawing near. We stopped near a lake, and explored further before the hour ended. We both knew that it had to come to this. A tense moment was felt as we rushed back into his Prius, and left.

He returned me to my home, and left with no struggle. Except there was one lady behind us who kept honking as we spoke our last words for this day. She was rather annoying.

I do not know if I will meet this mysterious man again, but if we do, I would wish to say this to him...

"Man, Master of the Rahkshi, we need to hang out more often XD"




Posted by Swert , Apr 05 2011 · 37 views
Cause I'm tired of combos.




I Can Has Recon?

Posted by Swert , Apr 05 2011 · 31 views
Sorry, I just had to do it.

If you get the joke, more power to you.

Otherwise, you'll be wondering why I asked I can have Hero Recon rather stupidly.

But yeah, looks interesting. I'll probably download LDD later to try it out *dedicated LDRAW user*

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