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Bs01 And Hs01 Stuffs

Posted by Swert , Apr 04 2011 · 36 views
BS01 / HS01
So, few things to poll the people with.

1) I had planned to update BS01's skin settings to match HS01. Would anybody object?

2) In addition to #1, I plan to add a secondary skin to both sites (or just HS01 if the first gets a rousing "NO!") with a no-trans variant. In those situations, there will be something added to dazzle the people with, trust me.

3) Any other skin change ideas to either site to make? And no, a skin with your name on it is out of the question. Sorry everyone (I'm looking at you, Dorek.)

4) I plan to roll out at least five more skins to HS01 using the HF backgrounds. Anybody got one in particular they'd like? (Select from here (and thanks Bfa!)) Just link the one you'd like to see, and we'll get a tally going.

Anything else I can't think of? Suggest away. I'm open to fixing both sites up.


H S 0 1; No Joke, No Replacement.

Posted by Swert , Apr 02 2011 · 38 views
BS01 / HS01
I wasn't joking.

More information can be found here.


H S 0 1 Status

Posted by Swert , Apr 02 2011 · 32 views
BS01 / HS01
It'll go online at Midnight.



* Ahum*

Posted by Swert , Apr 01 2011 · 53 views
BS01 / HS01


H S 0 1

Posted by Swert , Apr 01 2011 · 35 views
BS01 / HS01


Can I Ask A Question?

Posted by Swert , Mar 30 2011 · 40 views
BS01 / HS01
What exactly is HF01? I've never heard of it.


Time To Come Clean

Posted by Swert , Mar 30 2011 · 46 views
BS01 / HS01
Alright folks, I'll be very honest. I have no deep desire to do an april fools' prank this year for BS01.

So yeah, let's hope BZPower entertains everyone for us. I'm sorry, but I'm not exactly in the mood this year.


A Thought

Posted by Swert , Mar 26 2011 · 24 views
You know, I'm always playing video games, I'm always talking about video games, and I'm usually always bored. So, what's stopping me from making, in my blog, a BZP-friendly review of the current video games? (360 and PC only, of course.)

Naturally, I'd probably review my collection, not the new stuff. I'm not going to buy games just to review them tongue.gif

Now question becomes, would anybody want to read about a bored man's ramblings about CLASSIC VIDEO GAMES FROM... *checks* 2004?! (Oh, and I suppose I do have Half-Life, so it's as early as 1998 tongue.gif)


Gaming, Again

Posted by Swert , Mar 25 2011 · 22 views
Man, where did all this free time for gaming come from? : O

Also, 61.something in LSW3. Man, this game is massive. Think LEGO Harry Potter massive, only not as confusing to navigate as Hogwarts was.


L S W 3 And Stuff

Posted by Swert , Mar 24 2011 · 20 views
So, 49.5% on progress for LEGO Star Wars III. I'm making good time on it.

Got sort of lost in the space scenes, but finally found where I was supposed to go to progress the game. After that? Smooth sailings.

Every planet is currently under Republic control. Come this time tomorrow, I hope to make it all Seperatist >: D

Currently I have x2 Multiplier, Stud Magnet, Dark Side, Glow-in-the-dark (don't ask), Minikit Detector, and Red Brick Detector purchased. I have finished all story levels in regular mode, I intend to go back through them shortly (after I get the ground and space battles out of the way.)

Long story short, best 54 bucks I ever spent all month. Also, I got talked into signing up for the GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro program, so that's 550 points right there for this game, with another 1100 points coming thanks to Portal 2 and LEGO POTC. I'm a happy Swert.

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