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What's Krakalin, BZP?

Posted by Swert , Apr 03 2013 · 1,595 views

No seriously, I honestly have no idea where BMan got the name. So what is it? :P

Anyway, some things to note, since I feel it's noteworthy:
  • BS01's prank was written last-minute on March 31st by a team consisting of Zo'Tomana, Cholie and myself. Kayru and BMan offered input later.
  • The prank concept was about a week old. It was literally started up in a conversation between like 5 staff members. We waited until the last minute to post it.
  • I actually did my part this time around (though it seems unnecessarily) to lead a misdirection on everyone. If you recall, I had two blog entries related to a 'GL01' concept, between a logo and a suggestion for one. That was the misdirection. It failed, but nobody saw our prank coming anyway. So it succeeded.
  • This was the fourth worst thing I could have done. Let that one sink in for a second.
  • Alternatively, I could have done the following:
  • Faked evidence that Bionicle was returning (I'm seriously glad I didn't do that one, in hindsight.)
  • Faked evidence that a new buildables line was coming (I was leaning towards fake Doctor Who, but that required work)
  • Posted that I was acquiring BZPower (ALSO glad I didn't do that, in hindsight.)
So to answer a question I see being asked a lot, none of the answers on the topic were legit. Basically, I sat here in a Skype call and gave 90% of the answers. Input was put in to flesh them out, so at the end I'd say about 30-40% of what you saw was from me.

Oh, and there was also a deleted answer from that list. A question was asked about Jaller transporting back up to the Red Star and returning by Takutanuva. I had a wonderful answer for that I now quote:

"The rest of the story takes place in Jallers head as he dies."

I think this one was a tossup to keep or remove. Obviously the entire list screamed prank, but leaving this one in would have seal it away. BMan decided to remove it. I think it's best we did, but I still feel good to share it.

Now think about that one for a second: 2004-2010, all in Jaller's head as he slips into a coma. I think it'd make for a doozy of a theory, don't you agree?

(I could write a whole blog entry on that one alone, too. I just might.)

Anyway, prank over. Glad you guys enjoyed it. Please forward all pitchfork and torch assaults to my new home, Dorek's house. Kthx.

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Yes, it's not a successful prank until you let everyone know that you were lying.

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Apr 03 2013 04:20 PM

Spirit actually came up with Krakalax (as a reference to Teridax), but I changed it to Krakalin to sound like "crackin'" as a joke. Surprisingly, people took the name seriously.

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Apr 03 2013 10:23 PM
The Shadowed One adopted his TSO moniker after he grew tired of Ancient saying, "Krakalin, what's crackalackin'?"
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If you had said BIONICLE was coming back, I'm pretty sure half of us would have sent you hate mail on April 2nd. :P


(And I would have demanded you give the panda back. :P)

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Noooo, Pandaaa ;_; *huggles*
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This is a hilarious read when you know what Swert sounds like. It was fun to put together =D

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Vultraz Nuva
May 25 2013 09:06 PM

If Greg sees the prank interview...wonder if he'll make some of your fake answers canon, like "Toa Voriki" and the power manifestations of Fa-, Su-, Bo-, and Ba-Matoran. Or maybe the Spherus Magnans being able to use Kanohi.

But NOT "Krakalin" or "Muffin button" or "Hafu IS Taipu". That would be useless, esp. when Greg already made a name for the Shadowed One. And who wants Hafu to equal Taipu via a secondary mask? 


BTW, I really want to hear what happens to Velika if Greg reappears. Did he destroy Axonn's group? (I hope not.) Did the Red Star "ghosts" (Sidorak, Mavrah, Lhikan, etc.) join to fight Velika and Marendar? That last one would be great for any new story.

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