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Enter Kraahlix


Lego City Undercover

Posted by Kraahlix , Mar 23 2013 · 303 views

LCU is a blast. I've been enjoying the story, humor, gameplay, everything. It's some of the most fun I've had on Wii U, and any game console for that matter. Highly recommended. =)


Greg And Canon

Posted by Kraahlix , May 04 2012 · 344 views

Hello everyone.

If you haven't tried it yet, you should watch MoL while listening to this. It was a lot of fun to record. =)

The topic of Greg F. has come up with me a few times, and I have to say, I highly doubt he will be returning. That might seem like common sense now, but I often get asked about his status because of my "ties" with him. I wouldn't say that I have ties with Greg, especially not anymore. I know it's not good news, but I don't want people holding out hope anymore. If Greg comes back, it should be surprising to everyone at this point.

As for my opinion of how the fandom should function on our own, it's a tough subject. We'll never get everyone to agree on some kind of canonization system, and I think that would hurt the community. I do think that we should look to Bonesiii for the other contest that he got approved by Greg, because that's really the last approved piece of canon material that we have. I also think we should treat the ATYU2 stories as canon, and feature them as they deserve to be featured. There's concern that it isn't as secure as the old methods, but I think we do need to adapt at least in this regard. Because the themes were approved and the stories went through strict judging, I think it's time to let them in.
Because my story was among the winners, I do hate to put my opinion out like this. However, I believe if I was just a judge and not an entrant I would feel the same way. =)


A T Y U I I Results

Posted by Kraahlix , Jan 11 2012 · 201 views
They're up!

My story, Retribution, is canon. Lovely, right? (Archive)
I'll get around to reposting it in the forums here sometime.

My buddy Grant-Sud's story is also a winner, and I really enjoyed that one.

I don't remember which other stories I judged, but I hope to see these given a lot of attention and discussion.
This is some of the only storyline we get, so enjoy the new entries in the BIONICLE canon and congratulate the winners. =)



Posted by Kraahlix , Dec 14 2011 · 211 views
I'ma help get this thing wrapped up. =)


Bionicle At Lego Land

Posted by Kraahlix , Apr 16 2011 · 194 views

Here are a few "sightings" of BIONICLE that I forgot to mention:

You can totally get your fat head on a Tahu Nuva. I wanted this so bad, but it was like stinking $25 of course.

You know when you go to your car to eat lunch because you just spent over $60 on admission and you are too cheap to buy they're rip-off nasty food? This is what you get on your hand.

That's not my hand btw.

And this is supposedly a BIONICLE ride. It was almost fun. =)


I Went To Legoland

Posted by Kraahlix , Apr 06 2011 · 174 views

And it was pretty good. BIONICLE still had a small presence, which was cool.
Sorry you guys have been missing me so much. I'll be back later this week. =)


Loose Ends List #1

Posted by Kraahlix , Mar 06 2011 · 190 views

I finally got around to compiling the first version of the Loose Ends in BIONICLE list. The topic got a lot of activity during a trip of mine, so I got behind. But it's up now. =)

I don't know how LEGO's new social media interaction rule will effect the BSS, and maybe they don't either yet. Because of that, I don't know what will be done with the list at this point, but at least we have it for reference.

Speaking of the new rule, I'm going to miss PMing Greg. It's why I joined BZP four years ago. Maybe the staff will come up with a good replacement as a solution, but it still probably won't be the same.



Posted by Kraahlix , Mar 06 2011 · 214 views

Got a new set.

If anyone actually knows what they're from, they get 10 points.
I kinda just threw the avatar and signature together though. =/ If anyone awesome at photo editing wants to fix them up, have at it.


Loose Ends In Bionicle

Posted by Kraahlix , Feb 15 2011 · 153 views

We all have those missing details that bug us. Luckily, SPIRIT and I got permission to start compiling a list of them, which could help us work with Greg to get them resolved, if he would like to.

Check out the topic and submit your own here:


Atyu2 Polls

Posted by Kraahlix , Feb 10 2011 · 172 views

Just in case anyone has read all of the Zakaz entries and wanted to vote for my story, and really needed a link to the poll my entry is in...


Just kidding. =P Please read all the entries and vote for the one you like the best.


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