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How to start a war

Posted by Parugi , Jul 27 2016 · 437 views

Posted Image

Team Mystic FTW.

also team valor sucks and team instinct is a hufflepuff.



Posted by Parugi , in BZPower Jul 21 2015 · 384 views

BZP Anniversary Week always makes me feel like I should renew my Premier Membership.

Maybe someday.


Rise of the Rockets: Character List

Posted by Parugi , in Rise of the Rockets, Characters Jul 20 2013 · 2,751 views

*taking advantage of Premier Perks to republish this*
All right. I figured that, with the old blog entry essentially being obsolete, and with the difficulty people have had in the past with finding out information on characters in RotR, it would be beneficial to create a new character list in which to organize things.
So, here's how this is going to work. Everyone needs to post their characters' profiles in comments; from there, if you update anything (catch a Pokémon, change a move, modify a character's appearance, etc.) you need to update the profile.

Simple enough, yes? Then let's begin.
UPDATE 12/9/12: All right. As there is not nearly enough room in this for everyone's profiles, instead we're going to have to use a different system. Basically, whatever comment you put your profiles in needs to be updated with new developments. The way people are posting things right now should make finding stuff fairly simple, so it should work out this way,
UPDATE 2/22/13: Refrain from using spoiler tags in your comments. Instead separate the profiles for individual characters using the horizontal slash code. ( This code: [ hr ] with no spaces.)
Team Liberty
--Sonja Baron
Username: Parugi.
Name: Sonja Baron.
Faction: Team Liberty.
Hometown: Karakusa Town, Isshu.
Age: 17.
Here. Sonja stands at 5'8". She has slightly tanned skin, standard for those from Isshu, long brown hair, purple eyes and a beautiful face. She usually wears regular, blue jeans, a white hoodie and a black shirt underneath that, as well as white sneakers. She uses a white bag to carry her supplies in.
Personality: At first glance, it might seem odd that someone like Sonja is a member of Team Liberty, or taking part in the war at all, for that matter. Kind, intelligent and friendly, she doesn't seem like the kind of person who would want to battle against anyone. However, she has a strong sense of justice and freedom, making her perfect for the team. Due to her relative unwillingness to fight, she does not get assigned to a large number of mission; however, she is more than willing to travel with other Team Liberty agents to Isshu so as to show them around, as well as provide pointers to keep them out of trouble with the Isshu government -- something that, unfortunately, she has had to do far more recently than she used to. Overall, Sonja's a very happy and kind individual, and is more intelligent than she appears.
Background: Sonja was born in Isshu, and lived there until the age of fifteen. While there, news about the war in the other regions was scarce, as was any general information about the world in which the war was taking place. She spent most of her time exploring with her partner Pokémon Loki and Gaia; in doing so, she managed to learn whatever she could about the war from those individuals who had not been hushed. Eventually, she stowed away on a boat headed for Kanto, and joined Team Liberty as an Isshu guide, following several missions that did not go quite as well as Goldhawk and the others had hoped, mostly due to Sonja's age and gentle nature. She was assigned to the current Soil Colossus mission following Silvermind's second kidnapping, acting as a guide to the Isshu region, a job she was mroe than happy to accept; she was also given an extra Pokémon for protection, in the form of Ares.
Pokémon: Druddigon (Ares; 5) Gurdurr (Loki; 8,) Petilil (Gaia; 6,) Chinchou (Poseidon; 5,) Pidove (Athena; 1,) Totodile (Neptune; 2.)
Posted Image
Species: Druddigon.
Nickname: Ares.
Trainer: Sonja Baron.
Appearance: Virtually the same as a standard Druddigon.
Personality: Ares is very rash, recklessly charging into battle and always eager to fight; Sonja is slightly unnerved by this, though she respects Goldhawk's decision to lend the Pokémon to her, and believes that he may have done such to help tame the Dragon Pokémon. Ares has a tendency to pay little attention to Sonja, due to having spent such little time on her team, though would still probably do whatever he could to save her if she were in trouble.
Ability: Mold Breaker.
Specialty: Ares is a strong physical attacker; he is also quite fast, giving him an extra edge in battle.
Known Moves: Claw Sharpen, Leer, Bite, Dragon Claw, Fire Fang (Egg Move,) Superpower.

Posted Image
Species: Gurdurr
Nickname: Loki.
Trainer: Sonja Baron.
Appearance: Same as a regular Timburr.
Personality: True to his nickname, Loki is quite impish, always ready to pull a prank at a moment's notice. He is also a bit of a show-off, striking dynamic poses for no particular reason and always attempting to add an extra flair to his attacks in battle. Usually, he has reason to do this, as he actually is quite skilled in battle, though some tend to get rather annoyed with this -- personally, Sonja finds it funny, though she doesn't usually show it. Loki is not very keen on the idea of evolving, considering himself too good looking for his evolutions, though he acknowledges the pros that would come out of evolution.
Ability: Guts.
Specialty: Loki is most skilled when it comes to physical attacks; however, his relative lack of speed takes a toll on his abilities in battle. Nevertheless, he is a tough opponent, and has a tendency to take his opponent out with him.
Known Moves: Rock Slide, Bulk Up, Low Kick, Wake-Up Slap, Focus Energy, Dynamic Punch.

Posted Image
Species: Petilil.
Nickname: Gaia.
Trainer: Sonja Baron.
Appearance: Gaia looks like a regular Petilil.
Personality: Gaia is one of the most gentle Pokémon you will ever meet: She does not like to battle, and she does not get angered easily. She can usually be found outside of her Pokéball, carried by Sonja. Gaia is incredibly friendly towards everyone she comes across, even her trainer's enemies, though this has caused some trouble in the past due to suspicious folks...
Ability: Chlorophyll.
Specialty: Gaia is mainly a support Pokémon in battle, inflicting status problems on her opponents so that others can take them out. If the need arises, she will fight, though she prefers not to.
Known Moves: Synthesis, Stun Spore, Mega Drain, Growth, Magical Leaf, Sleep Powder.

Posted Image
Species: Chinchou.
Nickname: Poseidon.
Trainer: Sonja Baron.
Appearance: Poseidon looks like a regular Chinchou in appearance.
Personality: Poseidon is very quiet, never really speaking unless spoken to and never causing a scene for no reason. He isn't as fond of Sonja as she would like, but she understands why that is so, considering the seemingly random timing of Poseidon's capture. Luckily, he seems to be warming up to his new trainer rather quickly. Poseidon also seems to have a liking for shiny things.
Ability: Volt Absorb.
Specialty: Poseidon is best when it comes to nonphysical attacks, as well as Special Defense. He is not of very much use on land due to his nature as a fish, but in water he is incredibly strong, as well as surprisingly fast.
Known Moves: Signal Beam, Bubblebeam, Thunder Wave, Discharge, Supersonic.

Posted Image
Species: Pidove.
Nickname: Athena.
Trainer: Sonja Baron.
Appearance: Almost exactly like any other Pidove, although Athen has a few scars on her body.
Personality: A very careful Pokémon, Athena has lived almost exclusively as a defensive fighter; since she was born into an area known for its Pidove-family wars, she, like others, was essentially forced into either an offensive or defensive role. She tends to be fairly cautious in battle, knowing her own limits, and doesn't take kindly to newcomers due to trust issues. However, once you gain Athena's loyalty, she will fight to her last breath in your name.
Ability: Super Luck.
Specialty: Athena's primary specialty is in support and tactical moves. Her main use is in dodging and tiring out an opponent; Athena developed this tactic due to her lackluster defense capabilities and less-than-impressive attack power. However, she makes up for it by being too quick to hit... usually.
Known Moves: Roost, Detect, Featherdance, Quick Attack, Air Cutter.

Posted Image
Species: Totodile.
Nickname: Neptune.
Trainer: Sonja Baron.
Appearance: Same as a typical Totodile.
Personality: Though it may come as a surprise to some, Neptune is a very gentle and loving Pokémon--he loves being around people, jumping up and hugging them as soon as he sees them and very rarely being intentionally harmful. Even so, he is a strong battler, capable of holding his own in most situations, and is willing to do whatever it takes to win a battle--save for dirty tactics, of course.
Ability: Torrent.
Specialty: Neptune specializes in physical attacks, and has more endurance than most other Totodile, allowing him to better handle physical defense.
Known Moves: Water Gun, Ice Fang, Scratch, Dragon Dance (Egg Move,) Headbutt.]
--Kyle Eston
Username: Parugi.
Name: Kyle Eston.
Faction: Team Liberty.
Hometown: Fuchsia City, Kanto.
Age: 18.
Here. A young trainer, Kyle has shortish, wavy, dark brown hair and slightly oval-like, blue-gray eyes. He has a mid-sized nose, which his friends jokingly describe as beak-like, and a rounded jaw. Kyle has a small scar on his upper right lip, from a cut he received as a child. He is very slightly tanned, not quite enough for people to notice, but it's still a tan. He is of rather average build, not too muscle-bound, though not extremely lean, either. His outfit is fairly simple. It consists of black pants, belt and shoes, and a dark, navy blue button up shirt, which he usually has tucked in. He also carries around a white, fedora-like hat, though rarely wears it, and sometimes wears a white vest over his shirt. He uses a black bag to carry around his supplies while on missions, and his Pokéballs always line his belt.
Personality: Despite his age, Kyle is a very mature and intelligent trainer. In school and during Team Liberty training, he achieved very high scores on his tests and preformed at the top of his group. He never let this go to his head, though, as he knew that to dwell in his own pride would not only stop or diminish his skills, but that it would also expose a huge weakness to his enemies. He is very kind towards others, especially his Pokémon, and is completely loyal to Team Liberty, even if he does sometimes question their motives. He spends most of his time thinking and planning, preparing for any possible situation in battle, and his periods of thought are marked by his continuously flipping a silver coin that his father gave him.
Background: Kyle was born in Fuchsia City to Kimberly and Richard "Richie" Eston, right after Team Rocket's takeover. From an early age, his father taught him the workings of Pokémon training and battling, while his mother dealt with the standard subjects, like math and history. He excelled at both regular school and Pokémon training, managing to catch a Spearow at the age of six, which was later released. As he continued to train, his father was contacted by a group of refugees, who planned to start an organized rebellion against Team Rocket. Despite having doubts about it, Richie accepted, and his family prepared to leave Fuchsia within the week. Word of their plans leaked to the Rockets, and the Estons soon found themselves under attack. They managed to escape, though not without serious injury to Kimberly, who went into a coma shortly after the three were picked up by Team Liberty. Now branded as traitors, Richie became an official Agent of Team Liberty, and Kyle was put into training, where he received his Sandshrew. The two have trained for quite some time, and Kyle recently managed to catch his Magnemite, Kitheus; they have been picked to participate in Team Liberty's Project R.A.L.L.Y., along with many other Agents.
Pokémon: Magneton (Kitheus; 15,) Sandslash (Daiga; 13,) Charizard (Jaeda; 20,) Gligar (Ruji; 11,) Axew (Lyxek; 1,) Dewott (Kovian; 9,) Mienfoo (Sanshou; 5.)

Posted Image
Species: Magneton.
Nickname: Kitheus.
Trainer: Kyle Eston.
Appearance: Kitheus is exactly like other Magenton. However, the blue and red sections on the top Magnemite's magnets are darker; this particular Magnemite also happens to be Kitheus's Magnemite body.
Personality: Due to bonding with a pair of wild Magnemite, Kitheus has become much less quiet and far more rash, acting on random impulses. He is doing his best to quell these new influences, though he has yet to fully succeed. He is more analytical than before, due to his increased brain capacity, which has helped balance out his new "wild side." Kitheus is also slightly more cold than he was before, barely reacting to others when they try and interact with him. Finally, he has found that he now has advanced skills when it comes to interacting with technology, though has yet to fully explore these.
Ability: Magnet Pull.
Specialty: Kitheus's main specialty still lies in special attacks. Due to his evolution and power boost form bonding with two other Magnemite, he has also increased the probability of his move inflicting a status condition on his opponents.
Known Moves: Metal Sound, Supersonic, Thundershock, Lock-On, Tri-Attack, Discharge.

Posted Image
Species: Sandslash.
Nickname: Daiga.
Trainer: Kyle Eston.
Appearance: Daiga is essentially the same as any other Sandslash. However, his eyes are brown as opposed to black, and his spines are a darker shade of brown than those of the average Sandslash.
Personality: Little has changed sine his evolution; Daiga is still a very jolly Pokémon, never letting his spirits drop. Though he now possesses more power than he did as a Sandshrew, Daiga still is not terribly fond of battling, though he will still do whatever he is ordered if he is needed. His appetite has grown exponentially since he evolved, which is saying something considering how much he ate as a Sandshrew. Daiga tends to act as a mediator on Kyle's team, breaking up fights between his other Pokémon. He gets on well with Ruji, due to the Gligar's Ground-Typing, as well as the fact that it was through a battle with him that Daiga finally managed to evolve.
Ability: Sand Throw.
Specialty: Daiga's specialty still lies in hit and run attacks, striking at his opponent before burrowing underground and catching them off guard before repeating the cycle. This has been made all the easier since his evolution, as he has gained an increase in speed. Daiga is also very good at improvising attacks, something he was good at even as a Sandshrew.
Known Moves: Scratch, Defense Curl, Sandstorm, Rapid Spin, Swift, Dig.

Posted Image
Species: Charizard.
Nickname: Jaeda.
Trainer: Kyle Eston.
Appearance: Unlike a regular Charizard, Jaeda has two dark rings around each of her wrists; she is able to create fire around her wrists through these, similar to a Blaziken.
Personality: An incredibly brave Pokémon, Jaeda refuses to back down from almost any challenge since her evolution, though she has learned what her limits are as a fighter. A loyal and intelligent member of Kyle's team, she will not abandon an ally in a fight, and knows how to come up with n-the-spot tactics during battle.
Ability: Blaze.
Specialty: Jaeda has mastered both physical and special attacks at this point, as well as learned how to better use her body for faster attacks. As a result, she has become less skilled with and abandoned many of her diversion tactics, considering herself powerful enough to deal with most problems head-on.
Known Moves: Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Smokescreen, Fire Fang, Metal Claw (Egg Move,) Inferno.

Posted Image
Species: Gliscor.
Nickname: Ruj.
Trainer: Kyle Eston.
Appearance: Ruj looks like a standard Gliscor.
Personality: Ruj is a very careful Pokémon; despite his speed, he hesitates to rush into anything and prefers to stop and analyze his opponent before attacking. This is not to say that he does not consider himself powerful -- quite the contrary: Ruj simply realizes that there are others with more power and ability than he, and opts to make sure that he can defeat an opponent before rushing in and discovering the opposite. Having come from a pack, he does not feel out of place on Kyle's team, and in fact sees them as a closer family than even his past one--particularly Daiga, due to both being Ground-Type.
Ability: Sand Veil.
Specialty: Ruj is incredibly fast, and this coupled with his attack capabilities makes for one deadly combination. He does not rush into things, though, assessing the situation before attacking his opponents, allowing him to stay out of traps set by his opponents.
Known Moves: Guillotine, Swords Dance, Poison Jab, Sand-Attack, Sky Uppercut, Night Slash (Egg Move.)

Posted Image
Species: Axew.
Nickname: Lyxek.
Trainer: Kyle Eston.
Appearance: Lyxek looks just like a regular Kibago, though he is a darker shade of green than most -- Army Green, perhaps.
Personality: Being a newborn, Lyxek is extremely naive and rash; he spends a lot of his time exploring and bothering others, as well as occasionally forcing his way out of his Poké Ball to do so, though this is usually when Kyle is asleep. Regardless, he doesn't mean harm, and is quite useful when he is needed, even if he is still a bit of a baby.
Ability: Mold Breaker.
Specialty: Lyxek specializes in anything physical -- namely, speed, defense and physical attacks. He is not that great with special attacks or defending against them at the moment, though he will learn to with time. Further, due to the fact that he is a newborn Pokémon, he isn't that skilled with what he does know, either.
Known Moves: Double Chop, Slash, Scary Face, Reversal (Egg Move,) Endure (Egg Move.)

Posted Image
Species: Dewott.
Nickname: Kovian.
Trainer: Kyle Eston.
Appearance: Exactly the same as any other Dewott, though his scalshops are white.
Personality: In true samurai form, Kovian is very adamant. He is fiercely devoted to his morals--and, more recently, to his new trainer; as such he refuses to act against either one, and will defend either if called into question. Kovian can often be seen--in and out of his Pokéball--practicing his shellsmanship. Since his evolution, Kovian has become more stoic than ever, though he is not particularly unfriendly--merely quiet and reserved.
Ability: Torrent.
Specialty: Kovian is an incredibly fast Dewott, as well as a particularly strong physical attacker. While his special attacks and defenses are not as developed as they could be, making his ability to dodge far more critical to his success in battle than usual, Kovian more than makes up for it with his speed and strength--abilities that have only been compounded by his evolution.
Known Moves: Razor Shell, Focus Energy, Aqua Jet, Fury Cutter, Water Pulse, Swords Dance.

Posted Image
Species: Mienfoo.
Nickname: Sanshou.
Trainer: Kyle Eston.
Appearance: Sanshou looks like a regular Mienfoo.
Personality: Sanshou is a very serious Pokemon. She spends much of her time meditating and observing, silently focusing on whatever it is that she is focusing on. Very ninja- or samurai-esque in nature, she is a quiet, thoughtful, and loyal Mienfoo who will do whatever it takes to get her job done.
Ability: Regenerator.
Specialty: Sanshou is extremely quick, specializing in speed, dodging and physical attacks. A tendency of hers is to use her speed to dodge and then use the distance to raise her attack power using Meditate, before going in and attacking straight on.
Known Moves: Detect, Swift, Force Palm, U-Turn, Meditate, Calm Mind.

Team Rocket
--Ethan Worth
Username: Parugi.
Name: Ethan Worth.
Faction: Team Rocket.
Hometown: Azalea Town, Johto.
Age: 30.
Here. Ethan stands at exactly 6' tall, with slightly tanned skin and a fairly muscular build. He has short, light brown hair, and dark green eyes. He wears black pants and shoes, a white button up shirt and a black vest, with a red "R" on the right side of it. He usually has his sleeves rolled up, and carries his Pokéballs on his belt. His hair is usually spiked up in the front, and a pair of sunglasses is a constant sight on top of his head, though he rarely uses them for their intended purpose. He has a noticeable, though not thick Australian accent.
Personality: For a Rocket, Ethan is actually pretty mellow, if a bit deceptive at times. He is very kind to his Pokémon and tries to be friendly to everyone, including Team Liberty Agents, as he figures that Team Rocket could operate so much more efficiently if its members just treated everyone like human beings. He has no qualms with either side, only choosing to side with Team Rocket because his mother took that path. He doesn't resort to dirty tactics in battle, but he will manipulate and deceive individuals if the need arises and it would be for the benefit of his mission. He is incredibly loyal both to his team and his Pokémon, and would put his life on the line to protect either one. He enjoys trekking through forests, hence his affection for Bug-type and Grass-type Pokémon. All in all, Easton has the whole "cool-guy" thing going for him.
Background: Ethan's life was always a simple one: A repeated cycle of fun and being completely carefree. He was born in Azalea Town to Mariah Worth and an unknown father, living a life of relative poverty despite his mother's best efforts. Ethan never noticed; he was too busy playing with Pokémon and his friends. Eventually, their situation grew to the point where his mother, now desperate, was forced to turn to a life of crime, becoming a member of Team Rocket. With their help, she managed to provide a better home for her son, participating in the stealing of several Pokémon, though never telling Ethan just what her job entailed. Ethan became isolated from his friends when the Rockets took over, as the Rockets tried to weed out anyone who would try to rebel; needless to say, quite a few were killed, though Ethan was never actually told this. Instead, he took to himself, managing to catch a Scyther and a Weedle, before being inducted into and trained by the Rockets on behalf of his mother, who had risen the ranks. Since then, Ethan has become a full-time Agent, and has volunteered to go on Team Rocket's search for possible allies of Team Liberty. His mother also recently disappeared, though no one seems to know what happened to her.
Pokémon: Beedrill (Tox; 16,) Scizor (Céris; 16,) Grotle (Kada; 9,) Weepinbell (Suya; 7,) Deerling (Serena; 4,) Dwebble (Paruk; 1.)
Posted Image
Species: Beedrill.
Nickname: Tox.
Trainer: Ethan Worth.
Appearance: Tox is similar in appearance to most other Beedrill, though he has a largish, red dot on each of his wings.
Personality: Tox is incredibly confident about his abilities following his evolution, and extremely brave now due to his new found abilities -- which probably isn't such a great thing, given the fact that he just evolved and isn't entirely used to his new body. Regardless, any confidence problems that Tox may have had in the past are no more, and he has found a new joy in battling that he had never felt before. As such, he is quick and eager to jump into any conflict that gets thrown at him.
Ability: Sniper.
Specialty: Tox has gained a great increase in speed and agility following his evolution, and appears to be enjoying the freedom of not being confined to a shell anymore. He tends to primarily dart about and then hit his opponent with a physical attack, or deter them and then hit them. In short, his main specialties are speed, physical and deterrent attacks.
Known Moves: Poison Jab, String Shot, Fury Cutter, Bug Bite, Harden, Agility.

Posted Image
Species: Scizor.
Nickname: Céris.
Trainer: Ethan Worth.
Appearance: Céris looks almost exactly like a normal Scizor; however, his left pincer has a notch in it, a scar carried over from when he was a Scyther.
Personality: Céris continues to be a battle-obsessed Pokémon -- he is always itching to fight , and is always on edge. He doesn't trust other trainers or Pokémon very easily, especially ones that tend to cause trouble, such as Suya. Céris is slightly more arrogant now than he was as a Scyther, due to the power boost following his evolution, though it is not a terribly noticeable difference. He is still very bold as well, standing up to any challenge that is asked of him.
Ability: Swarm.
Specialty: Due to his evolution, Céris has become quite a bit slower than he was as a Scyther, due to the extra weight from his armor. However, he is not daunted by this, as he enjoys the increased defenses and attack strength. As such, Céris is still exceptionally good when it comes to physical attacks, and has become a wall behind which his partners can hide behind when they need to.
Known Moves: Double Hit, Agility, Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Roost, Night Slash.

Posted Image
Species: Grotle.
Nickname: Kada.
Trainer: Ethan Worth.
Appearance: Kada looks like a regular Grotle, though the bushes on his back have small, blue flowers sprouting from them and his eyes are dark green.
Personality: Though he used to dislike Ethan, Kada has finally accepted the Rocket as his trainer and respects him for giving him the training he needed to evolve. Kada is very happy that he has finally become a Grotle, and continues to look forward, fantasizing about becoming a Torterra. He continues to be a quick-thinking Pokémon, even if his body has been slowed by his evolution, and seems considerably more jolly now than he used to be. Further, he is ore responsive to others now than he used to be, easily befriending Bug and Grass Types.
Ability: Overgrow.
Specialty: Kada has retained his skills with physical attacks. Due to his evolution, his speed has decreased, though the training he did as a Turtwig has allowed him to stay relatively agile despite the size shift. His defenses are also stronger now, though the new plants on his back give him a particular weakness to fire attacks that he did not possess as a Turtwig.
Known Moves: Razor Leaf, Bullet Seed, Bite, Body Slam (Egg Move,) Synthesis, Mega Drain.

Posted Image
Species: Weepinbell.
Nickname: Suya.
Trainer: Ethan Worth.
Appearance: Suya looks like a regular Weepinbell, only his arm leaves are bigger and he has a perpetually angry expression; alongside that, he has already begun to grow fangs.
Personality: First and foremost: Suya is mean. Very mean. And ferocious. The closest in-game word to describe him would be sassy. He bears a strong resentment towards Ethan for capturing him, despite his trainer catching him so as to stop him from hurting any other wild Pokémon; as such, he very rarely listens to Ethan's commands. He is prone to going berserk on both his teammates and his opponents, giving them everything he's got even if it tires him out. Ethan does not use him as much as he would like to, and does not plan on doing so until he can find a way to get Suya to listen to him. Along with Suya's evolution came a new level of anger and ignorance, making him even less likely to listen to Ethan than before.
Ability: Chlorophyll.
Specialty: Suya is essentially a pure attacking Pokémon, using rash, swift physical attacks to strike his foes; unfortunately, he tends to go overboard with this, and his rage combined with his respectable defensive skill give him a slight resistance even to Fire attacks; he is remarkably dangerous now given the fact that his evolution has greatly increased his defenses. His only weakness is his speed, though this is not as bad when he is angered; however, he is also now slower than he was as a Bellsprout, due to the fact that he has no legs.
Known Moves: Vine Whip, Wring Out, Stun Spore, Poison Powder, Gastro Acid, Acid.

Posted Image
Species: Deerling.
Nickname: Serena.
Trainer: Ethan Worth.
Appearance: Serena looks like a normal Shikijika in all of her forms.
Personality: Serena is very careful, much like a normal deer would be. She takes her time studying others before getting near them, so as to be better prepared in case they try to do anything to her. Serena is curious about Ethan, as she is new to his team, though she doesn't seem to be having a ton of trouble adjusting to the group. Generally, Serena is kind and gentle, though a little icy around strangers.
Ability: Serene Grace.
Specialty: Serena specializes in speed and physical attacks; this combined with her support attacks makes her a threat in battle. However, her defenses are not so great, and as such she relies heavily on putting her opponents to sleep before moving in for a rapid series of strikes.
Known Moves: Camouflage, Aromatherapy, Double Kick, Take Down, Grasswhistle (Egg Move.)

Posted Image
Species: Dwebble.
Nickname: Paruk.
Trainer: Ethan Worth.
Appearance: Paruk looks like a normal Dwebble, although he tends to carve his shells into a more pointed shape.
Personality: Paruk is rather impish in nature, as he tends to play small pranks on those around him -- especially his enemies. He has adapted quickly to life in Ethan's team, not particularly questioning his new position, though he has enjoyed the new opportunities to mess with people -- especially his new trainer. Paruk is a bit cruel in battle; while not evil like Suya is, he like to play around with his prey, so to speak, and plays mind games on those he fights against on a regular basis. Needless to say, he should find himself welcome in the group...
Ability: Shell Armor.
Specialty: Paruk is primarily defense based, using his shell as a shield -- naturally. He also tends to try and catch his opponents off-guard, by digging underground and disguising himself as a rock; this strategy tends to work better in rocky areas, where he can splash sand into his opponent's face and then do the above.
Known Moves: Sand-Attack, Smack Down, Rock Polish, Bug Bite, Slash.

--Gavin Braner
Username: Parugi
Name: Gavin Braner.
Faction: Team Rocket.
Hometown: Lavender Town.
Age: 21.
Here. A Rocket Agent who tends to wear a black hoodie, shirt and shoes, as well as gray jeans. His hair is long and auburn colored, similar to Silver's in style, and his eyes are green. He is 5'9", slightly short for his age, and he has fairly soft features. Following the Paradise battle, he now wears dark blue jeans, a black shirt, and a black, hoodless jacket.
Personality: Cold and emotionless, Gavin doesn't let his feelings get int he way of his job -- business comes first, in his opinion, even before the lives of others, aside from his Pokémon, who he actually cares very deeply for. He is antisocial, brushing off people when they talk to him, whilst making snarky remarks about them in his head. He does not take defeat well, and has slipped into spots of depression at times, when he has lost many battles in a row. He has a preference towards Psychic and Dark type Pokémon, seeing their abilities as more useful than those of others. He is not incredibly loyal to Team Rocket, only assisting them because he was told to.
Background: Gavin lived a gloomy life growing up -- inevitable, considering where he came from. He spent most of his time skipping school, and instead chose to battle and vandalize. His actions eventually got him into very big legal trouble, when he helped to ravage a small cemetery; because of that, he was sent to assist Team Rocket in their war against Team Liberty. As such, he does not harbor an intense loyalty to them, and on many occasions has chosen to ignore orders and go off on his own. He caught his Duskull during a training mission to Lavender Town, and acquired his Staryu prior to joining Team Rocket.
Pokémon: Starmie (Ithes; 16,) Dusknoir (Dothe; 16,) Drapion (Irest; 14,) Frillish (Sivik; 5,) Kadabra (Talsim; 7,) Baltoy (Evris; 2,) Poochyena (Kora; 2.)

Posted Image
Species: Starmie.
Nickname: Ithes.
Trainer: Gavin Braner.
Appearance: Ithes looks exactly like a regular Starmie, though the gold area around his gem is silver and his gem tends to stay on a certain color dipicting his mood.
Personality: Ithes is extremely loyal to Gavin, much like he was as a Staryu, thouh he is much smarter now than he was before. His raised intelligence has allowed him to begin acting of his own accord, giving Gavin the freedom to direct his other Pokemon in battle instead of orderng Ithes around. However, he is still impossible to read, aside from guessing his mood via his core.
Ability: Natural Cure.
Specialty: Physical strikes. Because of his evolution, he has also become sufficiently intelligent so as to act of his own accord in battle, if Gavin so wishes, allowing Gavin to focus on other opponents. He tends to combine this with his past experiences in battle, allowing him to form his own strategies without the need to be ordered around.
Known Moves: Hydro Pump, Rapid Spin, Recover, Camouflage, Bubblebeam, Power Gem.

Posted Image
Species: Dusknoir.
Nickname: Dothe.
Trainer: Gavin Braner.
Appearance: Same as a typical Dusknoir, though his eye is blue.
Personality: Dothe's final evolution has brought forth a far braver side of his personality than has been seen in the past. He will not stand down against a foe, and will fight loyaly and honorably to the end no matter what condition he is in. With greater power on his side, he has taken more initiative in fighting face to face, though still possesses a number of tricks that he will resort to if he needs to. Whle he still enjoys a good prank, he has toned down his joking nature considerably.
Ability: Pressure.
Specialty: Physical attacks and defenses, with a respectable prowess in mind attacks. Specializing primarily in punching, Dothe still uses a number of surprise attacks in battle, depending on how things are going.
Known Moves: Night Shade, Thunder Punch, Confuse Ray, Ice Punch, Will-o-Wisp, Shadow Punch.

Posted Image
Species: Drapion.
Nickname: Irest.
Trainer: Gavin Braner.
Appearance: Irest has slightly larger pincers on his hands.
Personality: Ever since Gavin received Irest, he has been trying to prove himself to Dothe, Ithes and his trainer. Since his evolution, Irest has become much more confident in his abilities, and is proud of the circumstances surrounding his evolution. Still, he remains somewhat lonely, as he is still the only Pokémon on Gavin's team that was not actually caught by Gavin. Irest has kept some of his lazy worker tendencies, such as sleeping much of the time, though since his evolution he has become more active and more willing to battle.
Ability: Sniper.
Specialty: Irest's main specialty is still in physical attacks; however, his evolution into a larger Pokémon has slightly decreased his speed. Still, his size gives him an edge over smaller, weaker-minded opponents, intimidating many of them with ease.
Known Moves: Bite, Poison Fang, Pin Missile, Claw Sharpen, Acupressure, Cross Poison.

Posted Image
Species: Frillish.
Nickname: Sivik.
Trainer: Gavin Braner.
Appearance: Looks like a normal male Frillish, though his eyes are yellow as opposed to red.
Personality: A rather naive and curious individual, Sivik spends a lot of time observing others up close, which is how he met Gavin. Though slightly cold towards Gavin since being removed from the ocean, Sivik is still willing to obey him because of this new opportunity to see the rest of the world. Sivik is willing to fight when angered, and dislikes intruders of the sea -- boats and people, in other words.
Ability: Cursed Body.
Specialty: Sivik is most powerful when he uses special attacks. He is also much faster in water than on land, though is still able to operate on either.

Known Moves: Absorb, Night Shade, Recover, Water Pulse, Ominous Wind.

Posted Image
Species: Kadabra.
Nickname: Talsim.
Trainer: Gavin Braner.
Appearance: A normal looking Abra.
Personality: Following his evolution, Talsim has become more aware of what goes on around him, shedding his relaxed state in favor of a perpetual calm manner. More talkative than he used to be, Talsim is perfectly willing to communicate with his trainer and others now. With the development of his powers, Talsim has become more of a tactician than he was before, a skill that he uses to great effect in combination with his abilities.
Ability: Magic Guard.
Specialty: Talsim specializes in Special Attacks, and has also shown a proficiency in speed, used in combination with his Teleport ability when facing an opponent. While his defenses have improved following his evolution, Talsim is horrible with physical attacks, and his physical defense is still not that great.
Known Moves: Teleport, Psychic, Thunder Punch (Egg Move,) Recover, Disable, Confusion.

Posted Image
Species: Baltoy.
Nickname: Evris.
Trainer: Gavin Braner.
Appearance: Evris looks like virtually any other Baltoy.
Personality: Evric is possibly Gavin's most alien Pokémon. Extremely mild-mannered, Evris displays virtually zero personality, never socializing with others, never speaking to other Pokémon, never interacting much with the environment. It seems as if it is simply there, with its only defining feature being its swiftness if listening to commands from Gavin.
Ability: Levitate.
Specialty: Evris is, like other Baltoy, particularly skilled with Special Attack and Defense. Using its psychic abilities, it is also capable of becoming extremely fast and difficult to hit, though this requires careful planning and time.
Known Moves: Rapid Spin, Harden, Ancientpower, Psybeam, Confusion, Power Trick.
Posted Image
Species: Poochyena.
Nickname: Kora.
Trainer: Gavin Braner.
Appearance: Kora's eyes are blue and white as opposed to red and yellow.
Personality: Despite her species's fierce appearance, Kora is actually a very gentle and loving Pokémon. Exceedingly loyal to her owner, Kora will only attack if she or they are threatened; otherwise, she will seek endlessly for a way to be your friend. Unfortunately, her antics sometimes come across as attacks, and as such several people have mistakenly become frightened by her.
Ability: Quick Feet.
Specialty: Kora specializes in speed and physical attacks, particularly those that involve biting. She is extremely fast, a trait aided by her Quick Feet ability.
Known Moves: Tackle, Bite, Sand-Attack, Howl, Ice Fang (Egg Move,) Fire Fang (Egg Move.)

--Jackson Sang (Freelancer)
Username: Parugi.
Name: Jackson Sang. He also goes by several different aliases.
Faction: Freelance assassin; often gets hired by Team Rocket.
Hometown: Castelia City, Unova.
Age: 21.
Here. An extremely dashing and handsome individual, Jackson is 5'10 and has burgundy-colored hair and eyes. In general, he is seen wearing a black trench coat with silver buttons and a black or dark gray-blue suit underneath. He wears a leather belt with a silver clasp, on which he carries his Pokéballs.

On the job, he takes on a wide range of disguises and appearances, either through different clothing or with the help of Tracer. However, one outfit in particular that he tends to use is a ninja-like uniform that he wears underneath his casual clothing, and can switch into in virtually an instant. This uniform is black with a white belt, gloves, and boots, as well as a black bandanna over his mouth and nose. Typically, he ends up covered in blood during his assassination missions; as a result, he becomes virtually unrecognizable in this uniform, especially when Tracer uses his Transform attack to add on some... unique... characteristics...
Personality: To put it simply, Jackson is... kind of crazy. An insanely effective assassin who has virtually never lost a battle, he has developed a bit of a complex, viewing himself as the center of the universe and all of the people within it as figments of his imagination. He does not believe that he can be beaten, and as a result, does not believe that he can be killed; any attempts to prove him otherwise will result in him countering with insane logic that, strangely, usually ends up making sense. His beliefs are only further supported by his tendency to engage (and defeat) targets and opponents--human and Pokémon--in direct combat, as opposed to relying on his own Pokémon to do even a fraction of the work that he does.

Regardless, Jackson is not particularly cocky or rude while not on the job. He is a bit of a jokester, and is, overall, a pretty cool person to hang out with, so long as you don't do something to get on his bad side, and is, quite frankly, a bit of a dork. This lighter side of him is reserved only for those who can both catch him in public while he's not on a job and get past his odd idiosyncrasies, such as his deep fondness for fast-moving objects and vehicles, such as bullets, cars, jets, motorboats, and other similar methods of transportation.

Beware, however, that he has a strict--and secretive--moral code, one that most people don't understand, cannot comprehend, and which does influence his choice of job; if one somehow crosses it, he will come for them, and they will deserve every ounce of the beating that he delivers--at least in his eyes. Virtually no one is exempt from this, nor from the potential cruelty with which he will deal with those who tarnish it. In short, if you are on a train with him, be very careful of what you do and how you behave; otherwise, you may find yourself making a lot of new friends... with the tracks.
Background: Jackson was born to a wealthy family in Castelia City. Somewhat odd from a young age, Jackson was very fond of acrobatics, and as a result grew up practicing them. Some ten or twelve years ago, he ran away from home and began living off of the streets, where he was able to refine his acrobatic abilities and enhance his endurance, strength, and other physical abilities, eventually becoming an assassin-for-hire--and quickly rising to become one of the best in the business. At some point he expanded his area of operation to include the Kanto regions, quickly catching the eye of Team Rocket and becoming one of their most often-hired hit-men, a job he has been working with ever since--though not exclusively, as he still hires himself out to literally anyone who will pay him for his services.

Rumor has it that Jackson is blood-related to Shadow Admin Sleight through the father he left behind in Castelia all those years ago, though no one has really looked into the background behind this possibility at this point. It seems to stem from their similar attitudes and accomplishments in life, however, primarily that they are both incredibly difficult to defeat in their respective areas of combat.
Pokémon: Tracer (Ditto,) Claire (Mienshao; 3,) Walker (Grovyle; 3.)

Posted Image
Species: Ditto.
Nickname: Tracer.
Trainer: Jackson Sang.
Appearance: No differences from other Ditto.
Personality: Tracer doesn't exhibit much of a personality when in his standard form, merely following orders when they are given and just generally hanging around and acting cool. When it the form of another, copied Pokémon or human, he will behave and speak exactly as they would, and can recall certain short-term memories from them due to possessing a tiny bit of psychic power. However, when he takes on an original form--especially an original human form--Tracer tends to be rather... eccentric, much like Jackson. He views himself as the center of the universe, though isn't particularly rude about it--it simply comes naturally to him to act that way.
Ability: Imposter.
Specialty: Tracer is not a battling Pokémon in any sense of the word. His sole purpose--in training, on the job, in life--is infiltration and deception, be it through transforming into a perfect replica of another being--Pokémon or human--or wrapping around Jackson and using his Transform attack to create any number of disguises or strange illusions. Thanks to years of training, Tracer has virtually perfected his transformation power, unlike other Ditto, and as such has learned to use his copied vocal cords to speak while in the form of a human.
Known Moves: Transform.

Posted Image
Species: Mienshao.
Nickname: Claire.
Trainer: Jackson Sang.
Appearance: No differences from other Mienshao.
Personality: A slightly ditzy and quirky Mienshao, Claire has never really been right in the head. She tends to burst into random fits of giggling when she's out of her Pokéball, and finds numerously grim things--fighting, death, blood and gore--to be quite humorous. Still, she isn't a sociopath or anything; she has simply taken on several of Jackson's idiosyncrasies and views, coming off as an aloof an somewhat crazy individual as a result. Overall, Claire's a fairly nice and loving Pokémon... albeit slightly insane.
Ability: Regenerator.
Specialty: Claire is like Jackson and every other Pokémon that Jackson owns (sans Tracer): She is extremely fast and very strong physically. However, like his other Pokémon, she is only a support beam in the battling tower that is Jackson Sang: she, like the others, only serves to assist Jackson in battle, as he does much of his own fighting personally. However, she is also fairly useful for sneaking around and listening in on conversations when Jackson needs someone to do that.
In essence, she is a true weasel.
Known Moves: Drain Punch, Bounce, Detect, Role Play (MT'd,) U-Turn, Jump Kick.

Posted Image
Species: Grovyle.
Nickname: Walker.
Trainer: Jackson Sang.
Appearance: No differences from other Grovyle.
Personality: A quiet individual who, for the longest time, has focused almost solely on spy work, Walker is an extremely loyal member of Jackson's team. Generally acting as a lookout and using his Grasswhistle attack to signal Jackson to changes to the surrounding situation. Aside from that, there isn't much to say--Walker tends to be pretty stoic, always watching and always observing those around him...
Ability: Overgrow.
Specialty: Like Claire, Walker specializes in physical strength and swiftness, though battling is not his forte--he acts mainly as a spy and look-out for Jackson, as opposed to focusing on actually fighting. Still, he can fight when he needs to, though generally tries to stick to draining strength from his opponents as opposed to directly attacking them.
Known Moves: Detect, Agility, Grasswhistle (Egg Move,) Drain Punch (MT'd,) Mega Drain, Quick Attack.


Closed Perpetual

Posted by Parugi , in Perpetual Feb 13 2013 · 1,791 views

So for the three of you who actually care, you might've noticed that Perpetual and its related topics have been closed. "By request," as B6's closing posts say.
Well... yeah. That's not a mistake--I asked for the RPG to be closed late last night after mulling it over for roughly two weeks.
I won't begin to go into the reasons why I think Perpetual failed; suffice it to say that it boils down to the fact that there was virtually no direction given to the players. In hindsight this is something that I foresaw but ignored as far back as December. Honestly, it's a shame, and it gives me some feelings of guilt considering the fact that I, in a way, took a spot away from another RPG that could have actually managed to stay afloat, but it's not something I particularly care to revisit and fix. I apologize to everyone for that.
Regardless, I'm not exactly sad about the way things turned out with Perpetual. For the past few weeks--months, even--I've been growing less and less interested in RPGs, and at this point I have other things that I want to start shifting my attention to, like writing my own, original stories and continuing to improve my voice acting skills. Honestly, after I finish the Daedra Arc in the BZPRPG, and after the eventual end of Rise of the Rockets, I'm not entirely sure I'm going to remain on BZPower for very long--RPGs were what kept my here and they aren't doing it for me anymore.
But, I can't know anything for certain at this point, so I'll leave it at that.
My point here is that Perpetual's gone for a lot of reasons. Love me, hate me, express whatever feeling you wish to express. In the meantime, I'm shifting gear to other things. :\



Posted by Parugi , in Other, Rise of the Rockets Jan 08 2013 · 1,658 views

Okay. I'm going to say this now:
If this new Fire-Type starter evolves into a Fire/Fighting-Type, I might throw something.
Having said that, I'm actually really excited for--and surprised by--this. Seems like only yesterday Gen. V was being released... and added to RotR...
Which, to get this out of the way now:
1. Gen. VI will not be added to Rise of the Rockets until its Japanese release. As such, just like the case was supposed* to be with Gen. V, there will be no early-bird cameos.
2. I want people to try really, really hard NOT to make a ton of huge plots in whatever the new region is called as soon as it's released. I don't want a repeat of Unova.
Those are my thoughts. :3
* I say 'supposed' because, despite my decree, certain people--mainly someone--somehow thought it was okay to ignore me and introduce, for instance, Pokabu and Excadril early. It was quite annoying. :/


Perpetual is up!

Posted by Parugi , in Perpetual Dec 30 2012 · 435 views

Post a character here!
Ask questions here!
Play the game here!
Let's make this game cool as ice, everyone! :D


RPGC #26 Results

Posted by Parugi , in Day Run: The Garden Dec 30 2012 · 676 views

Narrowest victory ever. Of all time.
1st. Island of Pain by TPTI--29 votes
2nd. Perpetual by Parugi and Loophole by Legolover-361--18 votes
4th. Waves of the South Alter Securi by Toa Levacius Zehvor--17 votes
5th. Dystopian by Giant of Lannister and Claustrophobia by Kryzath--16 votes
I'm surprised by how much of a landslide lead IoP had, but dang--for a while there, the five-way race between the others was getting nerve-wracking...


RotR Front Post: Done and Updated

Posted by Parugi , in Rise of the Rockets Dec 26 2012 · 1,193 views

Check it out! I think it turned out pretty nicely, personally. ^_^
And yes, I did reuse part of a Sleight post for the Rocket portion of the introduction, but that's only because I thought it did a good job of showing what the current TR situation is. I'll probably change it at some point in the near future, though. =)


Perpetually Yours

Posted by Parugi , in Other Dec 26 2012 · 499 views

Hey, guys. If you haven't done so already, you should totally go over to the RPG Contest #26 Final Poll and vote for my entry, #4 Perpetual, and/or TPTI's entry #2 Island of Pain.
They're both awesome and I would be happy as all getout if they both won, though I'd be fine if only a single one pulled through. =)
Also, a belated Merry Christmas! Hope you all had a good one, even if you don't celebrate the holiday! ^_^


Perpetual Sorrow

Posted by Parugi , in Day Run: The Garden Dec 22 2012 · 787 views

Vote for Perpetual in RPG Contest #26 here.
I don't have anything else to say. :/ I'd appreciate any support, though.

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