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Things. And stuff


Day Run - Temporary End

Posted by Parugi , in Day Run: The Garden Jan 07 2012 · 90 views

So today has been in interesting day in Day Run. i think now is as good a time as any to go on that break, until it's either continued via RPG or epic...

Questions and points raised here:
  • The Construct -- the Searcher -- has settled in the Barrens
  • Alan and Kairan are both injured, as well as an untold number of others
  • Elithes, Illuxio and Dalmia seem to be primed for a massive battle in the eastern Barrens
  • The Director seems to have some untold plans for the Day Run
  • Lyxek is unusually happy about the results of the Construct's actions...
  • Rhindon has sensed... something... that is out of the ordinary, only partially related to the Searcher
  • The Dark Hunters are all on their way to finding the Rose
  • On top of that... An ocean of Feranaki trapped underground? How did the horde get so large when it had been thinned so much?
  • Tarius seems to be dead... but is he? And what was that light that rose from where he died...?
  • Just what the heck is even going on!? What is the true purpose of this war? What is the relation between the Director and Lyxek? Who built the Director? What is Dalmia actually up to? Who is Lyccir? What happened during the Forgotten Period?
  • Who or what is Rhashahk?

Yeah, definitely a great place to cut things off for a while.


A Plea

Posted by Parugi , in Day Run: The Garden Dec 31 2011 · 163 views

We all know what it's like when a favorite TV show or series of some other kind gets canceled before it can be concluded. We all know that that kind of thing stinks and it shouldn't happen. It's a terrible, terrible fate that has been shared by countless stories, few of which have gotten the chance to reemerge after the fact and finish what they had started.

Well, my dear friends, now is one of those times. Day Run: The Garden has made it into the RPG Contest final poll. It's off to a bad start. Mine included, it has three votes. This saddens me, and like those TV shows, it will sadden the players if it does not get a chance to finish.

I'm repeating an old message here, one that I've been preaching for the past couple of weeks. The story is almost finished; we are so close to finding out what ties everything in the Day Run storyline together -- what is the connection between Lyxek and the Director? What is the Collector, really? Who, exactly, is Rhashahk? And what in the devil's name is the deal with that rose?

All of that is in jeopardy. And we need your help to save it. Yours is the vote that could make or break Day Run's continued existence. Please; if you have extra time, submit a vote for entry #8 over in the final poll. If it wins, another story will have concluded, and a lot of people will be very happy as a result. If not... then this story may very well never see a conclusion.

Thank you for your time.


At this point I would like to thank everyone who has either voted for Day Run or made a blog entry of their own to raise awareness for it; you guys rock! ^_^

At any rate, it's a close race, and it still needs votes to solidify a win. So, if you don't mind and have the time to do so, you should totes vote for Day Run in the contest -- along with whatever other two you want to vote for. ^_^

There are only two days left of voting, though, so hurry fast!

Bumping again because Day Run has fallen behind. :(

Once again, if you haven't voted, please consider giving a vote to Day Run. It's one vote behind right now and the story is starting to go into some very interesting places. And, really, there's nothing to lose by voting for it, so if you are willing, please come and support us -- you'll make a number of people happy!

~This message brought to you by the Oregonian Parugi Association~


Day Run Sketches

Posted by Parugi , in Stories, Day Run: The Garden, Characters, Art & MOCs Dec 06 2011 · 359 views


The Coeur d'Ombre
The Construct
The Rose

So there are a few. Expect more to come as time goes on.

And yes, the Breaker is technically from Night Ride. But who cares? :P


Short Story: One

Posted by Parugi , in BIONICLE, Day Run: The Garden, Stories Dec 03 2011 · 317 views

So... I posted that short story I was talking about. It's called "One" and it can be found here.

Once again, I issue this warning: It has spoilers for what -might- come to be in the RPG. If you want to read it, though, then go ahead; I can't stop you. :P

Also, yes, I decided not to enter it in the SS contest. Oh well. Maybe next time.


Drawings And Absolute Power

Posted by Parugi , in Art & MOCs, BIONICLE, Characters, Day Run: The Garden, Stories Dec 01 2011 · 340 views

So, tomorrow will be December 2nd, which means that the Short Story contest is going to close to new entrants. While that's all well and good, it means I'm going to have to work -very- hard tomorrow on editing my entry if I'm going to get to enter -- which, hopefully, I will.

Regardless of whether I get to or not, tomorrow is the start of a weekend (after school, anyway,) and I have a ton of stuff that I'm going to do on here to celebrate. This includes, but may not be limited to:
-Uploading several drawings of characters and scenes from Day Run, some of them things that people have seen at this point, some that you haven't. Obviously, because of that latter point, I will not be uploading all of them onto here, though they will get added as time goes on and more gets revealed.

-Again, the posting of Absolute Power, regardless of whether I get to enter it or not.

-Renewed activity and updates to important stuff in Island of Pain, RotR (which really needs some hugs and new members; I highly encourage people to join it ^-^,) the BZPRPG and, most importantly, possibly, Day Run -- which,. as things stand, there's already quite a big thing or two going on, which may or may not have been influenced by NGE... ;P

-Potentially the official posting of the rewritten Broken Unity. At this point,. the prologue is ready; I'm still debating on whether I should add onto the first few chapters, though. I do, however, absolutely need to rewrite parts of some of them.

And that's all I can think of. But yeah, it should be interesting both on and off BZP; we're putting our Christmas tree up tomorrow (our first real one in my memory... :-O) and we're having a party in my Art class, so it'll be fun. ^-^


Day Run Is Back

Posted by Parugi , in Day Run: The Garden Oct 14 2011 · 90 views

Since I somehow got the posting thing to listen to me this time (for the most part), Day Run has been reposted. Yes, I am aware that I need to update the links in all three topics.

And along with that, a few notes for people:
-I am aware that the Events information is missing; I'm going to work on fixing that next week, when I'm back at my dad's house. The team list in the profiles topic is also missing; this was intentional, as I found it a bit redundant to keep the same list in both the discussion topic and profile topic. I may or may not add it back later; we'll see.

-The RPG will, indeed, be continuing from where it left off -- meaning, in the middle of several things that were going on. I found it unwise to restart from the beginning considering everything that has happened.

-In relation to the above, as I'm doing with ROTR, full-gear role-playing probably won't actually happen until Sunday or Monday, possibly later, as I'm waiting for people to get readjusted to BZPower before "officially" starting. In the meantime, feel free to get other stuff sorted out.

-As players of ROTR know, I'm enacting several policy changes in both ROTR and Day Run over the course of the next couple of weeks. The first one will be posted probably on Sunday, in this blog, and will most likely be in regards to god-modding and will definitely have a section on character powers. Others will follow soon after, though they shouldn't have a huge effect on the game play itself.

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