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Things. And stuff


R O T R: Where It Stands Now

Posted by Parugi , Apr 21 2010 · 190 views
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

I'd say it's pretty good by now, don'tcha think? tongue.gif


Pokémon: Fire Red

Posted by Parugi , Apr 21 2010 · 238 views
So I restarted my Pokémon FireRed version like, two hours ago, and am in Mt. Moon.

I've decided to take a totally different approach to how I play these games. Usually, I accidentally end up only getting my starter Pokémon to a respectable level -- for my Sapphire version it was Blaziken, for Blue it was Charizard, etc. This time, I'm not only spreading out my Pokémon usage evenly, but I'm also using Pokémon that I have never included in my party before.
As of now, my team consists of:
-Bulbasaur, whom I have only ever started with once before, and that was just so I could say that I had used every starter. This one turned out to be female on the first try, which surprised me, but whatever. tongue.gif
-Rattata, who I usually catch a bunch of and then they just turn into cannon fodder.
-Beedrill, who I always want to get, end up catching a Weedle and then don't do anything with it.
-Mankey, who I didn't even know was near Mt. Moon.
-Geodude, who also usually turns into one of those excess cannon fodder Pokémon.
-Spearow, who I just never bother with because I always get a Pidgey first -- not this time! : D

So, yeah. This should be interesting...


Dark Deeds Character Teaser #3: A Glitch In Our System.

Posted by Parugi , Apr 20 2010 · 369 views
Could it be?
An actual picture?
One of me!?
Are you sure!?

Say it isn't so!
Oh no!
This can't be so!
Say it isn't so, yo!

I really need to stop trying to write songs. tongue.gif But, yeah -- piccy of me, you see, what an anomaly. Which reminds me of today's character teaser, the Dark Hunter Anomaly.

Who is he? What are his powers?
So, you remember Dacres/Terror and Sekrit/Rage from earlier, correct? Anomaly -- or, as he is commonly known, Ventelis -- is another Dark Toa, as such I won't be getting into his backstory very much. This time, though, there's a twist! Whilst the others had fathomable powers, Anomaly controls a completely different element. That element is technology.

Rather odd, right? That's what Ventelis thought at first, as well. Out of the other Dark Toa, he had the toughest time learning to control his new powers -- Dark Hunter computers went crazy as he walked by, simple machinery exploded ta a touch. However, now that he has mastered his power, he is a force to be reckoned with. His ability to control his mechanical bullets, fire through his teched-out sniper rifle, allows him to easily redirect his shots so that they hit has targets. At a range, he can effectively shut down communications between team members using his Kanohi Stalis, Mask of Incomprehension; many groups of heroes have met their end through this, as they are unable to warn the others of the danger approaching from behind. Ventelis himself is emotionless and silent, preferring silence to loud noises -- as is the way of the hunter...

Who does he work with? Against?
Ventelis works alongside Dacres, Sekrit and the other two Dark Toa, following their lead whilst making himself heard through his skills. Unlike the others, he harbors no dislike towards any other group within the Dark Hunters -- any attack made by him is merely his following of an order, unless otherwise stated.

However, he does hate plants with a passion, going so far as to ignite an entire forest so as to clear the area of vegetation, as well as any other creatures that might reside within it -- living, dead or in between.

Final thoughts?
Anomaly... What a cool name! And to think, it only took me a whole couple of months to think of it. Anyway, compared to earlier versions of this character, Ventelis is everything I've ever wanted in a stealth hunter: silence, proficiency and drive -- a true anomaly, as you'll find out later on. tongue.gif


Rpg Question: Bios For T R/ T L Leaders?

Posted by Parugi , Apr 20 2010 · 400 views
Hi. If you followed that big, long conversation in the RPG planning topic a couple of weeks ago or any of my blog entries regarding it, you know that I have a Pokémon RPG in the works. At the moment, it's essentially done (happiness yayz and stuff.)

So, what's this entry about, then? Well, I'm on the fence about whether or not I should write up bios for the seven leader characters -- the four Shadow Admins for Team Rocket and the three Team Liberty leaders. Currently, I kind of, sort of have rough outlines of them written out (I know more about them in my head, for those who want to complain about me not being prepared. tongue.gif ) I'm just not sure if filling out profiles for them would give away too much information about them or not. Thoughts on this?

Also, I'm thinking of downgrading one or two of the Shadow Admins (definitely Ace or Bounty -- Sleight and Joker are too important in the introduction) to Executive status (same with one of the TL leaders -- Bluefalcon, possibly) so that my co GM can make a couple of leader charries, or so that there are free spaces available for players interested in helping run the teams. Thoughts on this?

I'd really appreciate your opinions! happy.gif


Dark Deeds Character Teaser #2: The Butler

Posted by Parugi , Apr 18 2010 · 326 views
Hi. Well... I suppose the only thing of interest I have for you is the fact that ROTR is pretty much done, so you can just go ahead and read on. tongue.gif

Shifting focus from the antagonists of the last entry, I now give you a glimpse at one of the protagonist characters. This character is a Dark Hunter who has been permanently assigned to "informant"/"butler" duty, giving a run-through of the Dark Hunters' operations to new recruits as well as serving other, high ranking Hunters. As such, he has been assigned the codename "Server," though he would much rather you refer to him by his true name, Dothe.

Who is he? What are his powers?
Server is a Dark Hunter who originated from from the island of Tinar, acting as a servant to a powerful warlord. When that particular warlord ended up dead on an island to the west, Dothe was accused of giving away information regarding his master to the inhabitants of the island he was trying to conquer, effectively framing him for murder. He was forced to leave the island or risk execution, and with nowhere else to go, he was inducted into the Dark Hunters.

Originally, he assumed that his telepathic abilities and teleportation skills would be put to use on the field, though, much to his chagrin, he was once again assigned to butler duties. He has harbored an intense dislike of the Shadowed One ever since.

Dothe is a member of a Toa-like species, called Ryslin. He is unable to utilize mask powers, though wears a silver Kanohi Hau regardless, and he possesses powerful telepathic and teleportation powers. While resentful of the Shadowed One, he has no way of leaving the Dark Hunter organization at the current time, though if the chance presented itself, then he would gladly take it. Unlike most Dark Hunters, he is not absorbed in his own abilities, though he knows that he could easily hold his own against the likes of Summoner and Fragmenter, or possibly even the Shadowed One himself if he had to.

Who does he work with? Against?
Because of his position in the Dark Hunter organization, Dothe doesn't have any clear cut partners or enemies to begin with. However, he and Kovian become close accomplices fairly quickly, given their similar histories.

He has an intense dislike for braggarts, which is why he and Summoner have never gotten along. If nothing else, Dothe would at least like to knock Summoner's smirk off of his face in battle, even if it means execution at his leader's hands.

Final thoughts?
Overall, Dothe is easily one of my favorite planned characters. I think he should pair remarkably well with Kovian and several other characters, and there are a lot of other possible uses for him, a lot of them playing off of his dislike of the Shadowed One -- one in particular that I'm considering also ends very... interestingly.

And yes, I'm not going into remarkable detail about him for that reason. tongue.gif


Dark Deeds Character Teaser #1: Terror And Rage

Posted by Parugi , Apr 16 2010 · 415 views
Hi, Broken Unity readers. So, you might have noticed that I'm in one of my usual "I'm trying to update the story, but can't for various reasons" phases, and I deeply, deeply apologize for that.
To compensate for that, I'm going to start doing teasers for BU's sequel, Dark Deeds, which will hopefully start sometime in the summer. Read on for more!

To start, I bring you two of the members of one of the primary antagonist groups, Toa Dacres and Toa Sekrit.

Who are they? What are their powers?
I'll gladly tell you. Dacres and Sekrit are unnatural Toa who work for the Dark Hunters -- that is, they were created through a forced evolution process on the Shadowed One's orders. Originally, they were two members of a group of twelve Matoran who were attempting to escape from their home island, as a plague that they had previously thought was gone had resurfaced. These Matoran were picked up by a group of Dark Hunters that had been hired to travel to the island to check on its new inhabitants, and were brought back to Odina after the mission.

One of the Matoran had stumbled upon a Toa Stone prior to leaving, though he did not know what it was at the time. The Shadowed One, seeing a potential use in it, experimented on the group, harnessing and altering its power. The result was the deaths of seven of the Matoran, and the transformation of the other five into Toa who controlled unnatural elements, save for one (but, due to huge spoilers relating to this Toa, I cannot reveal what his element is.) Their minds were also altered in the process, and so the Shadowed One, pleased with the results, recruited the Toa into the Dark Hunters.

As for Dacres and Sekrit specifically:
As a result of his transformation, Toa Dacres gained control over the 'element' of Fear, allowing him to instill varying degrees of unease into his target, or potentially kill them through sheer terror. His Matoran Mask of Charisma was transformed alongside him, allowing him to utilize its powers to turn others to his cause. Manipulative and cruel, Dacres is completely loyal to the Dark Hunters, and will not hesitate to punish those who disobey his leader or to kill his targets. He wields a bow staff and wears the Kanohi Avali, Mask of Charisma.

Toa Sekrit is the uncaring Toa of Anger. Her mutation has granted her the ability to induce a rage onto her target or amplify her own anger, enhancing her physical strength though hindering her mental capabilities at the same time. Like the other Toa, Sekrit has a deep loyalty to the Dark Hunters and the Shadowed One. She utilizes her twin long swords, Aldris and Ilkis in battle, and wears the Kanohi Vulin, Mask of Amplification, which allows her to amplify any mental characteristic of a target.

Who do they work for? Against?
As stated above, Dacres and Sekrit are agents of the Dark Hunters. They function as a small strike team within the organization, carrying out missions alongside three other Dark Toa.

Despite their proficiency, rivalries have sprung up between their group and several others in the Dark Hunters. Of particular importance in Dark Deeds is their struggle against former Toa Exa Kovian (codenamed Reaper,) due to their vastly different opinions of the Dark Hunters. Reaper's group and the Dark Toa run into each other on various missions throughout the story, and more than one of these run-ins result in a battle.

As a result of their past, they also have a deep hatred for most plant-based things, though this will not be elaborated upon until later.

Other than that, most of their enemies are standard for Dark Hunters -- basically anyone that gets in their way.

Final thoughts?
Dacres and Sekrit (or their group, at the very least) should be pretty interesting to most people, especially once more gets revealed about them. I, personally, think they're fairly cool, and could be used for a lot of things.

Oh, and one other note of interest -- their fifth member does not have the affected mentality that the others do, and only stays with the Dark Hunters because he is trying to find a way to reverse their mutations. His identity should also be a bit unexpected, even if familiar to some...


Pokémon: Rpg Rough Draft - Seeking Opinions

Posted by Parugi , Apr 08 2010 · 262 views
Rise of the Rockets

Consequences of a Break -- 20 years ago...
Ash Ketchum's adventures had come to an end. It had been many years since he had started his journey; but having defeated the Gym Leaders of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and the Orange Islands, bested the seven Battle Frontier Brains, and managing to drastically weaken Teams Aqua, Magma and Galactic, along with foiling the plots of Team Rocket far too many times to count, he was weary; weary of travel, tired of fighting, and sick of sabotaging Team Rocket. Maybe, some day, the spark of travel would return; but for now, he just wanted to settle down and rest... and so he did. The world's most famous trainer went under the radar just as quickly as he had come. How long would it be until he came back into the spotlight? No one could tell. For a time, activities considerably slowed down.

It was not to last. For in the depths of the criminal underworld, the remnants of Team Rocket, the largest and most dangerous organized crime group of all, best known for their constant defeat by Ketchum, plotted. Giovanni, their failure of a leader, was quietly usurped by the Quatre Admins, four Rocket Executives whose identities have since been lost to all. With this exchange of hats, their armies began to grow, their plans became more full-proof than before, and they planned to succeed, no matter the cost. Training regimens grew to be harsher and twice as frequent as they had been in the past; policies were revamped, allowing for far more aggressive behavior than ever before. The world was in for a very nasty surprise.

Normally, fate would not allow this: A group of trainers would come along and ruin Team Rocket's dastardly scheme. They would be praised, while Team Rocket was left with little ground to stand upon. But in a moment of curiosity, Lady Fate turned the tables. How would people fare when everything as they knew it was pulled out from under their feet, she wondered. Would they be braced for such a change? Or would it catch them off guard? She was about to find out.

The Takeover -- 18 years ago...
Team Rocket's plan was simple: Infiltrate the governments of the four main regions and corrupt them from the inside out. And so they did -- beautifully, slyly and near perfectly. As their spies made their way into the roots of the main governments, planting the seeds for the Rockets' new reign, the organization built their armies. One by one, politicians were discredited and replaced by undercover Rockets. In the shadows, they prepared new laws, laws that would go into immediate effect once they took over.

All too soon, they were ready.

Their announcement came like a storm, their takeover akin to a flood through a field of fire. Using their sheer force, they marched through the lands, crushing any resistance, erecting main headquarters in the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh regions. Whole towns burned and fell; law enforcers could do nothing against them, falling powerlessly to their might. In days, they had full control, and their only rivals, the remainders of Teams Aqua, Magma and Galactic, were destroyed crushed, grounded beneath their heels. For the first time in a long, long time, Team Rocket had won.

Only two places were able to hold off the invasion, though not for very long. The inhabitants of the Orange Islands managed to fortify their homes for a while, though eventually they were overrun, now watched like a worm by a hawk. The Sevii Islands, meanwhile, were decimated, the civilians who lived there driven off, and soon ignored once more by the Rockets due to the bad memories they held.
All that had been before was gone; Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, famous trainers, like Ash Ketchum, Gary Oak and Richie Hiroshi, and Legendary Pokémon alike, the only symbols of hope, were driven into hiding. All hope was lost...

Or so it seemed.

Team Liberty -- 12 years ago...
In the Rockets' celebration, they had turned a blind eye towards one key location: The Sevii Islands. They had been harmed, all right, abandoned, maybe, but they were not gone. Their ruins remained; many treasures were left there, the building materials for a resistance, and on top of that, their location had been forgotten by the Rockets. These islands were to provide the building blocks for a new, stronger resistance: Team Liberty.

Drastic measures had to be taken. A large group of trainers gathered here, unknown but powerful. Many had lost their homes, were labeled as outlaws, and were being hunted, but they had still remained strong, driven by the fires of revenge. Led by three powerful trainers - Markus Aleivy (CODENAME: Goldhawk), Kane Umbra (CODENAME: Blackskull) and Shannon Ramirez (CODENAME: Bluefalcon) - they established Team Liberty, the polar opposite of Team Rocket. Using this new name, the resources of the Sevii Islands and Blackskull's inherited wealth, they built their own base of operations. Soon enough, they made their presence known, declaring war against the tyranny of Team Rocket. Captured cities praised them; the Rockets glared in disdain, immediately preparing for war and swearing to strike without mercy.

Team Liberty began recruiting, taking in any volunteers, outlawed trainers, anyone they could find who was willing to help in the attempt to liberate the world. Those without training were trained; those who could fight were sent to the field; and so began the longest war the citizens of the Poké Universe had ever known.

Present Time...
The war has taken an incredibly bad turn for Team Liberty. Team Rocket has managed to eliminate a large number of TL Agents in battle, and as a result, Goldhawk, Blackskull and Bluefalcon are getting desperate. Despite the risks, they have decided to change their tactics.

The Team Liberty Admins realize that they cannot win the war as they are now; their only hope is to get any surviving Gym Leaders, Elite Four members or Legendary Trainers or Pokémon to assist them. With their help, they can launch one massive attack on the Rockets. The idea is simple; putting it into action, however, is not. They cannot risk taking more Agents out of the field. To remedy this dilemma, they have decided to send their newer recruits out, so that they can locate and bring back these trainers. You are one such Agent

Main Objectives
[1] Acquire assistance from any willing outside trainers and Pokémon. Beware of spies!
[2] Retrieve all Legendary Pokémon, Gym Leaders, and Elite Four members.
[3] Capture as many key areas from the Rockets as possible.
[4] Defeat Team Rocket and its leaders and shut down all remaining Rocket facilities to restore a reasonable amount of peace to the world.

Other Objectives
[1] Train your Pokémon.
[2] Fill the ranks of your Pokémon team. Remember that you are only allowed six Pokémon with you at any time throughout the RP.

Yeah. So, that was an epic shpeel, right? No? Well... whatever.

So, yeah. If you didn't figure it out already, basically, in this RP, the Rockets have taken over the world (or, at least, a lot of it -- I'm not sure how much of the world consist of Kanto - Sinnoh.) You play as a member of the resistance team, Team Liberty. At the beginning, you head down to the Pokémon Center and choose your Pokémon. You will also be assigned to a team, who will travel with you on your mission.

Missions vary -- some will simply be to locate a Gym Leader, Elite Four member, or some other person/Pokémon, while others will be to, say, escort someone from place to place, raise awareness for TL or shut down a Rocket Facility. Eventually, we'll move to defeating the Quatre Admins, one at a time, finally ending in an epic battle between Team Liberty and Team Rocket -- assuming we last that long. wink.gif

At the beginning of the RP, I'll assign you your team members and your missions. Be aware that I do this by random selection to avoid bias, and that teams are subject to shuffling down the road. After that, you're free to do whatever -- want to bring in some plot element from the Manga? Be my guest. Feel like going after a certain person for your next mission? Kay; you can do that.

Character profile
Fill this form out and post it here, should you wish to join.

Name: This is so ridiculously obvious that the only note I'm going to add is that you need to use a logical name - something like Daniel Pepper or Emily Johnson, for instance. For realism, you can add a last name.
Age: 14 is the minimum, unless you can give a good reason as to why your character would be younger.
Description: This is the physical description of your character. Hair color, eye color, height, and clothes should be listed here, as well as other such information.
Personality: This is your character's personality. Please do not make your character perfect - everyone has their flaws, no matter how much you may say otherwise. Also, describe! Make it in-depth! We need to know how your character would act! Do NOT put, "Fun, smart, loving." OR "Doesn't tell anyone."
Background: What is your character's history? Who are his or her parents" Where was he or she born? Not required, but greatly appreciated.
Pokémon: You may start with three Pokémon. However, before choosing, check the list further down to see which Pokémon are unusable.

    [1] All BZPower rules apply -- spamming, flaming, trolling, none of that jazz is allowed, nor will it be tolerated.

    [2] God-modding and meta-gaming are both huge no-nos. For newer RPers, god-modding is where you act outside of your limits, like lifting up boulders with ease or, in this case, winning every single battle. Meta-gaming is where you use OOC information to your advantage, by making your character know something that they shouldn't.

    [3] Realism -- use it. Don't climb up Lavender Tower in one post and then climb back down it the next. Don't include conflicts with the Rockets or whoever else in every single one of your posts. It is extremely annoying when posts are abundant with fights and when everyone is zipping around everywhere. Honestly; did Frodo reach Mordor in one chapter of The Lord of the Rings? Didn't think so.

    [4] Even out your wins and losses. Admit it -- you never win every single battle. It's a fact, and it applies here.

    [5] Keep your evolutions realistic. Elaboration below.

    [6] Go crazy! Mix things up a little/a lot! It's more fun that way! : D

    [7] Use the IC and OOC tags when you post. For the uninformed, IC stands for In Character and OOC stands for Out Of Character. .
    EX usage:

    IC: The Rocket grunt hit Bob in the back of the head, knocking him out.

    OOC: Ooh, suspense.

    [8] Have fun!
Evolution Guide

I am setting limits on how often you can evolve your Pokémon, as I do not want everyone getting third-stage Pokémon right after we start. Not only is that unrealistic in terms of Pokémon realism, but it also takes away the fun of the game.

To keep things simple, I'll just say this: If you think you've fought enough to evolve, then PM me and I'll say ay or nay.

For an idea of when you should be able to evolve, here's a chart:
1st Evolution: 6-8 battles
2nd Evolution: 8 more battles.
Evolution w/Stone/Item: Either use the stone/item or do 6-8 battles.
Evolution w/Other Pokémon: 6-8 battles, with at least one alongside the required Pokémon.
Evolution w/Trading: Either trade or do 6-8 battles.
Evolution @ Certain Location: 6-8 battles with at least 2 at that kind of location (I.E. 2 battles in any forest(s) for Leafeon.)

Simple, riiight? Good.

Non-starter Pokémon
When you first start off, you will be able to choose up to three basic-level Pokémon to start with. Below is a list of Pokémon that you can not start with.
Note that you must get my consent before catching a Pokémon, be it through PM or a post.

These are Pokemon that you are not allowed to start with, but can catch later on.
Marill, Jigglypuff, Clefairy and Pikachu - You may start with their pre-evolutions.
Dratini, Larvitar, Beldum, Bagon and Gible - These may be caught later on with my say-so.
Eevee - Too easy to evolve.
Any Pokemon that does not/can not evolve (I.E. Chatot, Seviper, Lunatone, etc.)

These Pokemon are unobtainable.
Legendary Pokemon (Moltress, Zapdos, Entei, Rayquaza, etc.) - This does not apply on missions where you must retrieve a Legendary. However, you do not get to KEEP or USE the Legendary.
Fossil Pokemon (Omanite, Kabuto, Anorith, Lileep, Shieldon, Cranidos, etc.) - Two reasons: 1. They're extinct, and 2. Team Rocket has the only technology that can restore Fossil Pokémon -- for now. These may become open in the future IF you happen upon a Fossil and WHEN we get the Fossil restoring tech back.

Note that some fossil Pokémon will be used by Rocket scientists at various times throughout the game, as the team is in possession of all of the regeneration machines and documents created thus far.

Got a question? PM it to me or post it and I will answer ASAP. Q&A will be listed here for reference.

Kanto Gym Leaders Retrieved

Johto Gym Leaders Retrieved

Hoenn Gym Leaders Retrieved

Sinnoh Gym Leaders Retrieved

Orange Crew Members Retrieved

Elite Four Members Retrieved

Other Famous Trainers Retrieved

Legendary Pokémon Retrieved

So... yeah. Expanding upon that RP idea last entry. I realize that I still need to flesh it out a little bit, but I'm working on it.
Meanwhile, any suggestions/opinions? Am I forgetting anything? Do you have any questions? Anything you'd like to see added or changed? I'm open to ideas.

... Anyone? sad.gif


Updated: R P G Idea

Posted by Parugi , Apr 07 2010 · 295 views

RPGs are fun.
I like them.
They are great.
And... I can't think of a funny pun.

Horrible verse aside, anyone know what the current deal with the COT approval system is? EDIT: Thanks, EW. happy.gif I have an idea for a Pokémon RPG that I don't think has been used yet.

To give you an idea of what I mean, allow me to paint you a mental picture:
It's 20 (maybe? Still working on the time) years after the Sinnoh games/anime/adventures as a whole. Four Team Rocket administrators, fed up with Giovanni's inability to successfully take over Kanto, rebel against him and take control of Team Rocket. They move on to take over not only Kanto, but Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and the Orange Islands, as well as destroying the Sevii Islands and the remnants of Teams Aqua, Magma and Galactic. Ash, Gary, and every other powerful trainer/legendary Pokémon is imprisoned, forced into hiding or dead. 10 years after the takeover, an official, organized resistance springs up (not the first -- other trainers had attempted rebellion in the past, though to little avail, mostly because they weren't as organized and they had fewer resources) led by three trainers, and they declare war on the Rockets. Present time, the war takes a turn for the worst, and so the resistance, now desperate, begins to send newer recruits -- the players, also called "Agents" -- out to the field so as to find Gym Leaders, E4 members, trainers like Ash and Gary, Legendary Pokémon, etc. while the rest of the organization continues to openly fight, so as to gather enough strength to defeat Team Rocket once and for all.
The story would be fairly sandbox-like -- players could choose to include whatever they want and mix the manga and anime however they wished. The only set in stone things would be the obvious -- the resistance leaders (though they are subject to replacement by player characters, particularly in the event that any are killed,) the four Rocket Leaders, and the location of the Resistance HQ -- which is also subject to change, because you never know when the Rockets could launch a full scale attack on it.


The Face Behind The Mask

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Year of Studentry: College Junior.
Hideout: Oregon.
Occupation: Student/Writer.
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Broken Unity (Review)
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-Day Run: The Garden (I II III; RPG)
-Pokemon: Rise of the Rockets (I


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