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Things. And stuff


My Face

Posted by Parugi , in Other Jul 16 2012 · 435 views

At the risk of being stalked (and making countless women (and men?) across the forum swoon,) here's a picture of me from my mom's wedding.

Spoilered linked, of course, because I don't want to look at my face every time I scroll down this blog. :P


The woman over my right shoulder is my oldest sister, Courtney. And the blur around her is not due to any photo editing, surprisingly enough.

edit: fine, dv. :\


It's over... :O

Posted by Parugi , in Day Run: The Garden Jul 12 2012 · 299 views

Day Run... is officially over.... :o

Well, it's been a fun.... geez, over a year? My gosh... that explains so much!

Anyway, I'll have an official Night Ride-style character wrap-up list type thing written soon, and it'll be posted here for anyone interested in it. Stay tuned--and hopefully everyone who participated in DR can get together in a future game. ^_^



Posted by Parugi , in Rise of the Rockets, Other Jul 09 2012 · 279 views

Who else has watched this fantastic anime?

Because my latest character in RotR is totally going to be a semi-expy of Claire Stanfield. :D
Posted Image


Lyxek's Dead!?

Posted by Parugi , in Day Run: The Garden Jul 07 2012 · 341 views

Oh snap, Lyxek died!?

He did! He committed suicide! :o

Or did he?


Day Run

Posted by Parugi , in Day Run: The Garden Jul 05 2012 · 371 views

Lyxek's plot is over, once and for all.

Or is it?


Rise Of The Rockets Players: Main Storyline?

Posted by Parugi , in Rise of the Rockets Jul 03 2012 · 385 views

Hey, players of RotR! I have a question for you!

So, Rise of the Rockets has been going on for over two years now, yes? Yes. And it now spans over 200 pages in total. That said, if you could choose any of the plots that have happened--any at all, however many you need--which ones would you say compose the main storyline of the RPG?

Obviously, a lot of stuff has happened, but admittedly, a lot of it has been filler--the Killer Hypno arc, for instance, or a lot of the recruitment missions. So I'm curious to know what, out of all the plots that have been done, actually counts as 'main plot.'

So yeah, if you guys could help me out here, and try to be specific with locations and who was involved (if possible,) that'd be awesome. And don't just say stuff because your characters were involved in it--I'm looking for the RPG's main story, not your characters'. :P

(Yes, there is a reason for me asking this, aside from simply being curious, but I'll go into that later.)


Losing Steam...

Posted by Parugi , in Day Run: The Garden Jun 30 2012 · 435 views

Okay... I'm going to be honest here: The deeper we get into Day Run's finale and its last week, the less and less motivated I feel to finish it.

I don't know why. Maybe it's because I'm realizing as things go along that the gigantic down times really screwed up a lot of the plot and that things have evolved at this point so far beyond what I had initially conceived that I'm finding it impossible to figure out how any of it ties together in any sort of coherent way.

If there's a lesson to be learned here, it's this: Figure out your plot before you actually put it into action. Otherwise it becomes a jumbled mess, like a train wreck of ideas and things that, while they seem good, really don't fit together as well as you would hope. :/

Bear with me, though. I'm determined to get this thing done. I'm just not sure I have it in me at this point...


I Just Realized...

Posted by Parugi , in Day Run: The Garden Jun 28 2012 · 300 views

The majority of Dalmia, Lyxek, and the Director's plans at this point can be summed up as follows:



An Idea

Posted by Parugi , in Day Run: The Garden Jun 24 2012 · 400 views

Just got a potential idea for a new Day Run-related-but-not-quite-sequel RPG. While it obviously won't be entered in this contest, I may have it ready by September, if I decide to do it at all.

If not, you'll still hear about it. :P


Momentary Freak-Out

Posted by Parugi , in Day Run: The Garden Jun 23 2012 · 318 views


Thank the spirits for that stop button--I was one second away from going to a different page and losing this really large Day Run post.

Phew. Guess I'd better copy it in case something like that happens again...

Now back to work...

The Face Behind The Mask

Posted Image

Identity: Kyle.
Year of Existence: 21.
Year of Studentry: College Junior.
Hideout: Oregon.
Occupation: Student/Writer.
Original Writings:
Broken Unity (Review)
Night Ride (RPG)

-Day Run: The Garden (I II III; RPG)
-Pokemon: Rise of the Rockets (I


-The Report

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Red = In Progress
Green = Complete
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