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Marriage and duel disks

Posted by Apears , in Observations Jul 15 2012 · 263 views

So my mom got married yesterday. 'twas cool and fun.

Also, apparently they're developing actual, working, hologram-projecting Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Disks. I am tentatively excited for this.

Also also, I got no sleep last night, so I may or may not start posting in RPGs again today. :3

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Wait; seriously? Will they work for all cards, or just new ones produced? This may be rather cool; and this is from someone who hasn't even played the DS games for a year or two now. xD

Though, it's wise to be tentative... Although they can pull off awesome 3D monsters in stuff like I guess the PSP games(Never played them), and I guess some console games(Only played Duelist of the Roses and Forbidden Memories)... Have you seen the graphics in Spirit Caller/the DS World Tournaments? They might've fixed them in recent years, but... still. =P

That aside; that's very cool about the wedding. =D
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I don't know much about the specifics. The duel disks will apparently come in three different sizes and will include glasses that you have to wear to actually see the projections (which aren't very big, judging from the demonstration video.) There will also be voice commands.

I had the same question about the actual cards, too. My brother told me that they're using microchip recognition software to read the cards when they're placed in the disk, leading me to assume that they won't work with older cards--which is a real shame, because while the idea is cool, I'm not exactly willing to splurge on buying all-new cards to make all of my main decks compatible with the system, on top of how expensive these will inevitably be.

If this microchip business is true--I couldn't find where he read that, but I haven't found anything contradicting it, either--hopefully they'll provide a program to exchange your old cards with new ones or some other method of making them compatible. Considering the abuse that a number of my best cards have gone through (not at my hands... >_>) I could really use a way to get replacements, anyway.

And thanks. ^_^
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Holographic Duel Disks sound cool but again I just don't have the time to spend money on new cards to make things compatible. Also wouldn't adding microchips to each card just drive the price up?
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The Manga Maniac Named Zac
Jul 16 2012 09:19 AM
Never been interested in Yugioh, always been a Pokemon fan at heart. But holographic duel discs? Beast, literally.

Although, I doubt this could work, maybe at tournaments, but like to a bunch of people? I think it might be exclusive to TCG tournaments. It would be cool to own one, but let's face it, the price of the things could be about as high as the number of views Smosh gets on a new video in one day.

And it's just like, "Hey we made this awesome toy, but you have to buy our new compatible cards! U mad bros?"

So I doubt this could happen, it would be awesome, but let's face it, it's gonna be pricy, kind of a bit of extortion because you are more likely have to buy new cards, more than likely, it looks like an exclusive thing for card tournaments, and it doesn't seem likely this would happen, for years.

But I'll be hoping along with everyone else, this seems like a cool idea.
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Yeah; that would make a little sense; but would likely just drive people away... Maybe if it had've happened years ago, when the first Duel Disks were released; but not now, after, what, 50 or more expansions?

Would be nice, but unfortunately, I'd pass. I'd rather get a new 3DS game, if they even make one.
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The Dandy Automaton
Jul 16 2012 01:39 PM
I'm just dreading to think of how expensive those duel disks are likely to be. Heck, those HUD glasses being produced by Google aren't going to be cheap and they're just an image on two lenses. For actual holograms, that's gonna hurt the wallet. Then if microchips are implanted in the cards, that change from just plain old card, ink and shiny stuff to card, ink, shiny stuff and microchip is gonna make the price of booster packs and starter decks skyrocket. I imagine this is probably gonna be a Japan only thing because I can't see any distributors outside of there would see duel disks as a massive hit.

And of course, let's not forget how dangerous they could be. The show has proven to us how holograms can create explosions, sweeping gales that blow sand into people's faces and shockwaves that can knock people off of castles. Very child unfriendly.
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:kaukau: Seeing your mother get married...well, you're a different person than me so I suppose you feel differently than I would. I honestly don't know how I'd feel, considering that it has yet to happen and given the character of my mother. Dang, though, it would be weird.

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(Bing's stalking me now. D=)

PK has a point, actually. A very good point, in fact. Is just one step toward the anime actually coming true, and everyone solving problems with card games... On motorcycles?
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@Onarax: Same. And I'm not sure. Granted, again, I still haven't found out if they're actually using microchip technology or not; I'd imagine that they're doing something cheaper--like bar codes--but who knows?

@Zacax: Nope; from the sounds of it, they're being mass produced for public purchase--heck, the people designing it are even having a contest right now to spread awareness about the product, with the winner receiving one (or even two) for free once the DDs are finished.

Anyway, they already have it in at least a semi-working stage, so we might be seeing finished versions within the next year or so.


@Grimoire: The fact that it's primarily a group of English-speaking people putting it together indicates that it won't be a Japan-only thing. :P

Still, yeah, chances are it will be expensive, but we'll have to wait to see for sure.

And yes, the holograms will be so deadly. Despite being tiny. And not made of "hard light" like those of the anime. :P

@Everyone: If you want more information, just Google "KaibaCorp Duel Disk"--it'll be the fifth link on the first page.

@Merida: Yeah, it's kind of weird. Still getting used to seeing my mom's new last name, but it's not that bad.
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Wait, Bar Codes? Oh, they're likely just using QR codes, like for the AR stuff for the 3DS. Might have a dual purpose to allow easy access to cards in the inevitable Yu-Gi-Oh 3DS game. =P(Is WT 2012 even out yet?)

Was there supposed to be something in my @ quote, or was it supposed to be a dual response? =P

Also, of course it's be dangerous. But only if you play it in or on vehicles. =P
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Once again, who knows? :P

I was going to respond to your other two comments, but couldn't think of what to say. So... XP

Totes. Card games on motorcycles and all. :P
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The future! =P

Ah, makes sense. =P

Exactly! xD
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Hm... So I found more information on the Duel Disks.

They're slated for release next month, although the dueling system is not quite complete.

There will be four models:
-Basic ($140; in order to use special functions, will have to be plugged into a computer using a 5-10 meter-long USB cable (included with purchase.))
-Advanced ($300; wireless with rechargeable batteries, but will have to be within 30 meters of a computer for special functions.)
-Custom ($140-$500; basically the same as Basic, but upgradeable--for example, you can buy the wireless kit for it.)
-Ultra ($700; no computer necessary to use it, and will include numerous other special features.)

Duel Disk Viewing Glasses are required to see the holograms and are sold separately at $100. They are not necessary to actually use the DD, though.

The recommended dueling field is 10-20 meters.

There will be a basic design to begin with, though plans are being made for other aesthetics for the actual DDs. Duel Runners are not being planned, and likely never will be. No word on Duel Arenas.

Every card will have unique visual effects--for example, bubble-like shield when Mirror Force is activated, or a blast of energy from Blue-Eyes White Dragon when it attacks. There will be voice commands.

There will be a five second delay when you order an attack, in case you want to stop the attack (by saying "Stop attack.") There will be another feature that you can activate to make it to where you have to say the attack command twice to make it happen. Both of these are to stop accidental attacks. Presumably there will be similar commands to halt activating spell/trap cards and such.

The DDs will only be sold online, at least to begin with.

Cards will be recognized through the use of card protectors. The DDs will come with 120 to begin with, and each will have a different symbol on the back. You will have to put your cards inside of them and select in the DD which card each symbol will be associated with. You can order more CPs if you need them, or, by using a tutorial that will come with the DDs, you can make your own.

Currently, the people designing the Duel Disks--KaibaCorp--are holding a contest for a free DD upon their release. Details for this can be found on their website, though it boils down to making a video on that one video site and getting the most views for it. Apparently you can also get a free DD by donating to the group or helping them work on the product.

Obviously, they are keeping source code for the product and other similar things under wraps.

So yeah. Sounds a bit more promising after finding more information on it, but I'm still a bit skeptical.
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Duel Runners are not being planned, and likely never will be.

Gee, I wonder why? :rolleyes:

I think I can guess what type of Duel Disk would be to start; though; the first variant, simply because it fits with all this the most. =P

Cards will be recognized through the use of card protectors. The DDs will come with 120 to begin with, and each will have a different symbol on the back. You will have to put your cards inside of them and select in the DD which card each symbol will be associated with. You can order more CPs if you need them, or, by using a tutorial that will come with the DDs, you can make your own.

That's definitely a cheaper option. =D Gotta wonder how that's possible, however. And maybe future cards will have these symbols built in, so that they can automatically detect the card type.

The contest sounds intriguing, too. But what kind of video, I wonder...?
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