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Day Run potential-maybe-not-quite-sequel idea

Posted by Parugi , in Day Run: The Garden Aug 09 2012 · 493 views

A'ight, so, some of you may remember this entry, and if not, well, there you go--take a look at it so you know what I'm talking about.

Well, I've given the idea a bit of thought, and I think it's time I presented the general idea to the public.

Day Run ended last month. During the finale, we learned that what Lyxek really wanted was immortality. Due to numerous circumstances, he failed in obtaining that, and Ruaki was, for lack of a better term, destroyed.

Well, what if in an alternate universe, Lyxek succeeded in gaining control of Ruaki? On top of that, what if, upon gaining control, Lyxek managed to become immortal--along with every other living being.

Yeah, you heard that right. In this potential alternate universe sequel, Lyxek succeeded in his plans. He became immortal. At the same time, he inadvertently made everyone in the universe immortal, as well. The entire player base would be standard characters--immortal characters, a la Baccano! immortality. You could not die, but you could still be injured. Your injuries would gradually heal themselves, but it would take time.

Your characters would be trapped in a never-ending cycle of violence and insanity, doomed to forever fight one another in the sad, hopeless hope that one day, Lyxek may decide to undo the curse that he has placed upon them.

As far as plot goes, I haven't gotten that far, but I think the concept could be made into something very interesting. What do you think, given this bare-bones information?

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Magnus Greel
Aug 09 2012 06:02 PM
I'm liking the idea of this so far. I've never really explored the idea of having immortal characters. It is something that could definately be made very interesting if fleshed out.
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Kal the Guardian
Aug 09 2012 07:21 PM
What about rolling heads and neck stumps? Just slap it back on and tape it there until it heals?

Otherwise, yes of course I'm going to love this idea. Most ideas you have are awesome. But putting that fact aside, it still would be really cool to explore getting injured more seriously and yet not dying, but having to rapidly recover.
    • 0
Greel: Indeed. I'm looking forward to working on this. >:]

Kal: Not quite. Both the head and body would still be alive and the latter would be able to pick up the head, holding it in place until the tissue and bone heals. In the event that the severed part cannot be found--I.E., if it were shredded or disintegrated or was simply locked in a chest and couldn't be physically returned--it would simply disintegrate and would regenerate on the body, like the Homunculi in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Thanks--I'm glad to hear how awesome I am. :P

And yeah, that's why I'm actually interested in this idea--as far as I know it's uncharted territory in terms of BZP RPGs.
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Let's Henshin!
Aug 09 2012 08:33 PM
Sweet, I can actually use Nikaron this time around. :P
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Cosmic Titan
Aug 09 2012 08:42 PM
I think the idea sounds really cool. But with the story being set in an alternate dimension I'll need to make some new characters.
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Blessed Blade
Aug 10 2012 06:59 AM
Cosmic: Alternate universe, not dimension. =P So, basically, a split path. It could very well still have your characters, without much modification, since it splits off from Day Run's main timeline.

Am I correct in that assessment, Parugi?

The idea sounds rather intriguing, though; and could be done very well. I'd play it. =)
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Precisely, Blade. Thanks. ^_^

I'm glad to see the amount of interest you guys have in the idea already. ^_^
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Kal the Guardian
Aug 21 2012 06:02 PM
Just realized that I would have to somehow get rid of Swerv for this, or maybe turn him back into a normal Toa. Because Robots are no fun when everyone can regenerate.
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Not necessarily. Though considering I was going to have a side effect of the 'magic' be that Illuxio regains his original body, you could do that same. :3
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Interesting idea. Would certainly be cool to play out Vertak as if he had failed, as opposed to his succeeding.
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