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Rise of the Rockets Front Post Overhaul

Posted by Parugi , in Rise of the Rockets Dec 02 2012 · 978 views

All right. So, for those who volunteered to help out with fixing/updating RotR's opening, I've given the front post some thought about what needs to be done. Just to begin with, here's what I think needs to be updated:
-The Introduction
It's really old. While it's fine for nostalgia's sake, all it does at this point is show the events leading up to the RPG, and does not really reflect anything that has happened recently--one might be led to assume that Operation RALLY is still the main starting point, when it's really not. So, we need something new.
What I need from you guys is ideas of what the new opening should be. I'm going to write it up in the same style as it is now--as if it's a post of its own--but I'm not sure what to showcase. Should I show a meeting between Buzz, Sleight, and Joker, discussing the loss of Bounty's portion of TR? Something with Ford and one or two of his agents, hinting at future plans? Throw some ideas out there.
-Misc. sections need to be removed/updated
Rereading several of the mechanics sections, I'm finding that a few of them are totally unneeded, partly because they are never used and partly because they don't apply anymore. Things like the Move Tutor section, the spot detailing "typeless" moves, stuff like that that no one pays attention to anymore--it needs to go. Possibly the familial relationship section, as I don't think it's an issue at this point.
Others need to simply be rewritten or updated, like the factions section and the achievement section.
-Story Summary
Tying into a reaaaallllly earlier post that I can't seem to locate, I think the RPG would benefit quite a bit from a large-scale summary of everything that has happened so far--from now to the beginning of the RPG, possibly starting from the most recent events and back-filling from there. Obviously, this is going to be a big project that will require a lot of help from RotR veterans.
Even so, it shouldn't be horribly difficult--I think we can get it done.
Branching off of this...
-Story in a Nutshell Section
What we remove from the introduction could probably be relocated here--giving back-story on the RPG while leaving room for new stuff. Just need to figure out how to go about that.
So yeah. Anyone who wishes to share their thoughts or opinions or questions, I would appreciate it. =)

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For the intro, I think that there should be some screening of TR, but as of right now, they don't seem extremely important; same with TL, but I have the feeling that both will come into play very soon again.

Ford will probably be the best choice, since he seems like the main antagonist right now.

Regarding the Misc. Sections, yeah, the age/family stuff could go. I think it's more of an issue to be handled while approving a profile. The evolution guide, I think, would have to stay, along with the listing of multiple legendaries. However, the starting Pokemon will obviously need to be updated with the new terms.

The "Moves" section could probably be reduced into somewhere else or removed completely. Everything afterwards (regarding the misc. sections) probably should stay in.

As for the story summary, I have a short one about Liberty until the events of the Manaphy Arc. I could probably make a longer one/one about Rocket, since you apparently can log into the archives now and search.
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Actually, for the intro, I think that showing TL and/or TR could be used to help bring them back into play. If you're going to showcase more than one faction I think you should definitely include TL and TR. If you're looking at only one faction, though, Ford may be the best choice. Either way, I really like that idea.


Misc. Sections: The factions sections will definitely have to be rewritten/updated. The little blurb at the beginning of that makes it seem like TL and TR are still the only factions. It may also be a good idea to list factions that have been broken up like The Searchers or Team Aqua, for prosperity's sake. As for the rest of the misc. stuff, I agree with what Nara said.


Story summary: like I said before, I'd be happy to help with that. ^_^


Story in a nutshell: this almost sounds like a summary of the summary. :P I think it would be good to just update what you have under that section now. When you say relocating the old introduction here, do you mean literally copy-pasting the whole intro, or just summarizing it?

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Intro: Oh, I'm still including TL and TR no matter what--they are the central forces in the RPG, after all, and the only reason they aren't very active right now (as far as the organizations as a whole go) is because we're still stuck in Unova. The issue I'm having is what to show them doing.


If the general consensus is to have a predominant Ford presence in the introduction, as it appears to be, then I will focus it mainly on him, though.


Misc Sections: All right.


Story Summary: Right, right. I also have a bunch of saved PMs with random summaries about stuff at various points in the RPG. Perhaps I should make another blog entry for the summary itself, and then everyone can compile their stuff together for us to then compile into an overall summary?


Story in a Nutshell: I can see why. :P


No. Story in a Nutshell is supposed to be a short section explaining what the RPG is about, whereas the summary is what all has occurred in the game. And what I mean is just a short summary about what is now the intro--what led up to the start of the TL/TR war, essentially.

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Finally getting back to this. :P


Intro: In that case, I'd say go with a meeting among the leaders and executives to discuss how the war has been going and possibly coming up with strategies. Assuming that Operation RALLY is pretty much over (or at least on standby, given everything else that's been happening) they could discuss how the operation went, what Pokemon and famous trainers they've recruited, and maybe how they plan to use them.


I must have skimmed over your suggestion of the Shadow Admins discussing Bounty's Seperatist movement in the initial blog post, but now that I've read over that again, that sounds like a really good idea. It also wouldn't hurt to throw in some executives like Riley in there, just so they get more screen time. Now that I think about it, Riley could bring up the recent disaster in Ecruteak (possibly in comparison to the Darkrai that caused Bounty to blow up his base?) and on the Liberty side, Executive Vert could bring up her little project (or maybe not, since Goldhawk already shot it down. But they could still discuss it as a "what not to do" when discussing strategies).


On second thought, I can definitely see how this intro can easily go all over the place. :P It's hard to focus on just one or two things instead of rambling off on a massive summary of the entire RPG; that's what the Story Summary section is for.


As for Ford being the majority, now that I've given it more thought I think it would be better to focus on TL, TR, and Ford equally. I guess Ford could have a little more screen time than the other two, but like you said, TL and TR are the main focus of the RPG.


Story Summary: If you could compile all the random summaries you have into a blog entry, we could help fill in the blanks. Although given the space limitations we had with the character list, a blog entry might be too small for a complete summary.

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Introduction: Alrighty. So at this point it's looking like the intro will be split into three sections (kind of like now,) with each of the three dealing with one of the following:

-TL leader/Bounty/Maxie meeting

-TR leader meeting

-Hojohsin League/Ford and his agents meeting


... with additional Executives appearing in the first two.


Story Summary: Yeah, that problem occurred to me. What I may do (over Winter Break) is compile all of the random summaries into a Word document, post a blog entry containing whatever fits, and then if a few people could make "reserve" comments in the entry, I could put whatever doesn't fit in the main body into those. From there, we could write the actual summary on the wiki, since pages on there don't have size limits and it would give everyone access to the actual editing part of it.

Might be a bit convoluted, but it should work.

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Just looked on the front page of BZPower, and apparently Premier Members can now start multiple-person PMs with up to ten other people. While that's not as open as a blog entry, we might be able to use that for the story summary. Of course, the problem with that is that we could only have ten people helping, so someone might end up getting left out, but it's something to consider.

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Could certainly work, and I actually considered that when I saw the announcement. I think we only have around five or six volunteers for this, anyway, so we could always add some more people as they offer.

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