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Rise of the Rockets: Unresolved Plots

Posted by Pears Nivans , in Rise of the Rockets Dec 05 2012 · 257 views

So, I've decided to make a blog entry for the purposes of collecting the numerous unresolved plot threads in RotR, which I am planning on going into and personally finishing off in the future as the story moves away from Unova and back into its rightful place of Kanto/Johto/etc.
Yeah. It should be fun. So let's get started. Essentially, if you remember/think of any plots that never really ended or got anywhere--specifically as they relate to side-things, like personal character arcs/important items--simply post them here and I will add them to the list. Add any notes that you think are important/would be helpful.
Unresolved Plots
  • The Red/Blue Orb situation with TR (TR possesses both due to the efforts of an earlier TR PC)
  • Ho-Oh's current situation (was last seen post-regeneration after fighting against Feral)
  • The seven corrupted trainers and Nine (which is going to be dealt with, but I'm still listing for reminder's sake)
  • What Joker has been building around the Lake of Rage
  • Ford's plan; Hojohsin League, Team Galactic's situation
  • Ariadne and the Hoenn Legends who fought against Sombra and the other eight Darkrai (last said to have teleported out of Lilycove and, in Ariadne's case, brought to Bounty's base to heal)
  • The TL leader/Bounty/Maxie meeting at Four Island (which is where Blackskull disappeared to when he left the Unova group; nothing about this has been elaborated on)
  • James Pierce's activities/situation post-Darkrai invasion of Hoenn
  • Quincy Adams/Déoza situation post-side-dimensional battle
  • Remaining Dex Holders
  • TL Moltres egg (yet to hatch)
  • Lavaridge City's destruction at the hands of the possessed jogger--current situation there
  • The fates of Pryce/the Other (left in other dimension by Team Rocket group; purposefully left ambiguous)
Adopted Plots
These are plots taken from the above list that are currently being resolved by a player. In general, these can be taken without question; however, italicized plots in the list above are planned to be dealt with later, and should be left alone.
  • Silver's situation/The Ketchum family (Adopted by Parugi. Silver has informed freelancer Jackson Sang that Team Rocket has captured Darren/Ash/Misty and is attempted to utilize mind control technology on them. Sang has been hired by Team Liberty to free them, and Silver has been revealed as a double-agent within TR, his earlier defection merely an act to gain the faction's trust.)
  • Soil Colossus/Buzz/Paradise/TR Gym Leader Strike Team situations (Adopted by Parugi. Soil Colossus has been utilizing tactical strikes against smaller TR facilities, which Sabrina, Koga, and Surge have been attempting to stop. As a result, Sleight has decided to organize an organized attack at Soil Colossus's main base, using a team comprised of the three TR GLs, Lafoyae Belrose, Buzz (due to his shaky position in TR after his failures against TL and SCI during the Manaphy plot; this is a mission to redeem him) and Sleight himself.)
In addition, I'm also going to include a brief description/list of the current plots that are going on, which will hopefully make it easier for people to keep up with current events.
Current Plots
  • Dimensional instability in Unova (includes extradimensional Entei/Raikou/Suicune (original Suicune KIA, 'offspring/clone' in egg in Kyle Eston's possession), as well as things involving the rest of Blade's plot)
  • Pokémon Nation Tournament Finals (Unovan tournament; final battle is between Richard and Zac Flash)
  • Currently on hold: Zac Flash's search for the various Meloetta.
  • Orange Island base break-in (James Arthur and Roderick Krane are attempting to get into the TR mainframe in the Orange Islands mainbase, where they hope to get information on TR's cloning project for use in TL Executive Meghan Vert's Pokémon Battle Suit project, which requires the absorption--and subsequent deaths--of Pokémon test subjects)
  • The search for Palmer and his Cresselia
Aaand, unfortunately, I can think of summaries for the rest of the stuff going on at the time of writing this, so any help would be appreciated.

Also, notice the new, handy-dandy RotR Maintenance Content Block to the left side of this entry. Expect it to grow in the future.

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I think Zac Flash has a plot on hold, so it's technically unresolved. That being said, I'll probably go back to it after the National Tournament.

Also, do you want me to PM you the summary I have? It covers most (not all, unfortunately) Liberty stuff up to the Manaphy Arc.

Oh, and thanks for helping advertise. =)
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I remember there was a Meloetta plot that was put on hold shortly after the forums returned, but I don't remember exactly what happened to it.


Also, I suppose there's the other Pokedex Holders that have yet to be introduced. I think Brendan/Ruby and Sapphire/May in particular were stated to have gone missing. Speaking of them, we can't exactly follow the previous naming schemes with them (e.g. Ethan Gold) if one of them is supposed to be Birch's kid and thus has a last name Birch. Also, a bit of research revealed a bit of a problem regarding them. In the anime, May is Norman's daughter (so Brendan is supposedly Birch's son), but in the manga Ruby is Norman's son and Sapphire is Birch's daughter. So how is that going to work? Or are we going to do what we did with Red and Ash and just make them seperate characters?



Edit: Wow, I accidentally typed manga as mango. XD

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That Meloetta plot is mine, Zac's. =P As I said above, I'll probably go back to it after the National Tournament.



If anything, we should probably go with the manga, since the Anime... Well, you know. I would assume they're in Hoenn, which is, if I'm correct, being trampled by Darkrai right now. Are we doing anything with Wally? I could potentially see him coming into play sometime, unless he died due to his breathing trouble.

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Pears Nivans
Dec 07 2012 07:08 PM

List updated.



-Summary: If you want to, sure.


-Wally: Up to you guys--I have no plans for him.


-Ad: np.


Konuju: For the Brenden/May thing--honestly, I'm just going to ignore the anime. Brenden makes only a cameo appearance and is never elaborated upon, meaning the manga has more information about it and is a better and more detailed source to use. I'm not against an introduction for Max as May's brother, by extension of this, but regardless, I think it's best to go with Brenden as Norman's son and May as Birch's daughter.


As for the Brenden Ruby Birch situation--three solutions:

-Brenden changed his last name from Birch to Ruby at some point, explaining why he has been referred to as Brenden Ruby in the RPG already.

-Ruby and Brenden are separate characters, possibly twins.

-Retcon Brenden's/Ruby's name into either Ruby Birch or Brenden Birch.

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Colette Llyan
Dec 08 2012 12:45 AM

Well, technically he wouldn't be Brendan or Ruby Birch, if we went with the 'Son of Norman' approach; since Norman isn't Birch, and all that. =P Though, it could be a problem for May, unless we said her name was May 'Sapphire' Birch, or something like that. I believe there may have been a similar situation for another character, but I forget which, since Blue was confirmed to be different from Gary.


As for Max, given the state of RSE's rivals, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that he's still May's brother; just that they're the children of Professor Birch, instead of Norman.

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Pears Nivans
Dec 15 2012 04:05 PM

... *headdesk*


Sorry; was distracted by something earlier while I was posting and didn't realize that I contradicted myself. Yeah, Brenden's name problem is solved, then, I think.

So, yeah, apply what I said about Brenden to May now. Yah. Maybe she got married to someone with the last name of Sapphire or something. idk.


EDIT: Added a few more things to the unresolved plot list. Some of this stuff, I'm thinking, might be good material to use with Jackson... hm...

EDIT 2: New section added to body of post. Study it and its implications well!

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