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Closed Perpetual

Posted by Parugi , in Perpetual Feb 13 2013 · 1,756 views

So for the three of you who actually care, you might've noticed that Perpetual and its related topics have been closed. "By request," as B6's closing posts say.
Well... yeah. That's not a mistake--I asked for the RPG to be closed late last night after mulling it over for roughly two weeks.
I won't begin to go into the reasons why I think Perpetual failed; suffice it to say that it boils down to the fact that there was virtually no direction given to the players. In hindsight this is something that I foresaw but ignored as far back as December. Honestly, it's a shame, and it gives me some feelings of guilt considering the fact that I, in a way, took a spot away from another RPG that could have actually managed to stay afloat, but it's not something I particularly care to revisit and fix. I apologize to everyone for that.
Regardless, I'm not exactly sad about the way things turned out with Perpetual. For the past few weeks--months, even--I've been growing less and less interested in RPGs, and at this point I have other things that I want to start shifting my attention to, like writing my own, original stories and continuing to improve my voice acting skills. Honestly, after I finish the Daedra Arc in the BZPRPG, and after the eventual end of Rise of the Rockets, I'm not entirely sure I'm going to remain on BZPower for very long--RPGs were what kept my here and they aren't doing it for me anymore.
But, I can't know anything for certain at this point, so I'll leave it at that.
My point here is that Perpetual's gone for a lot of reasons. Love me, hate me, express whatever feeling you wish to express. In the meantime, I'm shifting gear to other things. :\

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Blessed Blade
Feb 13 2013 09:22 PM
I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

Anyway; I do regret that I wasn't more involved; it was the boat trip that killed activity for me, alongside being busy and distracted and the like. =P

I'm sorry to hear that you might not be around for that long if things end here. =/
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Feb 13 2013 09:30 PM

Despite the bittersweet occasion, I must say, ever since I read the entry and saw it win the contest...
called it

I never thought the game would succeed. I must say, I do have an eye for this.

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Blade: Don't worry 'bout it.


EW: Cool story, bro. I'm glad to hear about how much faith you have in me once again.


... Meh. Under different circumstances, I'd be more offended. Regardless, there are times when you should keep certain things to yourself, and I think this is one of those times. Just a thought.

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Samus Aran-Bounty Hunter
Feb 16 2013 07:35 PM

I is sad.

Though I must admit that it truly was going no-where, there simply wasn't strong enough goals to work towards in order to keep the RPG going.


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I've rapidly lost interest in the RPG forum myself - I think part of it is my also rapidly failing interest in Bionicle. It sucks, but I guess sooner or later a dead brand begins to fade somewhat.

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Cosmic Titan
Feb 16 2013 09:28 PM

I am mad. And disappointed. And livid. And sad.


I loved Day Run. But this doesn't even live up to its legacy.


Now I have four characters that are loose ends. I loathe loose ends and unfinished stories. Now I have to write up and post a short story that will make very little sense to anyone but me.

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Zakaro: My fault. Sorry--had things gone a little further more stuff would have come up, but that didn't happen.


iBrow: Yeah. Personally, I'm just tired of writing stories in universes whose rules I have little control over. Even in DR I was arguing with people over how Bionicle mechanics worked and whatever even though I had made heavy modifications to the rules for the RPG.


But yeah, in general, I won't get rid of or dismantle my sets and whatnot, but I'm basically done with Bionicle RPGs at this point.


CT: Well... Sorry. Not much else I can think to say.

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Magnus Greel
Feb 17 2013 10:03 AM

I was surprised to see the game closed at first, but I suppose that with the amount of inactivity it wasn't difficult to guess why.


I expected to partake in the RPG so much more than I had, though unfortunately work had deprived me of that. That already said, I'm sorry I couldn't become more involved. The concept had really intrigued me, and I'm saddened that it didn't advance. :\

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Greel: Yeah... *beat* Yeeeah.


I think most people planned more than they were actually able to do. X3 That's fine, though--the fact that finals were happening three or four weeks in didn't help matters with some people (at the very least, me) at all.


But yeah, come to think of it, that's what I'm most disappointed in, personally--never getting a chance to see the immortality thing in effect. Even so, I'll probably reuse it later in another story--or maybe I'll even give Perpetual another shot somewhere down the road. I guess we'll just have to see.

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Feb 18 2013 06:47 PM
EW: Cool story, bro. I'm glad to hear about how much faith you have in me once again.


... Meh. Under different circumstances, I'd be more offended. Regardless, there are times when you should keep certain things to yourself, and I think this is one of those times. Just a thought.

No, don't get me wrong here -- I wasn't meaning to make it a critique of you at all but instead a simple remark that I was sure Perpetual wouldn't succeed as a game. You're a good gamemaster as you've proven that to me so I have nothing to judge you on in that arena.


So don't be offended. It's because of the mechanics of the game that were experimented with (and backfired) that I had my hunch, not you.

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I know I already apologized on Skype, but I guess I ought to publicly say it, as well. I misinterpreted your comment and I am sorry for that. Like I told you, I have no excuse beyond stress.


But yeah, I see your point--it sounds like the conclusion I came up with while examining the game post-closure. Although I do think some of those mechanics could be used more effectively under different circumstances.

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Toa of Dancing
Mar 03 2013 09:13 PM

Bro, you just stated my past two years regarding BZP. Like really, heck the what.


I was here (mostly) for RPGs, stopped due to strange lack of interest, and am now (or have been for a few years now) looking toward being a VA. Only thing that you didn't say to make it me was an "addiction" to gaming (whether League of Legends, other video games, or tabletop gaming).


This is... wow. I know them feels, and I'm still not sure if I regret the past few RPGs I attempted to take part in or not. Not that I regret playing them, but I think I regret not playing them more. Or not. I mainly regret not being fair to fellow players, especially with BaR. Ugh...


But... yeah. If you're like me, you'll probably log on once every other week or so. Maybe post something. Just not being exceptionally active. It happens. And I feel that.


All encouragement to you in VA endevors, and who knows, maybe we'll meet when we (totally) both become famous. =3

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