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Rise Of The Rockets Character List

Posted by Parugi , Apr 29 2010 · 3,995 views

Team Liberty
Cal Riggs
Scott Williams
Ryan Sanders
James Arthur
Gecynde Wynn; Virden Kennings
Scott Stone
Selene Ashera/Silvermind
Jason Hemming; Rachael Camilla
Kyle Eston
Jayron Aaron
Nate Delano
Michael Ray
Jake Soren
Thomas Solson
Roderick Krane
Ethan Williams
Amelia Williams
Kyle Rogers
Geoff Grahams
Cyan Vero

Team Rocket
Dan the Mad
Reyna Dranys
Jessica Ortrune
Ethan Worth; Gavin Braner
Max Bussle/Buzz
Zachary Williams

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Metal Gear Minun
Apr 29 2010 10:46 PM
Group to Capture Celebi: James Arthur tongue.gif
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Group to capture Mewtwo:

Andrew (toa ordaku)
Robert (Ouch)
Roland and Oliver (Toa Kaitan Thunder Inferno)
Chris (Republic Commando Darman)
Nathan (/slim/)

Good thing I started making this list earlier! biggrin.gif

Oh, and Ajad_Prime and Nuju Nui are headed after Ho-oh. Not sure if anyone else is in their group, though.
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Promised Land
Apr 30 2010 03:09 PM
I'm planning to have Jessica (Team Rocket) go after Cressalia and have Jason and Rachel go after Pyramid King Brandon in the long run.
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Twilight Death Wisp
Apr 30 2010 03:41 PM
You could add my charrie, Darren, to the list. I'll probably have him go after Misty or Maylene, If someone follows him.
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The list of everyone so far who wants to go on the TL Retrieval Squad E Groudon expedition.

Scott Stone, Michael Ray, Jeremy Anton (Expedition Leader), Scott Williams, and Sabba the talking Sableye (lolwut?) are going to find Groudon.

Neya Out. miru.gif
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I'm (Justin Icewater) going to search for Regice.
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-Golden Knight-
May 02 2010 08:25 PM
Kai Stone will search for Registeel on Team Liberty.
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Thanks, guys. I'll see to updating the list at some point this week. smile.gif
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I have a new character, too. Zac Flash, is neutral, but he is joining Justin to find Regice.
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May 06 2010 09:20 AM
Neutral group: Kinali (Klim "Kinali" Prizak) and Alku (Evan Tierra) going after Giratina.
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Daniel Bryan
May 06 2010 02:05 PM
Seth Vicens is going to look for whatever members of the Dragon Trio he can find.

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May 07 2010 10:40 PM
Can I say Neutral: Louis Freeman searches Scientist parents?
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May 09 2010 10:10 PM
Yeah, the group to catch Regigigas is only me, for now.

I'll get to it when I get at least one partner. A Skarmory and an Electivire (when Surge evolves) won't be enough, right? At least, according to the RPG.

Or will they?

EDIT: Forget that. I'm going solo for now.
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...Y'know, you MIGHT want to update this.

Just sayin'.
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Still working on it -- I'm having trouble hunting down all of the profiles. DX
I'll probably end up having everyone post their profiles here, to make them easier to find. Regardless, rest assured that it will be done soonish-maybe-probably-potentially!
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May 18 2010 06:47 PM
You want it? You got it!

Username: SonicBOOM XS
Name: Cal "Blizzard" Riggs
Faction: Team Liberty.
Hometown: Snowpoint City
Age: 14 1/2
Appearance: Hair: Light blue; Eyes: Ice-Blue; Height: 6 feet; Clothes: Black T-Shirt with an Ultra Ball logo, with "Snowpoint City" written in an azure "Venus Rising" type font. Baggy jeans, and a cap with a Dusk Ball logo on it. Somewhat skinny, fair color, and wears black open-finger gloves. His shoes are black with white soles and sapphire-colored lines running through the length of them.
Personality: Cal is friendly and intelligent, but gets a little too cocky in battle and can underestimate opponents. He is a renowned Pokemon trainer, and is always looking for a challenge. His hatred for Team Rocket is kept secret, and is instead masked by a lesser fury for the enemy's actions. He has a sensitive side that he keeps hidden.
Background: Cal is one boy who knows how to survive. As a child, he was trained by his father in a little-known area that was colder than any other person has ever known. There, he was trained in strength, endurance, and agility. Back home, he was tutored by a Pokemon trainer who taught him whilst showing him all the secrets of a trainer. Under this care, he was brought up to be a teen who could do more than others. He hated failing his parents, and would push himself to do harder than expected. He had a brother and sister, both older than him, who went on to pursue their own lives. The brother went on to become a Pokemon teacher, while the sister went to become a nurse. Cal hates Team Rocket with all his might, and has many a time tried to infiltrate their base, only held back by the pleading eyes of his mother. He instead subjected himself to capturing Pokemon and finding the secrets of his town and other towns. After she and his father mysteriously disappeared while he was out training, with a bloody R on their bed, Cal vowed to destroy Team Rocket for others to never experience that fate. He spends time with his Pokemon, Surge and Glint, training them side-by-side and helping them become more powerful as a duo than by themselves.
Pokémon: Surge (Elekid), Glint (Skarmory)

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Full profile(s) for me:

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Element Lord of Milk
May 18 2010 07:09 PM
Username:Element lord of Milk.
Name: Scott Williams.
Faction: Team Liberty
Hometown: New Bark Town.
Age: 14.
Appearance: Always wears Khaki Pants, Sneakers, a Navy Baseball cap with a Quick Ball design on it that has a small tear on the Right side. also wears a White Turtleneck and a Red Jacket. Has Bluish Grey Eyes, short Black hair, and a Poketch that His parents imported from Sinnoh for him 3 years ago. It is now heavily scratched and is a little chipped in some places. Very Tall.
Personality: Most times he is an Optimist, but in a Bad situation he is a Pessimist, when he has free time, he likes to lay down on some Grass and sleep with his pokemon beside him, he only puts his pokemon in their Poke Balls when it's particularly dangerous(EX:In a Rocket-controlled Area). He has a deep hatred of the rockets.
Background: When he was only 7, he and his parents were on their way to see his Grandparents in Cianwood city, and on the Boat ride there, he saw a Giant blur underwater, swimming beside the Ship, he wondered what it was, and he read all he could about underwater pokemon, one day he stumbled across a book about Lugia and Ho-oh, and when he looked at a picture of Lugia, he realized that Lugia had the exact same shape as the Blur he saw, on that day, he vowed to somehow find Lugia and Catch it. One year ago, his Mother and one of his Fathers pokemon were killed when his house was burnt down by the rockets, he escaped with Thomas and Rianna(Then still eggs). He hopes that he might one day find his Father and thomas Sr.

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There you go smile.gif .

I updated thomas' Profile now that he has evolved.

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Here's my profile info. If you want to know, I'm on the Ho-oh search team.

Username: Konuju
Name: Ryan Sanders
Faction: Neutral (currently joined up with Team Liberty members)
Hometown: Fortree
Age: 17
Appearance: Ryan has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and is about 5' 8" He wears a loose-fitting gray T-shirt and blue jeans. Coming from Fortree, he is agile and skilled at climbing trees.
Personality: Happy and energetic, Ryan tries to see the best in things, but because of this, he can also be a bit stubborn. He has developed a close bond with his Pokémon.
Background: Grew up in Fortree, where he developed a love for nature. Since Team Rocket invaded his home, Ryan has been on the run. He has vowed revenge on the Rockets and is considering joining a rebel group called Team Liberty...
Pokémon: Cyndaquil (Quil) and Togepi (Togie)
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Lord Kaitan de Storms
May 18 2010 07:22 PM
Username: Toa Kaitan Thunder Inferno
Name: Roland Dracus "The Bold"
Faction: Team Liberty
Hometown: Blackthorn City
Age: 16
Appearance: Roland is built tall and strongly, and is obviously a warrior. He has flaming red hair, though there are silver streaks in it. His skin is extremely pale, to the point that it has been compared to the color of milk. His eyes are gold, for some reason, but the colors don't match; one is pale gold and the other dark gold.
He has a jagged, silver scar over the pale eye. He tends to dress strangely, wearing a blue and gold armored vest and a matching tunic under it. His trousers are similar. His cloak is a similar, dark blue, but crimson replaces the gold. He wears a gold circulet. He carries a rapier with a golden hilt and a ruby set in it.
Personality: He is bold, cocky, and self-righteous, but not uncaring. He fights for freedom and honour, and fiercely believes in these ideals. He is fiery and short-tempered. He is glory seeking and prone to bragging, but not entirely self-centered; he believes in sacrifice and protecting the weak and aiding the less forunate. He prefers direct, forceful methods and hates to spend time on elaborate plans or neogiations. He is called "The Bold."
Background: He is a member of the Dragon Clan and distantly related to Clair and somewhat more closely to Lance. He was raised by freedom fighters (who are now dead) and has been fighting Rocket in some way his whole life, though he has only now formally joined Team Liberty. He has a telepathic connection to Dragon Group (group, not type) Pokemon, which developed because of the time he spent in the Dragon's Den (though genetic proclivity is also part of it).
Pokémon: Durandal (Charmander), Magnus (Larvitar)

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Username: Toa Kaitan Thunder Inferno
Name: Oliver Dracus "The Wise"
Faction: Team Liberty
Hometown: Blackthorn City
Age: 15
Appearance: He looks almost identical to his brother, except shorter and not as strongly built. His clothing replaces gold with silver, blue with green (of a similar shade), and crimson with a brighter red.
Personality: He is much more reserved than his brother and has a calmer aura about him. He emphasizes kindness and mercy, though honour and freedom are just as important to him as to his brother and he can be just as steadfast. He seeks no glory and is quite humble. He is a tactician by nature, and prefers negotiation when it is possible. In many ways, he is the opposite of his brother. He is called "The Wise."
Background: His backround is quite similar to that of his brother- they are always together, always have been. They are forever a loyal team. He has developed the same telepathic abilities as his brother, and for the same reasons.
Pokémon: Halteclere (Totodile), Turpin (Dratini).

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Username: Toa Kaitan Thunder Inferno
Name: Ganelon Dracus "The Treacherous"
Faction: Team Rocket
Hometown: Blackthorn City
Age: 18
Appearance: He looks almost identical to his half-brothers, except as tall as Roland yet built more like Oliver. His clothing replaces gold with white, blue with black (of a similar shade), and crimson with a bloody red.
Personality: He is cruel by nature, and it shows. He care for nobody but himself, and seeks power where can get it. He is highly vindictive and always seeks to follow up on a grudge- and he holds them for years. He is also highly manipulative, and knows how suck up when necessary.
Background: He was captured by Rocket when he was one, after they killed his mother- and he was raised to fight for them. He is responsible for the deaths of his father and his father's second wife- the mother of his two half-brothers, whom he hates and seeks the death of. He does not have their telepathic abilities, which makes him hate them the more out of envy.
Pokémon: Blancandrin (Gastly), Apollonaris (Tyrogue).

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The Face Behind The Mask

Posted Image

Identity: Kyle.
Year of Existence: 21.
Year of Studentry: College Junior.
Hideout: Oregon.
Occupation: Student/Writer.
Original Writings:
Broken Unity (Review)
Night Ride (RPG)

-Day Run: The Garden (I II III; RPG)
-Pokemon: Rise of the Rockets (I


-The Report

RotR Maintenance Entries

Blue = Project Hub
Purple = Project Segment
Red = In Progress
Green = Complete
Rise of the Rockets Maintenance
-RotR Front Post
--Front Post Overhaul
--Done and Updated
-Unresolved Plots
-Comprehensive Summary
-RotR Fangame Projects
-Character List
--Old Entry

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