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Rise Of The Rockets Character List

Posted by Parugi , Apr 29 2010 · 3,809 views

Team Liberty
Cal Riggs
Scott Williams
Ryan Sanders
James Arthur
Gecynde Wynn; Virden Kennings
Scott Stone
Selene Ashera/Silvermind
Jason Hemming; Rachael Camilla
Kyle Eston
Jayron Aaron
Nate Delano
Michael Ray
Jake Soren
Thomas Solson
Roderick Krane
Ethan Williams
Amelia Williams
Kyle Rogers
Geoff Grahams
Cyan Vero

Team Rocket
Dan the Mad
Reyna Dranys
Jessica Ortrune
Ethan Worth; Gavin Braner
Max Bussle/Buzz
Zachary Williams

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Metal Gear Minun
May 18 2010 07:23 PM
Here is my profile, Parugi.

Username: Minun4
Name: James Arthur
Faction: Team Rocket
Hometown: Celadon City
Age: 22
Appearance: James is 5'9 tall caucasian man with dark brown hair. He wears a black-rocket issured out fit (Except his doesn't have an R) and he doesn't wear the hat. He is thin and has green eyes and wears his pokeballs normally on the belt.
Personality: James personality can be summed in three words: Gentlemanly, unloyal, and self-serving. The most important of these qualities is his self-servin As a general rule he acts calm and polite except when he is in danger in which case he does what is needed to ensure his own survival. While he is unloyal he can follow orders well, to a point, until the interfere with his own plans in which case he will disobey often discreetly or whenever he is out of sight. Mild fear of heights.
Background: James grew up in deep rocket controlled territory and grew up well off, after the age of 15 that is. The years before that were not good for him, living in an orphanage. However that changed when he developed an aptitude in technology, especially hacking, skills which he kept hidden from the other members of Team Rocket. He used those skills to gain information which he used for blackmail and under the table deals. As a member of team rocket he made sure to hack into the system and change some information to put these individuals in bad light with team rocket who then saw that they were permanently erased. Guinevere he caught while in the orphanage but Lancelot he caught on a mission.


Species: Scizor
Nickname: Lancelot
Trainer: James Arthur
Appearance: Generally normal a yellow stripe on his left arm where a scar used to be.
Personality: Scizor has grown Adamant during his experiences with James. He is also a much more trusting pokemon then when he was originally caught.
Ability: Technician
Specialty: A strong and quick physical attacker
Known Moves: Quick Attack, Pursuit, Bullet Punch, Agility, Wing Attack, Fury Cutter
Forgotten Moves: False Swipe, Metal Claw

Species: Gardevoir
Nickname: Guinevere
Trainer: James Arthur
Appearance: Guinevere's 'hair' is a different style than most Gardevoir, having her 'hair' back instead of in pig tails
Personality: Guinevere's shock of when the snagem agent tried to shoot her left her scarred and Timid. She acts brave around James, but will get frightened if left alone, unless sleeping, is kept outside of pokeball
Ability: Trace
Specialty: Attacks from a distance using special attacks.
Known Moves: Double Team, Teleport, Confusion, Calm Mind, Psychic, Magical Leaf.
Forgotten Moves: Growl, Lucky Chant

Species: Togekiss
Nickname: Galahad
Trainer: James Arthur
Appearance: The Two triangles which looked like a Lance and shield now look even more so with a clear separation of the point and the shaft and the triangle is curved at the bottom looking more like a shield.
Personality: Galahad is calm and collected. He tries to think things through.
Ability: Serene Grace
Specialty: Excels in defensive capabilites, and flinching.
Known Moves: Wish, Metronome, Sweet Kiss, Yawn, Encore, Aura Sphere
Forgotton Moves: Growl, Follow Me

Species: Weavile
Nickname: Mordred
Trainer: James Arthur
Appearance: The 'hair' is green instead of dark red, other than that is normal.
Personality: Mordred is stubborn yet keeps a Jolly mood most of the time. (Edited because something I already said.)
Ability: Pressure
Specialty: Fast and Strong Physical attacks, also smart enough to bluff.
Known Moves: Night Slash, Quick Attack, Faint Attack, Fury Swipes, Agility, Ice Punch (egg move)
Forgotten moves: Taunt

Sorry for not putting the Pokemon in a spoiler. It won't let me for some reason.
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My profiles can be found here.
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Promised Land
May 19 2010 12:28 AM
Username: Promised Land
Name: Jason Hemming
Faction: Team Liberty
Hometown: Pallet Town
Age: 19
Appearance: Jason stands at around 6' 3" and has a fairly average build (not out of shape but not exactly athletic either). While he's not much of a fighter, his long limbs allow him to run pretty fast and are also useful for locking in crippling submission holds if the situation calls for it. He has dark brown eyes and his hair is black and long enough for him to tie back in a short ponytail. For clothes, he dresses casually; black pants with red markings running down the sides and a grey short-sleeved hoodie, over which he wears black vest for storing items. He wears his Poké Balls on his belt.
Personality: Outside of missions, Jason is laid back and easy to get along with. He'll listen to personal problems but he also always says exactly what he thinks, even if it might sound blunt or harsh. When it's time to go to work, he's a team player who looks out for his allies and tries to do things as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes he'll hesitate when faced with a big moral decision.
Background: Jason lived a relatively normal life. Despite the struggles going on between Teams Liberty and Rocket, he was fortunate enough to be able to avoid the more explosive conflicts that occured between them throughout his days as a trainer. That is, until a hotel that he was staying in one night in Goldenrod City was raided by Team Rocket, who was searching for Liberty Agents who might be hiding out in the city. During the raid, the Rocket Agents "confiscated" the Pokémon of every trainer in the hotel, including Jason's. Following the incident, Jason realized that as long as the two Teams were at war with each other, future trainers would never be able to go about on their journeys without having to worry even more for their safety.

Three years have passed since Jason first joined Team Liberty. In that time, he has participated in several missions but never anything major. For the sake of keeping his family safe from Team Rocket, he has not contacted them ever since he joined Liberty. The previous team of Pokémon that he had been using for missions has been sent away for medical treatment and now works with two new ones as well as a new partner. By working with Team Liberty, he hopes to not only pave a new future for the next generation, but also possibly find clues regarding a missing friend.
Pokémon: Wildwing (Pidgey) and Nitro (Rapidash).

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Species: Pidgey
Nickname: Wildwing
Trainer: Jason Hemming
Appearance: Identical to other Pidgey.
Personality: Wildwing was actually born to a Pidgeot from Jason's first team and the two have known each other since Wildwing was a fledgeling. As a result, he is very obedient but does have a certain amount of pride. He has a habit of pecking Jason's head when he wants something.
Ability: Keen Eye
Specialty: Wildwing uses his natural speed to quickly move in and out to strike at targets.
Known Moves: Sand-attack, Gust, Quick Attack, Brave Bird (only used for emergencies), Agility

Species: Rapidash
Nickname: Nitro
Trainer: Jason Hemming
Appearance: Slightly larger than an average Ponyta but not to the point where Jason can ride her.
Personality: Nitro is fairly docile and will allow others to touch her but she is also fiercely protective of Jason and will sometimes lash out with a fire attack or her diamond-hard hooves if she feels he is in danger.
Ability: Flash Fire
Specialty: Nitro's special attack power is unusually high.
Known Moves: Fire Blast, Double Kick, Flame Wheel, Tail Whip

Username: Promised Land
Name: Rachel Camilla
Faction: Team Liberty
Hometown: Olivine City
Age: 18
Appearance: The first thing most people notice about Rachel is that she is rather muscular compared to most other girls her age and is also fairly tall at around six-feet even. Her build and strength is thanks largely in part to the work that she did on the docks of Oliving City while she was growing up, such as lifting metal drums filled with liquid. Her skin is also tanned thanks to the numerous hours she spent each day under the sun and marked with a few tattoos as well. She keeps her brown hair short and usually wears a steel-blue headband bearing a silver Poké Ball logo over it. The rest of her attire consists of a grey sleeveless top and baggy blue pants. She usually has a blue jacket tied around her waist and wears her old working boots and gloves, although the fingers have been worn down to the point where she has simply removed them. She keeps everything except for her Poké Balls and important items in a small backpack.
Personality: If there's one thing that Rachel understands, it's the value of working hard to accomplish a goal no matter what may happen. That's not to say that she doesn't like to have a good time and while she may seem a bit rough around the edges, she usually means well and is very passionate about what she does, giving everything she has to any task. Unfortunately, she also has a bit of a temper and can come across as hard-headed at times. Due to her competitive nature, she can be hard on herself when she doesn't perform as well as she would like to.
Background: Being the only girl out of five children, Rachel had always strived to prove that she can be just as good as her brothers not only to her family and the community but also to herself. She spent a majority of her childhood working on the docks of Olivine City with her father and brothers, starting out with small tasks and eventually found herself going out to sea with them at times. Three of her brothers died in accidents either on the docks or at sea but instead of being frightened off, Rachel took this as a reason to get stronger so that she wouldn't have to share their fate.

Because of her busy schedule, Rachel didn't become a trainer until she was about seventeen. Her family all pitched in to buy her the necessary equipment as well as her first Pokémon, a Squirtle. Rachel was only away for a few months when she received word from home that a Team Rocket smuggling operation had gone horribly wrong and resulted in the sinking of several boats, including the one that her father and brothers had been working on at the time. When no news of the whereabouts of her family surfaced after another month, Rachel got tired of waiting and took matters in to her own hands, joining up with Team Liberty to strike back against the people she believes are responsible for the disappearence of her family. Being a relatively new member, she is being paired up with another Agent, Jason Hemming.
Pokémon: Diamondback (Wartortle) and Masamune (Scyther)

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Species: Wartortle
Nickname: Diamondback
Trainer: Rachel Camilla
Appearance: Rachel thought it would be cool to draw a design similar to one of her tattoos on to Diamondback's shell. With permanent marker.
Personality: Like his Trainer, Diamondback can get very competitive in a battle and has a bit of a tough-guy complex.
Ability: Torrent
Specialty: Diamondback has high defensive stats and can take quite a bit of punishment.
Known Moves: Withdraw, Watergun, Mud Sport, Skull Bash

Species: Scyther
Nickname: Masamune
Trainer: Rachel Camilla
Appearance: Another scribble courtesy of Rachel, this one being on Masamune's left shoulder.
Personality: Tempermental and very aggressive. Will sometimes lose himself in the heat of a battle and attack relentlessly until Rachel returns him.
Ability: Technician
Specialty: Masamune specializes in blitz-style attacks, coming in fast and striking hard to keep the opponent off balance.
Known Moves: Quick Attack, Focus Energy, Agility, Fury Cutter

Username: Promised Land
Name: Jessica Ortrune
Faction: Team Rocket
Hometown: Lilycove City
Age: 19
Appearance: A sort of cold beauty surrounds her. Her pale blue eyes and platinum blonde hair contrast drastically with her black Rocket uniform, which she tops off with a black beret. Her pale face usually carries a stern expression.
Personality: Jessica does whatever it takes to get the mission done, no matter how low she has to stoop, and is the kind of person who always goes through with her threats. She won't hesitate to resort to violence to settle a situation and never shows remorse for her actions. At least, not on the surface. Deep down, underneath the cold facade, Jessica detests the things that she forces herself to do to other people and Pokémon. Underneath every threat is a silent hope that her targets comply if only to keep them from becoming victims.
Background: Jessica was born to be a Rocket Agent. Her father, a former member of Team Magma, joined the Rockets after Magma was disbanded and all of his children, including her, were expected to follow in his footsteps. At first, she resisted, running away from home and assuming a false identity as a Trainer to see the world. For a while, she managed to avoid being discovered but that all changed when a Rocket sympathizer spotted her and a friend walking through Saffron City. When she realized that the Rockets were coming for her, she left Saffron City to draw them away and then quietly surrendered to avoid raising a commotion.

Once she was back home, her father inplemented a strict training routine that she was forced to follow for the next few years. All connections to her career as a Trainer, including her Pokémon team, were confiscated or otherwise disposed of. Several styles of martial arts and firearms training were only a few of things that she learned and today, she is the very thing that her father wanted and that she had tried to avoid. A Rocket Agent.
Pokémon: Aderyn (Torchic) and Kojiro (Farfetch'd)

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Species: Torchic
Nickname: Aderyn
Trainer: Jessica Ortrune
Appearance: No different from regular Torchic.
Personality: Though she is loyal to her Trainer, Aderyn can still be a bit excitable at times. This side of her actually helps Jessica to get by sometimes.
Ability: Blaze
Specialty: Aderyn focuses primarily on special attacks from a distance followed up by physical ones when the opponent is weaker.
Known Moves: Peck, Sand-attack, Counter, Fire Spin, Ember

Species: Farfetch'd
Nickname: Kojiro
Trainer: Jessica Ortrune
Appearance: No different from regular Farfetch'd
Personality: Kojiro is vigilant, even outside of battle. This helps him to keep alert and aware of his surroundings at all times.
Ability: Inner Focus
Specialty: Like the famous swordsman he was named after, Kojiro uses mostly fast attacks to weaken an opponent before going in for a big hit.
Known Moves: Fury Cutter, Aerial Ace, Swords Dance, Slash, Mirror Move
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Rainbow Dash
May 19 2010 12:01 PM

Username: Republic Commando Darman
Name: Chris Ridot
Faction: Team Liberty
Hometown: Lilycove City, Hoenn
Age: 15
Appearance: Medium brown hair, brown eyes, Fairly tall (5' 8''), a gray jacket with gray pants, and a red shirt.
Personality: Chris is an estatic person who is very firendly, but does well on his own. At certain times he get's too shy and ends up messing up something.
He is a little obsessive and involves many of his interests in his daily activities.
Background: I'll finish this later.
Pokémon: Beldum (Emile), Eevee (Kelly), and an egg that will soon hatch into a Ralts (Carter)

Species: Beldum
Nickname: Emile
Trainer: Chris Ridot
Appearance: It has a blue eye instead of a red eye.
Personality: After training in several battles, Emile has become more outgoing and ready to battle. Its old shy side rarely shows.
Ability: Clear Body
Specialty: Strong, sturdy defense.
Known Moves: Take Down

Species: Eevee
Nickname: Kelly
Trainer: Chris Ridot
Appearance: A distinctive tuff of hair on her head. Her ears are slightly bigger than the average, and her brown coloring is darker.
Personality: Because of her ability, Kelly is very social. She knows when to be playful and energetic and when not.
Ability: Adaptibility
Specialty: Fast, powerful attacks.
Known Moves: Quick Attack, Tackle, Tail Whip, Growl, Sand-Attack, and Bite.

Species: Ralts (Currently an egg)
Nickname: Carter (male) (Chris has a name for both a male or female Pokemon, Carter or Linda)
Trainer: Chris Ridot
Appearance: Normal white, but his green "helmet" and red horns are slightly darker. (As an egg, the upper half is green, and the lower is a red)
Personality: As a newly hatched, Carter is very shy. He often acts like a baby and clings to Chris.
Specialty: Long-ranged but weak status inflicting moves.
Known Moves: Growl, Confusion, Double Team, Confuse Ray, Shadow Sneak, Will-O-Wisp (the latter three being egg moves).
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Sisen and Neya: Um... linking to your profiles from here to the topic was the reason I asked you guys to post the profiles themselves here... style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif

Anyway, I'll update the lsit soon -- jsut got back from taking my cat to the vet and the power outage just ended, so... yeah. Meanwhile, here are my own characters.

Username: Parugi.
Name: Kyle Eston.
Faction: Team Liberty.
Hometown: Fuchsia City, Kanto.
Age: 18.
Appearance: A young trainer, Kyle has shortish, wavy, dark brown hair and slightly oval-like, blue-gray eyes. He has a mid-sized nose, which his friends jokingly describe as beak-like, and a rounded jaw. Kyle has a small scar on his upper right lip, from a cut he received as a child. He is very slightly tanned, not quite enough for people to notice, but it's still a tan. He is of rather average build, not too muscle-bound, though not extremely lean, either. His outfit is fairly simple. It consists of black pants, belt and shoes, and a dark, navy blue button up shirt, which he usually has tucked in. He also carries around a white, fedora-like hat, though rarely wears it, and sometimes wears a white vest over his shirt. He uses a black bag to carry around his supplies while on missions, and his Pokéballs always line his belt.
Personality: Despite his age, Kyle is a very mature and intelligent trainer. In school and during Team Liberty training, he achieved very high scores on his tests and preformed at the top of his group. He never let this go to his head, though, as he knew that to dwell in his own pride would not only stop or diminish his skills, but that it would also expose a huge weakness to his enemies. He is very kind towards others, especially his Pokémon, and is completely loyal to Team Liberty, even if he does sometimes question their motives. He spends most of his time thinking and planning, preparing for any possible situation in battle, and his periods of thought are marked by his continuously flipping a silver coin that his father gave him.
Background: Kyle was born in Fuchsia City to Kimberly and Richard "Richie" Eston, right after Team Rocket's takeover. From an early age, his father taught him the workings of Pokémon training and battling, while his mother dealt with the standard subjects, like math and history. He excelled at both regular school and Pokémon training, managing to catch a Spearow at the age of six, which was later released. As he continued to train, his father was contacted by a group of refugees, who planned to start an organized rebellion against Team Rocket. Despite having doubts about it, Richie accepted, and his family prepared to leave Fuchsia within the week. Word of their plans leaked to the Rockets, and the Estons soon found themselves under attack. They managed to escape, though not without serious injury to Kimberly, who went into a coma shortly after the three were picked up by Team Liberty. Now branded as traitors, Richie became an official Agent of Team Liberty, and Kyle was put into training, where he received his Sandshrew. The two have trained for quite some time, and Kyle recently managed to catch his Magnemite, Kitheus; they have been picked to participate in Team Liberty's Project R.A.L.L.Y., along with many other Agents.
Pokémon: Magneton (Kitheus,) Sandslash (Daiga,) Charmeleon (Jaeda,) Gligar (Ruji,) Axew (Lyxek.)

Posted Image

Species: Magneton.
Nickname: Kitheus.
Trainer: Kyle Eston.
Appearance: Kitheus is exactly like other Magenton. However, the blue and red sections on the top Magnemite's magnets are darker; this particular Magnemite also happens to be Kitheus's Magnemite body.
Personality: Due to bonding with a pair of wild Magnemite, Kitheus has become much less quiet and far more rash, acting on random impulses. He is doing his best to quell these new influences, though he has yet to fully succeed. He is more analytical than before, due to his increased brain capacity, which has helped balance out his new "wild side." Kitheus is also slightly more cold than he was before, barely reacting to others when they try and interact with him. Finally, he has found that he now has advanced skills when it comes to interacting with technology, though has yet to fully explore these.
Ability: Magnet Pull.
Specialty: Kitheus's main specialty still lies in special attacks. Due to his evolution and power boost form bonding with two other Magnemite, he has also increased the probability of his move inflicting a status condition on his opponents.
Known Moves: Metal Sound, Supersonic, Thundershock, Lock-On, Tri-Attack, Discharge.

Posted Image
Species: Sandslash.
Nickname: Daiga.
Trainer: Kyle Eston.
Appearance: Daiga is essentially the same as any other Sandslash. However, his eyes are brown as opposed to black, and his spines are a darker shade of brown than those of the average Sandslash.
Personality: Little has changed sine his evolution; Daiga is still a very jolly Pokémon, never letting his spirits drop. Though he now possesses more power than he did as a Sandshrew, Daiga still is not terribly fond of battling, though he will still do whatever he is ordered if he is needed. His appetite has grown exponentially since he evolved, which is saying something considering how much he ate as a Sandshrew. Daiga tends to act as a mediator on Kyle's team, breaking up fights between his other Pokémon. He gets on well with Ruji, due to the Gligar's Ground-Typing, as well as the fact that it was through a battle with him that Daiga finally managed to evolve.
Ability: Sand Throw.
Specialty: Daiga's specialty still lies in hit and run attacks, striking at his opponent before burrowing underground and catching them off guard before repeating the cycle. This has been made all the easier since his evolution, as he has gained an increase in speed. Daiga is also very good at improvising attacks, something he was good at even as a Sandshrew.
Known Moves: Scratch, Defense Curl, Sandstorm, Rapid Spin, Swift, Dig.

Posted Image
Species: Charmeleon.
Nickname: Jaeda.
Trainer: Kyle Eston.
Appearance: Essentially the same as a regular Charmeleon, though she has two dark rings around each of her wrists; she is able to create fire around her wrists through these rings, similar to a Blaziken.
Personality: Jaeda is even more brave now than she was as a Charmander, though her evolution has made her a tad more rash than she was before. She will not back down to any challenge, and will attack with all of her strength if threatened. Unlike most other Charmeleon, though, she is still a rational thinker, and still listens to Kyle; she also does not automatically jump into situations she knows she can't handle alone.
Ability: Blaze.
Specialty: Since evolution, Jaeda's specialty has shifted form being primarily physical attacks to a mix of both physical and special ones. She can create and breathe much more powerful flames, and possesses greater speed than before. She also tends to use support-slash-diversion attacks like Smokescreen to great effect.
Known Moves: Scratch, Flamethrower, Smokescreen, Fire Fang, Metal Claw (Egg Move,) Bursting Flame.

Posted Image
Species: Gligar.
Nickname: Ruji.
Trainer: Kyle Eston.
Appearance: Ruji looks like a standard Gligar.
Personality: Ruji is a very careful Gligar; despite his speed, he hesitates to rush into anything and prefers to stop and analyze his opponent before attacking. This is not to say that he does not consider himself powerful -- quite the contrary: Ruji simply realizes that there are others with more power and ability than he, and opts to make sure that he can defeat an opponent before rushing in and discovering the opposite. Having come from a pack, he does not feel out of place on Kyle's team, though he does find the experience odd, since none of Kyle's other Pokémon are Gligar; however, he gets on well with Daiga, due to his Ground-Typing.
Ability: Sand Veil.
Specialty: Ruji is incredibly fast, and this coupled with his attack capabilities makes for one deadly combination. He does not rush into things, though, assessing the situation before attacking his opponents, allowing him to stay out of traps set by his opponents.
Known Moves: Slash, Swords Dance, Poison Tail, Sand-Attack, Agility (Egg Move,) Night Slash (Egg Move.)

Posted Image
Species: Axew.
Nickname: Lyxek.
Trainer: Kyle Eston.
Appearance: Lyxek looks just like a regular Axew, though he is a darker shade of green than most -- Army Green, perhaps.
Personality: Being a newborn, Lyxek is extremely naive and rash; he spends a lot of his time exploring and bothering others, as well as occasionally forcing his way out of his Poké Ball to do so, though this is usually when Kyle is asleep. Regardless, he doesn't mean harm, and is quite useful when he is needed, even if he is still a bit of a baby.
Ability: Mold Breaker.
Specialty: Lyxek specializes in anything physical -- namely, speed, defense and physical attacks. He is not that great with special attacks or defending against them at the moment, though he will learn to with time. Further, due to the fact that he is a newborn Pokémon, he isn't that skilled with what he does know, either.
Known Moves: Double Chop, Slash, Scary Face, Reversal (Egg Move,) Endure (Egg Move.)

Username: Parugi.
Name: Ethan Worth.
Faction: Team Rocket.
Hometown: Azalea Town, Johto.
Age: 30.
Appearance: Ethan stands at exactly 6' tall, with slightly tanned skin and a fairly muscular build. He has short, light brown hair, and dark green eyes. He wears black pants and shoes, a white button up shirt and a black vest, with a red "R" on the right side of it. He usually has his sleeves rolled up, and carries his Pokéballs on his belt. His hair is usually spiked up in the front, and a pair of sunglasses is a constant sight on top of his head, though he rarely uses them for their intended purpose. He has a noticeable, though not thick Australian accent.
Personality: For a Rocket, Ethan is actually pretty mellow, if a bit deceptive at times. He is very kind to his Pokémon and tries to be friendly to everyone, including Team Liberty Agents, as he figures that Team Rocket could operate so much more efficiently if its members just treated everyone like human beings. He has no qualms with either side, only choosing to side with Team Rocket because his mother took that path. He doesn't resort to dirty tactics in battle, but he will manipulate and deceive individuals if the need arises and it would be for the benefit of his mission. He is incredibly loyal both to his team and his Pokémon, and would put his life on the line to protect either one. He enjoys trekking through forests, hence his affection for Bug-type and Grass-type Pokémon. All in all, Easton has the whole "cool-guy" thing going for him.
Background: Ethan's life was always a simple one: A repeated cycle of fun and being completely carefree. He was born in Azalea Town to Mariah Worth and an unknown father, living a life of relative poverty despite his mother's best efforts. Ethan never noticed; he was too busy playing with Pokémon and his friends. Eventually, their situation grew to the point where his mother, now desperate, was forced to turn to a life of crime, becoming a member of Team Rocket. With their help, she managed to provide a better home for her son, participating in the stealing of several Pokémon, though never telling Ethan just what her job entailed. Ethan became isolated from his friends when the Rockets took over, as the Rockets tried to weed out anyone who would try to rebel; needless to say, quite a few were killed, though Ethan was never actually told this. Instead, he took to himself, managing to catch a Scyther and a Weedle, before being inducted into and trained by the Rockets on behalf of his mother, who had risen the ranks. Since then, Ethan has become a full-time Agent, and has volunteered to go on Team Rocket's search for possible allies of Team Liberty. His mother also recently disappeared, though no one seems to know what happened to her.
Pokémon: Kakuna (Tox,) Scizor (Céris,) Grotle (Kada,) Bellsprout (Suya,) Deerling (Serena,) Dwebble (Paruk.)

Posted Image

Species: Kakuna.
Nickname: Tox.
Trainer: Ethan Worth.
Appearance: Tox is similar in appearance to most other Kakuna. However, he also has a large, red dot in the middle of his 'chest,' in between his two stingers.
Personality: As a Weedle, Tox was humble and seemed to suffer from a confidence problem, though he was loyal and always ready to jump into battle if he was needed. Following his evolution into a Kakuna, Tox now realizes that he is just a step away from becoming a powerful member of Ethan's team and as such, is ready to try his hardest to finish his evolution. He has become more confident in his abilities and is now more relaxed as a result.
Ability: Shed Skin.
Specialty: Deterrent and defensive attacks.
Known Moves: Poison Sting, String Shot, Scratch (typeless,) Bug Bite, Harden.

Posted Image
Species: Scizor.
Nickname: Céris.
Trainer: Ethan Worth.
Appearance: Céris looks almost exactly like a normal Scizor; however, his left pincer has a notch in it, a scar carried over from when he was a Scyther.
Personality: Céris continues to be a battle-obsessed Pokémon -- he is always itching to fight , and is always on edge. He doesn't trust other trainers or Pokémon very easily, especially ones that tend to cause trouble, such as Suya. Céris is slightly more arrogant now than he was as a Scyther, due to the power boost following his evolution, though it is not a terribly noticeable difference. He is still very bold as well, standing up to any challenge that is asked of him.
Ability: Swarm.
Specialty: Due to his evolution, Céris has become quite a bit slower than he was as a Scyther, due to the extra weight from his armor. However, he is not daunted by this, as he enjoys the increased defenses and attack strength. As such, Céris is still exceptionally good when it comes to physical attacks, and has become a wall behind which his partners can hide behind when they need to.
Known Moves: Double Hit, Agility, Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Roost, Night Slash.

Posted Image
Species: Grotle.
Nickname: Kada.
Trainer: Ethan Worth.
Appearance: Kada looks like a regular Grotle, though the bushes on his back have small, blue flowers sprouting from them and his eyes are dark green.
Personality: Though he used to dislike Ethan, Kada has finally accepted the Rocket as his trainer and respects him for giving him the training he needed to evolve. Kada is very happy that he has finally become a Grotle, and continues to look forward, fantasizing about becoming a Torterra. He continues to be a quick-thinking Pokémon, even if his body has been slowed by his evolution, and seems considerably more jolly now than he used to be. Further, he is ore responsive to others now than he used to be, easily befriending Bug and Grass Types.
Ability: Overgrow.
Specialty: Kada has retained his skills with physical attacks. Due to his evolution, his speed has decreased, though the training he did as a Turtwig has allowed him to stay relatively agile despite the size shift. His defenses are also stronger now, though the new plants on his back give him a particular weakness to fire attacks that he did not possess as a Turtwig.
Known Moves: Razor Leaf, Bullet Seed, Bite, Body Slam (Egg Move,) Synthesis, Mega Drain.

Posted Image
Species: Bellsprout.
Nickname: Suya.
Trainer: Ethan Worth.
Appearance: Suya looks like a regular Bellsprout, only his arm leaves are bigger and he has a perpetually angry expression.
Personality: First and foremost: Suya is mean. Very mean. And ferocious. The closest in-game word to describe him would be sassy. He bears a strong resentment towards Ethan for capturing him, despite his trainer catching him so as to stop him from hurting any other wild Pokémon; as such, he very rarely listens to Ethan's commands. He is prone to going berserk on both his teammates and his opponents, giving them everything he's got even if it tires him out. As such, Ethan does not use him as much as he would like to, and does not plan on doing so until he can find a way to get Suya to listen to him.
Ability: Chlorophyll.
Specialty: Suya is a pure attacking Pokémon, using rash, swift physical attacks to strike his foes; unfortunately, he tends to go overboard with this, and his rage combined with his respectable defensive skill give him a slight resistance even to Fire attacks. His only weakness is his speed, though this is not as bad when he is angered.
Known Moves: Vine Whip, Wrap, Stun Spore, Wring Out, Poison Powder, Gastro Acid.

Posted Image
Species: Deerling.
Nickname: Serena.
Trainer: Ethan Worth.
Appearance: Serena looks like a normal Deerling in all of her forms.
Personality: Serena is very careful, much like a normal deer would be. She takes her time studying others before getting near them, so as to be better prepared in case they try to do anything to her. Serena is curious about Ethan, as she is new to his team, though she doesn't seem to be having a ton of trouble adjusting to the group. Generally, Serena is kind and gentle, though a little icy around strangers.
Ability: Serene Grace.
Specialty: Serena specializes in speed and physical attacks; this combined with her support attacks makes her a threat in battle. However, her defenses are not so great, and as such she relies heavily on putting her opponents to sleep before moving in for a rapid series of strikes.
Known Moves: Camouflage, Aromatherapy, Double Kick, Take Down, Grasswhistle (Egg Move.)

Posted Image
Species: Dwebble.
Nickname: Paruk.
Trainer: Ethan Worth.
Appearance: Paruk looks like a normal Dwebble, although he tends to carve his shells into a more pointed shape.
Personality: Paruk is rather impish in nature, as he tends to play small pranks on those around him -- especially his enemies. He has adapted quickly to life in Ethan's team, not particularly questioning his new position, though he has enjoyed the new opportunities to mess with people -- especially his new trainer. Paruk is a bit cruel in battle; while not evil like Suya is, he like to play around with his prey, so to speak, and plays mind games on those he fights against on a regular basis. Needless to say, he should find himself welcome in the group...
Ability: Shell Armor.
Specialty: Paruk is primarily defense based, using his shell as a shield -- naturally. He also tends to try and catch his opponents off-guard, by digging underground and disguising himself as a rock; this strategy tends to work better in rocky areas, where he can splash sand into his opponent's face and then do the above.
Known Moves: Sand-Attack, Smack Down, Rock Polish, Bug Bite, Slash.

Username: Parugi.
Name: Gavin Braner.
Faction: Team Rocket.
Hometown: Lavender Town.
Age: 21.
Appearance: A Rocket Agent who tends to wear a black hoodie, shirt and shoes, as well as gray jeans. His hair is long and auburn colored, similar to Silver's in style, and his eyes are green. He is 5'9", slightly short for his age, and he has fairly soft features. Following the Paradise battle, he now wears dark blue jeans, a black shirt, and a black, hoodless jacket.
Personality: Cold and emotionless, Gavin doesn't let his feelings get int he way of his job -- business comes first, in his opinion, even before the lives of others, aside from his Pokémon, who he actually cares very deeply for. He is antisocial, brushing off people when they talk to him, whilst making snarky remarks about them in his head. He does not take defeat well, and has slipped into spots of depression at times, when he has lost many battles in a row. He has a preference towards Psychic and Dark type Pokémon, seeing their abilities as more useful than those of others. He is not incredibly loyal to Team Rocket, only assisting them because he was told to.
Background: Gavin lived a gloomy life growing up -- inevitable, considering where he came from. He spent most of his time skipping school, and instead chose to battle and vandalize. His actions eventually got him into very big legal trouble, when he helped to ravage a small cemetery; because of that, he was sent to assist Team Rocket in their war against Team Liberty. As such, he does not harbor an intense loyalty to them, and on many occasions has chosen to ignore orders and go off on his own. He caught his Duskull during a training mission to Lavender Town, and acquired his Staryu prior to joining Team Rocket.
Pokémon: Staryu (Ithes,) Dusclops (Dothe,) Drapion (Irest,) Frillish (Sivik,) Abra (Talsim.)

Posted Image

Species: Starmie.
Nickname: Ithes.
Trainer: Gavin Braner.
Appearance: Ithes looks exactly like a regular Starmie, though the gold area around his gem is silver and his gem tends to stay on a certain color dipicting his mood.
Personality: Ithes is extremely loyal to Gavin, much like he was as a Staryu, thouh he is much smarter now than he was before. His raised intelligence has allowed him to begin acting of his own accord, giving Gavin the freedom to direct his other Pokemon in battle instead of orderng Ithes around. However, he is still impossible to read, aside from guessing his mood via his core.
Ability: Natural Cure.
Specialty: Physical strikes. Because of his evolution, he has also become sufficiently intelligent so as to act of his own accord in battle, if Gavin so wishes, allowing Gavin to focus on other opponents. He tends to combine this with his past experiences in battle, allowing him to form his own strategies without the need to be ordered around.
Known Moves: Hydro Pump, Rapid Spin, Recover, Camouflage, Bubblebeam, Power Gem.

Posted Image
Species: Dusclops.
Nickname: Dothe.
Trainer: Gavin Braner.
Appearance: Dothe looks exactly like a standard Dusclops, save a crack on his face following a battle with a ghost Tyranitar.
Personality: Following his evolution, Dothe retains his impish traits. He is a lot more cruel in his pranks and in battle, as he is very proud of his new found power. Dothe tends to get infuriated with other ghost Pokémon if they attack his partners, utilizing his full strength against them. Overall, he is still very much how he was as a Duskull -- loyal and impish -- though more confident as a result of his new body.
Ability: Pressure.
Specialty: Surprise attacks, though Dothe has also gained more physical strength following his transformation.
Known Moves: Night Shade, Leer, Shadow Sneak, Astonish, Pursuit, Shadow Punch.

Posted Image
Species: Drapion.
Nickname: Irest.
Trainer: Gavin Braner.
Appearance: Irest has slightly larger pincers on his hands.
Personality: Ever since Gavin received Irest, he has been trying to prove himself to Dothe, Ithes and his trainer. Since his evolution, Irest has become much more confident in his abilities, and is proud of the circumstances surrounding his evolution. Still, he remains somewhat lonely, as he is still the only Pokémon on Gavin's team that was not actually caught by Gavin. Irest has kept some of his lazy worker tendencies, such as sleeping much of the time, though since his evolution he has become more active and more willing to battle.
Ability: Sniper.
Specialty: Irest's main specialty is still in physical attacks; however, his evolution into a larger Pokémon has slightly decreased his speed. Still, his size gives him an edge over smaller, weaker-minded opponents, intimidating many of them with ease.
Known Moves: Bite, Poison Fang, Pin Missile, Claw Sharpen, Acupressure, Cross Poison.

Posted Image
Species: Frillish.
Nickname: Sivik.
Trainer: Gavin Braner.
Appearance: Looks like a normal male Frillish, though his eyes are yellow as opposed to red.
Personality: A rather naive and curious individual, Sivik spends a lot of time observing others up close, which is how he met Gavin. Though slightly cold towards Gavin since being removed from the ocean, Sivik is still willing to obey him because of this new opportunity to see the rest of the world. Sivik is willing to fight when angered, and dislikes intruders of the sea -- boats and people, in other words.
Ability: Cursed Body.
Specialty: Sivik is most powerful when he uses special attacks. He is also much faster in water than on land, though is still able to operate on either.
Known Moves: Absorb, Night Shade, Recover, Water Pulse, Ominous Wind.

Posted Image
Species: Abra.
Nickname: Talsim.
Trainer: Gavin Braner.
Appearance: A normal looking Abra.
Personality: Talsim spends almost all of his time sleeping in a relaxed state; like other Abra, though, he is still conscious of what goes on around him via psychic powers. He does not display much emotion because of this lethargic state, though since capturing Talsim there have been one or two times when Gavin has sworn he has heard strange, echoing words in his head...
Ability: Magic Guard.
Specialty: Talsim specializes in Special Attacks, and has also shown a proficiency in speed, used in combination with his Teleport ability when facing an opponent. However, he is not that great at defense.
Known Moves: Teleport, Psychic, Thunder Punch (Egg Move.)
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May 20 2010 08:48 PM
Username: FawfulWithFury
Name: Shigeru Nakinaro
Faction: Team Rocket
Hometown: Saffron City
Age: 40
Appearance: Brown hair, dark blue eyes, pale white skin, wears labcoat, thick glasses, and white dress pants
Personality: Shigeru is a very curious and experimental person. If he sees a flawed invention, he tries to make his own version of it to fix the flaw. If he can brag about discovering a new metal, he will do so. Overall, he is creative and smart, but he can take things too far.
Background: Shigeru grew up in Saffron City with his uncle and aunt. He often looked at the Magnet Train and the Silph Co. Building in amazement during his free time. After graduating from college, he got a job at Silph Co.- it was a dream come true! Or, it would have been, if he wasn't a worker who simply packaged products for shipping. Soon afterwards, he quit, and decided to do experiments alone. He spent many years living alone, attempting to copy Silph Co. products or modify them. At the age of 37, he witnessed Team Rocket take over Saffron City, and he joined them afterwards.
Pokémon: Porygon and Voltorb

Species: Porygon
Nickname: n/a
Trainer: Shigeru Nakinaro
Appearance: N/A
Personality: Shigeru's Porygon is very smart- it has all Pokedex data downloaded straight to it, and it has an IQ of 1,000. Other than that, it has very little personality
Ability: Download
Specialty: Strategic moves
Known Moves: Tri Attack, Psybeam, Recycle

Species: Voltorb
Nickname: Wattson
Trainer: Shigeru
Appearance: N/A
Personality: Wattson is very serious, and it is almost always training. However, Wattson has a soft spot for other Pokemon who belong to Team Rocket members.
Ability: Static
Specialty: Moves that take long amounts of time to complete
Known Moves: Spark, Gyro Ball, Selfdestruct

Also, I would like to join TR Retrieval Group D- Misty seems like a useful ally, and that group only has one member.
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Umbra of Doom
May 20 2010 09:16 PM
I'm currently in the 'Unassigned' section of TL I guess. Here's my current profile:

Username: Umbra of Doom
Name: Jayron Aaron
Faction: Team Liberty.
Hometown: Fuchsia City, Kanto
Age: 15
Appearance: Fairly tall, brown eyes, dark red-brown hair. Clothes and hat are green with style similar to Sir Aaron/Riley. Wears black, fingerless gloves and carries a small backpack for items.
Personality: A bit unceartain, but quick to help if needed. Trains himself and his pokemon to be stealthy. Generally knowledgeable about pokemon, but sometimes is too quick to assume something (like victory). Will battle when necessary, but with caution if his pokemon are already tired. Greatly dislikes the rockets and will face them when needed. Has minimal control over the Aura (don't worry, he can't fling Aura spheres or anything) but it is a learning process. Currently, all he has in the way of aura is a small mental connection with his Riolu.
Background: Born in Fuchsia city, Jayron trained at a ninja school for a while before the rockets found it and destroyed it. He fled the burning school and drifted out on a raft through the seafoam islands. Almost a month later, he found himself on a deserted island near the sevii islands. For a while, all he had was the company of the neighboring pokemon. One in particular, a Riolu, helped him find a way off the island. Traveling with the Riolu as his companion, he arrived at the sevii islands and joined Team liberty. It was there he learned that he had a distant relationship to the legendary Sir Aaron (hence his last name). Jayron's mission is to try and recover some of the ninja students that had been at his school and bring them back as recruits to Team Liberty. He also intends for both he and his Riolu to master the aura. I addition, he really wants to locate the legendary mew and catch it, though he knows this will be a difficult task. His second, and more recent pokemon he saved from being abandoned by the rest of its pack was a Sneasel, though the hard life it had has made it hard to adjust.
Pokémon: Lucario (male), Scythe (Weavile)(female), and Trapinch (male)

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-UoD voynui.gif
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OOC: Username: rawr.
Name: Max "Buzz" Bussle
Faction: Team Rocket Executive (as requested by Parugi)
Hometown: Azalea Town
Age: 20
Appearance: Buzz is bald and sometimes wears goggles which are similar in appearance to a Yanma's eyes. He wears dark green trousers and a dark green open jacket with a light red T-shirt.
Personality: He does not act kindly to other people, and tends not to talk to anyone much when he isn't giving orders. On the outside he seems mean and cold, but he has a secret, loving side that only his Pokemon can see. For most, these traits make him very hard to like, but they helped him get to high places in Team Rocket.
Background: Buzz was raised by his parents in Azalea Town, he never got on well with the other children and instead managed to make friends with a whole swarm of Yanma. At the age of 10, Buzz watched as both his parents were killed by a kid who was trying to earn the respect of Team Liberty. It turns out that Buzz's parents had both been undercover members of Team Rocket. Buzz gathered his three favourite Yanma and set off to gain revenge, eventually defeating the kid. A long the way one of his Yanma evolved. Although he had got his revenge, Buzz was not satisfied, so he joined Team Rocket, and has elevated in the ranks quickly.

Species: Yanmega (Male)
Nickname: N/A
Trainer: Max Bussle
Appearance: Same as usual
Personality: A ruthless follower of Buzz. Yanmega follows his trainers orders without question, and rarely shows emotion.
Ability: Speed Boost
Specialty: He is swift and a very powerful flier.
Known Moves: AnceintPower, U-Turn, Bug Buzz, Air Slash, Quick Attack

Species: Yanma (Male)
Nickname: Yan
Trainer: Max Bussle
Appearance: Same as usual
Personality: Yan is not as heartless as Buzz or Yanmega, and often hesitates when doing bad things for his trainer. He is kind at heart but will ultimately do what Buzz tells him.
Ability: Speed Boost
Specialty: He is somewhat weak, but very fast.
Known Moves: Quick Attack, Tackle, Wing Attack, Pursuit

Species: Yanma (Female)
Nickname: Ma
Trainer: Max Bussle
Appearance: Same as usual.
Personality: Like Yan, Ma is not a mean Pokemon. She often feels sad for what her trainer has become, remembering what a nice young boy he was.
Ability: CompoundEyes
Specialty: Not that great a flier, but is good a special attacks.
Known Moves: SonicBoom, Hypnosis, Toxic, Giga Drain

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Here's my profile.
Username: FenrakkRider
Name: Nate Delano
Faction: Team Liberty
Hometown: Fortree City, Hoenn
Age: 15
Appearance: Nate is about 5'5" tall. He has blonde hair that goes down to about the bottom of his ears, and he is a fast runner. He has pale skin, and he is thin. He wears a green hoodie with a black shirt under that. He also has jeans and green shoes.
Personality: Nate is brave and friendly, but he often acts on instinct. That often gets him in trouble. Also, he is very fond of his hometown and will do anything to get it out of the clutches of Team Rocket.
Background: He grew up in Fortree City. He has 2 parents and 1 sister. He first met Cotton when he was wandering through the forest at the age of 7, and he has had a strong friendship with her ever since.
Pokémon: Cotton(Swablu), Shock(Mareep)

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Username: McKothman (to be changed to Koth)
Name: Aulus Rufius
Faction: Team Rocket
Hometown: Celadon
Age: 17
Appearance: Aulus is a Caucasian male standing about 5’10”, with reddish-brown hair that comes down his forehead to just above his blue eyes. He wears standard Rocket grunt garb (though devoid of the signature red “R“), with dark blue boots. Over this he usually wears a long grey coat. He wears a black headband with the Rockets’ “R”, though this is often concealed by his hair.
Personality: Usually calm and formal, and polite towards or in the presence of his superiors. When with his peers or inferiors, he isn’t rude, but decidedly hostile. He generally doesn’t care about other people, or other Pokémon, but he genuinely cares for his own Pokémon. He tends to spend his time watching others, figuring them out, only speaking when spoken to, or when necessary.
Background: Aulus was born and raised in Celadon city. His mother was a clerk at the department store and his father was a manager at the game corner. For his seventh birthday, Aulus got an Eevee (who he named Aoneko) who became his closest companion. He did have many friends, as his parents kept him isolated from most other children. When he was twelve, his parents were killed, and he ran off, taking the Saffron train to Goldenrod. At Goldenrod, he became a member of the local runaway community, and worked his way to becoming its leader. While not popular as a person, he was an effective leader and organiser, and strategist, for which the community prospered. Team Rocket had been watching him for about a year since his acquisition of leadership, and picked him up because of his characteristics. He did not object to this conscription, as he had been thinking of leaving and joining the Rockets anyway.
Pokémon: Aoneko (Eevee)

Species: Eevee
Nickname: Aoneko (basically “blue cat”)
Trainer: Aulus Rufius
Appearance: An Eevee, though with slightly blue eyes. Aulus has a piece of blue string tied around Aoneko’s left ear.
Personality: Aoneko is not actively hostile towards anyone, but is very watchful, though getting too close to him or Aulus could prompt an attack. As such, he is rather protective of Aulus, and in most cases will attempt to prevent other Pokémon from coming near him.
Ability: Adaptability
Specialty: Assessing the opponent’s abilities, and tactics, and attacking or defending accordingly.
Known Moves: Bite, Quick Attack, Sand Attack, Tail Whip, Growl
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That Darned Chinchou
May 27 2010 02:24 AM
It's a bit late, but I'll add my profile here for simplicity...

Username: Shadok
Name: Michael Ray
Faction: Team Liberty
Hometown: Solaceon Town
Age: 16
Appearance: Michael is of average build, slightly small for his age, with brown hair. He wears a simple black T-shirt and jeans combination. For the colder areas of Sinnoh, he also has a brown hooded jacket. Slung over his back is a simple Sinnoh-type backpack to store items and pokeballs. On his wrist is a well-used poketch which he recieved a year ago.
Personality: Michael is confident in his skills. He is aware that his partners aren't as strong as other trainers, but is determind to prove that he can become equal to other trainers. He has an extensive knowledge of pokemon thanks to his spending time with his grandparents, known as the daycare couple, and helping them with their duties.
Background: Michael spent most of his life in his hometown, Solaceon. Despite this, he always had a facination with Pokemon, even as a young child. As he grew up, his facination grew into a love for the creatures, never considering them to be pets or animals, but people. When he found out what team Rocket had been doing to Pokemon, he sought out Team Liberty to oppose the cruelty of the Rockets. Once the Rockets have been removed from power, he hopes to take over from his Grandparents as the daycare person and help Pokemon who suffered at the hands of the Rockets.
Pokémon: Tion (Male Ralts), Hax (Porygon)

Species: Ralts
Nickname: Tion
Trainer: Michael
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tion's Horn is a bluish colour, rather than the normal red colour of a Ralts.
Personality: Tion is an extremely caring and cautious Pokemon. He will often defeat a Pokemon for Michael, then turn back and make sure that it wasn't too badly injured. Since he was Michael's first Pokemon, hatched from an unwanted egg a trainer left, he is strongly attached to his trainer.
Ability: Trace
Specialty: Tion, like all Psychic types, can take a large amount of special attacks and fire them back, but he cannot take more than a few physical attacks.
Known moves: Confusion, Teleport, Double team, Growl, Lucky Chant and Magical Leaf.

Species: Porygon
Nickname: Hax
Trainer: Michael
Gender: Neutral (Acts Male)
Appearance: Hax has a "scar" running down his left eye, which is in truth a slight bug in his programming.
Personality: Hax is a Stubborn and Headstrong Pokemon. This is in contrast to his calmer "Brother" Tion, who grew up alongside him. Hax was obtained when a trainer who hatched him handed him back for being "Damaged". Ever since, he has been determind to never give Michael a reason to no-longer want him.
Ability: Download
Specialty: Hax has a larger pool of energy when it comes to blasting his foes with Special attacks, similar to Tion. However, unlike normal special attackers, Hax can block physical attacks against him, although he gained this at the cost of being rather weak to receiving Special attacks.
Known Moves: Tackle, Sharpen, Conversion, Conversion 2, Psybeam and Recover.

Species: Treecko
Nickname: Gecka
Trainer: Michael Ray
Gender: Female
Appearance: Geka has a small leaf-like appendage on her head which resembles a small ponytail, in addition to the normal Treecko appearance.
Personality: Geka is extremely hyperactive. She will often be found jumping on whatever she can reach fastest when left to her own devices. Her hyperactivity also causes her to accidently break things, although she is a good pokemon at heart.
Ability: Overgrow
Specialty: Geka loves to run and jump around a lot. As a result, she moves very quickly in battles, although this is at the price of being weaker when it comes to taking blows.
Known Moves: Pound, Leer, Absorb, Quick attack, Pursuit and Screech

Nickname: Gab
Species: Gibble
Trainer: Michael Ray
Gender: Female
Appearance: Gab's stripes are the same red as her belly instead of blue.
Personality: Gab is extremely clingy, due to it's status as a hatched pokemon. When around Michael, she is very innocent and soft. However, she is extremely bossy and aggressive the moment he turns his back.
Ability: Sand Veil
Specialty: Gab is extremely offensive, being very willing to dish out damage to her foes. However, she is not so good when Karma shows up.
Known Moves: Tackle, Sand attack, Dragon Rage, Sandstorm, DragonBreath (egg move), and Thrash (egg move)
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Zero Makuta
May 29 2010 01:34 AM
Here you go:

Username: Nuju Nui
Name: Jake Soren
Faction: Team Liberty
Hometown: Goldenrod City
Age: 16
Appearance: Jake is around 5' 8''. He has dark brown hair, almost black. He has blue eyes and olive skin. He often wears a blue jacket w/a hood. He wears a black shirt under that and has his pokeballs on a special belt. He is thin, but not to terribly. He can also run quite fast.
Personality: Jake wants to overthrow Team Rocket and protect the regions of the pokemon world. He is afraid of heights and is always ready to fight TR. His favorite type of pokemon is fire. His second is dragon.
Background: Jake grew up in Goldenrod City and was raised to love all pokemon and treat them all right. He is loyal and is usually lost in thought. His pokemon were given to him by his father, who was taken by Team Rocket.

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Casus Belli
May 30 2010 01:14 PM
Yeah, It's probably a little late and a little ruining-the-moment to make a profile, but that better than never. Forgive me if my spoiler tags don't work.

Username: ....Yawn?
Name: Thomas Solson (Prefers to be called Tom)
Faction: Team Liberty
Hometown: Goldenrod City
Age: 15

Appearance: Black hair, Light Brown Skin Tone, Light Brown eyes, a very visible scar on his right eye (given with an encounter with the Rockets 3-5 years ago), Blue shirt with a large green circle with a purple spiral inside of it, and a purple Pokeball design on the back. He wears a size 16-18 size jacket (blue and silver) w/ hood. It is usually left half unzipped, but usually keeps the hood on anyways. Has blue and black hiking shoes.

Personality: Usually very quiet and shy and easily irritable. Underneath that exterior, he is very kind and forgiving. He only unveils his true personality to those who he really trusts. Would prefer to sit under a tree, unraveling his thoughts or reading a good book than battling, although puts what he has to use when necessary. He cares for Pokémon (ally, neutral, and some enemies). Has a wierd obsession with cool colors. (Blue, green, etc .)

Background: Born somewhere after the invasion, his parents were assassinated for protesting the Rocket's notion. After his house was burned to the ground, he was thrown out into the wild with some clothes and other items related to that subject and two Pokeballs. He wandered into a cave and met a Beldum. They played together for some weeks.
After that, Beldum was willingly "captured" with one of Tom's Pokeballs. Then, one day, while looking into the cooking fire, he had an idea for a raft. While gathering the materials, Tom and Beldum met a man "casually dressed". (Note: Tom is 14 right now, FYI). He told Tom to join "Team Liberty". When Tom asked what it was, the man replied that they defy Team Rocket. Remembering his parents, Tom followed the man to a boat. After 8-10 hours, he arrived at Four Island. There, Tom and Beldum met a Gible. Beldum and the Gible talked extensively in Pokemon Language, and then Beldum and Gible looked up at Tom hopefully. Tom pulled out his other Pokeball, confused. Beldum and Gible nodded rapidly. Gible was also willingly "captured". Um, yeah, that's all you need to know about Tom.
Pokémon: Beldum (Ax) and Gible (Biter)

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Twilight Death Wisp
May 31 2010 02:48 PM
ok, my entire profile....

Username: Twilight Death Wisp
Name: Darren Ketchum (Although he is unaware of his last name)
Faction: Team Liberty.
Hometown: None. Well, Pallet town, sort of.
Age: 17.
Appearance: Long black hair, Blue eyes. Smallish nose. His eard lay flat on his head. He usually wears a camouflage outfit, t-shirt and cargo pants. Pretty tall, at 6'2" Looks remarkably like his father, Ash.
Personality: Darren is an easygoing, outspoken guy. He speaks what's on his mind, but only to people he trusts. He is bold, and pretends to be brave, which is nearly like truly being so. He would die for his friends.
Background: Darren is a son of Ash and Misty Ketchum. Unfortunately, he was separated from his parents when he was 4, when a Team Rocket raid threw a family reunion into chaos. He grew up with one of the many Nurse Joys, until his 'aunt' was killed by Team Rocket when he was 10. Since then, he grew up in Kanto, living by himself. He met his Torchic when he was 12. He met up with Team Liberty when he was 14, and has lived with them ever since.
Pokémon: Torchic and Pikachu.

Species: Torchic
Nickname: none.
Trainer: Darren Ketchum.
Appearance: He has a blue vertical streak going from it's forehead through his right eye to an inch below his eye.
Personality: He is smart and fun-loving. He is very analytical, and dispenses information on anything that needs to be known. He loves to play, but knows when to fight.
Ability: Blaze.
Specialty: Good at fighting, with fire powers and martial arts. Does not have very good defence.
Known Moves: Flame Wheel, Fire Punch, Peck, Smokescreen.

Nickname: none
Trainer: Darren Ketchum
Appearance: Normal Pikachu look.
Personality: Adventurous, fun loving. Proud of his powers, whatever they are at the time. Very competitive.
Ability: Static.
Specialty: Good at special attacks and speed.
Known Moves: Spark, Tail whip, Swift, Shock Wave.

Species: Riolu
Nickname: Auran
Trainer: Darren Ketchum
Appearance: The two bumps on his arms are pale yellow, and a yellow spot on his forehead. They glow when using a powerful attack.
Personality: Auran is a shy pokemon, but knows his powers. Reluctant is a good word to describe him. Woe to the pokemon who attacks him.
Ability: Inner Focus.
Specialty: Attacking and Speed. Not good on defense.
Known Moves: Force Palm(specialty), quick attack, counter, focus punch, Sky Uppercut (breeding move)

Username: Twilight Death Wisp
Name: Andrian Night
Faction: Team Liberty.
Hometown: He hails from Ecruteak City in the Johto region.
Age: 20.
Appearance: Andrian wears black. Always. He wears an outercoat of black velvet, and his inner buttondown shirt is usually dark blue, purple, or red. He wears black jeans. He has black eyes, and heavy eyelids. He wears a black cape.
Personality: Andiran is quiet. Strangers would call him evil, but he's not, he just feels an affinity for the darker side of life. He is a cold, calculating person. He is not quick to anger, but a sneer is usually on his face. When he is angry, he is a terror to behold.
Background: He grew up in an orphanage. He got out at the age of 16, and joined Liberty the year after. It might be a surprize that he joined Liberty, but he disagrees with Rocket's morals.
Pokémon: Snorunt, Shinx.

Species: Snorunt
Nickname: None
Trainer: Andrian
Appearance: Instead of orange, his coat is a darker red.
Personality: Shy. She is powerful, but doesn't like to show off. Doesn't make friends easily.
Ability: Ice body.
Specialty: Special attacks and Physical defence.
Known Moves: Ice Fang, weather ball(breeding), bite, protect, Ice Beam. Is particularly good with Ice Beam, although it is hard for her to pull off.

Species: Shinx
Nickname: none
Trainer: Andrian
Appearance: Is a darker shade of blue and yellow.
Personality: Acts tough and fierce, but is slightly cuddly. However, Andrian is not much of a cuddler. Rather haughty.
Ability: Intimidate.
Specialty: Special attack and speed.
Known Moves: Spark, bite, crunch, thunder fang.

Species: Gible
Nickname: just Gible.
Trainer: Andrian Night
Appearance: The stripes on his back and 'rockets' are black instead of blue.
Personality: Cheerful, energetic, and generally excited.
Ability: Sand Veil.
Specialty: Physical Attack and Defence.
Known Moves: Dragon Claw, Sandstorm, Take Down, Slash, Outrage(breeding).
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Username: McKothman (to be changed to Kothra)
Name: Sarissa Krenz
Faction: Team Rocket
Hometown: Olivine, Johto
Age: 29
Appearance: Sarissa is a five foot-tall Caucasian female. She has blond hair dyed a bright blue and has blue eyes. She often wears a pair of rings (n her ring fingers), and earrings, all depicting the same symbol--an open blue eye. For clothing, she wears the standard Rocket jumpsuit, minus the gloves and cap.
Personality: Sarissa is generally a friendly and upbeat person, acting kindly towards anyone except those she personally decides to dislike, or those who are her enemy by default (i.e. Team Liberty). She is stubborn when it comes to what she wants, and will not take “no” for an answer. She tries to act politely towards most people, and has a thing for using Japanese honourifics. Some are annoyed by this, while others find it amusing. Either way, she doesn’t care.
Background: Sarissa was introduced to Pokémon at a young age by Olivine City’s former Gym Leader, Jasmine. Sarissa always looked up to Jasmine as an older sister, thought the two were not related. When Sarissa was eight years old, Team Rocket took over, and Jasmine disappeared. Her parents, who were pro-Rocket for the ultimate peace they brought to the world, told Sarissa that Jasmine had left on a trip around the world. On her tenth birthday, Sarissa received a Pokéball from an unspecified person. Inside was a Ralts with a short letter. The letter was from Jasmine.
At her parents’ urging, when Sarissa was seventeen, she joined Team Rocket, to “help maintain peace in the world.” The Rocket life was rather easy, so she enjoyed it. On a mission, Sarissa managed to catch a Pokémon that the administration permitted her to keep as her own. This Pokémon was a Jigglypuff. Over the past ten years, she has become quite accomplished in several areas, including that of a pilot.
Pokémon: Omoi (Ralts), Eika (Jigglypuff)

Species: Ralts
Nickname: Omoi (oh-moh-ee)
Trainer: Sarissa Krenz
Appearance: Common Ralts, but with a pair of blue lines descending from each eye (applied with a face paint).
Personality: Omoi is rather timid, and when out of her Pokéball, tends to stay away from strangers, and near Sarissa or Eika. This does not affect her ability in battle, however.
Ability: Synchronize
Specialty: Evading the opponent at all costs, then striking when an opening is revealed.
Known Moves: Psychic, Calm Mind, Magical Leaf, Double Team Teleport, Hypnosis

Species: Jigglypuff
Nickname: Eika (eh-ee-kah)
Trainer: Sarissa Krenz
Appearance: Common Jigglypuff, with a trio of blue lines running between the ears (applied with a face paint).
Personality: Upbeat and happy, like Sarissa. Tends to fool around (and sometimes in battle as well).
Ability: Cute Charm
Specialty: Immobilizing the opponent, then striking with full power.
Known Moves: Sing, Hyper Voice, Mimic, Rest, Defence Curl, Body Slam
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Bloody Nine
Jun 04 2010 09:20 PM
Username: The Sword That Smites Evil
Name: Quinn Cariu
Faction: Team R
Hometown: Viridian City
Age: 23
Appearance: An unassuming person, Quinn is rather unspectacular. He has short black hair, brown eyes, of pale skin, and is rather slim of build. The only special thing abotu his are his eyes, which burn with a quiet intelligence.
Personality: Quiet. Quinn doesn't socialize.
Background: Born shortly before the Rise of the Rockets, Quinn's past is unknown to most - it is assumed that he lived the average life, did average things, and so on and so forth. The reason for this lack of knowledge is rather simple - Quinn doesn't want to talk about it.
Pokémon: Sneasel (Scar) and Ditto (Eldritch)

Species: Sneasel
Nickname: Scar
Trainer: Quinn
Appearance: Yeah, normy.
Personality: Silent, like its boss, but at the same time, stubborn about things - in fact, it's adamant.
Ability: Inner Focus
Specialty: Swift and stealthy - LIKE A NINJA!
Known Moves: Fury Swipes, Screech, Faint Attack, Pursuit (egg), Quick Attack, Ice Punch (egg)

Species: Ditto
Nickname: Eldritch
Trainer: Quinn
Appearance: Normal.
Personality: Jolly
Ability: Limber
Specialty: Has practice in taking a variety of shapes - doesn't need a tablet to change.
Known moves: Transform

Species: Porygon
Nickname: Dats
Trainer: Quinn Cariu.
Appearance: Normal colors, save for the fact that it has a Devon Corporation insignia on its forehead.
Personality: Modest.
Ability: Download.
Specialty: Special attacks and haxxing.
Known Moves: Signal Beam, Sharpen, Conversion2, Tackle, Recover, Magnet Rise.

Username: TSTSE
Name: "Mellow" Merrow
Faction: Team Rocket
Hometown: Ecruteak
Age: 33.
Appearance: Let's go with flamboyant. Of medium height, Merrow wears a tuxedo and a top hat. He has a small, pointed goatee, as well as a thin french 'stache.
Personality: Spontaneous, chatty, and friendly.
Background: Hailing from Ecruteak City, Merrow is rather rich, although that's what heirs are. Having grown up in Ecruteak City, he's rather... religious, in the sense that he believes all myths to be true. Due to this, he is well-versed in all myths, everywhere. As such, he is a valuable consultant.
Pokémon: Poochyena, Gastly

Species: Poochyena
Trainer: Merrow
Appearance: Same
Personality: Inquisitive, active.
Ability: Run away
Specialty: Tracking and Chasing
Known Moves: Howl, Covet - egg, Tackle, Odor Sleuth, Bite, Fire Fang

Species: Gastly
Trainer: Merrow
Appearance: Same
Personality: Intimidating, Solitary
Ability: Levitate
Specialty: Cursing/afflicting and Arcane attacks
Known Moves: Curse, Will-o-wisp, Hypnosis, Spite, Confuse ray, Shadow Ball
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Professor Ecketzal
Jun 04 2010 09:40 PM
Here are my profiles:
Username: Toa Ecketzal
Name: Roderick Krane
Faction: neutral (as of now)
Hometown: None: wanderer. (originally Orre)
Age: 17
Appearance: Roderick is the living image of his father: he is tall, a little skinny and weak looking, he is usually wearing a long sleeve red shirt with a golden dragon in the chest, a pair of blue jeans and boots. He wears a belt where he stores his tools and PDA in order for hacking or robotics. He uses glasses in order to look more like a science guy... truth is: they are fake, he doesn't need them in order to see.
Personality: He could be best described as a reserved smart guy, he finds it hard to make friends, but he is a very good and reliable one once he makes one. He is humble and quiet, preferring not to speak out loud, this has helped him stay incognito as he travels.
He is also not too great with girls, he is very shy and will not speak when infatuated.
Background: He lived and grew in Orre living with his father Professor Krane, being surrounded by machines gave him a good knowledge of robotics and hacking systems, but sadly his physical condition is not good at all, and as such he tires easily. He overcomes this weakness with inventions like platforms and stuff. One of his inventions is a small robot which Wattling likes to inhabit.
He was sent to Sinnoh in order to spy Team rocket's activities and report them to the Orre authorities in order for them to make a decision .
Pokémon: Wattling (Rotom) Digital (Porygon-Z) Swirl (Castform), Rampere (Luxray/Shadow Pokémon), Blimpy (Drifblim), Aralia (Jalorda), Riguree (Shadow pokémon) and Ignight (Monferno).

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Username: Toa Ecketzal
Name: Silver eyes (Mina)
Faction: Team Rocket
Hometown: unknown
Age: 17
Appearance: A girl in her late teens, she sports the usual Rocket uniform, and uses a beret of matching colour, she often disguises herself though. As her name implies she has silver colored eyes. She also sports long hair tied in a ponytail.
Personality: She could be described as a cunning and tricky person. She can be really kind one moment and the next thing you know is that she has stolen something for you. She does this to everyone, be it normal people or Rockets. She has a soft spot for Roderick though.
Background: She is very famous in the rocket society due to her thieving skills, still: she doesen't like to do the sort of bad things the team rocket leaders do. She also often disappears to unknown places.
Pokémon: Roselia (Bouquet), Togetic (Huitzi), Mantyke (Guniver), Static (Bachuru), Archeos (Aaken), Dozer (Mogurew) and Eevee.

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Username: Professor Ecketzal
Name: Jake Snark
Faction: Team Rocket
Hometown: Kanoko town.
Age: 20
Appearance: He could be described as strong looking. He is tall, with a wide build, but not fat. He has black hair that is usually wild. He has deep black eyes and a scar in his left arm. He usually wears
Personality: Jake is often bored. And spends most of his time loafing and sleeping, and as a result he never does something unless ordered by a superior or if he really cares about it. HWhen he focuses, however, he can get things quite right. He almost never regrets something, save for hurting innocent pokémon, of which he has a certain fondness of.
Background: Jake grew up in the Isshu region. Even when young, he displayed a high curiosity for the war that was happening in a country far away. After years of investigating (and loafing while doing so) he finally came up with information about the war and it's happenings. Having nothing better to do, he decided to go there and join the first team he found. Which turned out to be Team Rocket.
Pokémon: Futachimaru, , Desumasu, Marowak and Gobitto.

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Element Lord of Milk
Jun 06 2010 08:42 PM
I'll post my two new Characters Profiles here now:

Username: Element Lord of Milk.
Name: Ethan Williams.
Faction: Team Liberty.
Hometown: Cianwood City, moved to New Bark Town later on.
Age: 40.
Appearance: Has a worn Fedora, a long Trenchcoat, a stocky build, a scarf that he sometimes wraps around his face, glasses, a black vest with a white shirt underneath, Dark Green Cargo Pants, and steel-toed boots, and a large duffel bag wich he keeps all essentials in. Also, his Eye was injured, so he wears an Eyepatch.
Personality: He is an excellent Saboteur, and also knows a few tricks about staying unseen that he learned from Koga when they met after Ethan escaped the Rocket base.
Background:He grew up in Cianwood City with his parents, one day when he was sitting on the beach, a Krabby walked over to him and sat beside him, they became friends. The Krabby is currently at his Parents house in Cianwood City. Later on, when his parents took him to the Safari zone, a Rhyhorn got loose and he helped to recapture it, as a reward, he was given the Pokemon. a year later, he saw a group of Totodile that were swimminb near the beach, he Caught one. One year ago, his Brother leaked false information to the Rockets that he was a Leader of Team Liberty, the Rockets came and his house was burnt down, his Wife and Rhyperior died, his son managed to get away, but he and Thomas were captured. He spent half a year in a Rocket base, but then managed to escape with the help of Koga, who then taught him how to remain concealed, and also informed him Team Liberty's recent victories and hardships, he then left, and Ethan began to look for Team Liberty.
Missions: 4
Pokémon: Thomas (Feraligatr).

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Username: Element Lord of Milk.
Name: Zachary Williams.
Faction: Team Rocket
Hometown: Snowpoint City.
Age: 30
Appearance: Just the Regular Rocket Uniform, Short Brown Hair in a Crewcut. Deep Green eyes.
Personality: A very cruel Man, he has no love for the Human Race, believing them to be very destructive, he does show extreme love for Pokemon, except for all Poison Pokemon, especially the Grimer Family, due to their relation to pollution.
Background: Originally from Cianwood City, he lived with his Brother and Parents until he was 14, when he ran away from home, he nursed a bitter hatred of his Big Brother, he took with him only his Parents' wallets, a backpack with extra clothing, a Piplup his parents had gotten shipped to them from Sinnoh. He lived like this for another 14 years, eventually he settled down in Snowpoint City, where he found out that his Brother had settled down and had a Family, he then told the Rockets falsely that his Brother was a leader of Team Liberty. he then joined the Rockets, and he caught himself a Snover in Snowpoint before he left.
Pokémon: Piplup(Formerly) and Snover(Formerly). Sneasel.

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Thanks for the deceased marker, Parugi biggrin.gif .

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Mist Nemesisgriffin

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