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Rise Of The Rockets Character List

Posted by Parugi , Apr 29 2010 · 3,855 views

Team Liberty
Cal Riggs
Scott Williams
Ryan Sanders
James Arthur
Gecynde Wynn; Virden Kennings
Scott Stone
Selene Ashera/Silvermind
Jason Hemming; Rachael Camilla
Kyle Eston
Jayron Aaron
Nate Delano
Michael Ray
Jake Soren
Thomas Solson
Roderick Krane
Ethan Williams
Amelia Williams
Kyle Rogers
Geoff Grahams
Cyan Vero

Team Rocket
Dan the Mad
Reyna Dranys
Jessica Ortrune
Ethan Worth; Gavin Braner
Max Bussle/Buzz
Zachary Williams

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Oh my, I've forgotten about doing this..

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There we go. =)

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Casus Belli
Jun 18 2010 09:56 PM
Lol, everyone forgot about me! ohmy.gif Literally, if you DO see the name "Thomas Solson" on the List for Team Liberty, then I have turned into an Orange. sad.gif
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That list hadn't been updated in ages.

Just post your profile or a link to it in this section.

Neya Out. miru.gif
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Casus Belli
Jun 28 2010 04:17 PM
Okay, I'll re-add my profile.

Username: ....Yawn?
Name: Thomas Solson (Prefers to be called Tom)
Faction: Team Liberty
Hometown: Goldenrod City
Age: 15

Appearance: Black hair, Light Brown Skin Tone, Light Brown eyes, a very visible scar on his right eye (given with an encounter with the Rockets 3-5 years ago), Blue shirt with a large green circle with a purple spiral inside of it, and a purple Pokeball design on the back. He wears a size 16-18 size jacket (blue and silver) w/ hood. It is usually left half unzipped, but usually keeps the hood on anyways. Has blue and black hiking shoes.

Personality: Usually very quiet and shy and easily irritable. Underneath that exterior, he is very kind and forgiving. He only unveils his true personality to those who he really trusts. Would prefer to sit under a tree, unraveling his thoughts or reading a good book than battling, although puts what he has to use when necessary. He cares for Pokémon (ally, neutral, and some enemies). Has a wierd obsession with cool colors. (Blue, green, etc .)

Background: Born somewhere after the invasion, his parents were assassinated for protesting the Rocket's notion. After his house was burned to the ground, he was thrown out into the wild with some clothes and other items related to that subject and two Pokeballs. He wandered into a cave and met a Beldum. They played together for some weeks.
After that, Beldum was willingly "captured" with one of Tom's Pokeballs. Then, one day, while looking into the cooking fire, he had an idea for a raft. While gathering the materials, Tom and Beldum met a man "casually dressed". (Note: Tom is 14 right now, FYI). He told Tom to join "Team Liberty". When Tom asked what it was, the man replied that they defy Team Rocket. Remembering his parents, Tom followed the man to a boat. After 8-10 hours, he arrived at Four Island. There, Tom and Beldum met a Gible. Beldum and the Gible talked extensively in Pokemon Language, and then Beldum and Gible looked up at Tom hopefully. Tom pulled out his other Pokeball, confused. Beldum and Gible nodded rapidly. Gible was also willingly "captured". Um, yeah, that's all you need to know about Tom.
Pokémon: Beldum (Ax) and Gible (Biter)

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stoney the raptor
Jul 01 2010 02:04 AM
Username: Stoney the raptor
Name: Geoff grahams
Faction: Team Liberty.
Hometown: Oreburgh city
Age: 14
Appearance: Dark brown hair,blue eyes, dark brown shoes,trousers and a Orange t shirt.
Personality: Trusting nature will trust those who earn his respect without question however he is distrusting of everyone at first prefers being with pokemon rather than people.
Background: Son of a miner his father died in mine cave which lead to his distrust of people.
Pokemon: Metagross and Gabite.
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Username: Kothra
Name: Karin Taketta
Faction: Team Rocket
Hometown: Goldenrod, Johto
Age: 17
Appearance: Karin is a teenage Caucasian female, with chestnut hair that falls to her shoulders, and grey eyes. She wears a custom black, grey and maroon uniform with the red R on the shoulders.
Personality: Karin is a shy and reclusive person. She doesn't like to speak to others, because she often trips over her words. She often wants to be and speak with other people, but she can not bring herself to do it, afraid of embarrassing herself. Because she stays away from others, she is often regarded as awkward or unfriendly.
Background: Karin can't remember anything about her parents or family. For as long as she can remember, she has been living on the streets of Goldenrod City among the other homeless children. She led a rather rough life for sixteen years, then Aulus came to power. Under Aulus, the community prospered, and Karin was finally able to do things she had been longing to do. Soon after Aulus' ascension, however, she was conscripted by Team Rocket. She decided that Team Rocket was likely a better life than her previous one, as she had definite shelter and food, even if it was mandatory for her to take on missions given to her. As she had no Pokémon, the first given to her was to go and catch one, as she would not take any offered to her by Team Rocket. She went out to the beach just south of goldenrod, and found a Buizel. She caught it, and now spends most of her time with it, as she prefers to be away from other people.
Pokémon: Kawauso (Buizel), Sunayoukai (Trapinch)

Species: Buizel
Nickname: Kawauso (kah-wah-ooh-soh)
Trainer: Karin Taketta
Appearance: looks similar to a normal Buizel, though it's fins are slightly greyish
Personality: Kawauso loves fun and water, especially when the two are combined. Often thinks of things as being a game, which can sometimes cause trouble.
Ability: Swift Swim
Specialty: When water is around, strike the opponent swiftly. When in a dry area, take cover, and attack when the opportunity presents itself.
Known Moves: aqua jet, swift, agility, razor wind, whirlpool, pursuit

Species: Trapinch
Nickname: Sunayoukai (soo-nah-yoh-kai)
Trainer: Karin Taketta
Appearance: common Trapinch
Personality: reclusive, not liking working with others. May seem slow to react at times, as it prefers to move only when necessary.
Ability: Arena Trap
Specialty: digging under the earth (or whatever surface) and waiting for the opponent to come near before striking
Known Moves: feint attack, sandstorm, sand tomb, dig, earth power, crunch
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Umbra of Doom
Jul 02 2010 10:59 PM
I'll add my newest character. (even though I could just do it on the wiki)

Username: Umbra of Doom
Name: Cyan Vero
Faction: Team Liberty
Hometown: Fuchsia City, Kanto
Age: 15 (3 months younger than Jayron)
Appearance: About Jayron's height, green eyes, white hair that can occasionally give him an eerie appearance. He wears mostly black, has a black jacket, and has a bag for items.
Personality: His appearance may make him look evil, but his friends know him as kind and helpful. He is especially kind to pokemon. Like Jayron, he excels at ninja fighting techniques, though he is actually better at them than Jayron.
Background: Going to the same school as Jayron, Cyan was one of the best students in the school. He was even entrusted with the knowledge of the location of a Mew, which he later befriended. When rockets burned the school down, Cyan watched in horror as the rockets dragged his family's bodies from the burning place. He ran away and joined up with a resistance, determined to stop the rockets. This resistance was swiftly crushed though, and all the members in it were killed except him. The rockets hoped to learn where the Mew he protected was from him. But they didn't have time to interrogate him, as a strike had been announced on the Alamo. They left him in a cell, where Jayron broke him out and got him to the Alamo. While in the last resistance, he had several strong pokemon, but was forced to release them so they wouldn't be caught by the rockets. During his time on Four Island, he had received a Cyndaquil, as well as one of Selene's Bagon eggs, which hatched recently.
Pokémon: Cyndaquil (male), Bagon (female)

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Okay that's all for now. happy.gif

Edit: And here's the link to Dara's profile.

-UoD voynui.gif
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Element Lord of Milk
Aug 20 2010 11:10 AM
Grah, why is the space here so cut off?I can't even access the edit button to edit Zachary's profile to deceased!

Ah, well, anyway, zachary is dead.


Username: Element Lord of Milk.
Name: Amelia Williams.
Faction: Team Liberty.
Hometown: Olivine City.
Age: 40.
Appearance: Blonde hair in a ponytail, green eyes, jeans, sneakers, a long-sleeved white shirt, and a brown leather jacket, as well as a backpack.
Personality: Laid-back and mischievous, stubborn, will never give up on anything if there is even a one percent chance of succeeding.
Background: She had a fairly regular life in Olivine city, although her parents were somewhat distant from her, she mostly learned things on her own, she loved sailing on the sea nearby Olivine, and she enjoyed watching her parents fight in the Battle Tower. She first met Ethan when she and her parents were visiting the Safari zone and a Rhyhorn broke loose, at that time, she had just caught a Larvitar in the Safari Zone. On her 20th birthday, she decided to travel the four regions, seeing lots of Pokemon, and dreaming of one day becoming a proffessor. she was gone for two years, an entire year of wich she spent in Sinnoh, where she found and caught a Chimchar. She is distantly related to Misty, and is Scott Williams's mother and Ethan Williams's wife.
Missions: 2(Both completed)

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Username: Element Lord of Milk.
Name: Ema Black.
Faction: Team Liberty.
Hometown: Twinleaf Town.
Age: 14.
Appearance: Grayish Blue eyes, short Brown hair, and is pretty tall. She wears a white T-shirt, plain brown shoes, Black pants, a Brown Bomber kacket, and she has a yellow backpack.
Personality: Fairly cynical, she's very practical, and she prefers to get things done quickly, most times she comes off as being Harsh and grumpy, but her Pokemon know that she isn't truly like that.
Background: She had a good life for the first ten years of her life, during wich she recieved a Turtwig from her parents, but a few days after her tenth birthday, her Mother died mysteriously, and her father became a total wreck. She ran away for a couple of years, but when she came back, she found that her Father had dissapeared. Saddened, she rented a dingy and sailed for the Sevii islands, hoping that some time away would clear her head, she stumbled upon Four Island, and then joined Team Liberty.

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Posting this here because I didn't when I first started playing as her:

Username: Parugi.
Name: Sonja Baron.
Faction: Team Liberty.
Hometown: Karakusa Town, Isshu.
Age: 17.
Appearance: Sonja stands at 5'8". She has slightly tanned skin, standard for those from Isshu, long brown hair, blue eyes and a beautiful face. She usually wears regular, blue jeans, a white hoodie and a black shirt underneath that, as well as white sneakers. She uses a white bag to carry her supplies in.
Personality: At first glance, it might seem odd that someone like Sonja is a member of Team Liberty, or taking part in the war at all, for that matter. Kind, intelligent and friendly, she doesn't seem like the kind of person who would want to battle against anyone. However, she has a strong sense of justice and freedom, making her perfect for the team. Due to her relative unwillingness to fight, she does not get assigned to a large number of mission; however, she is more than willing to travel with other Team Liberty agents to Isshu so as to show them around, as well as provide pointers to keep them out of trouble with the Isshu government -- something that, unfortunately, she has had to do far more recently than she used to. Overall, Sonja's a very happy and kind individual, and is more intelligent than she appears.
Background: Sonja was born in Isshu, and lived there until the age of fifteen. While there, news about the war in the other regions was scarce, as was any general information about the world in which the war was taking place. She spent most of her time exploring with her partner Pokémon Loki and Gaia; in doing so, she managed to learn whatever she could about the war from those individuals who had not been hushed. Eventually, she stowed away on a boat headed for Kanto, and joined Team Liberty as an Isshu guide, following several missions that did not go quite as well as Goldhawk and the others had hoped, mostly due to Sonja's age and gentle nature. She was assigned to the current Soil Colossus mission following Silvermind's second kidnapping, acting as a guide to the Isshu region, a job she was mroe than happy to accept; she was also given an extra Pokémon for protection, in the form of Ares.
Pokémon: Druddigon (Ares,) Timburr (Loki,) Petilil (Gaia,) Chinchou (Poseidon.)

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Posted Image

Species: Druddigon.
Nickname: Ares.
Trainer: Sonja Baron.
Appearance: Virtually the same as a standard Druddigon.
Personality: Ares is very rash, recklessly charging into battle and always eager to fight; Sonja is slightly unnerved by this, though she respects Goldhawk's decision to lend the Pokémon to her, and believes that he may have done such to help tame the Dragon Pokémon. Ares has a tendency to pay little attention to Sonja, due to having spent such little time on her team, though would still probably do whatever he could to save her if she were in trouble.
Ability: Mold Breaker.
Specialty: Ares is a strong physical attacker; he is also quite fast, giving him an extra edge in battle.
Known Moves: Claw Sharpen, Leer, Bite, Dragon Claw, Fire Fang (Egg Move.)

Posted Image
Species: Timburr.
Nickname: Loki.
Trainer: Sonja Baron.
Appearance: Same as a regular Timburr.
Personality: True to his nickname, Loki is quite impish, always ready to pull a prank at a moment's notice. He is also a bit of a show-off, striking dynamic poses for no particular reason and always attempting to add an extra flair to his attacks in battle. Usually, he has reason to do this, as he actually is quite skilled in battle, though some tend to get rather annoyed with this -- personally, Sonja finds it funny, though she doesn't usually show it. Loki is not very keen on the idea of evolving, considering himself too good looking for his evolutions, though he acknowledges the pros that would come out of evolution.
Ability: Guts.
Specialty: Loki is most skilled when it comes to physical attacks; however, his relative lack of speed takes a toll on his abilities in battle. Nevertheless, he is a tough opponent, and has a tendency to take his opponent out with him.
Known Moves: Rock Throw, Bulk Up, Low Kick, Wake-Up Slap, Focus Energy.

Posted Image
Species: Petilil.
Nickname: Gaia.
Trainer: Sonja Baron.
Appearance: Gaia looks like a regular Petilil.
Personality: Gaia is one of the most gentle Pokémon you will ever meet: She does not like to battle, and she does not get angered easily. She can usually be found outside of her Pokéball, carried by Sonja. Gaia is incredibly friendly towards everyone she comes across, even her trainer's enemies, though this has caused some trouble in the past due to suspicious folks...
Ability: Chlorophyll.
Specialty: Gaia is mainly a support Pokémon in battle, inflicting status problems on her opponents so that others can take them out. If the need arises, she will fight, though she prefers not to.
Known Moves: Synthesis, Stun Spore, Mega Drain, Growth, Magical Leaf, Sleep Powder.

Posted Image
Species: Chinchou.
Nickname: Poseidon.
Trainer: Sonja Baron.
Appearance: Poseidon looks like a regular Chinchou in appearance.
Personality: Poseidon is very quiet, never really speaking unless spoken to and never causing a scene for no reason. He isn't as fond of Sonja as she would like, but she understands why that is so, considering the seemingly random timing of Poseidon's capture. Luckily, he seems to be warming up to his new trainer rather quickly. Poseidon also seems to have a liking for shiny things.
Ability: Volt Absorb.
Specialty: Poseidon is best when it comes to nonphysical attacks, as well as Special Defense. He is not of very much use on land due to his nature as a fish, but in water he is incredibly strong, as well as surprisingly fast.
Known Moves: Signal Beam, Bubblebeam, Thunder Wave, Discharge, Supersonic.
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Uh Jack blackwood is not in the the list of characters. He's in team Liberty.
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I removed a bunch of characters when their players left. I'll add him back on. happy.gif

Actually, as he doesn't seem to be on here, would you be able top find the profile in the RPG and post it in here? It makes navigation easier. smile.gif
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Keizah the Kaleidoscope
Feb 02 2011 02:01 PM
Username: Keizah Hagah
Name: Riley Skye
Faction: Team Rocket
Hometown: Oreburgh City
Age: 16
Appearance: Riley has red hair, short from behind and eye-level from the front, and his eyes are dull gray. He has two tattoos below his right eye, resembling the roman numeral "II." He wears a black vest on top of a red long-sleeved shirt, a white tie, and black pants. Riley stands 5'1"
Personality: Riley is the kind of person who comes across as speaking everything that comes into his mind: a trait that is endearing to some, but annoying to others. Underneath this facade, however, Riley is fairly intelligent. He can easily predict how Pokemon will relate to eachother, which has made him a successful breeder on top of acceptance into Team Rocket. He has a curious habit of rating Pokemon's "growth potential" in percentages.
Background: During his childhood, Riley was a test subject for a group of scientists from Sinnoh concerning the ability to synchronize with Dialga. The organization had been hoping to use such a link to the time deity to rewrite the past. At this point, the 8-year-old Riley had been stripped of his identity through brainwashing and referred to as "Maroon 2," hence the tattoo below his eye. However, when they attempted to connect him to the Adamant Orb, the laboratory aged rapidly and collapsed. Riley has no memories of this event, and was placed in Oreburgh to prevent this from happening again.

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OOC: Thought pre-evolving Skully would be okay, since he's Riley's first Pokemon.
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Username: The Fearless Leader
Name: Joseph Lark
Faction: Team Liberty
Hometown: Lilycove City
Age: 16
Appearance: A tall boy with tanned skin and dirty-blond hair. Lark's eyes are a dirty hazel, and his hair is constantly matted and sticking to his head. Joseph wears a rather simple outfit consisting of grey, cut-off at the ankle sweatpants, as well as a simple black t-shirt several sizes too big for him.
Personality: Joseph Lark is, undoubtedly, the laziest person in all of Hoenn...Heck, he's the laziest person in all of Team Liberty, for that matter. He often shirks work in favor of play with his pokemon, or simply to read a book. He is a person who constantly has his head in the clouds and is usually "out of it". In fact, most people have no idea why he even joined Team Liberty, or became a trainer in the first place, when he thinks them both so troublesome. The answer also lies within his personality: Despite the fact that Lark often seems to just laze around, he has a hyperactive mind that works even in battle to consider future possibilities. Beneath the facade of an apathetic sloth lies a calculating and analytical mind that is always looking ahead to the future and sifting through future possibilities to find the most likely ones (and subsequently, draw conclusions from them). His mind, albeit easily distracted, is rational and quite knowledgeable, making him a far more powerful foe than he a appears to be. And to round out his personality, Joseph has the gift of intuition: He experiences regular epiphanies that lead him closer to the epicenter of each crisis.

Due to certain traits of Lark's personality, he is the epitome of a strategic mastermind beneath his facade of lazyness. His analytical thinking style enables him to pinpoint weaknesses, while his intuitive side gives him a unique 'spark' that allows him true brilliance when combined with a rational thought process and ability to sift through many future possibilities to find the most probable ones. Combined, these traits make him a genius at warfare. His biggest problem is his near-obssessive planning and thinking, which can keep his head in the clouds a bit much.
Background: During the literal rise of the Rockets to power, Joseph lived in Lilycove City with the rest of his apathetic aristocratic family. He was known to disappear from the rest of his family for long periods when not being tutored to think, read, or simply sleep, though it became harder to find him after he disappeared as he grew older (mainly due to him getting better at sneaking and hiding). As well, a young Scraggly which the parents in the Lark family assumed was a stray and 'no good news' often followed him around and silently accompanied the child. Because of these things, he was largely shunned within the confines of his ancestral manor. The family had no idea what to do with him or the pokemon
by the time he turned 16, Joseph had foreseen a probability of a dire future if Team Liberty did not recieve as much aid as it could get. Therefore, he finally appealed to his parents to leave and become a Pokemon Trainer, asking them merely for some poke balls, enough food and water to get to Kanto, some spare change, a one-strap pack, and two pokemon which he had previously picked from a breeding center nearby: A sadistic Remoraid and a silent Joltik. As well, Joseph promised that he would take the Scraggly (now a Scrafty) if he could leave. His parents, glad to be rid of a disgrace to their family and a nuisance, let him have what he wanted and go.
However, what Joseph hadn't told them was that he was going to become a pokemon trainer of Team Liberty. After christening his new pokemon Manuel, Sasori, and Namikaze, respectively, he made his way through Hoenn and into Kanto. He avoided battles as much as possible while travelling on the words of rumors alone until he came to The Alamo some time after the invasion there and joined Team Liberty. Now he is known widely among the lower-level agents of the team for his apathy, laziness, and mastery of German, Spanish, and Japanese.
Pokémon: Manuel/Der Eisen Drachen (Scrafty), Sasori/El Rayo Araña (Galvantula), Namikaze/Der Vasserbewaffneten (Remoraid)

Nicknames: Manuel/Der Eisen Drachen
Species: Scrafty
Trainer: Joseph Lark
Gender: Male
Appearance: While Manuel looks like any regular Scrafty physically, only being average in height, weight, coloration, etc., he exudes an authority that transcends his species and affects other pokemon as well as some humans in his every movement and bearing (due to having a Dragon-type as his grandfather). There is also a glimpse of a dark intelligence within his eyes.
Personality: Der Eisen Drachen is quite stoic and often appears emotionless, but deeply cares for the wellbeing of his trainer as though they were brothers. He is a fierce pragmatist and firm realist of surprisingly high intelligence for a non-human and is not afraid to impose his authority on others to meet any ends. A particularly emotional spot for the normally aloof 'mon is, however, his lineage-being a descendant of a Dragon-type is a matter of pride for him, and he will fight anyone who doesn't believe him or says that he is 'impure' for it, etc.. This does lead to him looking down upon those who claim such lineage as well due to their similiarities to the type or who use moves of the Dragon typing without being an actual dragon.
Specialty: Manuel is able to take hits, especially special ones, quite well, and then retaliate.
Ability: Shed Skin
Known Moves: Bulk Up, Drain Punch (egg move), Payback, Rest, Dragon Tail, Brick Break

Nicknames: Sasori/El Rayo Araña
Species: Galvantula
Trainer: Joseph Lark
Gender: Male
Appearance: Sasori looks to be the average Galvantula, save for the fact that he only has one dark blue stripe across his back which appears to be segmented.
Personality: El Rayo has never once spoken, but its actions say it all. It is incredibly precise and efficient, and follows orders from its trainer to nearly a fault. Its patience and quiet carefulness are its main other attributes, rounding out its list to make it an excellent fighter.
Specialty: Sasori is faster than the usual Galvantula by a good deal.
Ability: CompoundEyes
Known Moves: Thunder Wave, Thunder, Bug Buzz, Volt Switch, Swagger, Gastro Acid

Nicknames: Namikaze/Der Vasserbewaffneten
Species: Remoraid
Appearance: Namikaze looks like the average Remoraid with ice-blue eyes.
Personality: Namikaze is quite cool and collected, and speaks and thinks straightforwardly. It does, however, have a chronic addiction to shooting things, and withdrawal from doing so results in detrimental effects to Vasserbewaffneten's health, as well as a reverse personality taking control of his mind. While the Remoraid is normally rational and logical, his flip side is prone to cackling in a rather disturbing way (if fish can cackle) to emphasize strong emotion and far more cruel and directly sociopathic.
Specialty: Namikaze is excellent at special attacks.
Ability: Sniper
Known Moves: Bullet Seed, Rock Blast (egg move), Ice Beam, Psybeam, Surf, Flamethrower
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Casus Belli
Oct 23 2011 07:46 PM
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The Face Behind The Mask

Posted Image

Identity: Kyle.
Year of Existence: 21.
Year of Studentry: College Junior.
Hideout: Oregon.
Occupation: Student/Writer.
Original Writings:
Broken Unity (Review)
Night Ride (RPG)

-Day Run: The Garden (I II III; RPG)
-Pokemon: Rise of the Rockets (I


-The Report

RotR Maintenance Entries

Blue = Project Hub
Purple = Project Segment
Red = In Progress
Green = Complete
Rise of the Rockets Maintenance
-RotR Front Post
--Front Post Overhaul
--Done and Updated
-Unresolved Plots
-Comprehensive Summary
-RotR Fangame Projects
-Character List
--Old Entry

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