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Vailian's Cards

Posted by Parugi , Sep 11 2010 · 449 views

Day Run: The Garden
Vailian has a total of 40 cards in his deck, each with a unique power. The complete list is spoiler'd below:

  • Fire (Element Card)
  • Lightning (Element Card)
  • Psionics (Element Card)
  • Sand (Element Card)
  • Iron (Element Card)
  • Stone (Element Card)
  • Air (Element Card)
  • Plant Life (Element Card)
  • Physical Fear Projection (Power Card)
  • Hunger (Power Card)
  • Teleportation (Power Card)
  • Illusion (Power Card)
  • Acid (Power Card)
  • Blinding (Power Card)
  • Paralysis (Power Card)
  • Slowness (Power Card)
  • Vertigo (Power Card)
  • Fear (Power Card)
  • Poison (Power Card)
  • Sleep (Power Card)
  • Intangibility (Kanohi Card)
  • Shielding (Kanohi Card)
  • Rebounding (Kanohi Card)
  • Levitation (Kanohi Card)
  • Speed (Kanohi Card)
  • Repulsion (Kanohi Card)
  • Silence (Kanohi Card)
  • Confusion (Kanohi Card)
  • Duplication (Kanohi Card)
  • Anger (Kanohi Card)
  • Incomprehension (Kanohi Card)
  • Amplification (Kanohi Card)
  • Disguise (Kanohi Card)
  • Strength (Kanohi Card)
  • Chameleon (Kanohi Card)
  • Blank Card
  • Blank Card
  • Blank Card
  • Blank Card
  • Blank Card
Element Cards: Gives Vailian Toa-level control over an element. Modifies his armor so as to reflect the chosen Element -- for example, the Fire Card would cause his hands to appear as if they were on fire, the Iron Card would make him appear more metallic, etc.

Power Cards: Gives Vailian the ability to use the power(s) he places in the Coder for an hour. Modifies his armor so as to resemble the power he is using/use markings to symbolize them -- the Intangibility Card, for instance, would make him appear see-through without being active, and the Vertigo Card would place swirl markings on his armor.

Kanohi Cards: Gives Vailian the ability to use (a) Kanohi power(s) when he places them in the Coder. They modify his face so as to temporarily make it resemble the face of the mask he chooses; if more than one Kanohi Card is used, it will use a mixture of the characteristics of all three masks.

Blank Cards: Do absolutely nothing. They are only in the deck because Vailian is unable to remove them -- Lyxek made them specifically so that if Vailian were to turn on him, he could challenge him and summon all five to the top of the deck, essentially leaving Vailian a sitting duck.

Also, as for how the cards he gets in battle are determined -- I'm leaving that up for my opponent to decide. As trustworthy as I know/think I am (if a bit unreliable in terms of meeting deadlines ) I have no doubt that if I leave it up to myself to decide, then someone's going to call foul. The only thing is, if people consistently cause me to draw really bad hands (say, three or four Blank Cards and one or two of the weaker powers) then I'm going to retcon those hands and draw my own, respectable hand -- so, no, you're not going to get a huge edge against me that easily.
However, do remember this: I have faith in the BIONICLE RPG community, so I shouldn't have to do this at all (unless someone doesn't feel like deciding my hand for me.)

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Blessed Blade
Sep 08 2010 07:44 PM
I know what this was based off. =P
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The idea was too good to pass up. :awesomesmileythatI'mtoolazytopost:
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Kal the Guardian
Sep 09 2010 10:57 AM
Lame rip off. You naughty boy. It would be cooler if I hadn't seen that one episode of Yu-gi-oh. Or however you spell it.

I hate this guy. A lot. Like, totally. Well, maybe not. Just your rip off use of a weapon.

So does he even have a real weapon? Or just his sleezy, flimsi cards?

*grumbles something about lack of originality*

Everything else is great about him, though. 4 thumbs up! (Out of 5)

EDIT: Please take that as a joke. Re-reading it, I seemed harsh.
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Wait, was any of that serious? I know you said it's a joke, but... :|
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Kal the Guardian
Sep 09 2010 10:34 PM
I think the idea is awesome. I just don't like how you took it from somewhere else. I highly stick to coming up with my own ideas. But that's just me.
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But I didn't rip it completely -- I just used it as a base; the only feature carried over from official YGO canon is the drawing and placing of cards on the disk; all the rest is my own invention. It's similar to my Pokémon RPG and Ruaki/the Feranaki -- based off of another series's ideas, adapted to my own game. smile.gif
It's probably going to get a majorish revamp so that it's more 'mine,' though, so don't fret. tongue.gif
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Kal the Guardian
Sep 10 2010 12:16 AM
Since you said so....

*no longer frets and does happydance* _icon_joy_.gif _icon_joy_.gif _icon_joy_.gif
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Also remember that it could be worse -- he could own a pet Rahi strongly resembling a Mudkip, send out lazer blasts capable of burning stuff really badly from his mouth at his opponents by face palming, hate haters, and shout "9000!?" whenever he reads another person's power level. smile.gif
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Kal the Guardian
Sep 11 2010 09:10 PM
ooOOooO! Interesting.

    • 0
I, who have never seen an episode of Yu-gi-o, (or however you spell that laugh.gif), thinks that sounds awesome. I want to fight him.
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Hm... I need someone for the Day Run's opening tournament battle; perhaps that could be arranged?
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QUOTE(Parugi @ Sep 16 2010, 10:41 PM)
Hm... I need someone for the Day Run's opening tournament battle; perhaps that could be arranged?

I'm entering Pantheon, an old character named Vytak who I've only used once (and who, if you remember TOS, has a "Cragite-like" position), and a character who I had PLANNED to include in Fire, Ice, and Lightning (and probably still will come contest 20.) Could any of those suffice against Vailian?

QUOTE(Parugi @ Sep 10 2010, 01:24 PM)
Also remember that it could be worse -- he could own a pet Rahi strongly resembling a Mudkip.

Or he could have the face of a Smugleaf. tongue.gif

Neya Out. smile_tol.gif
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Pantheon, maybe; it'd be interesting to see two characters with interchangeable powers face off against each other. As for Vytak and this third character -- I don't know, as I don't recall/know their abilities. tongue.gif
From the looks of it, though, he'll be fighting against one of Eeko's characters (though that isn't set in stone yet, since he hasn't replied to my PM... tongue.gif) But yeah, you's be first on the list of back-up fighters. happy.gif

oh gee smugleaf. Yeah, maybe I should give Vailian a pet snake with a smug expression on it's face all the time. tongue.gif
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