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In a hole in the ground there lived...



Posted by Tolkien , in Movies, Life Dec 20 2011 · 409 views
the hobbit, the dark knight rises and 1 more...
First The Dark Knight Rises, now The Hobbit...How on earth am I supposed to focus with these kinds of grand, awesome, tremendously epic distractions all over the place?

How, I ask you?



Windows Through The Void - A Serial

Posted by Tolkien , in Bionicle, Windows Through the Void, Writing?? Dec 16 2011 · 413 views
serial, epic, takanuva, wttv1


The voice echoed in the dry air of the chamber. Helryx’s voice was terse, thick with urgency. She stepped forward and pressed something into his hand. It was the gnomon—a piece of the ancient sundial he had unlocked. What did it mean? He could not say.

Takanuva glanced to his left. The Silent Toa still stood motionless, his eyes grim. Krakua was a strange Toa, Takanuva thought; but, of the three beings which surrounded him in this dim chamber, he trusted him the most.

Krakua nodded, his voice echoing in Takanuva’s mind: “Go.”

The other being was there too: Brutaka, the traitor, the one whom they said had despaired, once.

“Once condemned, but now redeemed,” Helryx had said. The scarred mask upon Brutaka’s face flickered with a dangerous light. The Olmak was perilous. A thing that could open doors…gateways.

Windows through the Void.

There was nothing for it now. No other task, no other cause.

No other duty.


Takanuva faced forward now, steeling his nerves, eyes wide against the terrible light of what loomed before him.

The portal gaped.

He stepped forward.

Windows Through the Void

- A serial -

Main Topic : Review Topic

Okay, after a brief delay caused by the awesomeness of LEGO LotR, here is an official blog entry for this epic. This story is meant to mirror the Bioniclestory.com serials of the past, taking especial inspiration from "Takanuva's Blog," in which the various travels of Takanuva on his way to Karda Nui were described.

Each entry will be posted in the main topic, but I will also add a corresponding update to this blog, featuring a portion of the entry (not the whole thing, of course) and a link to the new post. Why is this? Visibility, mainly. And also so that a record of the serial is preserved as a category in this blog. At the time of writing this, I have enough material for every-other-week updates for the next couple of months, meaning that this'll last a while.

As always, your comments and criticism are very welcome, but, above all, your readership is most appreciated. Stay tuned.



The World Is Changed

Posted by Tolkien , in LEGO, Tolkien Mythos, Bionicle Dec 16 2011 · 445 views
LEGO, LotR and 2 more...
Well, I was going to post about the new serial/epic I posted. But something came up. Something much more important. Something near and dear to my heart.

Yes, LEGO is doing LotR/the Hobbit.

I have waited 10+ years for this. I was waiting for this long before Bionicle even existed, and it has finally, finally happened. Ah, memories of building Gandalf and the Balrog at Khazad Dûm...I confess, I haven't bought System LEGO sets for a long time. Like, maybe seven or so years, but if there was anything that could get me back into buying System, it was LotR. Words can hardly express my excitement, so punctuation will have to do.




Let Them People Decide

Posted by Tolkien , in Uncategorized, Writing?? Dec 11 2011 · 368 views
SSC#8, voting
Hi, this is a quick entry to bring to your collective attention the fact that the Short Stories Contest #8 People's Choice poll is up, and also to exhort you to go thou and vote therein. Read the entries first, of course. And then vote. There were some really great submissions for this contest, and they deserve to be read. I did not make it into the people's choice poll. Alas? I suppose that could be a good thing or a bad thing. We'll see. Regardless, this has been a friendly exhortation. Have a nice day.



About That Short Story...

Posted by Tolkien , in Writing??, Bionicle Nov 28 2011 · 428 views
SSC8, Short Stories Contest 8 and 1 more...

Hehey, remember that Short Stories contest? The eighth one? Yeah, yeah, that's it. Well, there's this one entry--I don't know if you've read it before--but it's still out there, floating around, and I just thought, you know, if you were interested in taking some time, you might, like, think about sending a comment its way. Maybe.

I actually think that the guy who wrote it would appreciate it. Really I do.

What? Did he ask me to ask you?

No no...I came up with this on my own.



The Coming of the Toa

SSC8 entry.

Shameless plug.



The Thanksgiving Entry

Posted by Tolkien , in Bionicle, Holidays, Long Entries, Life Nov 24 2011 · 304 views
Thanksgiving, Bionicle and 1 more...
Hey people.

Today is Thanksgiving, and I was trying to think up something to post that would be somehow related to that event. In doing the aforementioned thinking-up, I remembered that two years ago wasn't just any Thanksgiving--it was also the announcement of Bionicle's end. Hmmm, didn't I write something about that before? Yeah, yeah I did, and it still seems appropriate now. So here it is again, from 2009's Thanksgiving-related entry, All Things Come to an End:

As a fan who was there at the beginning, who watched the dawn of Bionicle and reveled in its mythic light, I can say that I am fully satisfied as it comes to an end. Bionicle has had a long and excellent run, and its tenth anniversary is a fitting time to bring things to a close. I look back over the entirety of the universe that Lego has created for us, and I can say that all the little things that irked me in the past cannot shine as bright as the things that enthralled and inspired me.

There was a time when I spent a great deal of effort and energy raging against the great problems and failures and mistakes that I perceived in the storyline of Bionicle. It bugged me. I wrote books of mental criticism in my head about how the storyline should have happened, how it could have been done better, how the magic of the first years of Bionicle could have been preserved! But no! The story team was too callous--they didn't listen. It was all ruined, and I had to just move on.

But as time passed, I realized that all these things that had built up ultimately did not matter. They didn't take away from the underlying themes that drew me to Bionicle and kept me there. In fact, they were mostly all superficial, and even if they were a part of the "official" storyline, they didn't have to be a part of my imagination. That is what has kept me an avid fan for nearly a decade--the fact that, as a fan, I don't have to follow the canon absolutely. This is a pretty simplistic idea, that one can simply ignore those elements of the storyline that one dislikes. But the thing that truly brought this home to me was the realization that the "foundations" of Bionicle that I love were not touched by these "bad things", even if I don't ignore them.

The themes are still there. The same themes of Good vs. Evil, the same cosmic struggle of powers, the same inner struggle within an individual: to give in to the flawed evil within us all, or to follow Morality.
And, most importantly: the struggle to regain the good that was lost through deception. The Toa strive to awaken their Great Spirit and return their microscosmic universe to its original, if flawed, state and purpose, while in the macrocosmic universe Mata Nui must ultimately seek to repair Paradise: Spherus Magna.

What is the reason for pointing out these things? Perhaps simply to illustrate why I am not one of those fans who will inevitably say "Oh, I'm glad it's finally over." Those who have been jaded by all the "problems" that they perceive. Honestly, I've seen enough of that tripe written here, and it annoys me to no end. As if the people who say such things are so high up on their pedestals as to look down on the thing that they enjoyed so immensely in the past and say "Good riddance!" Really? Is that really what you want? How pathetic. What is your motivation? I don't deny that there are certainly missed opportunities galore in the Bionicle storyline, but these pale in comparison to the bigger picture.

But enough of that. The real reason for this entry was to look back over the entire body of the Bionicle storyline and remember all the aspects that attracted me at the beginning, and to marvel at how I will remember the good far longer than any of the bad. It is remarkable that the truly mythological elements--that mysterious atmosphere that drew me and so many other fans to the line in the first place--is ultimately preserved if one goes over the storyline in summary form, perhaps because that feeling was never actually gone. I suppose it's also fitting, then that this announcement (and thus, this entry) comes at Thanksgiving.

Thanks, Bionicle. Thanks for a decade of memories. I'm glad I'm still here, here at the end of all things...

...Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

Thanks (!) for reading. I know I know, re-quoting an old entry is pretty much the laziest thing ever, but I think it works here. And I still have a lot of important eating to do, so I couldn't spend that much time on this. We good? Good.



Das Problem

Posted by Tolkien , in Life Nov 04 2011 · 349 views
Problem: All the research on your paper topic is in German.

Solution: Learn quickly.



Learning Matoran: Lesson 5

Posted by Tolkien , in Matoran Language, Language and Etymology Oct 30 2011 · 1,252 views
Language, Matoran Language and 1 more...
Hi folks. It's been a terribly long count of years (months), but I'm still, here, writing this stuff. I think it helps keep me sane. . .Whatever the case, if you're here to read this new lesson on the Matoran Language, it might do to read up on some of the older stuff. I don't know, maybe like the previous four lessons?

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4

And now that that it's all fresh in your mind, move on to Lesson Five: Pronouns I:

=l Pronouns I l=

Matoran pronouns have much the same function as they do in English: they replace nouns, serving as the subject or object of a sentence, and fulfill most of the roles played by nouns. Consequently, Matoran pronouns are modified for the same functions that nouns are: Case, Motion, and Time/Location.

However, the current means of modification is through inflection, rather than a particle system. Although pronouns were previously modified by particles, these particles have since become “eroded,” in a sense, and have now developed new pronoun forms.

Pronouns and Case:

Pronouns are inflected for the same three-fold case system of Nominative (Subject), Objective (Object), and Genitive (Possessive).

Now, in English, whereas nouns function in these roles by their Word Order in a sentence, pronouns also have the extra feature of inflection. For example, the Nominative (Subject) form of the first person pronoun is “I”, while the Objective (Object) form is “me” and the Genitive (Possessive) form is “my”. These characteristics manifest in the other persons as well. Third person Nom. “he/she/it”, Acc. “him/her/it”, Gen. “his/her/its”. Second person Nom. “you”, Gen. “your”, etc.

Matoran features a similar—if a bit more complex—structure, with pronouns being marked for the various cases and numbers (singular or plural). As with nouns, we’ll start off with the Case Pronouns:


As is the case with all the pronouns, there are three Persons: first, second, and third. These come in singular and plural forms, the plurals being historically formed from the singulars by a particle -ee, which has since been assimilated to the pronoun stem. There is also a "fourth" person, which is the equivalent of English "one," as in "One is bored when one has nothing to do." This is classified as the "impersonal" subject and has no plural form.

Here are the forms of the nominative pronouns, beginning with the singulars:

1 o – “I”
2 oa – “you”
3 ia, ai – “he/she/it”
4 hua – “one”

Now the plurals:

1 oe, u – “we”
2 ue – “you (pl.), you all”
3 ie – “they”

These pronoun forms are usually placed directly before or after the verb, regardless of the verb’s position in the sentence. This is a pretty strict placement rule.


Next, the objective case forms. Historically the singulars were formed with the addition of a particle aak-. The plurals were formed by a combination of the ee particle and the addition of the n-prefix from the nounal case particles.


1 ako – “me”
2 akoa – “you”
3 akia, akai – “him/her/it”
4 ahua – “one”


1 ngoe, ngu – “us”
2 ngue – “you (pl.), you all”
3 ngie – “them”


Lastly, the genitive pronouns. Singulars are formed with the addition of the genitive particle ui (which you should recognize from the general nounal particles). Plurals are formed by the further addition of plural ee and the n-prefix (with subsequent assimilation):


1 uio – “my”
2 uikoa – “your”
3 uikia, uikai – “his/her/its”
4 uihua – “one’s”


1 moe, mu – “our”
2 mue – “your (pl.)”
3 mie – “their”

Genitives are placed after the nouns they modify in the same way that genitive-case nouns are.

-Usage and Examples:

The usage of the different cases with respect to pronouns is the same as with nouns. Thus, nominative pronouns are used as subjects, objectives are used as direct or indirect objects, and genitives are used to show possession. I will now offer some examples of these different cases forms:

Ia teryo ea matoran.
He/she/it attacked the Matoran.”

Teryo i rahi uikia akia.
His/her/its Rahi attacked him/her/it.

O kanna wo wahi a.
I went through the region.”

Na oro orakhe oa.
You will say words.”

Matoran akia kharmo.
“The/a Matoran made it.

Oe kamo ii koro uio.
We went toward my village.”

Na kanohi moe kharmo ie.
They made our Kanohi (pl.).”

[Note once again that the word order is not crucial in these examples (except for the placement of genitive pronouns, of course): it is the case inflection that determines the role of a noun or pronoun in the sentence.]

This concludes the discussion of case for pronouns. Still to come: Time/Location Particles on Nouns, Motion/Time/Location and Pronouns, Adjectives. Stay tuned.



Ssc8 Entry

Posted by Tolkien , in Writing?? Oct 29 2011 · 350 views
SSC8, Contest and 1 more...
Extremely boring entry title and hey, we're back.

Felt sufficiently inspired to write an entry for the SSC8, and did so.

It's called The Coming of the Toa. Bionicle comic #1 is its namesake (as per the requirements of the contest).

Just some background on the story: This was a bit of a foray into an idea I've had for a long time--sort of an alternate story for Bionicle, exploring how things might have turned out. . .differently. As you'll be able to tell from reading it (and I always appreciate it if you read it!), the scenes are overwhelmingly inspired by material from MNOG--especially the "vision" of the Legend of Mata Nui. That scene was so instrumental in formulating Bionicle mythology for me. . .I've never forgotten it. I still go back and watch it sometimes. Ah, good times.

So, the moral of this entry is: read the story, maybe; enjoy it, maybe; comment on/critique it, maybe. I'd appreciate all of the above. Thanks.



I've Been In This Hole For How Long?!

Posted by Tolkien , Oct 26 2011 · 449 views
And we're back.
Hello people,

Wow. It's been so long I can hardly remember what BZP looked like. In fact, now that it's back, everything seems new and strange...

Oh wait. It is.

Well, for better or for worse, I suppose. This new forum isn't all that bad, actually. Much shinier, much faster, if a bit bland. Hopefully in time we can get some of that old BZP feel/look/style back. I'm kind of a sucker for nostalgia that way. You know?

So yeah that's my return announcement/new forum reaction. Seems they're all the rage nowadays.

Good to be back.


Chapter I

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