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It is finished

Posted by Tolkien , in BZPower, linguistics, Long Entries, Life, Matoran Language, Language and Etymology Jul 27 2013 · 1,686 views

Changes are coming for me. They are almost upon me...What are these changes? They are real life changes. Mostly the fact that, as of next week, I'll be starting training for a new teaching job at my university. Also, as of the end of August, I'll be starting the first semester of my Ph.D. These are big changes. I'm excited.
Unfortunately, these changes also mean that I will no longer have this thing so ironically termed "free time". I generally think "I'm leaving BZP" announcements are silly, so let me be clear that I'm not leaving BZP, silly. I expect I'll be around till the bitter end, be it by fire, or water, or gigantic aquatic moons to the cranium, or the slow dwindling of age. I'll be around, but for the foreseeable future, I'll be entering a deeper level of lurk than usual (if that's possible?), so that's one thing that will change.

But enough of that. You might notice the title of this entry. It has nothing at all to do with my online activity. Actually, it refers to the status of what is perhaps the biggest project I've ever undertaken on BZP: A Matoran Dictionary. It's finished. Or, at least, it's as finished as it'll ever be, which is pretty darned close to finished, if I do say so.
What does that mean? It means that, as of now, the Matoran Dictionary contains an entry and an etymology (sometimes multiple etymologies) for every Bionicle name/term that can reliably be considered Matoran in origin. By my estimate, that's close to 85-90% of all Bionicle names/terms in existence. This includes every official "canon" name/term (Tahu, Kopaka, etc...all the way down to the awfulness of Vultraz), as well as technically non-canon names from various media (including the numerous Matoran names scattered throughout MNOG and MNOGII).
The total number of entries, you ask? By my count, about 832. Of those 832 entries, roughly 48% are full Bionicle names/terms (e.g., tahu, kopaka, etc.) while another 45% are authentic subcomponents of those names/terms (e.g., ta "elemental fire", huw "activity"; ko "elemental ice", paka "strength", etc.). The remaining ~7% are "new" terms that I have fabricated out of those subcomponents (e.g., gamadu "jungle tree", from ga "elemental water" and madu "tree"). In total,the dictionary has expanded to three volumes, which I will be posting in succession relatively soon. Yay.
This has been a massive undertaking, and I've probably spent more brainpower on it than is healthy over the past seven or eight years, but even so, it's nice to be able to sit back and say "There. It's done. Whew." For those of you who have been interested, thank you for your interest. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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Jul 27 2013 10:42 AM

Dude, you're insane. But I am very, very impressed. Good luck on that Ph.D.

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Let's Henshin!
Jul 28 2013 04:52 AM

I second TMD, you are crazy for doing all that work on the Dictionary. Seriously though, that's awesome, and I wish you the best in getting your Ph.D.

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It's a pretty impressive dictionary. Do fanfic writers use it? They should.

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Does the creation of a dictionary/etymology of a fictional language that probably isn't meant to contain a real pattern count towards that Ph.D.? It should.

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Thanks for your comments, guys.


@Bundalings: I've used it in some of my fanfiction. Does that count? =P


@Zox: Hehe, I'll have to bring it up with my committee sometime.



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It's incredible and you are amazing and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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My gracious!  This is a fantastic endeavor.  Thanks for taking the time to do this. :)

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