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A Matoran Dictionary - Second Edition - Volume VI

Posted by Tolkien , in linguistics, Long Entries, Matoran Language, Language and Etymology Nov 06 2013 · 3,357 views

A Matoran Dictionary

2nd Edition




ra  |adj./stm.|  1. wild, free, untamed; 2. strive, struggle; climb [Variant form: ar(a)i (verbal)]
radi  |n.|  laughter; wild, gibbering sound [radi < ra-de, from ra “wild(ness), untamed” and de “elemental sound”]
radiak  |n.|  raucous sound/laughter [radiak < radi-ak, from radi “laughter; wild, gibbering sound” and the intensive particle -ak]
raga  |n./stm.|  elder, wise one; lit. “tamed, wildness-at peace” [raga < ra-ga, from ra “wild(ness), untamed” and ga “elemental water; peace, calm, settledness”]
rahaga  |n.cmpd.|  1. guardian of wild(-things), beast-master; 2. wild guardians [rahaga < ra-hagah, from ra “wild(ness), untamed” and hagah “guardian”]
rahi  |n.|  Rahi, wild thing, beast [rahi < ra-hī, from ra “wild(ness), untamed” and the particle “thing, object, place”]
rahi-nui  |n.cmpd.|  great rahi [From rahi “wild thing, beast” and nui “great, significant”]
rahk  |n.|  wild/untamable thing [rahk < ra-hī-ak, from ra “wild(ness), untamed”, the particle “thing, object, place”, and the intensive particle -ak]
rahkshi  |n.cmpd.|  (Rahi-) wild/untamable offspring/spawn [rahkshi < rahk-shi, from rahk “wild/untamable thing” and shi “offspring, spawn” - FD: MN#1]
rak  |n./stm.|  extreme wildness, lawlessness, violence; menace, scourge [rak < ra-ak, from ra “wild(ness), untamed” and the intensive particle -ak. Variant form: rakk (Skakdi dialect)]
rakauhi  |n.|  wild bird [rakauhi < ra-kau-hī, from ra “wild(ness), untamed”, kau “free-flowing, breathing; flying” and the particle “thing, object, place”. Variant forms: rakohi, rockoh]
rak-ya  |v.|  to commit crime/violence, to wrong; to murder [From the stem rak “extreme wildness, lawlessness, violence” and the verbal particle ya]†
rama  |n.|  flying Rahi-insect [rama < ra-mai, from ra “wild(ness), untamed” and mai “up, upward, above” (variant of mi, see entry), yielding a sense of “flying wild-thing”. Variant forms: ramai, rami]
ranama  |n.|  predatory Rahi; lit. “mastery of many wild things” [ranama < ra-nā-ma, from ra “wild(ness), untamed”, the plural particle , and ma(t) “mastery, control”. Applied to the ranama species of Rahi-toad, referencing their fierce predatory nature]

rau  |n.|  (Kanohi-) translation, understanding [etymology uncertain; undoubtedly related to oro “word, unit of communication”, possibly rau < roua < ro-wa, from ro “word, unit of communication” and wa “wide, great, large; expanse”, yielding an original sense of “many words, expanse of words”]
rehi  |n.|  home, homeland [rehi < rei-hī, from rei “home, nest, safe place” and the particle “thing, object place”]
rehix  |n.|  community; lit. “greater home” [rehix < rehi-ak-si, from rehi “home, homeland”, the intensive particle -ak, and the comparative adjectival particle si]
rei  |n./stm.|  home, nest, safe place [etymology uncertain. Variant forms: rey, rye, rī, rea]
reidak  |n.|  extremely wild/violent spirit [reidak < rei-ta-ak, from rei “wild, uncontrolled, violent” (Skakdi dialectal variant of , see entry), ta “elemental fire; spirit, being, essence” and the intensive particle -ak]
reysa  |n.|  homesickness; lit. “hunger for home” [reysa < rey-sa, from rey (variant of rei, see entry) and the stem sa “hungering; desiring”]
rho  |n./stm.|  line, edge, boundary [etymology uncertain; Variant forms: ro, rō]
rhotu  |n.|  wheel, ring, circle [etymology uncertain; undoubtedly related to the stem rho “line, edge, boundary”, possibly rhotu < rho-tu, from rho “line, edge, boundary” and tu (< du) “extension, scope, reach; influence”]
rhotuka  |n.cmpd.|  wheel of energy [rhotuka < rhotu-ka, from rhotu “wheel, ring, circle” and ka “power, force, ability”]
rī  |adj.|  wild, uncontrolled, violent [rī < ra-ui, from ra “wild(ness), untamed” and the adjectival particle ui. Variant forms: raui, rai, rei (Skakdi variant)]
ris  |n.|  bird; nesting creature; lit. “nest-spawn” [ris < rī-s, from “home, nest, safe-place” (variant of rei, see entry) and the Rahi-designation affix -s. Variant form: reas]
rōdaka  |n.cmpd.|  heir, ascendant; lit. “(on the) edge of powerful authority” [rōdaka < rō-da-ka, from “line, edge” (variant of rho, see entry), da “order, authority”, and ka “power(ful), force, ability”]
rode  |n.cmpd.|  (Kanohi-) truth, clarity, clear communication; lit. “sound of word” [rode < ro-de, from ro “word, unit of communication” (variant of oro, see entry) and de “elemental sound”]
ropo  |n.|  patience [ropo < ro-po, from ro “contemplation, stillness” (variant of rua, see entry) and po “elemental stone”, yielding a sense of “stillness of stone”]
roporak  |n.cmpd.|  patient menace; lit. “scourge of patience” [roporak < ropo-rak, from ropo “patience” and rak “menace, scourge”]
rorzakh  |n.cmpd.|  lit. “great limiting judge/law-keeper” [rorzakh < rhor-zatahki-ak, from rhor (from rho-oro, a compound of rho “line, edge, boundary” and oro “word, unit of communication” in imitation of boh-oro, see entry bohrok), zatahki “judge, law-keeper” (an earlier form of dahki, see entry), and the intensive particle -ak - FD: MN#3]
ru  |n./adj./stm.|  orientation; oriented toward; intention [etymology uncertain]
rua  |n.|  (Kanohi-) contemplation, stillness; wisdom; lit. “peaceful orientation/intention” [rua < ru-ha, from ru “orientation; oriented toward; intention” and ha “protection, peace/calm, systems-normal”. Variant forms: ruha, ro-]
rui¹  |n.|  joint; lit. “orienting thing” [rui < ru-hī, from ru “orientation; oriented toward; intention” and the particle “thing, object, place”]†
rui²  |adj.| oriented toward [rui < ru-ui, from ru “orientation; oriented toward; intention” and the adjectival particle ui]
ruki  |n.|  school-swimming Rahi-fish; lit. “part of (larger) orientation” [ruki < ru-kī, from ru “orientation; oriented toward; intention” and the particle “part, piece, portion of”]
ruru  |n.|  (Kanohi-) sensory-awareness, night-vision; lit. “orientation-of-orientation” [From an intensivizing reduplication of ru “orientation; intention”]
-s |aff.|  Rahi-designation [An affix derived from shi “offspring, spawn” (see entry)]
sa  |stm.|  hungering, desiring [sa < sā, from the stem “hungering desiring”. Variant forms: , -so (ā > ō / _#)]
san  |stm./adj.|  precise, accurate, clear [etymology uncertain]
sano  |n.|  accuracy, precision [sano < san-ō, from the stem san “precise, accurate, clear” and the nounal particle ō]
sanok  |n.|  (Kanohi-) extreme accuracy/precision [sanok < sano-ak, from sano “accuracy, precision” and the intensive particle -ak]
sanso  |adj.|  focused, obsessive; lit. “desire for precision” [sanso < san-sā, from the stem san “precise, accurate, clear” and “hungering, desiring” (older form of sa, see entry, with final ā > ō vowel shift)]
sare  |adj.|  nostalgic, wistful, sad [sare < sa-rei, from sa “hungering, desiring”, rei “home, nest, safe-place”]
sarda  |n.|  nostalgic/wistful/sad spirit [sarda < sare-ta, from sare “nostalgic, wistful, sad” and ta “elemental fire; spirit, being, essence”]
sau  |adj.|  hungry, desirous; living, active [sau < sa-u, from sa “hungering, desiring” and the adjectival particle u. Variant form: ]
se  |n./stm.|  elemental psionics [se < sē, from the primeval stem “elemental psionics”. Variant forms: se-, ce-, sul (u/l-modified)]
sentrahk  |n.cmpd.|  lit. “emptying (a) being-vessel of untamable-wildness” [sentrahk < se-ān-te-rahk, from se “empty, emptied out” (variant of ze, see entry), ān “being, individual”, te “vessel, contained space”, and rahk “wild/untamable thing”]
shasa  |n.|  reserved, shy; lit. “desiring silence” [shasa < shai-sa, from shai “silence; mute, quiet” (variant of she, see entry) and sa “hungering, desiring”]
she  |n.|  silence, muteness; whisper [she < shē, from the stem shē “silence; mute, quiet”. Variant forms: sha, shai, shī]
shelek  |n.cmpd.|  (Kanohi-) complete deaf-muteness [shelek < she-leu-ak, from the stem she “silence, muteness; whisper”, the u-modified elemental stem leu “elemental air; listening/hearing/speaking”, and the intensive particle -ak]
shi  |n.|  offspring, spawn [shi < isi-hī, from isi “possibility; possible” and the particle “thing, object, place” - FD: MN#1]
shu  |adj.|  silent; whispering [shu < she-u, from she “silence, muteness; whisper” and the adjectival particle u]
sido  |n.|  commander, decision-maker; lit. “authority over possibilities” [sido < isi-dā, from isi “possible; possibility” and “authority, order” (with final ā > ō vowel shift)]
sidorak  |n.cmpd.|  commander of the menace/scourge [sidorak < sido-rak, from sido “commander, decision-maker” and rak “menace, scourge”]
solek  |n.cmpd.|  blazing wind [solek < su-le-ak, from su “elemental plasma; bright, blazing”, le “elemental air”, and the intensive particle -ak. Variant form: sulek]
spinax  |n.cmpd.|  great tracker/hunter [spinax < sa-pin-ak-s, from sa “hungering, desiring”, pin “subject, target”, the intensive particle -ak, and the Rahi-designation suffix -s. Variant forms: spainax, spinaks]
spiriah  |n.cmpd.|  1. (archaic) strategic experiment; 2. (modern) empty experiment; failure [mult. potential etymologies; one proposed etymology is spiriah < zī-piriahi,“strategy, planning, scheming” and piriahi “experiment”; another proposed etymology is spiriah < zi-piriahi, from zi “empty/emptied space” and piriahi “experiment”]
su  |n./stm.|  elemental plasma [su < sū, from the primeval elemental stem “elemental plasma”. Variant form: su-]
sūko  |n.|  stasis, suspension [sūko < -ko, from “living, active” (variant of sau, see entry) and ko “elemental ice”. Variant form: sauko]
sūkorak  |n.cmpd.|  scourge of stasis/suspension [sūkorak < sūko-rak, from sūko “stasis, suspension” and rak “menace, scourge”. Variant form: saukorak]
suletu  |n.cmpd.|  (Kanohi-) psionic will, mind of psionics [suletu < sul-atu, from the u/l-modified elemental stem sul “elemental psionics” (see entry se) and atu “mind, will” - FD: NM]
suva  |n.|  shrine, gathering place [etymology uncertain; possibly related to “time”, with reference to the design-parallels between the suva-mechanisms and the common layout of the Matoran sundial]
|adj.| - Adjective
|adj.cmpd.| - Adjective Compound
|adv.| - Adverb
|aff.| - Affix
|n.| - Noun
|n.cmpd.| - Noun Compound
|p.| - Particle
|p.cmpd.| - Particle Compound
|pro.| - Pronoun
|stm.| - Stem
|v.| - Verb
|vn.| - Verbal Noun
|vn.cmpd.| - Verbal Noun Compound
Some entries are marked with FD “Further Discussion”, followed by a reference to a blog entry containing more explanatory content related to that etymology. The references are as follows:

NM - “Nameless Masks”

MN#1-X... - “Meaningless Names #1-X...”
LM#1-X - “Learning Matoran, Lesson 1-X...”

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