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Mask of Light - Matoran Language Script Translation

Posted by Tolkien , in Language and Etymology, Matoran Language, Bionicle, linguistics Jun 01 2015 · 1,742 views


Another year, another birthday, and today’s mine. Seems like a good occasion for gift-giving, so here’s one for you all.

Several months ago, I posted a link on tumblr to an unfinished Matoran Language translation of the script of Bionicle: Mask of Light. At the time, it was only about 25% complete. Well, some time (and procrastination) has passed since then...and now it’s 100% complete.

Link to the document

There’s the link to the Google doc, with comments enabled. And just to give you a taste of what the document contains, I'll conclude with a few short snippets. Enjoy!



ENG: Toa Tahu, Takua? He didn’t…? You’re alive! Kohli-head! You could’ve been lava bones!

MAT: Toa Tahu, Takua? Ai-rhu...? Ou ikau-pa! Kohlii-meki! Ou tanuzaki-nuse!


ENG: Could’ve been, but I’m not.

MAT: O hi-nuse, fa o-rhu.



ENG: Always a pleasure Gali. You two still so ill-at-ease? Put your petty differences aside, rejoice!

MAT: Ta o hiki-po! Avamu rukhapo, Gali. Ou-anga ihua uluraiwa-po? Kofo-khuhi’u ihiki kya, ladeya!


ENG: Ha, I think my brother is afraid of having his fire extinguished.

MAT: Ha, o ge seyaga ge ro'o ge turyaga ge tahai gamayago.


ENG: Hahaha! Sister, against me you’d be nothing but steam. Hot air as they say.

MAT: Hahaha! Ro'o, o'i ou igalorhu-se. Lo-taui, ke ai rokha.



ENG: The earth shudders my brother. The seventh Toa has begun its approach. Again the prophecies of the Matoran oppose my will. Must I release those who should never see the light of day? I must preserve your slumber. Their Unity will be poisoned. Their Duty will be broken. Their Destiny I must shatter. Go my sons, use the shadows and keep my brother asleep.

MAT: Onu voya, ro’o. Toa-Nanga hiki'i voyata. Anga imatoran-vakamaja atu'o rakha. O akai ki rhui avahi akuyasu ikuakaryasuka? O voko'u mayasu. Kaita'ai lerayako. Maita'ai guurayako. O vaita'ai panrayasu. Shi'o voya. Krahi maya. Ivoko'a ro'o maya.



ENG: Walk? Ha, not-never! If you ride with me, there be no foot-walking, just air-flying. Ever wind-fly a Gukko-bird?

MAT: Odai? Eke, ru-ru! Oi usai-sa, odi-dai-koru, nga le-mirai. Vai Goko leki-mirai?


ENG: I’ve been a second, but I’ve never flown one myself. (MNOG ref ftw)

MAT: O khanga-nu, fa o nga mirukhanu-rhui.


ENG: Then today is for quick-learning. Stay sharp and follow well.

MAT: Le iki-aku. Kee no yai-yai.

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Doctoral Dissertation on Matoran confirmed??
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When I first glanced at the document, I thought to myself, it would be even sweeter (than it already is) if you or someone else could make a recording of "The Legend of the BIONICLE" in the Matoran language, in Vakama's voice.

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Doctoral Dissertation on Matoran confirmed??

Maybe that'll be my backup. =p


When I first glanced at the document, I thought to myself, it would be even sweeter (than it already is) if you or someone else could make a recording of "The Legend of the BIONICLE" in the Matoran language, in Vakama's voice.

There are quite a few recordings of Matoran, believe it or not, many of them made in response to a "Bionicle Accent Challenge" on tumblr where people recorded how they pronounce various Bionicle names/terms. I contributed a short Matoran piece for fun. The text used is a simplified version of the "Legend of Mata Nui", which forms the basis of Vakama's intro speech for MoL.

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Whoa, this is awesome! I've been following your Matoran language-building over the last several years, and it's amazing to see how far it's come.

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