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All Assignments Done

Posted by Ghost of Romance , in Daily Life, Education May 16 2013 · 58 views

Well, after handing in 3300 words worth of law coursework on Tuesday and doing my mooting assignment earlier this morning, I now have nothing but exams to look forward to.
The moot went fairly well, although having went with a white shirt and a red tie I resembled Agent 47 from the Hitman series more than I intended (although I do have hair of course). Not necessarily a bad thing, but I was going for more of a lawyer look rather than a professional assassin look.
It has been a very busy month and will continue to be so with exams on the 23rd and the 30th, the first of which I'm not feeling too good about. I do have a week to fix that though, so hopefully my first year of university will turn out alright.


Some Very Nice Playing Cards

Posted by Ghost of Romance , May 08 2013 · 107 views

These have been released to celebrate the return of the metal band earthtone9 and their new album IV, and since I used to collect playing cards back when I still did a lot of sleight of hand, I figured I might as well pick them up.
Posted Image
They are very nice and a fine addition to my collection. Excuse the not-so-great picture though, I seem to have forgotten how to use my camera.
Now I'm actually considering starting to collect interesting decks of cards again.
And I should also probably mention that earthtone9 released a 16 track 'best of' compilation as a free download if anyone is interested in them. I can't really tag them with a genre, but I've heard them called progressive, alternative and post-metal, so there's that.


Caffeine Addiction?

Posted by Ghost of Romance , in Daily Life May 04 2013 · 54 views

So, I went into the kitchen intending to get myself a cup of mint green tea, daydreaming as I did so, and everything seemed fine in the moment. However, it was only upon returning to my room and taking a sip of said tea when I noticed that it tasted a bit odd, at which point I came to the realisation that what I have actually made was, in fact, a cup of coffee.
I am not sure how I went through the whole process without it even occurring to me that I was making an entirely different drink, which I keep on an entirely different shelf and consume from an entirely different mug.
It seems that I either have a caffeine problem or really need to get some sleep for once. Probably both.
And yes, I have nothing else noteworthy to blog about, in case you're wondering.
Mostly just trying to finish off my coursework and prepare for the two exams at the end of the month, which have me a bit worried.
It's hard to believe that my first year of university is already almost over.


Why I Dislike Ordering CDs From The US

Posted by Ghost of Romance , in Music Apr 19 2013 · 135 views

These bloody stickers on the top of the case.
Posted Image
I don't know if it's just me, but I can never take them off without them tearing and they always leave marks on the case.
It's becoming my biggest pet peeve in terms of CDs. I mean, why are they even there, other than to be annoying? The bar code is already on the back of the CD, and new CDs are wrapped anyway :shrugs:


Back From Another Comedy Show

Posted by Ghost of Romance , Apr 18 2013 · 77 views

So, I went to see three Canadian comedians - Stewart Francis, Craig Campbell and Glenn Wool - on their The Lumberjacks tour tonight.
Stewart Francis has been one of my favourite comedians for quite some time now, so it was great to finally see him live, and the other two were brilliant as well. Haven't laughed that much in a long time.
It was just their second show of the tour, which meant that there were still some imperfections and they were still trying some new stuff out, which only made the show all the better. Also, as it was a fairly small venue, it felt more personal which is always great ^_^
On another note, I've started buying more albums than I should again. I can't help it, something about a music CD just draws me in and doesn't let go until I've bought it. Especially those fancy limited/special/deluxe/whatever editions...


New Thief 4 Trailer

Posted by Ghost of Romance , Apr 02 2013 · 97 views

There is now a trailer for the Thief reboot, and of course it doesn't tell us much about the game at all, but it still has me pretty excited.
Although I am a bit worried about what direction they'll be taking it in, I have high hopes for it after Eidos Montreal's masterpiece with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Just hoping it doesn't end up like the somewhat disappointing Hitman: Absolution from last year.
I mean, it turns out they're not gonna call it THI4F after all, which is certainly a good sign.


Local Record Store Gone

Posted by Ghost of Romance , in Music Feb 28 2013 · 139 views

Well, as I was looking forward to perhaps picking up some albums today, I was greeted by the rather unpleasant news that my local independent record store has closed.
It's a real shame, as it was a fantastic store and I only found it a few months ago. It always sucks to see a good record store go out of business and hopefully the staff manage to find new jobs.
This also means that now my only way of buying albums is online, which I've been doing a lot anyway, but I'll still miss my weekly trips to the record store.


Paradise Lost

Posted by Ghost of Romance , in Music Jan 28 2013 · 109 views

So, I got myself a copy of Paradise Lost's album Believe In Nothing, which has finally completed my collection of their studio releases. Thirteen albums and one set of demos. And you know, it's worth every penny. They are a fantastic band.
This is, and will likely remain, my only complete collection of a band with a discography of this size, as I can't really think of any other band with 10+ albums, all of which I'm interested in having a copy of.
Also, I'm really loving Century Media's Metal for the Masses campaign. Picked up the reissue of One For Sorrow by Insomnium today for £7. It's pretty rare to find albums at a record store cheaper than online these days, so this is pretty nice.


25 Years of Century Media Records

Posted by Ghost of Romance , in Music Jan 16 2013 · 300 views

One of my favourite record labels - Century Media - mark their 25th anniversary this year and have released 25 of their classic albums as limited 2CD editions, which is pretty cool.
I got  myself City by Strapping Young Lad today and will probably end up getting Paradise Lost's In Requiem despite owning the original, just for the second CD and because that album means quite a lot to me.
Might also use these reissues to get some albums by bands I've been wanting to try out, like Turisas, Iced Earth and Tiamat.
And of course I find out about these reissues just as I was thinking I should probably cut down on the money I spend on music... Ah well.


My Top 10 Albums of 2012, Part 2

Posted by Ghost of Romance , in Music Jan 06 2013 · 154 views

Well, here are my five favourite albums of last year.
5 - Eremita by Ihsahn
Posted Image
This is a superb progressive metal album with black metal influences. The songs here range from beautiful to brutal, and the riffs from simple to wonderfully complex, but it all flows together very nicely. The musicianship across the album is brilliant with lots of absolutely fantastic guitar playing and great drumming. It's a very heavy album at times, but there is always subtle melody to the heaviness and the songs will often go in unexpected directions. It also has some guest vocals by Devin Townsend on one of the songs, which is always good.
4 - Phantom Antichrist by Kreator
Posted Image
I'm not too big on thrash metal, but this album really clicked with me like few other thrash albums have.
It's an anthemic and infectious album, full of stellar guitar playing with catchy riffs, blazing solos and melodic bridges. It often sounds very grandiose and melodic, while retaining the heaviness of thrash metal.
This is a fantastic album that is everything good thrash is, and then more. If not for Anthrax's Worship Music, I'd likely call this the finest thrash metal album of the century so far.
3 - Epicloud and Epiclouder by Devin Townsend Project
Posted Image
I wasn't sure whether to treat this as two albums, but decided to treat it as one, as Epiclouder is a set of demos that comes together with the deluxe edition of Epicloud, although it could have easily been released as an album in its own right.
Epicloud is a much more simple and accessible Devin Townsend album than usual, especially when compared to 2011's Deconstruction, with Devin even calling it pop-metal. But then again, there is rarely anything 'usual' about Devin's music. He always creates very unique albums with none being the same as another, and this is no exception.
This is an album about love, and apart from being, as the title would suggest, epic and loud, it is also very positive and beautiful. Anneke van Giersbergen makes a return to provide her beautiful female vocals which go very well with Devin's clean vocals and contrast just as well with his harsher vocals, although the latter don't have much presence here.
The musicianship is brilliant as expected, and although the album is mostly simple and catchy, it does become complex at times. It also has its heavy moments on songs like More! and Kingdom, which are reminiscent of some of his earlier work.
As I said, this is a very beautiful and uplifting album, and despite being much less complex than one would expect from Devin Townsend, it's still a gripping and original record, breaking quite a few metal cliches by being a positive album about love.
Also, I have to say that seeing him perform Grace was one of my greatest live music experiences.
Epiclouder retains the same vibe, but is a more complex and musically diverse piece. I do feel it's a shame that it was only released as a bonus disc, as it deserves to be an album on its own, at times being even better than Epicloud.
2 - Awoken Broken by Primal Rock Rebellion
Posted Image
I've done a review of this album on my blog earlier, so if you care you can read that.
A collaboration between Iron Maiden's Adrian Smith and SikTh's Mikee Goodman, this is a very unique record, the sound of which is hard to describe. It's eccentric and often quite heavy, but not overwhelmingly so. Adrian Smith's guitar work is as excellent as ever, as are Mikee Goodman's vocals. As he did with SikTh, Goodman will use four or five different vocal styles or techniques in a song, which creates a very unique sound which is only further aided by the intriguing lyrics and Adrian Smith's fantastic riffs and solos.
1 - Tragic Idol by Paradise Lost
Posted Image
For the third time in a row, Paradise Lost have released an album that has completely blown me away.
This record is the fathers and masters of gothic metal doing what they do best. A strong, gripping and melancholic atmosphere accompanied by absolutely brilliant guitar and powerful vocals. It's heavy, but it's melodic and it has a haunting beauty about it that only Paradise Lost can create.
I can not put into words how much I like this album. Paradise Lost are a band that constantly evolve and are not afraid to experiment, and almost 25 years of doing so have led to this masterpiece of melancholic beauty. I don't know where they can go from here, but then again, that's what I thought the last two times.

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