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Fortress of Doors


Back From A Comedy Show

Posted by Cheshire Cat , Nov 23 2012 · 84 views

So, I went to see the brilliant Steve Hughes tonight, and it was great. Bonus points to him for having Motorhead songs playing before the show started.
This was actually the first time I've seen a comedian live, and having enjoyed it quite a lot, it seems that a fair amount of my free time at university will be divided between going music concerts and going to comedy shows. Often at the same venue too.


Another Year, Another Birthday

Posted by Cheshire Cat , Nov 12 2012 · 113 views

Well, I am now 19. Which is quite a boring age really. Nothing of much significance comes with it, but I am getting to the point where birthdays are becoming mundane.

Ah well, I'll go listen to I'm Eighteen by Alice Cooper now, and pretend that I'm still 18 and that song is still the perfect fit for celebrating my birthday.


My Halloween Playlist

Posted by Cheshire Cat , in Music Oct 31 2012 · 69 views

I tend to make playlists of horror themed songs for Halloween, and here is this year's. Just gonna leave it playing in the background throughout the day ^^
Always a struggle to not just fill it up with Alice Cooper :P But it does always have to start with Dada.

Anyway, happy Halloween everyone!


An Early Awakening

Posted by Cheshire Cat , in Daily Life Oct 30 2012 · 95 views

So, some drunk students in my accommodation apparently thought it would be funny to activate the fire alarm at 4 AM, thus waking everyone up and making them go stand outside in the cold for 20 minutes.

It's fine really, not like I was planning to get a decent amount of sleep for once before a day at university or anything >.>


Back Home For The Weekend

Posted by Cheshire Cat , in Daily Life, Music, Whining Oct 27 2012 · 92 views

Well, I'm back in London for the weekend, and you know, I like London a lot less now. Getting around is way too difficult with these endless masses of people, and while I did get used to it before, having spent a month in university and coming back, it's less than enjoyable. Seriously, I got from Cambridge to London quicker than I got from one point in London to another, and it barely cost me more.

Also, that Devin Townsend show I went to on Wednesday was absolutely brilliant, and I am very jealous of the people in London who at this very moment are enjoying his biggest show yet. The man has seemingly infinite amounts of charisma and is of course an incredible musician.


So I'm an OBZPC now...

Posted by Cheshire Cat , in Music, Education, Daily Life Oct 23 2012 · 128 views

Getting the notification "you have been given a warning" is a bit unsettling when you have forgotten that you renewed your premier membership.

And other than that, I still don't have much to blog about. My first coursework was set on Monday, and it involves 3000 words about the European Convention on Human Rights... done in a website FAQ format. I really hate doing writing that is supposed to be done like a website or magazine article, especially when it's just not something that you would actually see in an article. I'd much rather just do a 6000 word dissertation on it. But oh well, I'll have to live with it.

Tomorrow I'll be going to see Devin Townsend, so that should be fun. Would love to go see his London show, The Retinal Circus, on Saturday as that is going to be his biggest show yet, but it's sold out an I don't really have money to spend on it anyway. Admittedly, that probably wouldn't stop me, so it's good that it's sold out.


University so far

Posted by Cheshire Cat , in Daily Life, Education, Music Oct 01 2012 · 99 views

Well, it's my second week of lectures and my third week at university overall. So far I'm enjoying it, but I can confirm that law does indeed require a lot of work and reading. Just looking at the pile of books I have to read is enough to rid me of any joy or energy I may have. Admittedly though, they are pretty interesting and it does remind me of Sociology, so that's good.
Fresher's Fair was on Thursday, so I took the opportunity to sign up for the Alternative Music Society, the Poker Society and the Law Society. Hopefully those will be fun.
Also as it turns out, there is an Extreme Ironing Society here.

On a separate note, Epicloud by the Devin Townsend Project is a fantastic album. Been listening to it a lot since it arrived last week, and the bonus disk of demos, Epiclouder, might even be better than the actual album. Either way, the album lives up to its name, and although Devin was definitely telling the truth when he said that this would be a much simpler and more accessible and straightforward album than usual, it's still great.

And now I'll go back to reading law books.


Moving into university accommodation

Posted by Cheshire Cat , in Education, Daily Life Sep 14 2012 · 134 views

Well, university starts soon and I visited today to collect my keys and check out the place where I'll spend the next three years of studying. It's actually pretty nice, about the same size as my room now, so that's great. No wi-fi though, and the internet provided is probably going to be fairly slow, so I'll have to look into getting better internet for myself.
I came to the conclusion that I am the second to visit my floor/hall, as there was some milk in one of the fridges, however I did not come into contact with its owner.

Now I just have until Sunday to figure out what I need that I don't have and buy it, and then I'll be moving in. Actually can't wait, although I'll miss this summer of not doing anything.


And I'm back

Posted by Cheshire Cat , in Daily Life Sep 02 2012 · 71 views

I got a new monitor, so I can use the computer again =D
And I ended up not having to spend any money because my dad kindly bought it for me in return for me doing some accounting for him. So that's good. It's also vastly superior to my previous monitor (even if my previous monitor still worked), although it's gonna take a while to get used to the wider screen.

Didn't do too much during my two days without a monitor, although that was where buying CDs really payed off as I could still listen to all my music without a computer, otherwise I might have gone crazy... -er.


Well, that's just great

Posted by Cheshire Cat , in Daily Life Aug 31 2012 · 95 views

So I was just casually browsing the internet when my monitor decided that it had quite enough of me wasting my life away in front of the computer and went into what I believe is known as the 'white screen of death' mode. Well, I'm assuming it's my monitor, since it stays in a white screen even if disconnected from the computer.
So there go my plans of saving up some money, as I'm gonna need a new monitor.


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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; The Matrix; Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead; 2046
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