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My First Exam

Posted by Queen of Liars , in Daily Life, Education Jun 11 2012 · 473 views

Well, had my first exam today. English Language and Literature, and it went fairly good. Although it turns out mild insomnia and exams don't go together too well in terms of how you feel. Who would have thought?

The Hamlet bit was interesting, as our teacher assured us that there is very little chance that we would be given a scene that doesn't have Hamlet in it. Well lo and behold, we got the scene where Claudius and Laertes were crafting their plan to kill Hamlet, and we had to talk about how Claudius manipulates Laertes. Which was actually quite a nice question, and went pretty good.
The talk in life and literature part wasn't as great. We get two unseen texts, one a transcript of a real-life conversation and the other an extract of talk in literature, and to my dismay, the second unseen text was a poem. Those really suck when you have to compare them to real talk. However, I think I did alright.
Overall, I'm feeling a strong B to a light A on this one, which is exactly what I need for English.

Tomorrow is history, which should be a piece of cake.

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The Present Automaton
Jun 11 2012 04:38 PM
Well, at least you're optimistic about it, so that's a pretty good sign. I pity you on the second half of the exam, to get an unseen poetry text must be incredibly irritating, when there could have been much more useful examples.

I've just found out what Shakespeare texts my college is doing for A2 and I'm disappointed to find out Hamlet isn't one of the possible four, which I would have enjoyed, so you got lucky there. But still, best of luck in the rest of your exams.
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Queen of Liars
Jun 11 2012 04:56 PM
What four are they offering? But yeah, shame you don't get Hamlet. Definitely Shakespeare's best work, for me at least. My friend's English course is doing King Lear and he says that one's pretty good too.

And thanks.
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The Present Automaton
Jun 11 2012 05:13 PM
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Antony and Cleopatra
King Lear
The Tempest

It's just unfortunate we don't get to decide which one of the four we study. Personally I hope our teacher goes for either of the last two. If I had to do A Midsummer Night's Dream again, I might scream, as that's pretty much all my teachers looked at through the five years in secondary school.
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