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New Desktop Background

Posted by Queen of Liars , Jun 15 2012 · 244 views

Well, the first of the albums that I ordered arrived today and it's so good that I had to change my wallpaper.
It'll be nice having this guy staring at me everytime I close a window.

...And just changed it again after finding this one. I have been listening to Unto The Locust a lot lately and this one looks nice. Maybe I'll just have it cycle between those two.

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The Present Automaton
Jun 15 2012 02:21 PM
Might be some mild form of OCD niggling at me, but the organisation of your shortcuts really confuses me. o_O

But yeah, though I've never heard of Machine Head before, I like the second wallpaper best. It looks pretty good overall.
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ooh, loving the Machine Head wallpaper. I've been spinning Unto the Locust a good deal lately as well.

The Blackening is still better, but it's a dang good album anyway.
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Queen of Liars
Jun 15 2012 03:59 PM
@Grimoire: They make sense if you're me... kinda. Top left is BF2 and the mods for it, followed by extra things I may need when playing a game, which should include Steam which I seem to have forgotten to add the shortcut for, followed by other games I'm currently playing regularly. Top right is the games that I don't play much at the moment, but intend to return to later. I like to put games of one series in a line. And bottom left is non-game programs.

@Orino: I think I'm the one person on the planet that prefers Unto The Locust. I mean, The Blackening is great, but Locust just pushes all the buttons for me. If I had to rate them, I'd give The Blackening an 8/10 and Locust a 9/10.
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@Orino: I think I'm the one person on the planet that prefers Unto The Locust. I mean, The Blackening is great, but Locust just pushes all the buttons for me. If I had to rate them, I'd give The Blackening an 8/10 and Locust a 9/10.

I just feel like The Blackening is more memorable overall. Half of the album is made up of fantastic songs, some of the best Machine Head have ever released, and the other half is still incredibly solid - I thought Unto the Locust was a bit more spotty, with a few really good songs and a few that are just kinda there, nothing special, easily skippable. Plus I feel like it could've done with at least one extra track on the main album so it doesn't seem so.. small. But that's just me.
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Queen of Liars
Jun 16 2012 04:53 AM
See, it's the other way around for me. I found all 7 tracks on Unto The Locust to be very memorable, whereas The Blackening, not so much. But they're both still great albums. Although I do agree that another song would have been nice on UTL, as even the bonus tracks are just covers and an acoustic version of Darkness Within. The one I got has a live version of Locust which is pretty pointless. But I'm still happy with the 7.
I also have a limited edition vinyl which has the Locust song with alternate lyrics, but I don't have a record player so haven't had the chance to play it yet.
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